The second instalment of the “Girls of St Mary’s” series

By Penny Morton

“What on earth is going on here?” asked Jilly Hicks when she burst into the sixth form common room wearing a dressing gown over her pyjamas.

Nine sixth form St Mary’s girls were sitting in a circle in their pyjamas eating crisps and sipping lemonade. Someone had added a taste of gin to the lemonade, and laughter and jokes had got louder and louder. It was an hour after lights out and Penny Bates had listened to Jilly, who was the Duty Prefect, doing her rounds and warning people not to talk.

Even though it was the last night before half term, Jilly had warned that any girl who talked or misbehaved in any way would be punished. Penny had listened as Jilly closed her own study door, and then crept along the landing to make sure that Jilly had turned her light out. Penny waited another half an hour before going round the sixth form study-bedrooms telling everyone the coast was clear and the party was about to begin in the sixth form common room.

The eighteen–year–old sixth formers were looking forward to a week’s break at half term. The first part of the term had been quite tough with schoolwork and twice weekly rugby and hockey matches and practice sessions taking up any spare time. Miss Gregory, the Headmistress, had decided to have a blitz on the strict enforcement of the school rules and few girls had escaped some sort of punishment from either staff or prefects.

Jane Menzies, who was one of the group, had recently been caned by the Headmistress and had resolved never to break any rules again. She had initially declined Penny’s invitation to the party but her room-mate, Zoe Singleton, had decided that both she and Jane would attend. The threat of a spanking with Zoe’s sandal had persuaded Jane to agree to go.

“Well?” asked Jilly, “Will somebody tell me what is going on here?”

“We’re having an end of term party if you must know, Jilly,” replied Penny with a giggle. Several other girls tried unsuccessfully to stifle giggles.

“I beg your pardon Penny?” queried dark haired Jilly.

“We are having a party to celebrate the start of half term and also my birthday, which is tomorrow.” Penny’s voice was slightly louder than normal. She giggled again.

“I don’t have to remind you Penny that you are all breaking a number of school rules. You are out of bed, it’s past lights out, you are eating crisps which are banned, and by your behaviour I suspect you have had some alcohol.”

“Keep your hair on, Jilly.” retorted Penny. “For heavens sake, give us a break. We are just having fun aren’t we girls?”

One or two of the braver girls said a quiet: “Yes Penny.”

“I would advise you not to add impertinence to your list of offences Penny,” snapped Jilly. “Now I know why we lost the rugby match this afternoon. You have been busy planning this party rather than thinking about the game strategy we had been planning, which included early nights. Our 21–3 defeat by the High School girls was our worst ever loss. Now I know why.”

“Come off it, Jilly.” replied Penny. “They were just better than us on the day. You can’t expect us to win every time.”

“I do expect us to win every time, and to throw the game away as we did today is unacceptable.” Jilly was Sports Captain and felt that a defeat in any sport was not to be tolerated.

“Please, Jilly.” began Penny in a more conciliatory tone. “Don’t be horrible. It’s my fault and I’m sorry. Couldn’t you just forget about it?”

“I am not going to stand here discussing the matter with you,” announced Jilly. “First of all you will clear this mess up immediately. Crisps in the dustbin, lemonade down the sink, tidy the common room and then off to bed with no talking.”

For a moment the girls thought that was the end of the matter, but Jilly had other ideas.

“You will all report to me for punishment in the prefects’ study at break tomorrow morning.” Jilly paused and thought about punishment options. With the coming break corporal punishment was the only practical solution. “I am going to slipper the lot of you. You will change into your gym shorts – with no knickers underneath – and your blouses and report to me as a group at 11.20. Penny you will get extra for being disrespectful and impertinent. Now get on with the tidying up and go back to your rooms quietly.“ Jilly marched angrily out.

“She can’t really be planning to slipper all of us can she?” asked Pauline Smith.

“That seems to be what she is planning,” said Penny. “What an unreasonable stuck up bitch she is. Hopefully we can talk her out of it tomorrow. I don’t intend to be slippered on my birthday.”

“But there are nine of us and we’re all sixth-formers. She just can’t slipper us all.” Pauline tried to sound convincing.

“I hope not.” said Penny. “But I wouldn’t put it past her. You know how vindictive she can be playing rugby and hockey, and being a prefect has gone to her head.”

The girls reluctantly discarded their crisps and lemonade and made an effort to tidy up.

“Jane,” said Zoe putting her hand to her forehead. “I think I’ve got a migraine coming on.”

“Oh dear, poor you.” Replied Jane sympathetically. “Shall I look for your tablets when we get back to our room?”

“Yes, and get me a glass of water.”

“Yes Zoe.”

The girls agreed to meet in the changing room in the morning to get into their gym kit and plan how they hoped to avoid a slippering.

Jane found Zoe’s tablets and fetched a glass of water and then helped her into bed.

“I’m feeling a lot worse, Jane.”

“Do you think it will mean you won’t be well enough to see Jilly at break tomorrow with the rest of us?”

“Oh, that had slipped my mind.“ groaned Zoe. “You will probably have to go and get the school nurse to see me in the morning.”

“I’ll do anything you say, Zoe.” replied Jane sympathetically.

“Now shut up and put the light out. It’s hurting my eyes,” snapped Zoe.

“Sorry Zoe.” replied Jane, slipping into her own bed. She thought about the illegal party, which she hadn’t really enjoyed, and how she and the others were going to be punished tomorrow. She suddenly remembered that Zoe had recently said that she wasn’t allowed to be caned, slippered or even spanked because she had a particularly sensitive bottom. She was sorry that Zoe had a migraine but in a way it might be a good thing as it would mean she might be able to avoid being slippered with the rest of them in the morning.

Jane would have no such excuse and as she went to sleep she imagined herself bending over a chair in the prefects’ room being soundly slippered by Jilly in the morning.

Jane was sent to fetch the school nurse before breakfast and Zoe was admitted to the sanatorium and excused lessons and other activities for the day.

The first two lessons for the sixth form were History and then English literature.

The partygoers did their best to concentrate but their eyes kept straying to the classroom clock as the time for their break time appointment drew nearer. Having visited the bathroom, the eight naughty girls trooped down to the changing room to get into their gym kit.

“I suppose we better get changed as Madam Hicks ordered,“ said Penny. “I am still hoping we can persuade her to let us off. I really think there ought to be a school rule saying that a girl couldn’t be punished, especially slippered on her birthday.”

“Mummy’s coming to fetch me just before lunch,” said Shelley Cooper. “It will be very uncomfortable going home in the car with a sore bottom.”

The girls struggled into their gym kit, remembering not to wear knickers under their shorts.

“I agree,” said Becky Foster. “My boyfriend is picking me up at the same time to go to the cinema. I don’t fancy watching ‘Black Beauty’ with a stinging bottom either.”

“Gosh that’s bad luck,” chipped in Angela, one of the Spencer twins. “We don’t fancy being spanked either, do we Julie?”

“No we don’t,” replied her sister. “We both had the slipper from Jilly a couple of weeks ago for being late for rugby practice.”

“How many did she give you?”

“Er, four each.” said Julie making a face as she remembered the punishment.

“Did it hurt?” asked Becky anxiously.

“Yes it did!” replied Julie, gently massaging her thinly covered bottom at the memory. “You know how hard she whacks the ball in the squash court. Well that’s how hard she whacks with the slipper.”

“Jane, have you had the slipper before?” asked Emma Hawkins. “I should think you are too well behaved for that.”

“Yes, I have.” replied Jane. “I got six whacks from the previous head girl – before Vicky Scott I mean – for talking after lights out a couple of years ago and another six from her for walking on Miss Gregory’s private lawn.” She didn’t add that Zoe spanked her with a sandal most weeks after her Sunday confession.

“Come on then girls, we had better go and see Jilly and I’ll try to persuade us to let us off.” said Penny glancing at the clock and not feeling at all sure that her pleading would be successful. The girls were wearing white gym shorts and white T-shirts. Some of the shorts were a little on the small side and the Spencer twins looked as if they were wearing hot pants, like cheerleaders.

The prefects’ study was not a place that any girl at St Mary’s liked to go. The prefects could give lines, detentions, make girls learn poetry or run round the sports field. They could also administer the slipper and this was their preferred punishment. Anyone passing the door at break, lunchtime or after school might hear the loud thud of a plimsoll landing repeatedly on a bending girl’s bottom and could expect the victim to emerge red faced and clasping her stinging bottom shortly afterwards.

“Right. Come in all of you.” ordered Jilly, wearing her school uniform: green blazer, short green skirt, a white shirt and a green and gold striped tie. “Come and stand in a line here.” She ordered, making the girls line up across the study.

Vicky Scott, the head girl, looked up from her coffee rather surprised to see this influx of sixth formers in their gym clothes.

“What are all these girls doing, Jilly?” she asked, noticing that quite a number of the girls were members of the rugby team. “Are you taking them for extra rugby training – perhaps they need it after yesterday’s result.”

“No Vicky,” replied the prefect. “They are here to be punished for holding an illegal party in their common room after lights out last night. There will be a lot of extra rugby training later in the term.”

“What are you going to do with them?” asked Mary Smith, another prefect who, like Vicky, was enjoying a cup of coffee.

“They are going to have their bottoms smacked.” replied Jilly. “I am going to slipper them – six of the best apiece.”

“Please Jilly, could I say something before you punish us?” asked Penny politely.

“Yes, you may. Go on.”

Penny cleared her throat. “I just wanted to say how sorry we all are. Aren’t we girls?”

“Yes we are.” Chorused the line of sixth formers, and Jane added: “Yes, Jilly, we are really, really very sorry and would all like to apologise.”

“And please, Jilly, we wondered if you could possibly let us off.” added Penny. “You see it’s my birthday today and several of us have got our parents or boyfriends fetching us early this afternoon.”

“Wait a minute.” said Jilly. “There is one girl missing. There are only eight of you and there were nine at the party. Who is missing?”

“Sorry, Jilly.” began Jane. “I should have told you Zoe had a very bad migraine last night and is in the sick bay.”

“H’m, I see.” Said Jilly. “I thought migraine affected a girl’s head and not her bottom. I’ll just have to deal with her after half term.”

Jane decided not to mention Zoe’s sensitive bottom but was conscious of how little protection her own white gym shorts would give her bottom if Jilly decided to slipper them.

“Right, anyone else want to say anything before I punish you?” asked Jilly.

There was nothing else the girls could say. They had been caught red-handed having an illegal party.

“Please, Jilly. Please be a sport and let us off. We really are sorry.” pleaded Angela Spencer. “Please let us off.”

“I won’t let you off.” said Jilly. “There is no excuse for your dreadful behaviour. I really ought to ask Vicky to take you all to Miss Gregory to be caned. I am going to beat you all. You will each receive six strokes of the slipper.”

“Six strokes?” queried Penny. “Gosh Jilly, that’s pretty severe. Wouldn’t three or four be enough?”

“Correction, Penny. I should have said you are actually getting eight strokes. Six for organizing the party and two extra for being rude and impertinent to me last night.”

“Eight, Jilly? That’s really severe. Please let me off with six.” pleaded Penny. She turned to the head girl and asked: “Vicky, please tell her she isn’t allowed to give me eight. Surely prefects are restricted to six with a slipper?”

“Prefects may give up to twelve strokes with Miss Gregory’s permission, and up to eight without.” replied Vicky. “I would advise you that she would certainly sanction twelve in your case, although I think she would probably say you should be caned. So no more arguments. Jilly I should get on and slipper them or it will be the end of break.”

“OK.” said Jilly pushing a low backed chair in front of the waiting girls. “You will stay in your line until I call you forward. Then you will bend over the back of this chair and hold the seat. No getting up and if you do or try to protect your bottom with your hands during the punishment I start again. Once you have been slippered you will thank me and then you may leave the room and go back and change into your school uniform ready for your next lesson. Penny, we’ll start with you – you are getting eight. Come here and bend over the chair. No talking in the queue while you are waiting to be slippered. Anyone who talks gets two extra strokes.“

Penny came forward and bent over the chair ready for the slipper but had to wait whilst Jilly made final preparations. Penny’s fair hair fell forwards over her face and her shorts struggled to contain her bottom. What a way to start her birthday, she thought.

Jilly took off her blazer and rolled up the sleeves of her shirt as she prepared to slipper the eight sixth formers. She loosened her tie, undid the top buttons of her shirt and slowly stretched her muscles as if preparing for a game of squash or rugby. She looked at the line of scantily clad girls and planned to teach them a lesson they wouldn’t forget. Jilly reached for a large and quite elderly plimsoll sitting on the windowsill and tested its flexibility between her hands. It would do nicely, she thought.

Becky Foster, who was next in line after Penny to be slippered, rather rashly said: “Excuse me, Jilly, but aren’t you breaking the school rules – improper wearing of your tie?” Several girls murmured in agreement.

‘OK Becky that’s two extra strokes for you and for anyone else who makes bright remarks.” snapped Jilly as she removed her tie completely. Becky opened her mouth to protest but decided not to. Her bottom was going to be even more tender when she met her boyfriend this afternoon.

Penny was waiting patiently and anxiously as Jilly prepared to punish her. She felt the plimsoll pat her bottom and then a quiet grunt as Jilly whacked the slipper against her bottom with the full force of her arm.

“Ow!” Penny whispered as the full sting of the slipper was appreciated. Her ‘ows’ became a little louder as stroke followed stroke on alternative sides of her thinly covered bottom.

“Right. That’s your six for partying after lights out.” Jilly said as she flexed the slipper between her strong hands. “Now, two hard ones for arguing with me.”

“Please let me off the last two. You don’t know how much the slipper stings.” pleaded Penny, looking back from her bending position as the prefect prepared to give the last two strokes. Penny’s face was red and there were tears in her eyes.

The queue of girls waiting to be punished looked on anxiously.

“Shut up Penny and face the front.” Ordered Jilly.

Whack! Whack! The last two strokes were given as hard as the fit Jilly could manage. After a suitable pause Jilly allowed Penny to stand. Penny was fighting back tears and with her hands massaging her bottom she managed to say: “Thank you Jilly” quietly before she was allowed to leave the study.

“Right Becky, you’re next. Come here and bend over.” Becky, with her dark hair in a ponytail, came forward wishing she hadn’t tried to accuse Jilly of wearing her tie incorrectly and getting two extra strokes as a result.

She was conscious of her shorts tightening as she bent and clasped the seat of the chair and realised how little protection they gave her vulnerable bottom against the venomous slipper. Like Penny she gave a quiet “Ow” as the first stroke fell but subsequent strokes were followed by louder “Ows” and “Aahs”.

She sobbed after the last three strokes and after thanking Penny left the study with tears running down her cheeks and her hands firmly clasped to her bottom.

Angela Spencer was next in line with her twin Julie immediately behind her in the queue. The twins both had their light brown hair in bunches and had been holding hands anxiously as they waited for the slipper. Both had received four strokes from Jilly on a previous occasion and knew the two additional strokes would add considerably to their discomfort. Angela’s hot pants failed to cover the whole of her plump bottom and parts of each buttock had no protection.

Apart from quiet gasps she took her punishment in silence and after being allowed to get up and clasp her bottom asked if she could wait for her twin Julie to be punished. Permission was given and Julie bent over the chair and made a little squeaking noise after each stroke. Angela found a small hanky in the pocket of her shorts which the twins shared to dry their eyes as they left the study holding hands.

“Are you OK Jilly?” asked Vicky as Jilly wiped her warm forehead. “Are you getting tired? Would you like me to slipper one or two of them for you?”

“No. I’m fine thanks Vicky. It’s just like a tough game of squash really.” She grinned as she flexed the slipper. “Actually I do feel a bit thirsty. I could do with a sip of water.”

Jane, at the end of the queue, was conscious of her mouth feeling a bit dry too.

“I’ll get you a glass,” offered Mary Smith, the other prefect in the room.

“No, it’s OK thanks.“ said Jilly. “I’ll get one of these girls to do it. It will take their mind off the slipper for a moment or two. She looked along the row of waiting girls. “You girl, Jane, go and get me some water from the dispenser in the corridor.”

“Yes Jilly.” Jane replied politely. “Would anyone else like one?”

“My mouth’s very dry. I would love a little water.” said Shelley, who was just in front of Jane.

“No, Shelley. You and the others can wait until you’ve been punished.” Said head girl Vicky. “Get a move on, Jane, and do as you were told.”

“Sorry Vicky,” blushed Jane, and went to get the water. A group of girls were clustered outside the prefects’ study knowing that a number of girls were getting the slipper and waiting to see the victims emerge.

“What’s happening?” asked one fifth-former.

“I’m afraid some of us had an illegal party last night and are getting the slipper from Jilly who caught us.” replied Jane.

“How many still to be slippered?”

“Er, four.” Said Jane, moving off to get the water for thirsty Jilly.

“Including you?”

“Yes, worse luck.” Replied Jane.

“Oh, we’ll wait then and see the others come out.” said the fifth former.

“They say Jilly hits really hard.” observed another girl thoughtfully.

Jane was conscious of her rather tight and very thin gym shorts and how much the slipper would hurt. She filled a plastic beaker with water from the dispenser.

Jane tapped politely on the prefects’ study door and entered the dreaded punishment room again and gave the plastic beaker of water to Jilly who took it without thanks. Jane resumed her place at the end of the queue.

As Jilly was busy drinking, Shelley whispered her thanks to Jane for offering to get her a drink and wondered whether it was best to be first or last in the line for the slipper. It might be best to be early in the line before Jilly was fully warmed up and on the other hand her arm might possibly be tiring as she got towards the end.

Jane whispered back that in Jilly’s case it probably didn’t matter as she was so fit and strong.

“Jane!” snapped Vicky. “Were you talking?”

“Yes Vicky. I am sorry I forgot we weren’t allowed.”

“Give Jane two extra, Jilly.” ordered the head girl.

Shelley immediately said it was her fault and she was also awarded two extra strokes, but Jane’s sentence was not reduced.

“Right, let’s get on with this.” said the refreshed Jilly, flexing the slipper again. “Pauline, come and bend over.”

Pauline, a small girl with shoulder length blonde hair, got into position. Jilly gave her six strokes very efficiently, making Pauline shriek as each stroke landed.

Emma Hawkins followed, and as she bent her blonde hair fell forward surrounding her face. She was given six of the best with Jilly really whacking the slipper down on Emma’s thinly covered bottom.

Jane shivered as she felt goose pimples on her bottom and tried to push her gym blouse further into her shorts as her turn for the slipper approached.

“Right, Shelley. You’re next.” said Jilly. “You are getting eight, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Jilly.” whispered Shelley as she bent over, causing her long blonde ponytail to fall to one side. Eight strokes were given but Shelley managed not to make a sound although her face was tearful when she left the study. As she left a group of prefects entered the room and headed for the coffee pot.

“Right, Jane. It’s your turn. I am rather surprised at you because I thought you were always well behaved.”

“She’s not always a good girl,” chipped in Vicky. “Miss Gregory had to cane her earlier this term for being a very naughty girl. Didn’t she, Jane?”

“Yes, Vicky.” Jane blushed.

Jilly looked at the sole of her slipper and, grinning, said: “Gosh this slipper has had to work hard this morning but I think we can just about manage another eight good strokes for your bottom, Jane.”

“Yes, thank you Jilly.” Jane whispered through trembling lips as she fought back her tears. She obeyed Jilly’s order to bend over and felt her shorts tighten across her bottom and thighs. The back of the chair felt warm through its contact with earlier victims’ tummies and Jane’s blouse pulled out of her shorts. Her plump but shapely bottom presented an attractive target.

“This bottom is made for the slipper.” observed Jilly quietly.

“Has Jane been a naughty girl?” Asked Susan Phillips, one of the prefects who had just come in. She and the other prefects gathered round to observe Jilly in action.

“Yes. She’s getting eight with the slipper – the last of eight girls who held an illegal party last night. She’s watched me slipper seven other girls and now it’s her turn, so she knows exactly what to expect.”

“Well lay them on hard.” smiled Susan unsympathetically.

“I will. Don’t worry.” said Jilly, landing the first stroke with a loud whack..

“Ouch! Help! Er, one, thank you, Jilly.” squeaked Jane.

“Did I ask you to count, Jane?” asked Jilly.

”Er no, sorry Jilly.” Jane whispered. She had counted automatically as Zoe always made her count when she was using her spanking sandal.

“Well shut up then.” added Jilly, as she gave the second stroke. “I really ought to give you extra for speaking without permission.”

Two more hard strokes followed and then Jilly paused.

“Half way through,” she mused. “Whew! this is warm work.” She wiped her brow with her arm.

“Quite warm work for Jane too, I guess.” said Mary. “Would you like some more water, Jilly? There’s a little left in the beaker?”

“Jane can run and get me some more before I give her the last four strokes, can’t you girl?”

“Yes. But could you finish my punishment first, please Jilly?” asked Jane.

“Stand up girl!” Ordered Jilly. “You really are rather disobedient and argumentative. I shall have to do something about that later. Now go and get me some water and be quick about it.”

“Yes. Sorry, Jilly. I’m really sorry.”

Jane, with a red face and tears on her cheeks, ran the gauntlet of the girls waiting outside the prefects’ study and got another beaker of water. Her bottom was already burning hot and stinging like mad but she had four more strokes to come.

Jilly sipped some water and ordered Jane to bend over again before giving her the last four strokes as hard as possible. Jane gasped a silent: “Ouch, Ow,” after each stroke.

“Stand up, Jane, and put your hands on your head.” ordered Jilly as she put the slipper back on the windowsill.

“I hope that will help you remember not to attend illegal parties again, Jane.”

“Yes it will. Thank you, Jilly.”

“Vicky, do you think this girl would benefit from some special behaviour modification sessions?” asked Jilly.

‘Yes I do. What a good idea. Her record this term has been bad with a caning from the headmistress and now this. I suspect she was one of the ringleaders in last night’s fiasco.”

“Please Vicky, I wasn’t. I didn’t really want to go to the party. Honestly.” A few more tears ran down Jane’s cheeks and she longed to rub her bottom.

“Nonsense, Jane. Your behaviour recently and today leaves a lot to be desired for a girl at this school. Jilly and I will take you in hand after half term. Report to me here in the prefects’ study at break on the first day back and we’ll start a remedial programme for you.”

“I’m sure I don’t need one, thank you very much.” Jane said quietly.

“Don’t be impertinent, Jane. It’s quite clear that you do.” replied the head girl. “Now take your hands down, dry your tears, and get out.”

Jane struggled to find a little hanky in the pocket of her shorts, wiped her eyes and then headed for the door.

“Come back here, Jane.” ordered Vicky. “Haven’t you forgotten something? I didn’t hear you thank Jilly and her slipper for giving up their time to punish you this morning.”

More tears came but Jane managed to whisper: “Thank you for punishing me, Jilly, and thanks to your slipper too.”

“You’re welcome. I hope you have learned your lesson. Now get out.”

A tearful, pink-faced Jane left the prefects’ study and emerged to be greeted by the waiting voyeurs. Shelley was also waiting and they walked hand in hand to change back into their school uniform. The bell for the end of break sounded as they entered the changing room. Their bottoms were burning hot and very tender and they could see the redder marks left by the slipper’s sole during their punishment. Pulling their green school knickers up over their bottoms was rather painful. They washed their faces and hurried off to their French lesson.

“Gosh that was hard work!” thought Jilly, flopping down on a comfortable chair in the prefects’ study. “But I think it’s taught those sixth formers a lesson.” She wiped her hot face with a hanky and gratefully accepted a cup of coffee and a biscuit from Mary.

“Ten minutes late, girls.” said Miss Harrison to Shelley and Jane. “See me at the end of the lesson.” Miss Harrison’s eyes looked briefly at the black plimsoll she kept hanging on a hook near the blackboard and with which she dispensed justice at the end of each lesson. Several recently slippered sixth-formers were finding sitting on the wooden seats uncomfortable and wriggled frequently trying to find the best position and concentrating on French verbs was difficult.

Shelley and Jane went up to Miss Harrison at the end of the lesson.

“I am so sorry we were late,” began Shelley. “We had an appointment in the prefects’ study.”

“No excuses, Shelley.” Snapped the mistress, reaching for her black plimsoll. ”You should know by now that being ten minutes late for my lessons automatically incurs a penalty.”

For a moment, Jane and Shelley thought they might get another six of the slipper each on their already tender bottoms.

Miss Harrison glanced at her watch. “Look, I haven’t got time to slipper you now. I’ll have to deal with you at the end of our first lesson together after half term. Don’t let me forget.” Miss Harrison wrote their names on the blackboard.

Zoe had packed her cases for half term and seemed to have completely recovered from her migraine when Jane got back to their study.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better,” said Jane rubbing her bottom. “Jilly wondered where you were. I got eight strokes of the slipper – six for being at the party and two for talking. Jilly said she would deal with you after half term.”

“We’ll see about that,” replied Zoe brightly. “We’ll talk about your punishment from Jilly today at your next confession. Now I want you to carry my cases down to the hall as Daddy is waiting downstairs with his car.”

Jane carried the cases down to the car and was sent back to get Zoe’s cardigan and some shoes she had forgotten to pack. When she came back Zoe was talking to Jane’s mother who had come to collect her.

“Hullo, darling. Are you alright? Your face looks rather pink.” said Mrs Menzies.

“I’m OK, mummy.” Jane suddenly felt a little stressed and a few tears came.”

“I’m afraid to say she’s been a naughty girl and had to have a spanking in the prefects’ study this morning.” reported Zoe.

“Oh darling, and you had to be caned earlier in the term. It might be best not to tell your daddy; it would really make him cross. But you do seem to have got into a number of scrapes this term.”

“I think it’s being in the sixth form, Mrs. Menzies, and it’s important for girls to remember they are still subject to all the school rules.” explained Zoe.

“I do know about the school rules, mummy.” said Jane, only too well aware that her bottom was still very tender and burning hot after her slippering for breaking the rules.

“I’m so glad you are sharing a room with Jane and keeping an eye on her, Zoe.” said Mrs Menzies.

“Thank you, Mrs Menzies.” simpered Zoe. “I do my best to keep her on the straight and narrow. I have a session reviewing her behaviour with her each week and sometimes have to impose sanctions if I think standards of behaviour are slipping.”

“Yes, please do whatever you think she needs.”

“Sort of in loco parentis, you mean?”

“Yes please, Zoe.”

“Mummy” Please, that’s not fair.” began Jane.

“Sorry darling, but it’s obvious you need to be kept under strict supervision and Zoe seems just the girl to keep you in order and make you behave.”

Zoe kissed Jane goodbye, patted her tender bottom and whispered in her ear: “Just wait ‘till we start my new strict regime with extra punishments after the break, Jane.”

After most of the girls had gone home for half term there was a relaxed atmosphere in the prefects’ study and several girls were crowding round the notice board to look at a new notice:


This morning during break Jilly Hicks, prefect and Captain

of Sport, set what is believed to be a new school record.

She administered 56 strokes of the slipper during a single punishment session in which she dealt with eight naughty girls.

I am sure you would all like to join me in offering

Jilly our hearty congratulations.

Signed Vicky Scott

Head girl

Several prefects congratulated Jilly, but she said that any new school record was only a starting point and it was open to all prefects to see if they could do better. A number of prefects thought Jilly’s record could be beaten and resolved to impose much stricter discipline at St Mary’s after half term.

The End