Everyone eases up on their last week at school – don’t they? Another story from the old site.

By Kenny Walters

“And just why weren’t you in school this afternoon, young lady?” The brusque voice caused Jenny White to jump up from the wooden park bench and look round. Her worried expression soon vanished when she recognised her best friend and near neighbour, Sarah Hargreaves, was the only person there.

“For goodness sakes, Sarah!” As Jenny’s heart slowed back to normal, so her humour returned. “You’ve been too long at that school, Sarah Hargreaves. You’re even sounding like Miss Thomas now.”

“Just as well this is our last week ever then, isn’t it?”

The two girls sat down together on the park bench, stretched their legs out and relaxed.

“Seriously though, Jenny, I passed Mr Gregory as I came through the school gates and he was coming from this direction.”


“So there’s a fair chance he saw you.”


“And he’ll be absolutely delighted to report you to Miss Thomas.”

“That’s if he saw me.”

“Well yes. But, like I say, he was definitely coming from this direction. And, if he did see you and he reports you to Miss Thomas then you’re in big trouble tomorrow.”

“Sarah, what can she do? If she puts me in detention I simply won’t go. It’s our last week, remember?”

“True, but there’s always our dear headmistress’s favourite slipper.”

“That old bat. I reckon she gets a kick out of slippering us girls. She never lays a finger on the boys.”

“You’ve been at this school six years and you’ve only just worked that out?”

The two girls spent another hour chatting before they left for home. The following day, Sarah was standing by Jenny’s front gate as usual at ten minutes to nine.

“That’s not your uniform skirt.” Sarah commented as soon as Jenny emerged from her front door.

“No, I thought I’d wear something a bit smarter in honour of this being our last week. Do you like it? It’s brand new.”

“And of course it’s just coincidence it happens to be about four inches shorter.” Sarah looked down pointedly at her friend’s skirt as they began walking.


“Jenny, you are an idiot!”


“Because you could already be in trouble with Miss Thomas for being absent from school yesterday, and if she sees you in that skirt she’ll go ballistic.”

“Plenty of others have worn skirts like this and they’ve got away with it.”

“Not as short as that one, they haven’t.”

“Anyway, it’s our last week ever. They have to make allowances.”

“Miss Thomas? Allowances?” Sarah pulled a face confirming her belief their deputy headmistress and any form of tolerance should never sensibly be put together.

The first two lessons of the morning went agonisingly slowly with the usual end of term lethargy and then it was time for their mid-morning break. As Jenny left the classroom she encountered Miss Thomas.

“Jennifer White. I was informed you were absent from school yesterday afternoon. And that skirt is not part of our uniform, is it?”

“No, miss.” Jenny answered.

“I hope you are not wearing it in the mistaken belief you can take another afternoon off if you happen to feel like it.”

“No, miss. It’s just that as it’s our last week I thought it would be nice to dress up a bit.”

“Dress up a bit? The school uniform isn’t good enough for you any more, I take it.”

“No, miss. I mean, yes the sch…”

“Silence! Jennifer White, you will report to me at the end of school. I shall deal with you then.”

“Yes, miss.” Jenny replied miserably as Miss Thomas turned on her heels.

“I warned you!” Sarah Hargreaves had been watching the altercation. “I don’t fancy your chances with Miss Thomas.”

“She’d better not use that filthy old slipper on the seat of my new skirt. My mum would go spare.”

At four o’clock, when all the others happily headed for the exit, Jenny walked along the corridor in the direction of Miss Thomas’s classroom, the room she also used as her office. As Jenny approached the door, she looked through the window and saw another girl already sitting behind a desk in the front row and her mood lifted a little. Miss Thomas was handing the girl a number of sheets of paper, meaning the girl was in detention. Perhaps the deputy headmistress had the same fate in mind for her.

As Jenny politely tapped on the door, another thought suddenly entered her mind. Twenty-four hours notice was always given for detentions so you could let your parents know you would be late home that evening. However, with Miss Thomas bellowing that she should enter, it was too late to worry about that now.

Standing to attention in front of the deputy headmistress’s desk, Jenny heard the girl in the front row desk behind her being given an essay to write on the merits of obeying school rules. All too soon, Miss Thomas returned to her desk and sat down.

“In trouble again, Jennifer.” The robustly built grey haired woman looked up at Jenny.

“Yes, miss.”

Even before the eighteen year old answered, Miss Thomas was reaching inside her desk drawer for the red exercise book in which she recorded every slippering she administered, and Jenny knew her fate.

“Jennifer White, I’m going to slipper you in the place it hurts the most.”

Jenny glanced across at the cupboard where Miss Thomas kept her usual slipper, a dirty pink item with a rubber sole not unlike that of a regular plimsoll. However, once the details had been entered in the exercise book, the deputy headmistress opened another drawer in her desk and took out a pair of shoes. She then exchanged the blue mule plimsoll slippers she was wearing for these shoes, and Jenny saw they too had the typical rubber sole.

Picking up just one of the slippers, Miss Thomas stood up and headed for the door.

“Follow me.”

As Jenny reluctantly followed Miss Thomas through the door, they turned right and entered the main entrance hall. Against the wall opposite the main door, a low table and a chair stood next to each other and, while Jenny stood watching, Miss Thomas manouvered the chair from side to side until its distance from the table met with her requirements.

“Right, Jennifer. I want you to kneel on the chair facing the table.”

The girl stepped forward, very conscious of the leering grin on her deputy headmistress’s face. Feeling a little awkward, Jenny complied with the instruction and knelt on the thinly upholstered seat. Turning her head, Jenny saw Miss Thomas was beside herself with anticipation.

“Jennifer White, bend over that table.” Even the voice, gruff as ever, trilled with excitement.

Jenny bent forward and found the further edge of the table was most convenient for her to grasp, even though it was lower than she would have liked. Instantly, she realised why Miss Thomas had gone to such lengths in positioning the chair and getting her to kneel on it. The lowness of the table meant her bottom was thrust right up.

Miss Thomas’s hand on the small of her back caused Jenny to flinch, then she felt a couple of taps on her bottom. The pressure of the hand on the small of her back eased, the hand twitched and then the slipper was brought down hard across her bottom. Jenny jumped at the pain caused by the sudden impact and cried out.

“I can’t slipper you properly like this.”

With her bottom still aching from the first stroke, Jenny couldn’t see what the problem was. Then she felt her skirt being rolled up until her navy blue knickers were exposed and she understood the line of Miss Thomas’s thinking.

As the rolling up of her skirt ceased, Jenny looked behind from the corner of her eye and saw the deputy headmistress lining up the second stroke. Just as the slipper was about to descend, though, Jenny’s skirt started falling back into place.

“Oh for goodness sakes!” Miss Thomas almost slammed the slipper down onto Jenny’s back and rolled the skirt up again, further and more tightly than before. Snatching the slipper up, the deputy headmistress held Jenny down with her hand on the girl’s back and delivered another firm stroke to the seat of Jenny’s navy blue knickers.


Jenny instinctively tried to jump up as she felt the pain spread across her bottom but Miss Thomas’s restraining hand prevented any such movement. Moments later, Jenny felt the slipper tapping her bottom again.

“Yeeeeooouucchh!!” Jenny screamed as the slipper slammed into her backside and the pain shot across her entire bottom. Even Miss Thomas’s hand on her back didn’t prevent the eighteen year old from jumping up.

“Jennifer White, you may go.”

Jennifer practically leapt off the chair and danced around frantically rubbing her bottom. Only Miss Thomas’s obvious amusement at these antics persuaded the girl to check her skirt had fallen completely back into place and to leave without saying a single word to her deputy headmistress.

In the relative safety of the girls toilets, which thankfully were deserted, Jenny lifted her skirt and peeled down her navy blue knickers. There was just a mass of bruising across the very centre of her bottom showing each stroke of the slipper had landed in almost exactly the same spot.

The End