An argument with a police officer leads to harsh punishment. By a new writer to us.

By Helena Daniele Alexander

The day was already very hot when Helena woke up. Thank God, she didn’t have to go to work all week. She was on sick leave because she didn’t feel well. She had made an appointment with her doctor for a check-up and to get new prescriptions for medicines she was using. She was a brunette with dark-brown eyes. Her body was well shaped and still firm. Her skin had the colour of ripe peaches, her breasts were round and firm, and her nipples had the colour of chocolate.

She was a beautiful, strong, well educated, intelligent, 37 year old woman, making a good career for herself in management and marketing. In a few years she would become a partner. But she had one big fault, she had a bad temper, and she often got in trouble because of it. Her associates and friends knew that, and they avoided provoking her, but some trivial things would bring out the worst in her.

As the day was hot, she decided to wear her new summer dress made of transparent silk in a light green colour. Underneath her dress she wore new lace underwear in the same colour as her dress. She wore very little make up, using bright, pastel shades that complemented and emphasised her natural beauty and look. She wore her long hazelnut hair of in a relaxed bun, leaving strands to hang loose and frame her beautiful face.

She put sandals on her feet, picked up her bag, locked the door and walked out of her beautiful house on the riverside that she inherited from her parents. It had been completely renovated and turned into a beautiful small villa. The town she lived in was small and she used a car only when she had something to do or to go somewhere out of town. She liked walking well known streets in this town in which she was born and grew up.

She came to the doctor’s office within a few minutes and had to wait until another patient left. After a while, a nurse sent her in and the doctor started her check up. Her BP was not good, it was quite high. The doctor changed her medication, increased her dosage, and said that she should continue with the special diet she practiced, drinking a lot of fluids, avoiding stress, and take a longer break from work.

All this made her very nervous and she could not calm down even when she left the doctor’s office. She went on a light stroll through the long main street trying to calm down and did not even notice there was a policeman at the central parking lot near the school where she once went. From her expensive designer bag she pulled out her cell phone and called her boss.

He loved her, and she loved him. He was one of the oldest and most dear friends of her late parents. She explained to him that her health was poor and that she would have to stay away from work for at least a month, but that she would continue to work from home as much as she could. He told her not to worry and advised her to listen to the doctor and take care of herself.

While she was talking to her boss on her cell phone, she didn’t pay attention sufficiently to notice the red light was on to stop pedestrians crossing the street. The policeman came out of nowhere.

‘Thank God,’ she thought. It was her old high school friend, and a guy who once had a crush on her.

“Good morning, ma’am,” he addressed her officially and politely. “You crossed the street against the red light for pedestrians, ma’am. May I see Your ID, please?”

“Oh, for God’s sake, Daniel, what are you doing? You know me.”

“Ma’am, please, I am only doing my job. Of course I know you, but this is my job, and you made an obvious traffic violation. You crossed the street when the red light was on while you were talking on your cell phone. That is very serious, Helena.” He explained. “Please, show me Your ID. Don’t make this harder and more serious than it already is.”

While the policeman tried to reason with her, it was too late. All the raging anger over her poor health, the forced vacation she had to go on, the nervousness she felt, made her famous bad temper explode.

“What you’re doing to me is outrageous, and it’s maltreatment. What is it? Can’t you get over me? You still have that look on your face that says: ‘I still want you’. What? You can’t get over that I messed with half a volleyball team but didn’t pay attention to a loser like you? I am going to a police station and I am going to file a complaint against you. Can you prove the light was red? It’s going to be your word against mine, and guess who they will rather believe. I was born here. Your boss went to the same school as my father. They studied together. They were friends. You’re just another stranger, another settler in my town.”

Helena just wouldn’t stop. She was clearly in the wrong. The policeman was anything but a loser. He was tall and strong, with really beautiful grey-blue eyes. He had a very sexy baritone voice, and a muscular body. He was an imposing figure, and he certainly had a dominant character. He didn’t allow anyone to mess with him but, too bad her, she didn’t know that when she raised her hand and slapped him in the face very hard.

“All right, Helena, that is enough. I am arresting you. You have to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

He grabbed her roughly, turned her around, and in less than a second he put her in handcuffs. She started swearing and cursing him. He did not react. He just slammed her into the back seat of a police car and started the car. The ride took a few minutes. He pulled her out of the car and took her into the police station.

The police station was empty. Four of his colleagues had already gone home after finishing their shift. It was Friday, and since he was the only unmarried policeman, he had agreed to be on the duty at the station until midnight. He pushed her onto a bench and entered an office. Beside him, the only other person who was working on Friday afternoon was a misdemeanour judge, Alexander Petric.

Alex was an old high school friend to both Helena and Daniel. He had been Helena’s high school sweetheart, a former captain of the volleyball team. He was handsome and had a great body. Helena still felt trembling in her stomach although he was now married and a father of three kids.

When Daniel informed him of what she had done, a traffic violation and assault on a policeman, he knew that he had to help her avoid ending up in jail for a month. There was only one solution. He called Daniel into his office.

“Listen, Dan, we know her well. She has bad temper. The whole town knows that. This violation will probably send her behind bars for a month or more. You know that. She has health problems, and has been under stress lately. If she ends up in jail, she’ll probably lose her job. Let’s offer her an agreement. We will offer her corporal punishment. If she accepts, she will not become a registered offender. I really think this punishment will help her keep her bad temper under control. Then, she will think twice before doing anything this stupid again.”

“Ok. I agree. Alex, believe me, when she hit me, I barely restrained myself from bending her over the bonnet of my patrol car, lifting up her dress and spanking that lovely bottom in the middle of the street.”

“Well, you might have your chance, and this will be completely within the legal framework.”

The two young men smiled at each other, and then Alex said: “Bring her to me.”

Daniel went down the hall, took Helena’s handcuffs off and took her into Alex’s office. Alex looked at Helena with admiration.

“Ok,” Alex said in a rather formal manner. “Helena, what you did is very serious and also very wrong. You are not a child. You should know better. What do you have to say for yourself? You must understand that you have endangered both your own and the lives of others. Not to mention hitting a police officer on duty. That is assault, Helena.

“But, because you are our friend, and because of old time sakes, Dan and I decided to make you an offer. Declare yourself guilty and you will go with Dan to a punishment room, strip naked and take twelve strokes, with a rattan cane. Dan will be in charge of executing your sentence.

“If you accept, there will be no further consequences, but if you refuse, you will become a registered offender. You will be sentenced to a month or more in prison, and we will have to inform your employer.”

“You two are bastards. I hate you,” she said with unhidden loathing in her voice and contempt in her eyes. “I can’t believe this is happening. You must be kidding me. You can’t sentence me to that stupid punishment, and you, you wouldn’t dare to do that. I am not a child, I am adult woman.”

“If you are not a child, than start acting and behaving responsible. The first step is to assume your guilt and accept your deserved punishment. This is your last chance. Do you agree or not?”

She looked at Alex and said: “You don’t leave me much choice, do you? All right, I confess. I am guilty of a traffic violation and for an attack on a police officer. I accept my punishment.”

“All right, Helena Alexander, this court sentences you to twelve strokes with the cane. You will be taken to a punishment room, stripped naked and restrained on a punishment bench. The officer in charge will execute your punishment. After punishment is executed you will be free to go without further consequences. Punishment will be executed immediately. This court is dismissed.”

“I object, your honour,” Dan said. “Instead of a cane, I would rather use my leather strap as a punishing instrument. I think that it is only fair, because of the assault on a police officer on duty, Sir. I think I have a right to demand it.”

Alex thought about it for a second. “If that is all, than your motion is granted, officer. You may take away the accused, and execute the punishment. This court is now dismissed.”

Dan approached her. “Follow me.”

Once again she found herself in the hall walking with him.

“It’s going to be all right. Don’t be afraid,” he said.

She didn’t answer. They came to some doors. Daniel unlocked the doors and stepped aside so she could enter. The first part of the punishment room was actually a locker room.

Dan opened one the lockers and said: “Take off all your clothes and put them in here. They will be safe here until we are finished.”

Helena stripped rather reluctantly.

Dan stood staring at her. She was beautiful. He felt the same desire he felt for her all those years ago, but it didn’t affect his longing to execute this punishment and teach her a lesson.  He gave her slippers and took her to the next part of the room where there was a bathroom and a shower.

“Take a shower,” he said. “When you are finished, call me and we will proceed.”

After about fifteen minutes she was ready. She called for him. He came and took her to the punishment room where the punishment would be executed. The punishment room was cold and sterile. She saw a punishment bench placed in the centre. On one part of the wall various punishment implements were hooked up. She felt fear for the first time that day.

“All right, Helena, go and lie on your stomach, so I can restrain you. Then we will start.”

She did as he told her. He restrained her with leather straps and then he read the sentence again.

“All right, we will start your punishment now, Helena. Twelve strokes of a leather strap. It hurts a lot, and you might have problems with bruises and welts, and sitting might be uncomfortable for a few days, but if you need anything call me and I will help you.”

“You’ve already done enough,” she told him.

“All right. I will start spanking you now.”

As the punishment started, she had imagined it would hurt, but she hadn’t foreseen it hurting that much. He delivered strokes in steady rhythm, trying to spank all parts of her backside. The third and fourth stroke hit her buttocks hard, the fifth was really low down, and the last was especially hard. She tried not to cry, but tears lined her eyes after the third stroke. After the sixth stroke he gave her a few minutes break, letting her catch her breath.

“You will now take another six strokes and it will be over. When we are done, I’ll take you to the infirmary where you can rest for a while. Then, whenever you feel ready, I will take you home. ”

Helena felt a burning pain when the strap cracked on her already wounded bottom. He started strapping her again in the same rhythm he did in the first round. The second stroke hit the round curve of her buttocks, the third likewise. The fourth and fifth were delivered hard across her lower buttocks and the sixth hit a particularly sensitive area on the round curve of her bottom, but harder still.

Helena was crying like a baby or, better to say, like a spanked girl. He untied her but she couldn’t stand up. He took her in his arms and carried her to the infirmary. He gently laid her face down. She was still crying and sobbing. He dragged her into a hug and caressed her hair. She was calming down.

“You were really brave, I am so proud of you. I will leave you to get some rest. Then I will take you home. I am sorry things had to go like this, Helena, but I really hope that you learned your lesson. If you repeat something stupid like this again, I will have to punish you again, even harder.”

“No, Sir. I learned my lesson. I promise. I will never do anything like this again.”

“Good, because, I wouldn’t like to spank that beautiful backside again.” He smiled at her, but he somehow hoped that he would, anytime he thought appropriate.

“Daniel, I was wondering, when you take me home, could you stay with me tonight? I wouldn’t like being alone tonight, and, as you said earlier, I might need something.”

He smiled and nodded his head. Alex was right. There was nothing like a good strapping to calm the bad temper of a woman. He had taken care of her bad temper, and tonight he would deal with her hysteria. She desperately needed a man, a real man, who would not take any nonsense from her, and who would deal with her temper the proper way. He was looking forward to it.

The End

© Helena Daniele Alexander 2017