Last days are traditionally lax, but you can go too far

By Gillian Howard

My name is Jessica Roberts and I was at a mixed grammar school between 1965 and 1972 when I left school. I was 5’3” tall with black hair, green eyes and a slim size 8.

I was best of friends with Julie Hardman, Lisa Malony and Emma Smith, but there were 8 or 9 of us who always hung out together. Corporal punishment was a regular occurrence in the classroom with boys often getting the cane across the bottom and girls the cane across the hands, but a visit to the headmaster always resulted with the cane across the bottom covered only by one layer of clothing. Mary, one of our enlarged group of friends, had been caned by the headmaster twice, and the marks left certainly looked very painful. Emma had received 1 stroke of the cane across each hand in class for persistent talking in class last year.

We had all really studied hard and expected to do very well in our A levels before going to university. Since the exams had finished, we had all relaxed and let our hair down. We had been warned several times that unless we quietened down we would be feeling the cane across our hands. In fact on the Monday of our last week, Mr Reegan was so angry that he called out 8 boys and gave them all 4 strokes across the bottom before calling out 6 girls, including Mary and Gloria from our group, and gave them all 2 strokes of the cane across each hand, reducing most of the girls to tears.

That evening we all met up at Emma’s house, including Mary and Gloria, as the six of us were all going to Ibiza the following Tuesday for a first Holiday together without parents. When we were upstairs in Emma’s bedroom, Lisa opened her bag and took out 10 packs of condoms and said they would do for starters next week. She got them free from the family planning clinic. We all laughed and told her it was a good idea as Ibiza had the reputation for plenty of sexual activity and as none us had a boyfriend at present and none of us were virgins then at least we will be prepared.

We then discussed what we were going to do on our last day at school on Friday. We all agreed that we would go dressed as St Trinian’s girls; stockings, suspenders, the lot and we would roll our skirts up so that they were very short.

Friday arrived and we all turned up for school as we agreed, along with 10 more girls dressed similarly. Half the boys were dressed in short pants and had their caps on sideways. We applied black freckles on their cheeks with our make up. We all caused quite a scene and a lot of wolf whistles from the lower sixth as the bell sounded for assembly. Everyone made their way to the assembly hall but part way there, the 8 of us turned round and returned to the common room.

“Why are you girls not in assembly?”

As we all looked round, Mr Naylor was stood in the doorway of the common room.

“I saw you all turn around and return here. Just because it’s your last day you still have to obey the rules. You can all follow me to the headmaster’s office now.”

As we got there, we could hear the school hymn being sung.

“All of you turn and face the wall, hands on heads, noses touching the wall.”

I knew that my stocking tops and suspenders would be visible. I heard Lisa tell Julie all our stocking tops could be seen, and she agreed. Then I heard four loud slaps as Mr Naylor smacked the backs of both their thighs.

“No talking when you are here as a punishment!”

We heard a lot of movement and then heard the headmaster walking down the corridor. As he saw us all stood there, he turned to Mr Naylor and said: “You had better come into my office, Mr Naylor, and tell me why they are here, but I can already see one reason.”

After about five minutes, Mr Naylor opened the door and called us all in. The Headmaster was stood behind his desk with a fierce looking cane in his hands.

“I am disgusted with you girls. It is the last day of your school education and you turn up like this, and then disregard school rules by turning away from assembly. You have all earned yourself a caning, but as it is the last day I do not normally use the cane. Mary, you are the only one here who has felt this cane across your knickers, and it very painful, is it not?

Mary just nodded.

“I am going to give you all a chance. I want you all to return here at break time when I will decide what to do. Now go!”

We all rushed out and back to the common room where everybody wanted to know if we got the cane. We just turned round and flipped our skirts up to show there were no cane marks.

At break, we were kept waiting before the Headmaster’s secretary came out and told us to go. As we re-entered the common room, a group of girls rushed us and I felt my bottom being squeezed before they all ran off. We made our way outside and 6 girls ran over to us. I felt a pair of hands squeeze my breasts before they ran off.

Lisa and Emma looked at me and started laughing, then the rest did as well. Then I saw I had a muddy hand print covering each of my breasts, and then we noticed we all had white hand prints from chalk dust covering each of our bottom cheeks. We all started to giggle and thought that was a good one.

Mr Naylor was on duty as we all re-entered school after break  and saw us. He shouted: “You eight, back to the headmaster’s office now.”

In all my time at the school I had never been to the headmaster’s office, and now on the very last day I was there for the third time. We were all called back in and I noticed that there were 2 canes on his desk; a small classroom cane and a much larger and thicker one.

“Girls, you all seem hell bent on being caned, so unless you tell me now who is responsible for the hand prints on your bottoms and on Robert’s breast then you will all have your wish.”

Nobody spoke.

“So be it. I normally cane in private, but not today. Line up and hold both hands out in front of you now.”

As we did, we could hear a lot of noise as people passed his office heading to the assembly hall.

He picked up his small cane and without ceremony walked along and caned each of us on each hand. I thought the pain was immense and had tears forming in my eyes.

“Same again,” and we all received a second stroke across each hand. By now, most of us were sobbing.

“All of you, stand against the wall facing me.”

We moved quickly.

“Jessica Roberts, come forward. I take it your hands are very painful, but you will now bend over my desk and hold the far end if you can. You will now receive 6 strokes of the senior cane across your knickers. Now bend over.”

As I did so, I felt my skirt ride up. There was a knock on the door and the school secretary ushered in my 17 year old sister, Amanda, and told the headmaster she had been found trying to clean the mud off her hands.

“Well Amanda, you can see your sister caned, then you will receive the same.”

He moved to my right side, picked up the large cane and then lifted my skirt onto my back.

“Since when have black knickers been school uniform? That will be another stroke across each hand.”

I felt the cane rest across my bottom before moving and then returning with tremendous force, causing me to jump up before quickly returning to my position. By the fifth stroke, I was crying uncontrollable and did not realise the last one had been delivered until I was told to stand and hold out both hands.

I was sent back to the wall with my hands and bottom on fire. As I started to control my crying, I saw through my tears that Amanda was wearing a pair of high cut red knickers which gave virtually no protection and she had to be held down by Mr Naylor for her last 2 strokes, plus the extra one she got for refusing to bend over again. She also had her hands held as she got 1 across each hand for not wearing school knickers.

We were all then marched into assembly where the school was told that as our punishments could not go on the school punishment board he was announcing it to the school instead.

At home, mum was really angry with Amanda as that was her third caning in a year, and to cause me to get my first caning was not very nice. We both accepted, though, that she did not think we would be caned.

We went on holiday the next week and the stripes on my bottom were still visible, but it was a way for boys to start talking to us. We all thanked Lisa at the end of the holiday for her foresight.

The End

© Gill Howard 2016