A normally well behaved girl finds herself in trouble

By Gillian Howard

I am Julie Small but, unlike my name, I am 5’8″ tall, slim, athletic build, black hair, green eyes and 32A size 8. My two best friends are both of similar build to me and they are Samantha Gill, blonde long hair with blue eyes, and Amanda Jones, auburn hair with brown eyes. We have been friends since we  first started school and all passed our 11+ and go to the local mixed grammar school and are in the upper sixth. We are considered to be swots and goody goodies by our classmates as we are some of those that have never been in any kind of trouble at school, but some of that is because we have been very lucky at times. The most stupid rule we had was that we had to wear full uniform at all times, including our green berets, whenever we were outside of school.

At our school, corporal punishments were used on a regular basis and most pupils had their hands caned or the slipper across the bottom in class, and a fair number had visited the Headmaster to receive the cane over their bottom with only their underwear for protection. In class, you could also be given lines for very minor infringements, or detentions. On the Tuesday of our 3rd week in the upper sixth, at the end of September, we were in the chemistry lab doing experiments when Sam forgot to put the stopper back into a bottle of acid we were using.

When Mr Gregson walked past, he noticed the stopper and said: “Which of you three have left the stopper out?”

We all knew it was Sam but also knew she would have her hands caned if she admitted to it, so we just said we didn’t know thinking he would not cane us all. He walked back to his desk as we continued to finish our experiment. He then came back and handed us all a detention slip, which meant that we had all received our very first punishment. We had to get the slips signed by our parents as we would be home an hour late on Thursday.

At break time everybody was saying that anybody else would have been caned, and it was only because we were goody goodies that we hadn’t been. Mum was upset I was having to serve a detention, but could understand our reluctance to admitting it was Samantha’s fault and had saved her getting the cane. We all served the detention and it passed without problem but three second year girls and one fourth year boy did get the slipper.

After gym the week before half term in October, we had all been slow getting a shower and changed. As we arrived in the following maths class we were all about 5 minutes late. Miss Dalton was one of our favourite teachers and she liked us as we all excelled at Maths and she had told us she enjoyed teaching us but was also very strict. There were seven of us late due to the delay when the water in the showers cut off as we were covered in soap suds.

As we entered, the three of us were the last ones in and she had the other four lined up at the front. We were told to join the line. It looked as though she was going to cane us all but then she asked Amanda why we were all late. After Amanda explained, Miss Dalton said that while she accepted the explanation we should have told her the reason as soon as we entered.

Then she said: “Ok, you are all to sit down and can consider yourself lucky you didn’t get the cane, but you will all be in detention on Thursday instead.”

We all collected our detention slips at the end of the class and the other four thanked us, as if we had not been with them they would definitely have been caned.

On the way home, Samantha said: “We were lucky. I honestly thought she was going to cane us.”

We all agreed but I reminded them that another detention before Christmas would mean a visit to the Headmaster for 6 strokes of his cane across our knickers.

Again, the detention passed without any problems.

On the Tuesday of the second week after half term, we were in the middle of a double maths period when the school secretary, Miss Booth, knocked on the door and gave a note to Miss Dalton who turned to the class and said: “Gill, Small and Jones to the Headmaster’s office immediately please.”

We all stood up blushing to a lot of murmuring and a lot of the boys rubbing their bottoms and smiling. We set off after Miss Booth and were whispering to each other asking what we had done, but none of us knew. We were told to wait outside with our hands on our heads facing the wall and we knew then we were in trouble.

Eventually Miss Booth came out of the Head’s office and told us to go in. We knocked and were told to enter. As we did so there was an elegant looking lady that appeared a little familiar to me sat on the leather armchair finishing a cup of tea.

We were told to stand in front of his desk facing him before he said: “This is Mrs Fitzgerald, Chair of our board of governors. She was recently involved in a motor accident and for the last two weeks she has had to travel on public transport. Since last Monday when you returned after half term she has travelled the six miles to work, which is in the council offices around the corner, on the same bus as you three travel on.

“Yesterday, we had a meeting in preparation for this afternoon’s governors’ meeting and she asked if the rule covering wearing full uniform was still in force. I told her that it was and anybody breaking that rule receives an automatic caning. She then informed me that three girls form this school got on her bus every morning without their berets on, and during their journey would put it on before arriving at school. This morning, she arrived early and as your bus arrived she pointed the three of you out as the culprits. I have checked your files and find that none of you have ever received any form of physical punishments while at the school and it is only this term that each of you have received two detentions.

“I am now informing you that you are all now going to receive 4 strokes of the cane across the knickers. Go outside and wait with hands on head and facing the wall. I will cane you all shortly when Miss Fitzgerald and I have finished. Now go.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard after all my time at the school. I was going to receive the most serious of punishments just for not wearing my beret.

We went outside and stood with our hands on our heads. I whispered that I was wearing briefs, and both Sam and Amanda said the same. After about five minutes, Miss Fitzgerald left and we all looked at each other. We had all seen the results of a caning by the headmaster in the showers after gym, and this afternoon it would be our bottoms that were the centre of attention in the showers after our gym lesson.

Eventually Miss Booth came out of her office and across the corridor into the Headmaster’s office. We saw she was carrying a green coloured leather book and a 3 foot crook handled cane in her hands. Shortly afterwards we were asked to enter the Headmaster’s study. This time on his desk we saw the book opened and above it lay the fierce looking cane. There was also a high backed chair in front of his desk. We stood behind the chair and he spoke to us.

“You three are now going to receive four of the best strokes of the senior cane across your knickers. I can promise you that it will be very painful. I have duly noted that none of you have been punished before, but having spoken to all your teachers earlier this morning I am convinced that you should all have been caned before. Because of your past records and academic prowess, some teachers admit they have gone easy on you and let you off with a telling off when others would have been caned. On the two occasions you have received detentions, other pupils would have been caned. I have informed all teachers that this sort of preferential treatment is to stop immediately and all students treated the same. You can all witness each others caning or you can be caned in private.”

We all looked at each other and agreed to witness each other’s caning.

“All of you, remove your skirts. Gill and Small, stand against the wall hands on head. Jones, you will bend over the back of the chair holding the lowest rail you can reach and if any of you stand up or try to put your hands over your bottom the stroke will not count and you will receive an extra one as well.”

As we started to unfasten our skirts, he asked us for our names and forms. As he filled in his punishment book, Samantha and I were stood against the wall with our hands on our heads, and Amanda was bending over the chair with her bright red briefs on display. My pink briefs were partly covered by my shirt and Samantha’s black briefs were just visible below her shirt.

The headmaster stood up picked up his cane and walked behind Amanda before bellowing: “Jones, stand up. You two, over here and stand next to her. Miss Booth, could you please go and get my hand cane from the cupboard please. Not only do you think that you don’t need to wear your berets, you all seem to have forgotten to put on your school knickers. As the maximum strokes I can administer to your bottoms is six, you will receive the full six across those knickers, but also one stroke across each hand. Now, hold your hands out in front of you.”

We did as we were told and I was first in line. He was handed a smaller and thinner cane, the same as the teachers all had, and he placed the cane across my right palm. Then, without warning, he raised it and brought it down with tremendous force across my palm. I shrieked at the shock and the pain, and looked to see if my hand was still intact. He had certainly brought that cane down with more force than I had ever seen delivered in class. The tears were flowing as the next stroke landed across my other palm. I was sent back to stand against the wall. I just wanted to blow on my hands or put them under my armpits but I had to put them on my head.

After the others had been caned, Amanda was told to bend back over the chair. I was directly behind her, about 10 feet from Amanda’s upturned bottom. The Headmaster took two steps backwards before moving forward and bringing his large cane down with tremendous force, causing two white lines to form. Then the centre started to swell up and form a welt. Amanda’s reaction was a piercing scream as five more strokes followed, each leaving the same welt. The last two strokes had landed low down below her knickers, leaving both welts visible. She was then told to stand next to Samantha as I was told to take her place.

As I bent over, I felt my pink briefs tighten across my bottom and also ride up, leaving most of the lower part of my bottom uncovered. Without warning, I heard the Headmaster move forward and the first stroke landed across the centre of my bottom. The pain arrived a second after the bang, and I let everyone know how much it had hurt. Each of the next five strokes landed, increasing not only the pain but also my screams of agony. I just about heard being told to return to the wall. I staggered back and put my hands on my head.

I could hear Amanda still sobbing and then heard Samantha being told to bend over. After hearing a loud bang, I heard a shriek of pain from Samantha. When her punishment finished, we were all told to move forward. He returned the cane to his desk and started to complete the punishment book. We were told to stand upright and I then realised that my pink knickers would be slightly transparent due to being stretched.

We were warned that we had better be on our best behaviour as our teachers had been told not to let us off being punished in future, and also that a further detention before Christmas would result in another visit to the Headmaster.

We were eventually sent back to class, but we stopped at the washrooms and managed to stem the flow of tears. We all checked the damage and were shocked at the state of our bottoms, but also at the welts across each of our palms.

We knocked on our classroom door and were told to enter. We had to apologise to our teacher and class for the disruption and had to explain that we had all been caned. The look of delight on most of the boys’ faces, and some girls, was quite obvious but others looked really worried. They presumably imagined that if three of the best behaved students in the school could get the cane, then they themselves could easily find themselves in the same predicament.

At lunchtime, we were the centre of attention as everybody wanted to know what we had done to deserve the cane, and were shocked when they heard it was because we had not been wearing our berets when we caught the bus to school. That afternoon, the entire class of girls wanted to examine our bottoms as we changed into our leotards for gym.

The leg elastic in our leotards dug into the welts, which made them painful. As we entered the gym, our stripes were visible to the boys as well and they commented afterwards that he had not gone easy on us.

When we caught the bus home, Miss Fitzgerald was already on it and as we walked passed her she said: “I hope a sore bottom will make you wear your uniform in future.”

As I walked into the house, mum could tell something was wrong, so I handed her the letter that we had been given by the school secretary. As she read it, she told me to bend over the kitchen table. She raised my skirt and lowered my knickers before saying that I had received a good caning. She then confided in me that she herself had received 6 of the best on four occasions when she was at school.

At assembly the following morning, the Headmaster reminded the school of the importance of wearing school uniform, including berets and underwear.

The following Monday in Chemistry, I was looking out the window as the caretaker was chasing a dog across the sports field when I heard: “Gill, out here now!”

As I looked up, Mr Gregson was opening his cupboard. I stood up and moved to the front, and saw him remove his cane. I was told to hold out my left hand. He lined the cane across my palm before bringing it down with force, causing me to take a deep breath. Then he told me to put out my right hand which received the same, then the left hand again, and then right, so that I got two strokes across each hand.

I was sent back to my seat, but avoided screaming out and sat with both my hands in my arm pits.

After Christmas, as our studies became more intense, Samantha had to visit the Headmaster for not doing her Chemistry homework. She had told Mr Gregson she had forgotten it, only for her homework book to fall out of her bag. As a result, she received two strokes of the cane across her knickers and then another 4 strokes for not wearing school knickers.

During Maths on the Wednesday morning just before Easter, there was a great deal of cheering going on. We had a temporary teacher as Miss Dalton was off sick, and when Mr Woodward, the Deputy Headmaster, came in he asked who had been making all the noise. He was informed it was all the class. He then told us that the entire class would be in detention on Thursday. I looked stunned as this would be my third detention.

At break as we were in the common room. Shirley, Daniel, and Jennifer were gathered in a corner and they shouted to me to join them. They asked if this was going to be my third detention. I just nodded that it was and said that I expected to be caned in the morning after assembly.

They all said it was their third detention as well, and Daniel and Jennifer said it would be their first caning. I told them to make sure they came to school tomorrow in their full school uniform, including knickers, or they would get an extra 4 strokes. The three of them thanked me and Daniel said he would have to remember not to wear the new style American underwear, boxer shorts.

As we were leaving Shirley came over to me and told me that 2 years ago she was given her third detention by Mr Woodward, and was caned at break time that afternoon. She said she was expecting to be caned today not tomorrow, and as she was wearing brief underwear and not uniform knickers she was expecting to get an extra 4 plus the 6 you normally got for 3 detentions.

I started to shake at this news and, just before lunch time, Miss Booth came into our class room and read out the names of those that had received 3 detentions. We were to report to the headmaster at lunch time to be caned. Just after the lunch bell sounded, there were four very unhappy students waiting outside the headmaster’s office with their hands on their heads.

Miss Booth came out of her office carrying two canes, the senior cane and a smaller hand cane. She also had the punishment book in her hand. A few minutes later, we heard her call for Daniel to enter the room. We could hear him being told off then silence before the headmaster’s raised voice again. Shortly after, we heard 2 sharp cracks of the cane, then a break before 2 more cracks, then a prolonged silence, but instead of the door opening there was a different sound as the cane landed again. After a second stroke a grunt could be heard. Four more followed at regular intervals, each followed by a yelp of pain.

When Daniel eventually came out there were tears in his eyes and his hands were clutching his bottom cheeks. Shirley was then called in and after 2 sharp strokes she was already screaming. I was stood nearest the door and then I heard the swish of the cane. Two rapid strokes followed, each resulting in a piercing scream followed by 2 more strokes before a prolonged silence. Then came six more loud strokes followed by a deafening scream each time. The door eventually opened and she staggered out with both hands up her skirt so we could see her blue mini briefs and welts either side, but also 2 welts across each thigh about halfway between bottom and knees.

I was called in next and after being told to remove my skirt my lime green briefs were clearly on view. As a result, I had to hold both hands out to be given 2 strokes across each hand. I managed to take the first three with just a grunt but the 4th caught me right on the finger tips and I let out a yell. As I bent over the back of the chair, Miss Booth pulled my knickers tight and I realised that my bottom was virtually bare. I heard the headmaster move back before walking towards me and the swoosh of the cane through the air. It struck right in the middle and I managed somehow to suppress a scream, but that was the only one as with my next five strokes I screamed louder each time. I was in floods of tears as I stood up. I signed the punishment book and then was told to put my skirt back on. I managed to put my skirt on and then stupidly pulled my knickers up tight which caused yet more pain. As I left the office, my hands went straight under my skirt. I realised my knickers were on view but didn’t care.

I stopped at the washroom to inspect the damage and run cold water over my hands. One of the cubicles was locked and I could hear Shirley crying. After running cold water over my hands and dabbing water on my bottom to try to ease the pain, I knocked on the cubicle and Shirley came out. Her eyes were tear-stained and I helped her to clean up. Then I asked why she got 2 strokes across her thighs and was told it was because she had moved her hand and he had missed. Then he grabbed her arm and pushed her over his desk and gave her 2 sharp cracks across the thighs. They could be seen below her skirt.

We all returned to class and were ignored by the teacher for the rest of the day. I tried to stand on the bus going home but had to sit for the second half of the journey.

As I walked into the kitchen, mum was just pouring me a cup of tea and saw me.

“Julie, have you been caned again?”

“Yes mum, 6 of the best for getting a third detention this term, and a further four across the hands for not wearing my school knickers.” I lifted my hands and showed her the welts across both hands and then lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers down and showed her my bottom.

“Well, he certainly knows how to yield that cane of his. So you will be late home tomorrow then will you?”

“Yes, mum.”

I drank my cup of tea before telling mum I was going up to my room to do my homework. As soon as I was in my room I took my skirt and knickers off and examined my bottom. I put my pyjama bottoms on before doing my homework. I came down for dinner and Dad was unhappy that I had received another caning, and told me to improve my behaviour. I attended the class detention on Thursday.

The End

© Gill Howard 2018