Redundancies lead three women to seek an alternative career. By a new writer to us.

by David Baldwin

Do you remember when each town or community had a proper bank manager? Hilary, Deidre and Jane all had very good jobs as secretaries for those managers but unfortunately their jobs went as their bosses had less power, their decisions were computerised and they started to type their own work and used automated systems. The women all had to take redundancy packages and, even though they ended up paying off most of their mortgages, they still had to take part time jobs or temp work doing typing or even bar work. Deidre and Jane were both divorced and Hilary was free again after several relationships. They were all in their forties and remained friends. Jane wondered why Hilary and Deidre seemed to be better off than her, especially as Hilary could afford to holiday in Greece. Then Deidre invited Jane for coffee at her flat and she said that there was a rewarding job offer to consider.

Over coffee, Deidre showed Jane a building society passbook and said: “Look at the money I have earned in cash for various single jobs over the last six months.”

Jane was astonished. “You’re not on the game, are you?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. However the work is ‘specialised’. Let me tell you about it.”

And so Deidre told Jane that Hilary had been working part time in a pub and, as usual, was wearing jeans that showed her big bum to its full extent and a low cut blouse showing her 36 inch bust.

“You know what a tease she has always been.”

There were four students in the bar who were obviously loaded and did not have to worry about student loans.

They were led by Henry who asked: “Have you got a friend of the same size and age? I am doing some casting and I am wondering if you are interested. I cannot give you any details at present but we will be using a private room at a club in Mayfair that allows members to hire rooms for meetings, so you are perfectly safe, and we are prepared to pay you fifty pounds each in expenses if you just attend and then turn the offer down. There is absolutely no commitment to take up the job offered.”

“Hilary knew you were about the same size as her. I think your hips are the same as her 36 inches but your phone, as usual, had no credit, so she phoned me and the following morning we arrived at the club to be met by Henry at the main entrance. We were shown to a room at the top of the building well away from anyone else and we met the three other guys. The first thing that Henry did was pay us our fifty pounds each. He told us that they all went to the same school where the headmaster used to cane boys. The boys would hand the punishment book to the head’s secretary or her deputy, who would study the entry and smirk. The punishment was bad enough but the smug, self satisfied attitude of the women was terrible. They had remembered it ever since.”

“James then continued. ‘We can’t get even with them, much as we would like to, but we can spank and cane you as you are about the same age. You can call it therapy for us. You will have to take your clothes off, of course. There is a pile of cash on the desk over there for each of you. If you accept our offer, put the cash in your handbags. If you decline than you can go. We also plan to hold these sessions once a month, so there will be a regular income for you.’

“We looked at the cash on the desk and realised that it would take ages to earn that sort of money at our present part time jobs and both said yes. They were aware of our financial position and knew we would agree. It would provide a good monthly bonus, cash in hand.

“We were told to strip off to our underwear and Henry told us that in future tights were out. We had to wear stockings and suspenders for forthcoming sessions. We were spanked on our knickers and on our bare bums and were caned completely nude.”

Jane then asked: “Why are you telling me this?”

“As you know, Hilary is on holiday in Greece and she was expected back for next week’s session. Two days ago, I received an e-mail from her saying that she has met a gorgeous fifty year old bloke and she is not coming back until she gets fed up with him. So do you fancy taking her place?”

Jane was worried. “I really need the money but I am not sure. Will it hurt?”

“Of course it will hurt. Strip off to you bra and pants and I will show you.”

So Jane went over Deidre’s knee and received a spanking on her knickers and then on the bare. After Jane was told to take her bra off, Deidre produced a cane and brought a tall stool from the kitchen.

“I bought this cane especially for today. Bend over the stool.”

She then gave Jane six heavy and painful stripes, neatly spaced over her bum.

“You sod! I didn’t know it was going to be that hard!”

“You now know the rewards and the pain involved. So, do you agree?”

“Are you sure this is normal! You strip off and they cane your bare bum!”

”Well, it’s all a matter of degree, isn’t it? I regard it as providing a professional service to our clients. They were traumatised during their schooldays. We are helping them to recover from that. We are also helping with their education and preparing them for future relationships. However, we have set our red lines. It is punishment only.”

“That sounds like a big excuse to me, but I will agree to do it. If I can earn good money because of my bum, then so be it”

“Good, the next session is on Thursday of next week. The club think we are supporting their studies, so wear a plain dress and stockings and suspenders with your underwear. I find French knickers are best. You want a bit of looseness around the bum when it is all over. You will be picked up at ten, after they have picked me up.”

On the following Thursday, Jane and Deidre were shown into the club room. Henry started the proceedings. “Jane, welcome to our little gathering. Deidre will be going first on each occasion to give you an idea of what to expect, so, will you please both take off your coats and dresses.”

Then it all happened. Jane could not comprehend the spanking that Deidre received on her knickers and when they came off her bum was bright red. Then the spanking continued on Deidre’s bare bottom. When finished, Deidre stood against the wall showing her crimson bum, contrasting with the rest of her skin.

It was now Jane’s turn. She went over Justin’s knee and the spanking over her knickers seemed to go on forever. Her face was getting redder and redder and she was sure her bottom was as well. Justin then rested for a few seconds but there was worse to come. He pulled her knickers off. She pulled her legs together and said to herself that they were going to stay there and the boys behind her were not going to see want they wanted. However she was out of control after a dozen more hard slaps and she gave frog kicks. She was blushing even more now. After it was over, she struggled to stand up and was in floods of tears. Both women were then told to face the boys and take their bras off.

Jane feared the punishment would continue immediately, but Henry then said: “Fifteen minute break; it’s time for coffee and biscuits. Here are your waitress’s uniforms.”

The uniforms were just tiny frilly waist aprons that hardly covered anything. The girls were allowed to help themselves to coffee and biscuits and Jane was surprised to find herself in conversation with the boys about their studies, the weather, current T V programmes and her previous career as if it was a normal coffee morning. She then realised the difference was she was topless and was also showing a bright red bottom.

Jane asked Henry how he got the idea for the punishment evenings.

Henry said: “It did not occur to me until a couple of years ago when I was working part time in my parent’s business. Mother caught one of our female invoice clerks stealing money from the business and she gave her the choice of the police and the sack or to gradually pay the money back over a few months but to receive a caning on her bare bottom as punishment. All the employees who had worked for two years or more had shares in the business so they would witness the caning. The poor girl had no choice. Mum did not feel it correct for the girl to strip in front of the men so she was escorted into the loading bay wearing just a robe by two of the other girls. With her back to us she took off the robe and bent over a stool completely naked and received six of the hardest strokes that I have could have imagined. I knew that mum was caned at school on her skirt but this was something else. When it was over, she was in floods of tears and was escorted by the two girls to the ladies so she could recover, freshen up and get dressed.  She never made the same mistake again and repaid the money stolen with interest. However, I thought the first cane stroke was such a shock to her that a spanking or a slipper should have warmed up her bum first. It would have been kinder and less of a shock. That’s why we give you a spanking. It’s only fair.”

Then the women were told to remove the aprons and sit down on a chair to take off their shoes, unfasten and take off their stockings, and then remove the suspender belt.

A tall bar stool was then placed in the middle of the room and Deidre knew what she had to do. She stood with her legs together and reached over to the legs on the other side. She received six strokes from Henry. He took his time and Deidre’s bottom was convulsing at the end and she was crying. Jane could see the view that Deidre was offering and she was about to do the same. She went over the stool and after a few light taps from Anthony the first stroke hit her. This was nothing like the pain from the spanking, or Deidre’s demonstration on her, and she knew from watching Deidre that James was going to space out the six strokes over her bottom and take longer and longer between them. He did as expected. She felt her bum was on fire and she knew it was convulsing and giving the boys a great view. She kept singing to herself Abba’s ‘Money, Money, Money’ to reassure her why she was putting up with this. Deidre was watching intently and could see the neat lines that Anthony was forming on Jane’s bottom with the cane marks. Then it was all over.

Deidre and Jane were then allowed to go into a small ante room.

Jane said to Deidre: “You bastard! That was much worse than when you caned me.”

Deidre replied: “I know. You might not have agreed if I really laid it on. If you want to get even, I will go over your knee in a couple of week’s time.”

“Oh, no! You will get a severe thrashing with the cane!”

There were some wet wipes and cream available so they could tend to each other’s bottoms in private.

They got dressed, were then paid, and were driven home. The evenings continued for another four months. At the end of session five, Henry told the women that the following month was to be the last and it would be something special. Jane had a mixture of emotions. There was a feeling of sadness because of the reduction in income, but also because she had made friends with the boys. There was also worry, as she thought the final punishments would be even worse. However, she had no need to be concerned. The last evening followed the same pattern except that the girls were given bracelets with the inscription: ‘From your good friends; best wishes for the future. Make full use of your talents.”

The End

© David Baldwin 2016