Following the experiences of a sixth form girl.

By Gillian Howard

My name is Jessica Rylands and I went to a Religious private mixed school. I was born in 1980 and left in 1998 to go to university. Our school was one of the last to ban corporal punishment and our final year was the last year it was used. As we started our last year we were informed by our new Headmaster that all forms of corporal punishment would cease at the end of the school year but he added that doesn’t mean we will start slacking off before then. He added that he would personally be carrying out all punishments involving the cane and girls would normally receive it on their hands and boys over 1 layer of clothing on the buttocks. If girls were deemed to have committed a very serious breach of rules like bullying or smoking or bringing the good name of the school down then they would also be caned over 1 item of clothing on the buttocks with the school secretary present as witness. Also any punishments given by the Headmaster would be placed on the school notice board for 4 weeks, detailing what punishment had been given and the reason for it. After 2 weeks there were 12 boys’ names on it and 5 girls, all of whom had received the cane across the hands.

I just took cursory note of this as I had never been sent to the head for punishment and the only time I have been punished was in the first couple of years when I had my legs smacked a few times and twice had 6 with the ruler across both legs. Most, if not all, the others in my year had been caned at least once and my best friend, Susan, had been caned 7 times. I had seen the results each time in the dorm at night and she had received the cane across her bottom twice and the welts looked really painful. They were off our old headmistress, Miss Heggarty, who had retired last term.

Although I was not one of the top students, I always did well academically but my real forte was cross country running and I had represented the county on several occasions and was hoping to compete in the nationals this term. The trials were to be held on the Monday following my 18th birthday on the Saturday at the end of October.

Ours was one of the schools that insisted on the wearing of school uniform at all times and the girls had to wear a green and white gingham dress, white ankle socks and green knickers, and outside we also had to wear a green blazer and beret and, if cold or raining, a green gabardine mac. Our sports kit was a loose pair of green shorts and loose fitting grey/blue running vest.

After about 4 weeks, Susan faced the Headmaster after being caught smoking and she returned to class in tears and having trouble walking and had her hands under her armpits.

She explained that she had received 4 strokes of the senior cane across her knickers for smoking, and 2 across each hand for not wearing school knickers.

Thing were going well after this but a week later the headmaster’s secretary came into class and said: “Jessica Rylands to report to the headmaster’s office immediately, please.”

Everybody looked at me and I was blushing as I could not think of any reason to be sent for. A lot of the boys had smirks on their faces, thinking of me going to be caned.

As we arrived at his office, the secretary showed me in and introduced me. Mr Roberts introduced himself and then said: “We meet at last, Jessica. I believe that you are our star athlete and will hopefully become the first member of this school to represent the country in the European junior championships in early November, so I would like to tell you how proud we all are.”

There was a knock at the door and Miss Donald entered with a tray of tea and biscuits. I was told to sit and was given a cup of tea and a digestive biscuit.

“Jessica, the reason I have sent for you, apart from getting to know you, is that I have just been speaking to your father on the telephone. Don’t worry, nothing wrong, asking for my permission for you to be allowed out of school for the 18th birthday party that your parents want to give you. As you know, it is the Saturday before the cross country trials on the Monday and I have said that I will only give permission as long as you are back in school for lights out on the Sunday evening and that you must not touch any alcohol at all so that you are ready for the trials. I have also spoken to Miss Danson and she assures me that you would only need to finish to gain selection as you have the qualifying time already on 5 separate occasions.”

“I promise, Sir, nothing will come between me and winning the trials and I would love to go to my party as well.”

As I returned to my class, I put my right hand under my armpit as I entered and everybody looked at me and were expecting me to be crying. I then sat down and started to smile and Mr Thomas, who knew why I had been sent for, said: “Come on, Jessica, put them all out of their misery.”

I explained why I had been sent for.

The week before my birthday there was a lot of laughing going on in the class as we waited for the teacher to arrive. Miss Danson was passing and she pulled three boys and three girls out to the front, including Susan and Rebecca, my other friend who had not been in trouble for a few years. She made the boys bend over before giving them 6 with a slipper and the same then for the girls. As it was the last lesson of the day we went to our dorm which the three of us shared and as they lifted their skirts neither was wearing school knickers but their bottoms looked red and had started to bruise at the sides.

As the day for my 18th came, I told the girls I would have a proper party at Christmas and was picked up by mum and dad and taken for lunch before going to a hotel to get changed as we were staying there for the night. The party went great and we all had a great time and I did not have any alcohol. I arrived back at school just before  lights out, so had to get undressed in the dark and as I was first up I was dressed before anybody else was up.

I checked all my running gear was in order along with a spare set just in case of any mishap. Everybody wished me well and I was off with Miss Danson. I warmed up well, had a meeting where the course was explained to us all and the race started. I ran the best race of my life and won easily, setting a national junior record as well.

After the race, I saw quite a few pointing me out and I felt really proud. We collected my medal and trophy and we got back to school just as dinner was finishing, but before the dining room emptied, and Miss Danson announced the result to the school. I had a quick sandwich and went to the first class and was given a standing ovation as I entered.

We settled down to a double English lesson when Miss Danson entered and said: “Jessica Rylands is required at the headmaster’s office immediately.”

As I got up and we got to the office, she knocked and announced my arrival. I was ushered in and Miss Danson was stood next to Mr Roberts. He came around and shook my hand to congratulate me and as he returned to his desk he picked up his phone and asked his secretary to bring in what was needed.

She entered with a green leather book and a pink file, placed them on the desk and was told she would not be needed.

I was wondering why I was still left standing when Miss Danson came around and said to me quietly: “Jessica, will you open the top three buttons of your dress, please?”

I did so and she turned to the headmaster and just said: “Yes, sir.”

He stood up, came around his desk and said: “Turn your head to the left, now to the right. Would you mind explaining, Miss Rylands, why you think it is acceptable to flaunt yourself in this way when you are representing this school? I have already received 4 complaints.”

“Sorry, Sir, I don’t know what you mean.”

“What I mean is, parading in your running vest with a large love bite on either side of your neck, easily visible to all. If you hadn’t been representing the country next month, you would not be running. However, while I shall allow you to run, you have left me with no option but to cane you. Your parents have already been informed. You are to receive 6 of the best over your knickers with the senior cane. Now, bend over and touch your toes and do not move or you will get extra.”

I was feeling numb. I had not noticed the bites before as I got undressed in the dark and, after the run, I had a quick shower and came back.

As I bent over, I felt my knickers start to tighten, then remembered it was lucky I had got my lucky pink satin knickers wet as I changed at cross country and had a pair of school knickers with me. I felt Miss Danson lift my dress onto my back and could then see the headmaster select a large thick cane from his cupboard and walk to my left side. I felt the cool cane across my bum tapping a few times and could not believe that I had done something to deserve the cane.

I suddenly heard ‘swoosh Thwack’ and a line of fire ignited across my bottom. I shrieked in shock as much as pain as another landed and the pain increased. This time the shriek was due to the pain. Another landed and I was now screaming for him to stop and the tears were flowing freely. Two more landed, each one a little lower, and I was stamping my feet and screaming. I was told to remain still as the last one landed diagonally across the other five. I was told to rise and slowly managed to stand as my hands went up my dress to soothe my bottom.

As I did so, I heard Mr Roberts slam the cane on his desk and shout: “How dare you rub your bottom in my office,” and storm round his desk.

He lifted my dress and gave me 3 extremely hard smacks to the side of my left thigh before repeating it to my right thigh.

I was now hopping from foot to foot and in real pain. His secretary, Miss Donald, was called and told to escort me back to class and to explain what punishment I had received and why.

As we set off back to class, every step was agony as the knicker elastic was rubbing against the welts. We stopped as we passed the notice board and the secretary opened it up and placed the notice of my caning for all to see on the board, also the fact that I was smacked for rubbing my bottom.

As we entered the classroom, I started crying again in shame as the class was told that I had been caned and the reason, also that I was smacked and again the reason.

Susan had saved my seat, so I very carefully sat down and she grabbed my hand and squeezed it. I was in agony all day and as the lessons ended and we returned to our dorm before prep and supper, I lay on the bed and Rebecca lifted my dress and saw I was wearing school knickers.

“I thought you always wore your pink satin ones for cross country?”

“I do, and I was, but as I came out of the shower they dropped into a pool of water on the floor and luckily I had a pair of school knickers with me, so I wore them.”

She pulled them down and said: “Wow, he really laid it on for your first time. You have 3 blisters where the end of the cane landed on your right cheek and you still have hand prints on your legs. I will put some cream on for you and if I was you I would wear a thong for the rest of this week to avoid knicker elastic rubbing the welts.”

I got changed and took Rebecca’s advice and wore a thong which was more comfortable.

Over the next couple of days, I was tormented about being on the punishment board but it soon died down. The welts were still painful and I tried wearing briefs but it was too painful so carried on wearing a thong.

As we were having English Literature with Miss Thomas just before lunch on Thursday, Mr Roberts entered the room and asked all 9 of the boys in the class to accompany him to the classroom next door. After about 5 mins, the boys returned and 6 of them had to stand at the front of class, hands on head, facing the wall. The 8 girls were then asked to accompany Miss Thomas to the next door classroom.

As she door closed behind her, she said: “Right girls, if you are not wearing school knickers come to the front now. Five of us stood up and moved to the front. The other girls were told to stand up and lift their skirts. Rebecca was wearing a thong like me and she had to bend over as Miss Thomas took a slipper out of the desk and gave her 6. We were led back to class by the 2 girls wearing school knickers. The rest had to follow with our hands on our heads. We were told to line up alongside the boys and Mr Roberts asked if we had owned up. He was told all had, apart from Rebecca who had received 6 with the slipper.

Mr Roberts withdrew a cane from under his gown and slammed it onto the desk.

”You are all supposed to be young adults but this is the third of the four 6th form classes I have visited this morning and I have already had to cane 12 boys and 15 girls. You lot will mean 18 boys and 21 girls out of 23 boys and 27 girls. You will all receive 2 across each hand now in class and will all serve a 4 hour punishment class on Sunday after church and lunch.

“We will start with the boys, starting at the right. The first, out to the front now. As soon as I have caned him he will return to his seat and the next will step forward.”

The first boy stepped forward and held out his hand. The cane was placed across it and then lifted high above the Headmaster’s shoulder before descending at great pace, ending with a loud bang. It connected with the outstretched hand and a squeal escaped his lips as the second landed and another squeal as he changed hands. I realised, looking along, that I would be the second girl to be caned. As he was told to sit, the next boy stepped forward and again the procedure was the same.

As he came to the last boy, two of them had wet eyes but were not crying. The last boy took his caning very well, biting his lip, and I felt Julie move forward and I was next. Julie screamed with each stroke and was in floods of tears as she was told to sit.

I moved forward and held my left hand out. As he rested the cane across my palm he said: “Jessica, you will serve your 4 hour punishment class the following week as you will be in France.”

I nodded as the cane came down and connected and I almost jumped in the air with the severity of the pain. A second followed and I could not believe my hand was still there. I changed hands just in time and I yelped as the first caught me just below my fingers. The final one landed and I returned to my seat with tears flowing down my face. As all the canings were finished, he marched out to see the final class and we heard all that class was caned too.

At assembly the following morning, we all had to stand as the headmaster berated us all for not wearing full uniform.

As I got ready to go to France, I put some briefs and school knickers into my luggage as I would be sharing a room with Miss Danson. On the journey we chatted and she asked if my bottom had recovered and I explained that it had but that my hands were still a little sore.

In the race I set a new National record but could only finish in 3rd place, so won a bronze medal. I was a little disappointed but at the same time very proud.

As we got back to the hotel Miss Danson went to collect our room key and we went upstairs to a wonderful room with a free standing bath and 2 large double beds. I said that I was going to run a nice warm bath and relax before going down for the official presentations. As I was soaking in lovely smelling bubbles, I heard a knock on the room door and Miss Danson talking. A few minutes later she knocked on the bathroom door and entered with a glass of ice cold champagne.

She said: “Congratulations. This is from Mr Roberts and there is also a parcel arrived from somebody called Ben. I take it that is the person responsible for your love bites?”

“Yes Miss, he is my boyfriend and he was really upset when I wrote and told him I had been caned because of what he did.”

“What did your parents say about it?”

“I haven’t told them yet. I will wait till I go home for Christmas, but Mr Roberts did say that he had spoken to them.”

As I got out of the bath I dried myself, wrapped a towel around my hair and put a bath robe on. On my bed was a parcel and as I opened it I found inside a pair of red silk French Knickers and a matching suspender belt along with a pair of seamed silk stockings.

Miss Danson stared at them and said: “Wow! They are beautiful. I don’t think you should wear them at school, though, but they will be good under your black evening dress for this evening.”

I blushed as I put them on the chair and we had another glass of champagne.

As we dressed for the reception, I felt really grown up and Miss Danson said I looked fantastic. She looked so different when dressed in a red evening dress with her long black hair over her shoulders.

As the presentations took place I received my Bronze medal again and then, to my surprise, the team had won the team Gold medal so the six of us were all presented with our gold medals.

As we went back to the rooms afterwards after refusing to spend a night touring the night spots I undressed and put on my satin PJs that I had brought. Miss Danson made us both a cup of coffee and we sat talking and I happened to say that I was not looking forward to my 4 hour punishment class next Sunday as at least the rest had served theirs together. I asked if she knew anything about them as they were a new thing that the Headmaster had introduced and nobody knew what happens.

Miss Danson said: “From what I have heard, they are not pleasant and I can guarantee that you will be caned across your non-writing hand at the start in front of the class and you will have to work for the full 4 hours. Any slacking and you are punished in front of the class.”

“That’s all I need in the last week; another caning and another entry on the board of shame.”

We returned to school on Monday afternoon. We saw the Headmaster and were told that a special assembly was to be held at 3.00pm, so I could go and unpack and come straight back with my medals and not to talk to anybody.

As I returned with my 2 medal boxes, Mr Roberts took them off me and said that he would present them to me again in assembly. We could hear everybody going into the hall and then Miss Donald knocked and told us everything was ready. As we got to the Hall, Mr Roberts entered and Miss Danson and I were asked to wait until called. Miss Donald stood just inside the doors.

We heard everybody inside stand up and when the noise of the moving chairs altered we entered the hall and as we walked down the centre we heard Mr Roberts announce: “Please welcome back to school the European individual junior Bronze medallist and European junior team Gold Medallist, Jessica Rylands.”

There was a crescendo of cheering as we climbed onto the stage. Mr Roberts then explained that even though the medals had already been presented that he thought it was only right for him to present them to me again in front of school. I was crying with pride and really blushing. The assembly was then dismissed and I was taken to the staff room where a buffet was laid on for us.

I eventually got back to my room in time to see Susan and Rebecca, and told them about the trip. Then I asked about the punishment class and they said it was awful. Everybody got 4 strokes of the cane across their non-writing hand at the start, and during the course of the class everybody made at least one visit to the front where they received 6 with the slipper over their knickers and the boys over their underpants.

Susan added: “I hope you don’t mind, Jessica, but I borrowed a pair of your school knickers as I have none left and I heard we may get the slipper.”

“I had better make sure that I wear them on Sunday then. How do you like these that Ben sent to our hotel for me after he caused my caning?”

I held up the knickers and suspenders and stockings that I had worn in France.

“Wow! Did Miss Danson let you wear them them, then?”

“Yes, as a reward for my efforts, and we had a bottle of Champagne and wine with the meals.”

”So what did you have to do in the punishment class, and was it just our year?”

Rachel answered. “There were 2 girls from the 5th year, but otherwise just us. I have heard there are only 4 boys from the lower 6th with you on Sunday but they are only on 3 hours not 4 hours punishments,  and I have heard that Mr Taylor the rugby teacher is supervising and he is apparently the hardest spanker with the slipper.”

After church on Sunday, I had a sandwich for lunch then returned to our dorm to check my uniform was correct and that I had my pens and ruler with me. Then I set off for the punishment room. As I arrived, the 4 boys were already there and they all smiled at me as I arrived. I put my bag down and stood with my hands on my head waiting and Mr Taylor arrived with Mr Roberts who was carrying his smaller cane.

Mr Roberts called out: “Rylands, in here now.”

As I entered the classroom I saw Mr Roberts standing with the cane in his hand.

“I believe you are right handed?”

I just nodded.

“Hold out your left hand. As you have a 4 hour punishment you will receive 4 strokes. Do not move.”

I raised my hand and he rested the cane across the palm. As he raised it, my eyes just followed it till it just disappeared. As he brought it down, I thought he had cut my fingers. I saw it rise again and could see a welt across the lower part of my fingers. As the second stroke landed just below my fingers, another line of fire erupted. As the third one landed, I let out a screech and could feel the tears running down my cheeks. I watched the cane rise for the 5th time through the tears and it flashed down. I had to look if my hand had been cut in two the pain was so intense.

I was told to sit at the front in the middle with my hands on my head as the four boys were called in one at a time. They each received three strokes across the hand and they each managed not to cry but their eyes filled up in pain.

The Headmaster left and Mr Taylor gave us our assignments. As I took my hands off my head I saw the damage to my hand which was swollen and had 4 raised welts across it.

After about two and a half hours work, 2 of the boys had received 6 with the slipper across their underpants for slacking and 1 of them was to be reported to the Headmaster for not wearing long grey socks. After seeing how Mr Taylor spanked, I could understand his reputation as both boys had yelped after the fourth stroke.

I raised my hand and asked if i could use the toilet and was allowed to use the teachers’ toilet at the back of class. I soon returned and as I went to sit down was told to stay were I was.

Mr Taylor came up to me and said: “When you are in the punishment room you should make sure you go to the toilet first.”

He lifted my dress and gave me 3 hard smacks to each leg, which had me crying again, and then he said: “Stop that silly noise or you will get something to cry for.”

I tried my best to stop and was told to sit down and carry on working. I carried on with my assignment of copying out ‘The Tale of Two Cities’ from Chapter three onwards.

Just before the three hours were up the boys were told to stop writing and to bring their work to the front, He criticised the quality and quantity of all the work but said that he would excuse the two boys he had given the slipper to as they had been in pain for at least an hour so. The other two were told to drop their trousers and each received 6 with the slipper. One was in tears before they had received the six and the other was yelping in pain. I could definitely see red marks either side of their ‘Y’ fronts and it must have really hurt. They were all told to return to their seats and sit with hands on their head awaiting the return of the Headmaster.

“Rylands, stand up and come out here. You appeared to take a lot of interest as the boys received the slipper, so perhaps you could bend over, touch your toes and let the boys watch you get the slipper.”

I bent over and I was now to receive my first ever taste of the slipper, with four boys having a clear view of my bottom. He came behind me, lifted my dress over my back and I felt my bottom tighten as I waited the first blow which came like a gunshot and caused me to almost take a step forward. I managed to take three before I yelped, but by six I was screaming in agony.

As I was told to stand and return to my seat, the Headmaster entered the room and the boy with the short socks was brought out, told to bend and received 4 vicious strokes across his underpants.

I had to carry on for another hour but my work passed examination and I did not have to face the Headmaster on his return.

As I got back to our dorm, Susan and Rebecca were waiting for me and showed me a letter that the Headmaster had dropped off for us all, inviting the three of us to attend a civic function that evening at 7.00pm in the town hall. We had been given permission to wear evening dresses and not school uniform as it was to celebrate my achievements.

I got a shower and returned to get dressed and decided to wear my underwear from Ben. I put on the suspender belt and bra, then my red knickers which matched the colour of my bottom. As I went to put on the stockings, I could not attach the suspender straps due to my hand being swollen so I had to ask Susan to do it for me.

When we arrived at the town hall, there waiting was mum and dad. After a fantastic evening mum and dad came back to school and I took them to our dorm for a cup of tea. As we walked along the corridor I saw Miss Donald closing the door on the punishment board. As we walked past dad noticed my name and asked what that was for. We explained that any formal punishments were listed here for four weeks.

He said: “Jessica, we knew you had been caned for Ben giving you love bites, but according to this board you have also been caned for not wearing school knickers, and for a 4 hour punishment today when you also got the slipper and your legs smacked. I think you had better improve your behaviour, young lady.”

Over the two following terms I was punished again and will go into that another time.

The End

© Gillian Howard 2015