A look at how minor crime may be dealt with in the future

By Steven

Two weeks go Sophie was working in her part time job at an underwear shop in the posh end of town; it was a week from payday, and with the bills due, she made a stupid mistake. She saw the one hundred pounds just laying there in the safe in the office; she thought that if she took it she’d pay her bills and then replace it the next day. No one would notice would they?

Well someone did notice. Her boss was furious and called the Police and before poor Sophie knew it she was locked in the Police Station like a common criminal. After a while she was released from her cell and brought before the Sargent.

“Sophie Williams you are accused of petty theft,” the Sargent boomed. “Now I notice we have no record of you on our files; first offence is it, girl?”

“Yes sir,” Sophie replied. Her voice was shaking and her hands trembled as she fiddled with the hem on her knee length skirt.

“Are you aware of the alternative punishment scheme Miss Williams?” The Sargent asked.

“Yes sir, I have sir.” Sophie gulped. She did indeed know of the ‘Alternative Punishment Scheme’. It meant a spanking!

“Well then Miss Williams as you know then your punishment will be decided by an independent panel of members of the public and then we will write to you with the verdict. Do you understand?” The Sargent peered over his glasses at the nervous nineteen year old.

“Yes sir, I’m sorry sir,” she mumbled while looking at the lino floor.

Sophie woke early despite it being a Saturday, She knew the fateful letter from the Correction Centre would arrive today. And she didn’t want anyone knowing about this letter! She jumped out of bed, slipped her skinny jeans over her shapely legs and firm buttocks; finally she slid a blue T shirt over her slim body and small, firm breasts and headed downstairs to the postbox.

To her surprise someone was already in the hall way when she came around the corner of the staircase. It was Laura Bradshaw, a girl she vaguely knew from the student bar; Laura was a curvy size twelve with long curly blonde hair and breasts which made Sophie jealous! Laura seemed to be acting strange like she was tying to hide from someone.

“Hi Laura,” Sophie called out.

Laura jumped and tried her best to hide a brown envelope in her sleeve. Sophie made out the words ‘Correction Centre’ and an official looking crest on the envelope.

“My god Laura! You’ve got one too?”

“Y-y-yes Sophie, I’m afraid I have,” she said. “What on earth did you do?”

Laura answered: “Oh I’m so silly, Sophie. Over the holidays I took out daddy’s car, and I never checked if I was insured. The Police said I could have a one thousand pound fine but I can’t afford that! So it looks like I’m taking a spanking!”

“Oh god, I’m sorry to hear that Laura,” Sophie replied. There was a strange silence as Sophie collected her envelope from the post rack. “Listen Laura shall we open these in your room?”

Sophie said: “Well I suppose I’ll be needing a friend.” Laura joked.

The two young girls hugged and went into Laura’s room.

Laura and Sophie sat on Laura’s bed. “Ok then Sophie you may as well go first.”

Sophie sighed, ripped the envelope open and took out the paper inside. She cleared her throat and read the letter aloud to Laura.

“Dear Miss Williams, the justice panel have found you guilty of the crime of petty theft and you have thereby been sentenced to six strokes of the cane. You must report to your local correction centre within fourteen days of receiving this letter. Please bring a form of photo ID and this letter. You should be made aware that the punishment will be carried out naked and another offender will be punished with you. Failure to comply with our staff will result in additional punishment.”

Sophie threw the letter on the bed and placed her hand to her mouth. “Oh god Laura, I don’t think I can let someone cane me!”

“Don’t be silly, Sophie. We can’t afford the fine! Wait! two offenders get punished together?”

“Yes, that’s right,” Sophie replied. “We could book our appointment together. Hopefully we’d be caned together.”

I’d rather that than be naked in front of some stranger,” Laura said.

“Good idea. We’ve got a free period next Thursday. We’ll try and book it for then; anyway open yours Laura.”

“Oh yes, of course. Silly me!” The young blonde took her envelope and opened it. She scan read the letter. “Oh god Sophie, six strokes with the cane just like you. Oh god I’m so scared!”

“Me too,” Sophie replied. “But at least we’ve got each other. Let’s book our appointment fortwo o’clocknext Thursday. That will give us plenty of time to get to the centre.”

“Thanks Sophie I don’t know what I’d do without you!” Laura said. The two girls hugged once more and then went their separate ways.

Sophie finished college atnoonon that Thursday. She dashed home, showered and dressed in a loose summer floral dress (thinking that she would be sore after her caning). She opted for her best red panties and bra hopefully, she thought it might be a man punishing her and they’d go easy on her.

She met Laura outside the correction centre. Laura was dressed in skinny blue jeans and a white vest top. Sophie could just make out Laura’s white lacy bra underneath it.

“Don’t you think they’ll be uncomfortable, you know, after?” Sophie asked.

“Oh god I never thought of that!” Laura replied.

“Well too late now,” said Sophie. “Come on, let’s get this over with.”

In the centre there was a reception desk and two rows of chairs pointing towards an automatic door leading to a corridor. The girls went to the reception desk.

“Good afternoon, ladies,” said the friendly looking receptionist.

“Sophie Williams and Laura Bradshaw, miss,” said Sophie she passed the receptionist her letter. Laura did the same.

The receptionist studied both forms and typed away at her keyboard. “Good,” the receptionist said looking up. “I’ll let Dr Cafferty know you’re here and we’ll get underway.”

The two girls took a seat together by the wall.

“God I’m shaking,” said Laura.

“It’s ok,” Sophie replied. “At least we’re together.”

Just then one of the doors in the corridor swung open. The door was frosted but she could just make out a figure emerging from one of the rooms. “Laura! I think someone’s coming!” Sophie exclaimed.

“Oh god no,” replied Laura.

The two girls held each other’s hands. As the door opened, behind it stood a lady in her early thirties, slim, with long blonde hair. She wore a knee length skirt and a white coat that went down to her slim hips. She looked down at her clipboard. “OK Sophie and Laura?” She said with a smile. The two girls nodded nervously. “Follow me!” The doctor barked.

The doctor led the two girls into a small white room inside where a large wooden desk and two grey steel lockers stood facing each other. Laura and Sophie stood side by side in front of the desk while the doctor went behind it and sat in a leather office chair.

“OK ladies, it is my job to ensure that you two are fit and well enough to take your punishment today. May I remind you that if you do not co-operate with me I shall call guards to assist me. You don’t want that, do we ladies?”

“No doctor,” both girls replied sheepishly.

“OK,” said the doctor. “Strip down to your underwear; you can put your clothes and any belongings in the lockers at the side of you for collection later.”

Laura let out a gasp. Sophie decided it was best to simply begin unbuttoning her summer dress. She slid the dress over her slim hips and down her long legs and stepped out of it. She neatly folded it, placed it in the locker to her right along with her handbag and with her heart pounding stood to face the front.

Sophie then noticed that Laura seemed to be frozen to the spot.

“Miss Bradshaw!” The doctor barked. “I will not tell you again. Unless you fancy five extra strokes, you will strip this instant!”

Sophie looked over towards Laura. Laura’s face was red and tears were welling up in her eyes. However Laura did as she was instructed. She slid her tight white top over her head revealing her large firm breasts cupped in her white lacy bra. She then fumbled with the buttons on her jeans then slid them down her long shapely legs. She put her clothes in the locker and stood to face the front.

“Good Miss Bradshaw. I hope this is all the trouble we have from you today.”

“Yes Miss, Sorry Miss,” Laura replied, obviously holding back tears.

The doctor reached to her drawer in the desk, took out a stethoscope and a pair of latex gloves, and walked over to Sophie. She placed the stethoscope above Sophie’s small pert breasts and listened.

“Good. Breath in,” she said. “And again.” The doctor glanced down towards Sophie’s underwear. They were red to match her bra and were the French knickers type. “Hmmm we better just have a little look in here Miss Williams, pull them down to your knees.”

The doctor ran her finger over Sophie’s tight bum cheeks. “Have you taken a spanking before Sophie?” The doctor asked.

“My boyfriend has spanked me before, but never the cane miss.” Sophie replied.

“Well you’re getting more than little love taps here Miss Williams! You may raise your underwear, hands on your head please, Sophie.”

She then moved to Laura who still looked like she could cry at any moment.

Sophie couldn’t help feel a little excited as Laura’s breasts rose and fell when the doctor told her to breathe in and out. The doctor stroked Laura’s cheek and said: “Just to be fair we better have a look at your little bottom too.”

“Oh god,” Laura whimpered as the doctor harshly pulled down Laura’s panties and repeated the same humiliating process as on Sophie.

“Hands on your head!” Barked the doctor. “OK Ladies you’ll be pleased to know that you are both fit and well enough to be punished today. I will be present during your caning and will stop proceedings if I feel that either of you are in danger.” With that she pressed a buzzer on the desk.

Almost immediately the door opened and in walked two young women, both were dressed in uniforms similar to police officers with knee length black pencil skirts, light blue blouses and black ties. Both women were only slightly older than Sophie and Laura, both were very attractive. One was blonde and the other had long dark curly hair and was carrying a clipboard.

The blonde officer, without saying a word, walked behind Sophie and Laura who were still standing with their hands on their heads. Sophie watched the pretty blonde officer out of the corner of her eye as she took a pair of handcuffs from her belt and snapped them around one of Laura’s wrists, then swiftly brought both arms behind Laura’s back. Sophie was next and soon both girls stood handcuffed in their underwear facing the two officers.

The Brunette officer cleared her throat and moved in front of Laura: “Laura Sarah Bradshaw, you have been found guilty by the judicial panel for the crime of driving a motor vehicle with no insurance. You have been sentenced to six strokes with the cane. The punishment will be carried out immediately, do you understand?”

“Yes miss.” Laura meekly replied.

“Do you have anything to say before you are taken for your punishment?” The dark haired officer asked.

“I-I-I’ve changed my mind. Please don’t cane me. I’ll pay double the fine. I’ll ask my dad, he’ll pay, he’s a very rich man you know he…”

“SILENCE!” Shouted the officer. “Do you think we care how rich your daddy is Miss Bradshaw? Our job is to administer punishment to offenders. Not take bribes from spoilt brats!”

Laura began to weep as Officer Rhodes moved in front of Sophie. Sophie was keen to take her punishment as bravely as possible; she took deep breaths to try and calm her pounding heartbeat.

Officer Rhodes turned the page on her clipboard and said: “Sophie Jessica Willams. You have been found guilty by the judicial panel of the crime of petty theft. You have been sentenced to six strokes with the cane. The punishment will be carried out immediately, do you understand?”

“Yes Miss.” Sophie said looking at the Officer’s shiny black boots.

Once again the dark haired officer asked: “Do you have anything to say before you are taken for your punishment?”

Sophie looked up. “Yes Miss, I am very sorry for stealing the money. I promise I won’t do anything like that again. I’m sorry you have to punish me today miss.”

The officer smiled at Sophie then turned to Laura. “You could learn a lot from your friend here Miss Bradshaw!” She said.

The two girls were led by the two officers down the corridor. At the bottom were two sets of doors. The blonde officer took her bunch of keys and opened the one marked: “Punishment Suite One”.

Inside, the room was about thirty feet square and painted white. It smelt faintly of disinfectant like a hospital ward. in the centre were two benches with sturdy leather cushioned tops. At the rear, two legs stuck out horizontally. These also had thick leather padding on them. At the front of each bench were two leather straps like handcuffs. Further down was a wide strap designed to cover the prisoner’s lower back. On the vertical leg of the bench were two more straps for the prisoner’s thighs and at the end of the horizontal bar were two more straps for securing the prisoner’s ankles.

The two guards guided Laura to the left hand bench and Sophie to the right hand bench.

“Ok,” said the brunette officer. “Miss Bradshaw will receive her strokes first. You shall watch, Miss Williams.”

Sophie nodded.

“Any questions girls?”

“No Miss,” both girls muttered.

Both officers moved to Laura who was shaking like never before. The blond officer released Laura’s handcuffs and told her to remove her underwear. She reluctantly complied, undoing her bra clasp as fast as she could with her trembling hands.

Laura was trying to cover her modesty with her hands when the blonde officer barked: “Over the bench!”

Laura bent over the bench; the blond officer quickly and efficiently strapped Laura to the bench.

Meanwhile Sophie stood with her hands cuffed behind her back. She watched the brunette officer undoing her blue shirt revealing a black sports bra and a perfect set of abs; she had perfectly toned arms and Sophie knew why!

The brunette officer selected a cane from the rack in the corner and flexed it between her hands while she lined up alongside the now quietly sobbing Laura.

“Six strokes Miss Bradshaw, are you ready?” The brunette officer asked.

“Yes miss,” Laura replied. She laid her head on its side so she was facing Sophie.

“Be strong babe,” Sophie whispered to Laura.

WHACK! “One!” The blonde officer began counting the strokes; Laura screamed as the stinging stroke hit her bottom.

WHACK! “Two!” Laura screamed again, louder than last time. She’d barely recovered when the next stroke landed.


Both officers looked at each other. The blonde officer moved between the benches and stooped to Laura’s eye level. “You will receive that stroke again Miss Bradshaw. You must also apologize for your language to my colleague here.”

“I’m sorry miss,” Laura quickly replied.

“Ok, Officer Rhodes. Administer stroke three please.”

WHACK! “Three!” Laura screamed, she was not taking her punishment well. Sophie hoped the walls of the chamber where soundproofed.

WHACK! “Four!”


The blonde officer ignored Laura and nodded to her colleague to swing the cane again.

WHACK! “Five!” Laura screamed and began to weep loudly.

“I’m sorry, so sorry,” she said between the sobs.

WHACK! “Six!” Officer Rhodes laid the last stroke right at the top of Laura’s thighs.

Laura screamed louder than ever before. After the six strokes she had taken her bottom was bright red and covered in stripes from the cane.

Both officers then turned to Sophie.

“Your turn Miss Williams!” Said the brunette officer.

Sophie’s heart skipped a beat, this was it! She was going to be caned! The blonde officer moved behind her and unlocked Sophie’s handcuffs.

“OK, Miss Williams, underwear off and bend over the bench please,” the brunette officer said in a stern tone.

Sophie unclipped her red bra and slipped her red panties down her long legs. She tried to cover her shaven groin with her hands as she walked the few feet to the bench. Her heart was pounding as she bent over the bench; it smelled faintly of disinfectant and the leather felt cold against her naked breasts.

The two officers began strapping Sophie tightly down.

“Nice panties, Miss Williams,” said the brunette officer. “Steal them as well, did we?”

“No miss. I’d never stolen anything before I’m sorry miss,” Sophie replied, her voice shaking with fear.

The blonde officer was just finishing strapping Sophie’s wrists as the other officer flexed her cane again.

“Are you ready for your strokes, Miss Williams?” Asked the dark haired officer while she gently tapped the cane on Sophie’s pert naked bottom.

“Yes miss,” Sophie replied.

WHACK! “One!” The blonde officer counted once more. Sophie screamed out. The pain was more severe than she could ever imagine; she’d barely got her breath back beforeā€¦.

WHACK! “Two!” Sophie wailed as the next burning stroke hit a little lower than the first; she was hoping to keep her composure during her punishment but she realized now that would be impossible!

WHACK! “Three!” Sophie began to sob as another agonizing stroke hit. ‘Half way though,’ she thought to herself.

WHACK! “Four!” Sophie let out another cry; she didn’t know if she could take two more strokes. She turned her face towards Laura. They made eye contact and felt a strange bond between them both.

WHACK! “Five!” Another searing pain went across Sophie’s bottom. ‘One more,’ she gasped. Tears filled her eyes as she looked again at the sympathetic face of Laura.

WHACK! “Six!” This stroke hurt Sophie more than the others; the cane hit between her bottom and the top of her thighs. She burst into tears.

“That concludes your punishment, Miss Williams. May I suggest you use this time to think about the victim of your crime?” The blonde officer said in a stern tone.

“Yes miss, thank you miss,” Sophie said holding back tears.

The blonde officer turned to the doctor who was waiting silently at the back of the chamber. “Dr Cafferty, Miss Bradshaw has taken her punishment rather badly. Her bottom requires your magic touch.

“Ok ladies that concludes your punishment, you are reminded under the alternative punishment act if you re-offend inside twelve months today’s punishment will be doubled.

“Miss Bradshaw, you shall be taken to the medical room.

“Miss Williams, I shall apply some cream to your bottom shortly. Myself and Officer Rhodes hope we will not have to punish you again.”

The blonde officer untied Laura and ordered her to stand. She handcuffed her arms behind her back.

“Come with me please, Miss Bradshaw,” said Dr Cafferty to Laura, and they both left the chamber.

The brunette officer took a swig from a water bottle and began to put her blouse back on. The blonde officer took some cream from her utility belt and rubbed it into Sophie’s red bottom.

The brunette bent down and began unstrapping Sophie’s wrists. “Sophie isn’t it?” She said.

“Yes miss,” said Sophie, a little confused at her punishers new found kindness.

“Please, call me Emma. You took your punishment very well today, Sophie. It may sound silly, but did you enjoy it?”

Sophie blushed. “Yes I did a little,” she giggled. “I must confess, seeing Laura punished made me, umm, a little excited!”

Both of the officers laughed.

“That’s ok, we both get like that, especially with our more attractive clients!” Said Emma.

“Am I right in thinking you where fired from your job Sophie?” The blonde officer asked.

“Yes, my boss sacked me as well as having me sent here.” Sophie replied.

“You could come in handy here, Sophie. We’re always looking for pretty girls with a cruel streak,” said Emma. “Research shows that male and female offenders being punished by an attractive female is most the effective deterrent,” she added. “If you’re interested you can come for an interview tomorrow, all officers have to take six strokes of the cane during training and you’ve proved you can do that, hasn’t she Lucy?”

“Oh I’d say so Emma!”

The blonde officer giggled. “Ok Sophie, pop your underwear back on; your clothes are in the other room. No need for the handcuffs, Lucy.” Emma said.

Sophie stood up. She carefully pulled her red panties over her sore red bottom and put her bra back on; she shook Emma and Lucy’s hands and said: “I look forward to working with you then!”

“We do too, Sophie. Now come on, all those offenders aren’t going to punish themselves!”

Once Sophie was dressed she met Laura in the reception area. It was no surprise to see she was standing up and rubbing her bottom.

“Are you ok?” Sophie asked.

“What do you think, Sophie? Of course I’m not, lets get out of this awful place.”

Sophie followed Laura through the waiting room. They passed a dark haired tall man and a gorgeous young red head girl sat nervously awaiting their turn. Sophie was going to enjoy working here!

The End