A girl becomes involved with a friend of her uncle.

by Will Pearson

I read the extract below on Voice in the Corner. It was originally from an out of print book, Sex, Sin and the Whole Damned Thing (Virgo 1979). My story is inspired by it.

I have not spoken or written about this much; most of the time when I have told this story people, especially women, tend to be disgusted. But what happened was consensual and was one of the happiest times of my life.

At 18 I went to live with an ageing uncle so that I could go to University in London. The uncle was a collector of old erotica, which I am sure my parents didn’t know about, and he had a lot of odd friends. I have to say here and now that Uncle was a kind man and never did anything inappropriate, I wouldn’t even know about his erotica if I hadn’t been snooping.

We talked about it, and over time I got used to the strange old men with whom he played cards on Saturdays, and I sometimes even sneaked a few peeks at his books while he was busy with them. I was particular drawn to his spanking photographs, which were mostly black and white Victorian stuff and some glossy Betty Page.

One day I was in his room looking at some new stuff he hadn’t put away when one of his friends who had been playing cards walked in and saw me. I was a bit shy and embarrassed but I was about 20 by then so I stood my ground. The man said he had a better collection and he even had some old canes. I didn’t tell my uncle about the encounter but I was curious and decided to have an adventure of sorts.

John was about 60 and was a bit posh. He was a perfect gentleman but he had ‘a penchant for spanking young ladies’, he told me. It was all very casual and he persuaded me to bend over for a few strokes of the cane. Out of curiosity I did and one thing led to another so that after a few weeks I went to see him most Sundays and we would play out school scenarios where I would either be spanked or bend over for the cane across my bare bottom.

There was no sex or anything like it, but the scene play got quite intense and most times we were both in character for two hours and I took some dreadful thrashings.

After I graduated I lost touch, but spanking and other punishments have been part of my life and I am grateful to my uncle and his friend John.

One Sunday, I left John’s house at around 3pm, and I was certainly pleased with the afternoon’s events and had a big grin on my face. Next Sunday we had agreed on something a bit special.

After my spanking and caning, I had said to John: “Next week I want you to punish me naked, and I want 12 strokes of the cane, as hard as you can give it to me!”

The most I had ever had was six of the best up to this point, and although I had taken a number of bare bottomed canings, I had always retained my clothing above the waist, and my long white socks. I also suspected that John was not giving it everything he had, as I built up my experience. This was to be the culmination of my fantasy. There was to be no warm up spanking, it would be straight to the study and over the desk. John was delighted with my request, but kept asking me if I was sure. I had told him that I was very sure.

The week passed slowly, and the nearer it got to Sunday, the more nervous I became. I also became more excited, and on Saturday night I didn’t sleep a great deal. On Sunday morning, after I had picked at a small breakfast, I showered and put on my ‘school uniform’ with my coat over it, before setting off to John’s house for the appointed hour of 11am.

When I arrived I gave the door knocker a good knock and stood back. After what seemed an age, John opened the door. He was dressed in what I can only describe as ‘Headmaster’s attire’, not something he had done before.

Usually, we would chat pleasantly before getting down to business, but today, John looked me up and down and said: “Ah, Julia. I’m glad to see you’re on time for your punishment, take your coat off and go to my study, girl.”

I did as he ordered, and went up to the study.  The usual chair was there in front of the desk, but in a new twist, John had put a second identical chair facing away from the desk, and back to back with the first one. I sat myself down on the chair facing the desk.

There was a considerable wait before the door opened, and John came in with one of his canes in one hand, and shut the door. I could see that it was ‘Mr Whippy’ as we had christened it. This was John’s favourite cane, about 3 feet in length with a large crooked handle, quite thin and very swishy. He walked over to his desk and lay Mr Whippy carefully down on it, then sat down in his chair behind the desk.

Looking me in the eyes, he then said: “Now Julia, I’m sure you know why you are here, but let me spell it out for you. Your behaviour has become incorrigible, and I have decided that a severe and humiliating punishment is what you need!”

I thought: ‘Oh yes John, that’s exactly what I need,’ but I bit my lip, looked at the floor and said: “Yes, Sir.”

“Very well, I want you to take off all your clothes, and I mean all of them, and put them on the couch over there.”

“Yes Sir.” I nodded, and moved over towards the couch.

Slowly I kicked off my shoes, undid my tie, peeled off my blouse, then unzipped my skirt and stepped out of it. I was now in just my bra, panties (a very skimpy red pair), and long white socks. I glanced up at John. I really hoped he liked what he saw, as this was his fantasy as well as mine. I could see that he did; he was watching me intently. I peeled off my socks and laid them with the other things on the couch, then undid my bra and my well formed breasts popped out. As I put the bra on the couch, my nipples were standing out like clothes pegs in my excitement; I could see John’s eyes almost popping out of his head.

One more surprise for you, my friend, I thought. The previous evening I had taken my shaver to my lush bush of fair pubic hair, and removed the lot. John had of course seen my triangle before, but this would be a treat for him.

Facing John directly, I slowly put my fingers in the waistband of my panties, pushed them down my long legs, and stepped out of them before putting them on the couch. I turned back to John and awaited his next instruction. He was staring at my pussy, and seemed non-plussed at first, but quickly recovered his composure and told me: “Right, Julia, kneel on the chair facing away from the desk and put your hands on the chair facing it.”

I complied, and as the chairs were quite wide, I was able to put my knees a little way apart. When I bent over the second chair, my bottom was raised high in the air, and the skin on my buttocks was stretched tightly. I glanced up and saw John walking over to the desk and picking up the cane. He swished it through the air two or three times and it made that scary noise that I loved.

Then he walked round behind me and said: “12 of the very best, Julia, coming right up!”

I tensed, and then  swoosooh, craaaack. Mr Whippy scorched across the width of my bare buttocks and I let out a terrible yelp. It had begun!

The End

© Will Pearson 2016