The third instalment of the “Girls of St Mary’s” series

Penny Morton

Jane Menzies wasn’t really looking forward to going back to St Mary’s after half-term. She was dreading it as her mother drove her back to school on Sunday evening. She knew her roommate Zoe was going to be even more bossy than usual. The first half of the term hadn’t been very nice. Eighteen year old Jane had been caned by Miss Gregory, the headmistress, for being out of school without permission when she had been made to go to the village shop to buy some chocolates by Zoe.

On the last evening before half-term Jane had been one of nine sixth formers who held an illegal party after lights out. She hadn’t really wanted to go but Zoe decided they would both go. Jilly Hicks, a prefect and captain of sport, had caught them and sentenced them all to report for the slipper in the prefects’ study at break the next morning. Everyone hoped Jilly would let them off as it was nearly half-term, but she ordered them to change into their gym shorts with no pants and gave everyone either six or eight strokes with a large elderly plimsoll. Zoe had developed a migraine overnight and was unable to attend for punishment, but Jilly planned to deal with her after half term.

The punishment session in the prefects’ study had been quite stressful. Jilly had sentenced everyone to six of the best with the slipper but several girls including Jane were given two extra strokes.

Jane’s two extras were because she whispered a reply to a question from Shelley Cooper as they waited for the slipper. Jane was last in the queue and by the time she was punished several other prefects had come to watch Jilly’s record – breaking session. Vicky Scott the head girl had decided Jane needed some special sessions to improve her behaviour and attitude. She had to report to Vicky in the prefects’ study at morning break on Monday to begin her special tutorials. Vicky, like Jilly, was extremely strict and Jane was afraid that her special sessions would include punishment. Vicky, like her prefects and Miss Gregory, were firm believers in corporal punishment.

Jane and Shelley had been late for Miss Harrison’s French lesson after Jilly’s long punishment session. Miss Harrison had a rule that anyone who was late, failed a test or misbehaved in any way would be dealt with using the black plimsoll she kept on a hook near the blackboard. The girls reported to her at the end of the lesson and their hearts sank when she reached for the slipper. Another six on top of Jilly’s punishment would have been very painful. Luckily – in a way – Miss Harrison had decided she hadn’t time to slipper the girls and would deal with them after half term. She wrote their names on the blackboard and asked them to remind her to punish them at their next lesson together.

Jane shivered as she clearly recalled more of the details of the Friday before half-term. Lessons finished early and the girls were free to go after their French lesson. Zoe, who had spent the morning in the sick bay, was much better and didn’t seem sorry that Jane had been slippered. She had ordered Jane to carry her cases down to her father’s car and had got into conversation with Jane’s mother. Jane was slightly tearful and Zoe explained that Jane had recently been spanked in the prefects’ study for breaking school rules. In conversation with Mrs. Menzies Zoe said she kept a close eye on Jane and imposed sanctions on her if she behaved badly. Mrs. Menzies agreed that after half term Zoe should take on an even closer ‘in loco parentis’ role with Jane. Jane had quietly protested that she knew the school rules and didn’t need extra supervision but her Mummy had confirmed Zoe’s new status.

As the girls said goodbye Zoe had whispered: “Just wait ‘till we’re back after this break Jane and you experience my new strict regime with extra punishments for you!”

Thinking about Zoe made the nerves in Jane’s bottom tingle as she thought of the sanctions Zoe already imposed on her. Jane had to do a number of menial chores for Zoe such as making tea and carrying her books to school. Zoe held a confession for Jane every Sunday evening between chapel and lights out. Jane had to confess anything she had done wrong during the week and Zoe read out any offences recorded in the little book labelled ‘Jane’ which she kept in the drawer of her desk. Punishment almost always followed confession, and on most occasions this was a spanking with Zoe’s leather soled sandal which really made Jane’s bottom sting. These post-confessional spankings often produced a few tears. Zoe said it was important for naughty girls to be spanked and that in any case the sandal didn’t really hurt Jane’s large bottom. Despite these sanctions and Zoe’s bossy ways Jane was pleased to share a room with her and admired her confidence and common sense.

“Goodbye Mummy,” said Jane when her mother dropped her off with her cases at school.

“Goodbye darling,” replied Mrs. Menzies. “Make sure you behave, remember the rules and do everything Zoe tells you.”

“She’ll be even more bossy and impose more sanctions now she’s ‘in loco parentis,” replied Jane, conscious of tears in her eyes.

“Nonsense, darling. I think she is a very good influence for you and I hope she will help you avoid being caned or spanked for the rest of this term.”

The school caretaker was in his office as Jane carried her cases into the school boarding house.

“Jane,” he called out. “Miss Zoe says you’re to carry her cases up to her room.”

“Thank you Mr. Hawkins.” Replied Jane politely. “I’ll just run up with mine and come back for Zoe’s.”

“Miss Zoe says you’re to take hers up first because she wants to unpack straight away.”

Jane decided she had better obey Zoe’s orders. She left her cases in the hall and took Zoe’s cases and her anorak. There was a pile of books too that she couldn’t manage and she would ask Zoe to come and take them up herself later.

“Miss Zoe said you were to take her books up too, young lady.”

“I’ll come back for them, Mr. Hawkins,” replied Jane, wondering what Zoe would say.

“Hullo Zoe,” said Jane quietly as her roommate stood rather crossly by her wardrobe.

“You’re late girl” Snapped Zoe. “Where are my books?”

“I’m sorry Zoe I couldn’t manage to carry everything. I’ll get your books when I have brought my things up. Or you could come down and get them yourself.” said Jane quietly.

“Don’t be impertinent Jane. You know I am too delicate to carry heavy things upstairs. Now go and get them immediately and be quick about it.”

Jane walked toward the door.

“Come back here girl” ordered Zoe. “Put my cases by my wardrobe now and then run downstairs to get my books. I’ll give you five minutes.”

“I can’t possibly be back in five minutes Zoe, but I’ll be as quick as I can.”

“Five minutes, Jane, or I’ll get cross. Don’t forget we have confession this evening.”

Jane suddenly remembered it was Sunday evening, which was indeed time for her weekly confession.

“In fact it will be a double confession today as we missed last Sunday through half-term. Don’t annoy me in any way Jane,” warned Zoe. “I’m in a bad mood. Five minutes and no more!”

Jane set off at speed along the corridor to the stairs.

Suddenly a voice called out. “Jane Menzies, come here at once! Just what do you think you are doing girl?”

It was Mary Smith, a prefect, who was just coming out of her study. Jane stopped and felt her face going red.

“Jane, I am sure you are very well aware that running in the corridor is against school rules and you nearly knocked me over!”

“Gosh. Sorry Mary I was in a hurry and forgot. I’m really sorry,” said Jane breathlessly hoping that a telling off was all she would get.

“I have no option but to punish you Jane. Miss Gregory said girls who break rules must be punished.”

“Please let me off Mary,” pleaded Jane, worrying about what Mary and also the annoyed Zoe might do to her.

“No, I have decided to punish you,” said Mary. “Come to my study tomorrow at 6.30 pm. Off you go and no running!”

“Yes Mary. I’m really sorry.” Jane’s heart sank – she could hardly believe she was booked for a punishment almost as soon as she got back to school.

Jane walked quickly until she was out of Mary’s sight and then dashed down to get Zoe’s books and her own cases.

A pretty Asian girl wearing a black trouser suit was waiting near Jane’s luggage. She had dark curly, shoulder length hair. Jane noticed her trouser suit was quite well filled.

“Can I carry those?” she asked with a smile. “I’m Amanda Patel and I’ve come to join the sixth form”

“Gosh. Thanks Amanda,” said Jane introducing herself.

“I’ve got to take all these things up to my room and myroom mate is getting impatient.”

Amanda took the cases leaving Jane to manage the pile of books.”

“Thanks very much,” said Jane. “It’s really kind of you. See you at cocoa time after chapel.”

“Jane what is the meaning of this?” said Zoe looking crossly at her watch and holding her little book labelled ‘Jane’ ready to record an offence.

“Sorry I have taken a long time Zoe. I got caught running in the corridor by Mary Smith and I’ve got to see after tea tomorrow.”

“I think she’ll slipper you for that and you deserve it,” said Zoe and read out what she was writing in her ‘Jane’ book. “Running in the corridor” and “Taking too long to fetch Zoe’s books.”

“Please Zoe don’t be horrid to me,” said Jane conscious of her face going red and tears forming in her eyes. She wondered if Mary would slipper her tomorrow evening. Her bottom tingled anxiously and thinking about the double confession session this evening made the tingle increase. She could picture the little leather-soled sandal waiting in Zoe’s wardrobe.

“Pass those books over to me Jane and then unpack my cases.”

“Yes Zoe”

Zoe was wearing a long flowery dress and had her hair dark tied back in a bun and was sitting at her desk. Jane in dark blue blouse and grey miniskirt was standing in front of Zoe with her hands behind her back. Her light brown hair reached down to her shoulders.

“Now Jane,” began Zoe. “You remember I said we would start a new stricter regime for you with additional punishments.”

“Yes Zoe but you are pretty strict already…”

“Shut up Jane,” ordered Zoe, landing a hard spank on Jane’s right thigh just above her knee. “Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking.” A second stinging slap landed on Jane’s left thigh.

“Ow! Ow! Sorry Zoe.”

“Right before we go to chapel I’ll tell you my plans for the new regime and I will go into details when we get back after chapel. I must also leave time for your double confession and probable punishment.”

“Yes Zoe,” Jane whispered with a shiver.

“You are still happy to be allowed to share a room with me aren’t you?”

“Yes of course I am Zoe. You’re not going to make me move out?”

Jane was awarded another hard slap for interrupting.

“Don’t interrupt! I shan’t tell you again. I’m adding impertinence to you other sins in my ‘Jane’ book. I am going to formalize our relationship and from today I am going to introduce fagging,” explained Zoe.

“Please Zoe, what’s fagging?”

Jane got another slap and was told to put her hands on her head.

‘Fagging is a system of servitude or slavery which was used in many boys and some girls schools where juniors had to act as maids or houseboys for their seniors. You will be my fag. In future in here you will address me as ‘Madam’ and not ‘Zoe’ and you will curtsy whenever you come into or leave my presence and whenever I give you an order.”

Jane looked anxious and was ordered to kneel down in front of Zoe.

“Now Jane I want you to solemnly promise that you will obey any order I give you without question or delay.”

“But I do that already Zoe – sorry Madam” began Jane.

“No you don’t – you were silly about going to the shop to get my chocolate.”

“But please Madam I did go and I got caned by Miss Gregory”

“That was because you stupidly got caught,” snapped Zoe.

“But can I question an order if I am worried Madam?” asked Jane.

“You could but I might punish you for daring to question my judgment,” replied Zoe.

Jane made her promise as the bell for chapel sounded and was ordered to kiss Zoe’s hands to seal the promise.

The girls joined the others including Amanda going down to the service.

After chapel Jane resumed her kneeling position and looked up anxiously at Zoe’s frowning face.

“There are one or two important things you will do for me,” began Zoe as Jane unsuccessfully tried to pull her short skirt down towards her knees. “I am going to appoint you as my ‘Spanking Girl’ Jane – that’ a job like that of the ‘whipping boys’ in days gone by. Princes couldn’t be birched by their tutor and had a whipping boy to be birched in their place. So if I am scheduled to be spanked at any time you will be spanked instead of me.”

“But…,” began Jane.

“Silence!” Ordered Zoe. “Now you remember that I should have been slippered by Jilly after the party but couldn’t go because of my migraine?”

“Yes Madam.”

“You remember I have a very sensitive bottom and I am too sensitive to be spanked, slippered or caned?”

“Yes Madam,” said Jane quietly and feeling worried about where the conversation was going.

“I went to make my peace with Jilly earlier this evening. I had bought her an expensive book about horses as she rides quite a lot. I explained how you had made me go to the illegal party and that I was delicate – she was very sympathetic.”

“But I didn’t…,” began Jane remembering clearly that Zoe had made her go to the party and that she had been soundly slippered for it by Jilly with seven other girls.

“Shut up when I’m talking,” said Zoe crossly. “So Jilly has kindly agreed to slipper you instead of me which I think is really decent of her. She has also very kindly agreed to deal with you in her study in the next day or two rather than more publicly in the prefects’ study.”

“But madam… Ow!” Jane’s protest was stifled with slap.

“Then there’s my chocolates which you left in Miss Gregory’s office.”

“But please Madam….,” began Jane, remembering Miss Gregory had confiscated the chocolates and had caned her for being out of school without permission. She had also been given four extra strokes to encourage her to say who the chocolates were for. Even after ten strokes on her bare bottom Jane had not said they were for Zoe.

“Shut up Jane,” ordered Zoe reaching down to slap Jane’s thighs. “I will deal with all your constant interruptions during confession.”

Tears formed in Jane’s eyes and her lips trembled as she wondered how she could possibly retrieve the chocolates.

“OK, we’ll change into our pyjamas and then I’ll hear your confession,” Zoe announced to her kneeling roommate.

“You didn’t say ‘Yes madam’ Jane. When you stand up you will curtsy to me, change into your pyjamas, come to me and curtsy again and await your next orders is that clear girl?”

“Yes madam,” replied Jane.

Confession followed and Zoe went through all Jane’s offences in her little book starting with the illegal party before half term and ending with the delay in bringing Zoe’s books and cases up from the hall. Jane confessed that she had forgotten to complete the half-term diary Zoe had requested.

“Prepare for a spanking,” ordered Zoe. Jane started to get ready but was called back. “What did you forget girl?”

“Sorry madam, I forgot to curtsy,” confessed Jane giving a belated curtsy to her mistress.

Jane fetched the pillow from her bed and Zoe’s spanking sandal from the wardrobe. She placed the pillow on Zoe’s bed and curtsied.

“Bend over,” ordered Zoe. Jane curtsied again and then bent over the pillow as ordered fully exposing her bottom to the venomous sandal.

“You’re getting twelve strokes.” Zoe announced, patting Jane’s bottom with the sandal. “Too many sweets over half term,” observed Zoe. “I am sure your bottom is fatter than ever.”

Jane tried to suppress her tears and received the first hard whack.

“One, thank you Zoe,” she whispered.

“That doesn’t count-you didn’t say madam.” Zoe gave another replacement whack.

“One, thank you Madam,” recited Jane. The punishment continued.

Later in bed Jane couldn’t suppress her tears as she thought about her new status and the punishments she was due in the coming week. She loved Zoe dearly and didn’t really mind having to curtsy to her and call her madam. But a little thought of revenge came into her mind as she rubbed her bottom and drifted off to sleep.

Jane reported to Vicky in the prefects’ study at break the next morning to start her behaviour modification sessions with the head girl and Jilly Hicks. Vicky gave her a really good talking to and reminded her to be aware of school rules. Jane would report to the prefects study every break, lunch time and immediately after school. She would wait on the prefects, learn to be polite and helpful and be punished if she misbehaved in any way. She would also keep the lockers tidy and the floor clear of debris. The room was untidy with sports equipment including rugby balls, hockey sticks and table tennis bats dumped untidily in corners. Jane felt uneasy in the room where she had recently been slippered by Jilly and she saw the elderly plimsoll that Jilly had used sitting on a windowsill.

At exactly 6.30 pm Jane reported to Mary Scott’s study to be punished for running in the corridor. Mary gave her a good telling off stressing the importance of obeying school rules and setting a good example to the juniors. Then came the ominous words which Jane had anticipated.

“I’m going to slipper you Jane. Now where’s the slipper I use for spanking.”

Jane bent over Mary’s desk holding the far side tightly with her fingers. Her green skirt was lifted up and her green knickers were exposed. Mary gave her six hard strokes which reverberated in the small study. After a further telling off Jane was dismissed and ran to get her books for evening prep. Sitting on her burning bottom for two hours on the hard prep room seats was uncomfortable but Jane managed to complete her schoolwork under the eagle eye of Vicky who was supervising senior prep.

Shelley Cooper met Jane on Tuesday morning. “Hi Jane did you remember we’ve got French this afternoon and Miss Harrison has promised to punish us.”

“Do you think she will have forgotten?” asked Jane “She did write our names on her blackboard and asked us to remind her.”

“Shelley and Jane,” Miss Harrison called as the lesson started and the girls got quickly stood up with a polite: “Yes Miss?”

“Don’t forget I want to see you – and your bottoms – at the end of the lesson.”

Miss Harrison smiled as she removed the black plimsoll from its hook by the blackboard and placed it on her desk on the platform in front of the class ready for use later.

Both girls blushed as the class looked at them and grinned at the possibility of a little entertainment. Jane and Shelley found it difficult to concentrate on French as they anticipated being slippered in public later.

Five minutes before the end of the lesson Miss Harrison put her book down.

“Shelley and Jane out here.”

Blushing again the girls went forward and stood near Miss Harrison’s desk.

“Luckily for you girls I’m in quite a good mood and a little out of practice. I haven’t slippered anyone since before half-term.”

There was a titter of laughter but Miss Harrison snapped: “Silence, unless anyone wants to join Shelley and Jane.”

Nobody did.

“Shelley come up on the platform. Round here – I want your bottom towards the class. Bend over.” Miss Harrison lifted Shelley’s green school skirt exposing her green knickers.

“This is what I do to girls who are late for one of my lessons – let this be a warning to you all.” She said flexing the slipper with relish.

Shelley was stretched over the desk and gasped as each of her six strokes landed. She was allowed to stand and Jane ordered to take her place. Jane knew the rest of the class were probably grinning at her and were quite pleased she was being punished because some girls had accused her of being posh or stuck up. Tears formed in her eyes and were shed as she was receiving her six strokes in public.

“Class dismissed.” said Miss Harrison putting the slipper on its hook.

“Shelley and Jane let this be a warning – don’t be late again.”

“No miss, sorry miss,” came the quiet reply.

The two naughty girls went to the cloakroom to wash their tearful faces.

Rubbing her bottom carefully Shelley said: “I don’t think she whacks quite as hard as Jilly.”

“Perhaps not, but it still stings like anything and it’s so embarrassing having it in front of the class.” said Jane.

“Give Jilly a wide birth for the rest of the term,” warned Shelley.

“Unfortunately I’ve got to see her again soon – I can’t go into details – but it’s still about that wretched party.” said Jane.

“Best of luck darling.” Shelley smiled through her tears and gave Jane a little kiss.

Three days later Jane was on special duty in the prefects’ study at break making sure that all the prefects had coffee and biscuits.

“Did you tidy this room yesterday evening Jane?” asked head girl Vicky Scott.

“Yes I did Vicky”

“Well if you don’t make a better job of it today girl I will punish you.”

“I really will try hard Vicky,” replied Jane anxiously.

There was a quiet knock at the door and Jilly Hicks who was enjoying her coffee called out: “Answer the door Jane and be quick about it.”

“Yes Jilly,” said Jane walking quickly to the door.

“Hullo Amanda.” Jane whispered

“I’ve come to see Jilly please,” said Amanda.

“Please Jilly, Amanda Patel has come to see you.”

“Oh yes, we have a number of matters to discuss. She can wait for me standing in the corner facing the wall. Put her there Jane.”

Jane escorted Amanda to a corner and whispered: “What’s happened Amanda?”

“Well I was talking in assembly, and Jilly saw me and told me to report for punishment at break.” Came the whispered reply.

“Will I get some lines or some poetry to learn?” Amanda asked quietly.

“Possibly but she might give you the slipper.” replied Jane in a whisper “It’s her favourite punishment.”

“What? A sort of spanking, do you mean?”

“Jane, I hope you are not talking?” Jilly’s voice carried across the room.

“No Jilly.”

“Get on with your chores girl. Several prefects are waiting for their second cups of coffee.”

“Yes, sorry Jilly. I’ll see to it immediately.” Jane was anxious to avoid punishment.

After slowly drinking her second coffee, Jilly stretched languidly and remembered Amanda who was waiting anxiously in the corner.

“Amanda Patel, come over here,” ordered Jilly, sitting comfortably on a table.”

Amanda came quickly over.

“You were talking in assembly this morning weren’t you?”

“Yes I am very sorry Jilly. I just forgot it wasn’t allowed.”

“Where’s your list of school rules?”

“In my pocket.” Amanda struggled to get the document out from the inside of her jacket.”

“Hurry up!” snapped Jilly grabbing the paper.

“Read out the fourth line.”

“It says ‘No talking in assembly’,” said Amanda quietly.

“Now read the bottom paragraph.”

“Er, it says ‘Girls in breach of a school rule will be punished.’ ”

Amanda swallowed anxiously.

“So I’m going to punish you for breaking a rule and to help you remember not to do it again.”

Amanda looked anxiously at the prefect, realizing what an important girl she was.

“Jane get me a slipper,” ordered Jilly and Jane quickly brought her the elderly white plimsoll that Jilly had used on the partygoers just before half term.

“I am going to slipper you Amanda, and because it’s your first offence I will be unusually lenient and give you four strokes instead of the usual six.”

Amanda was shown how to bend over a chair holding the seat with her hands. Jilly lifted the jacket of Amanda’s trouser suit clear of the target area exposing a rounded bottom tightly covered by her trousers.

After two strokes Amanda jumped up clasping her stinging bottom, and looked round at Jilly accusingly.

“Ow! That really hurts Jilly.” She gasped.

“Bend over immediately,” ordered the prefect. “There are Jilly’s rules as well as school rules to remember Amanda. If a girl gets to her feet whilst she is being slippered I start again. If you do that again that’s what will happen to you.”

Amanda reluctantly bent again and presented her attractive bottom for punishment.

Jilly gave the last two strokes and then allowed Amanda to stand.

“Right you can go. Oh and come to rugby practice tomorrow after school. You will make a good wing three quarter. Now remember the school rules in future! Get out!”

A wiser, humiliated and much warmer Amanda left clasping her burning bottom and resolving never to break a school rule ever again.

“Jilly says she will deal with you this evening after prep.” said Zoe as she and Jane went down to tea on Wednesday. “You are to change into your gym kit for your punishment so Jilly can really make your fat bottom sting. “

“Oh gosh Madam. I have had the slipper every day this week and Jilly seems to whack the hardest. Please don’t make me go.”

“If you weren’t such a naughty girl you wouldn’t have to be spanked so much. I’ve got no sympathy for you but your mother will think I am not keeping you in order.”

Jane found concentration difficult during prep. Jilly was actually supervising and Jane kept thinking that this attractive and fit girl was going to beat her once prep had finished. She had a scare when, in the middle of prep, Jilly suddenly said: “Jane, if I see you day dreaming again I will punish you.”

“Sorry Jilly, I was just thinking.” Jane said quietly. She had actually been thinking about the punishment Jilly had given her for going to the party not many days before. Her bottom still felt a little tender from Miss Harrison’s slippering given after French yesterday. She wriggled on the hard wooden seat of her desk and felt a cold shiver run down her back and onto her bottom and thighs.

Jane changed into her gym shorts without wearing pants after prep and went to Jilly’s study. Zoe had gone in advance to talk to Jilly about horses. Jane felt extremely vulnerable in her shorts knowing that all the girls who saw her would know what she was going to get.

A voice called ‘Enter’ when Jane tapped on the door with her heart pounding. She saw Jilly and Zoe sitting comfortably looking at the horse book.

“Yes what can I do for you Jane?” Jilly asked. “Do you want to do some extra Rugby training?”

“If you remember, Jilly, you were going to smack her bottom,” smiled Zoe.

“Oh yes, she encouraged you to go to Penny’s illegal party and has asked to be punished in your place because it was really her fault.” said Jilly.

“But please Jilly…,” began Jane, but stopped when she saw Zoe’s warning frown.

“Yes I remember I slippered you just before half term with the other naughty party girls, didn’t I Jane?”

“Yes Jilly.” replied Jane.

“There’s one little snag though, folks,” grinned Jilly. “I had forgotten you were coming and I haven’t got a suitable slipper here.”

Jilly paused in thought and then grinned again. “Help is at hand. Go and fetch that nice old slipper from the prefects’ study for me, Jane. It’s that old one with a super smooth sole, worn smooth by spanking generations of girls’ bottoms.”

Jane decided not to protest and risk extra punishment and ran to the prefects’ study hoping not to pass too many girls. She found the slipper on the window sill and hurried back to Jilly and Zoe.

“Zoe and I are at a very interesting part of the book. You will have to wait for a few minutes girl. Go and stand in the corner facing the wall until I’m ready to slipper you.”

Jane felt her face burning with embarrassment as she listened to the two girls chatting about horses whilst she stood holding the slipper that was going to whack her when Jilly had time.

“Stop sighing, Jane,” said Jilly. “Waiting to be punished is good for you. Think about how much your bottom is going to sting in a few minutes.”

Jane felt anxious, humiliated and slightly cross.

“Right, let’s get you punished girl,” began Jilly. “How many strokes shall we give her, Zoe?”

“Well I think you gave most girls six but some, like Jane, who talked got eight.” said Zoe.

A coin was tossed. Jane lost the toss and it was decided she should have eight whacks.

“This bottom is made for the slipper.” said Jilly. “I know I’ve made that comment before. Bend over the chair.”

Jane wanted to say her bottom was for sitting on.

“Make sure you give hard strokes. I think her bottom is too plump to feel much,” observed Zoe with a grin.

“Head a bit lower, bottom higher.” Jilly ordered and Jane obeyed.

Whack – the first stroke landed solidly on the right side of Jane’s bottom producing a quiet ‘Ow’. After a pause the second stroke landed on the left side. Four more hard whacks followed. Jilly suddenly remembered something in the horse book.

“Look at the grey horse on page 174, Zoe. He’s a beauty.” She then remembered Jane’s punishment was incomplete.

“Two more to come Jane, and these will be the hardest.”

She walloped the last two strokes low down at the junction of Jane’s bottom and thighs before allowing Jane to rise.

Jane clutched her stinging bottom and did a little dance as she said: “Ow! Ow! Ow! Gosh it stings!”

“Good I think that’s taught you a lesson girl.” grinned Jilly, and Zoe nodded.

Jane went back to the changing room to pick up her school uniform and leave her gym clothing. She was slightly tearful and looked at her bottom in the long mirror there. It was, as expected, very red, hot and tender. Jane could see the marks left by the slipper’s sole which showed Jilly’s skill at administering the punishment to cover the whole of her bottom.

When she got back to the study she shared with Zoe she lay on her bed on her tummy and went over the events of the term so far.

Her pent up tears came as she thought about what has happened.

Two prefects and one mistress had slippered her in the first three days of term. Jilly’s had been the most painful especially as Zoe had encouraged her to give Jane eight instead of six.

In every case Zoe had contributed to her being punished and had been horrid when she encouraged Jilly to be severe with Jane. She had been made to be a fag for Zoe and was also having behaviour modification in the prefects’ study.

Jane loved Zoe and respected the prefects and mistresses but a little voice between her sobs said she would try to get her own back in some way, but she didn’t really know how.

A few minutes later Zoe came back to the study.

“How’s your fat bottom Jane?” asked Zoe brightly.

“It’s very sore and tender, Madam.”

“It serves you right. Go and get my cocoa and then I’ll put some cold cream on your bottom to make sure it’s ready for your next confession. Oh and we should also think about how you are going to get my chocolates back from Miss Gregory.”

“Yes Madam.” replied Jane as she obeyed Zoe’s orders, thought about Miss Gregory, and continued to think about revenge.

The End