A girl’s punishment is watched

By H. Davenhill

“Davenhill! Pay attention!”

We’re in a Maths lesson with Mr Morris, what a boring prospect! But what’s this? Jenny White in a very short skirt and she sits close to me too.

Thank goodness the bell’s gone. I couldn’t concentrate properly as Jenny looks very attractive in that short skirt. It may be called a ‘wrap-over’ skirt, but it didn’t hide much of her thigh when she sat crossed legged.

I wondered why everyone’s gone quiet? No wonder; Miss Thomas is hanging about outside and she’s talking to Jenny. I’ll just pretend to remove a stone from my shoe and listen. She’s really laying into her for bunking off yesterday afternoon; apparently Gregory saw her in the park.

He could have said nothing, but we are talking about Mr Gregory, the weasel.

Now she’s having a go about her skirt. Well I think it’s smart anyway.

Miss Thomas wants to see her after school; she’s going to deal with her then. I wonder what she is intending to do to Jenny?

I’ll quell my curiosity and take a detour past Miss Thomas’s classroom after school.

Nearly four o’clock. It will be interesting finding out what Miss Thomas has in store for Jenny. I was going to ask her out, as her friend Sarah Hargreaves told me she really liked me, but it’ll have to wait for now. Perhaps tomorrow, as Jenny is leaving school on Friday.

There goes the bell. It’s not far to the headmistress’s classroom. I’d better hang around, I don’t want Jenny seeing me following her along the corridor to Miss Thomas’s classroom.

Jenny must be outside Miss Thomas’s room by now. I’ll see what’s happening. The headmistress metes out an array of punishments from the cane to lines. It probably will be writing an essay on school rules, as I’ve heard that is a favourite punishment of the headmistress. Jenny is just entering the classroom now. I’ll get in a good position outside the door, as it has no window and I’ll be able to peep through the side window.

I have a perfect position outside the classroom door and I also can hear everything. Jenny is standing like a sentry in front of the headmistress’s desk while Miss Thomas is handing a few sheets of paper to a girl sitting at a front desk. She’s asking her to write an essay, she must be in detention.

Miss Thomas is looking quite pleased with herself as she sits down and pulls open the middle drawer of her desk. Looking up at Jenny, she says: “Jenny White, I’m going to slipper you in the place where it hurts most.” The headmistress pulls out a red exercise book and enters Jenny’s name and details.

She replaces the book before Jenny could see what was being written, then reaches down to the bottom drawer and fetches out a pair of black shoes, changes into them and picks up one of the plimsoll type slippers, she had been wearing. The uppers are blue and the sole is smoothly worn.

Miss Thomas stands up and tells Jenny to follow her as she walks towards the door, with Jenny following reluctantly behind. I’ll conceal myself in the doorway of this empty classroom. They are heading towards the entrance hall in the other direction.

What a short stout woman Miss Thomas is as she waddles up the corridor, in stark contrast to Jenny as her short skirt shows off her lovely legs and firm shapely bottom.

They are out of sight so I’ll quickly run to the exterior door, where I can see and hear everything. There’s a low table and standard size chair opposite me. Miss Thomas is moving the chair closer to the table. She steps back, then forwards again and slightly adjusts the chair.

The headmistress is looking at Jenny with a slight smirk on her face, and tells her to: “Kneel on that chair facing the table.” Jenny is looking quite nervous as she kneels on the chair’s seat. Miss Thomas is looking quite excited as she steps alongside Jenny. The smirk develops into a large grin, as Miss Thomas points the slipper in the direction of the table and says: “Jenny White, bend right over that table.”

As soon as the headmistress gave the command “bend” Jenny started slowly bending before Miss Thomas had finished her sentence. It was almost as if the headmistress had sung her order, as it was said in a high excited voice.

The table is slightly lower than the chair as Jenny lowers herself onto the table surface, gripping the table’s far edge. Now I know why Miss Thomas positioned the chair so precisely, as Jenny’s bottom is pushed right up with her back arched.

I can see some of Jenny’s navy blue knickers as her skirt has ridden slightly up. What a wonderful target Miss Thomas has as Jenny has a wonderful, shapely firm bottom for her to aim at.

The headmistress places her hand in the small of Jenny’s back, making her flinch. Now she’s tapping her bottom with the slipper sole and raising the slipper over her shoulder. Next thing, the slipper arcs down with a tremendous crack. Wow! Jenny really shouted and jumped at that whack! The slipper sole must have been dirty as it has left a mark the shape of a slipper sole on the seat of Jenny’s new skirt.

I didn’t know Miss Thomas slippered girls that hard and I believe she’s going to give Jenny another whack. Wait! She’s told Jenny she can’t slipper her properly like this. Now she’s placed the slipper on Jenny’s back and is rolling the back of her skirt up, just enough to expose her navy blue knickers in the sit area of her bottom.

Miss Thomas picks up the slipper and taps Jenny’s bottom with the sole, raises the plimsoll and, what’s this? Jenny’s skirt has dropped back into place!

Miss Thomas isn’t too pleased as she groans and mutters something to Jenny, places the slipper on her back and uses her fat but nimble fingers to neatly lift and roll her skirt, slightly pulling open the front of Jenny’s skirt.

Miss Thomas picks up the slipper again, firmly places her hand in the small of Jenny’s back, taps her bottom taking aim, raises the slipper and brings it down with a loud whack on the centre of Jenny’s navy blue knickers.

Jenny shouts out and jumps, but remains in position. I think she has been punished enough. Surely the headmistress can’t give her any more? But no! Miss Thomas takes aim, tapping Jenny’s bottom yet again. She’s raising the slipper well over her shoulder and she brings down the plimsoll with a deafening whaaaack.

Jenny shouts: “Yeeeeeeooooww,” and leaps up!!

Miss Thomas turns to Jenny and says: “Jenny White, you may go.”

Jenny is holding her bottom and dancing up and down. It’s amusing the headmistress as she stands smirking with the slipper in her hand, bent double, almost as if she’s testing the slipper’s flexibility.

Jenny adjusts her skirt and heads off to the girls toilets, re-emerging a few minutes later, red faced and, with little doubt, red bottomed too, before she sets off home.

I was really surprised how hard Jenny was slippered! I was glad I had witnessed it though and I confess I enjoyed seeing the slipper rebound off Jenny’s navy blue knickered bottom.

The End