Continuing the saga, Jane finds life at university amazingly similar to school life.

By Frances Stephenson

(with kind permission of Penny Morton)

Jane and Zoe are former pupils at St Mary’s School for Girls and have further experiences at  University

Miss Denton has begun her traditional welcome speech and is addressing a new intake of female undergraduates.

“This is known as the strictest house in the University, so please bear that in mind whilst you are revelling in your new found freedom; either away from home for the first time or from the rigours of Boarding School. I see that a number of you girls are from St Mary’s and in fairness to you I think I should tell you that Helen Howarth is a cousin of mine we shared the same disciplinary upbringing and maintain that corporal punishment is the best way of preserving discipline and of ensuring that work is completed to the very best of your abilities.

“There is also the question of alcohol, drugs and behaviour unbecoming in young ladies such as yourselves. Your parents have entrusted me with your well being and I and my staff will make sure that this trust is not misplaced. You will find things much more relaxed than when you were at school but step out of line and I promise you will regret it.

“Miss McNab is the Matron cum housekeeper. She keeps a two tailed tawse which has seen frequent use. I am assured that a sharp application across the knickers really stings and remains uncomfortable for some time afterwards.

“I use an American paddle, not the big fearsome ones, but again I am assured that well delivered strokes hurt and sting and leave bruises which can last for days.

“Lastly there is a medium rattan cane about three feet in length which I sometimes use on persistent naughty girls. It can leave marks that last for well over a week.

“Now off you go and behave yourselves or your bottoms will regret it.”

There were a number of ex-St Mary’s pupils at Denholme Lodge and the girls found comfort in familiar faces. It was a bit like school but they all knew that they were now senior in status and looked forward to a more relaxed general atmosphere. They were, however a bit daunted by the seeming severity of Mrs Denton who was in charge of the house and who had given the ‘welcome’ address.

Jane staggered up to the third floor dragging her heavy suitcase with her. She had been allocated a two bed room at the top of this rather gloomy Edwardian house. She finally arrived in a goodish sized room with a bed at either end and two small desks to enable study to continue in the relatively peaceful room.

She wondered who she would be sharing with. She hoped she would get on well. Having someone pleasant to share made all the difference. She went and fetched her second suitcase and then proceeded to fully unpack. She thought she might well link up with Penny and Becks later and they could go for a look around and maybe drop into a pub. She realised with pleasure that they were no longer subject to the rules and regulations that had dominated her life up to this point.

Mrs Denton remained a bit of a spectre, however.

She was aware that someone was coming up the stairs and waited.

“This must be the place,” said a pleasant sounding voice with a suspicion of a transatlantic twang.

An elegant, grey trouser suited girl walked into the room. “Hi,” she greeted Jane.

“Hello,” responded Jane.

A third figure wheezed into the room and resolved itself into being a taxi driver carrying what seemed like half a dozen suitcases which he gratefully deposited on the floor.

“Just three more to come, I think,” says the elegant young lady with a charming, if icy, smile. “Hi, again,” she addresses Jane. “I’m Sophie La Salle. I guess you occupy the other bed. I am very pleased to meet you.” She moved across the room and shook Jane by the hand.

“I’m Jane Menzies and have only just arrived myself.”

Each girl appraised the other while indulging in social chit chat. Sophie saw a pleasant open faced pretty girl with fair hair and a lovely soft looking skin. Jane was medium height and had lost the puppy fat of her earlier teenage years and was now a very attractive young lady with nice legs and a great bottom. She had a ready shy smile which made her into a lovely and desirable girl.

Sophie was taller than Jane, slim and elegant with enviable ‘American’ legs. She appeared poised and confident. Her short ‘no nonsense’ blonde hair positively glowed with health and vitality, her lightly sunburnt skin completed a perfect picture, but not quite; her eyes were a dominating feature, icy blue with even colder green tinges.

‘Very attractive but quite scary,’ thought Jane.

The taxi driver appeared with Sophie’s three remaining cases as well as a new Burberry rain coat. Sophie paid him adding a generous tip which seemed to compensate him for his wheezy efforts in manhandling her luggage up to the top floor of this spacious house.

“Thank yer Ma’am,” he said to the poised Sophie and touched his forelock, respectfully; he then made good his exit.

The two girls started the settling in process whilst chatting amiably between themselves.

There was a determined tread on the stairs and a wiry woman stood before them. Thin faced and with thin lips and indeterminate age she held an air of suppressed malice. This air was considerable highlighted by the fact that an evil black leather, two tailed tawse swung from her right hand.

“La Salle and Menzies, is that right?” She rasped.

Both girls mumbled in the affirmative.

“I am the Housekeeper and my name is Jean McNab; Miss McNab to you two. Everything runs smoothly in this house and if not I shall want to know the reason why. Step out of line and you will feel the weight of this strap across your bottoms. I strap hard and you do not want to be bent over the end of your beds too often, I assure you. Keep your room tidy and follow the rules which you will find written behind the door.”

Miss McNab turned on her heel and left them.

“Well! What do you think about that?” Exclaimed Sophie. “I left my English boarding school because I could not cope with the stack of petty rules and the varying degrees of corporal punishment that went with them. I am only at this bloody English Uni because my parents insisted. I now have to face the prospect of getting my butt belted by that bloody woman and who knows what other disciplinary treats that await us, from the dreaded Mrs Denton?”

Jane looked somewhat subdued and apprehensive.

“I didn’t expect a disciplinary regime like this,” she said. “I was used to being spanked, slippered and caned at my school but had assumed that this aspect of my life had been left behind at school. Mrs Denton is related to a senior mistress at my school and she was a famous disciplinarian.”

Sophie continued: “I can tell you this, Jane, that I am a neat and tidy person and if this dormitory is not up to scratch it will be your fault and yours alone. But let us be clear on one point; if you leave the dormitory untidy or not satisfying under these bloody rules then I will spank you myself and I warn you my sisters tell me I spank hard. Is that perfectly clear?”

“Yes Sophie,” whispered Jane, striving to collect her chaotic thoughts and to cope with these extra aspects of her life.

A few weeks passed and both girls had settled in to their new life and were getting along reasonably well together, although Jane realised that Sophie would never be a close friend, let alone a confidant, and apart from a few subdued ‘tuts’ from Sophie there was no confrontation about their room, and, thank heavens, no scary admonishments from Miss McNabe and her tawse.

Jane contented herself with her subjects and became closer to her old school friends, Penny and Becks.

One morning Jane had left in a hurry, having overslept after a late night. Conversely Sophie had a lie in as her first lecture was not due until 11.00am. She had just finished dressing after having showered when the door opened and Miss McNab entered.

“It has gone 10.00am,” she rasped, and this room is not up to standard. I have warned you about the dangers of leaving your room in an unsatisfactory state and I propose to punish you here and now. I will deal with Miss Menzies later on.”

“But Miss McNab,” pleaded Sophie. “I was just having a ‘lie in’ as my first lecture is not until 11.0am.”

“It makes no difference,” said the wiry small woman. “Everything neat and tidy by 10am; that is the Rule. Look behind the door if you don’t believe me.”

Sophie was standing very tall and straight backed and looked as though she would not give an inch, but she realised that Miss McNab had the rights of the matter and that she should accept what was coming to her. She was wearing a short blue skirt which showed off her amazing legs to great advantage. She nervously smoothed down the back of her skirt as she debated whether to continue to try and argue her way out of this situation. One look at Miss McNab confirmed her worst fears. Miss McNab’s lips were tightly compressed and her face had a determined look about it.

‘Better get it over and done with,’ thought Sophie.

“Very well, Miss McNab, I will accept your punishment.”

“Good, Miss LaSalle. Bend over the end of the bed and lift your skirt. I am going to give you four strokes with my belt.” She swished her evil looking tawse in a menacing fashion.

Sophie did as she was bid and presented her beautifully sculpted bottom to Miss McNab, the brief, thin white knickers riding up to show more of this delectable part of her anatomy.

There was a distinct gleam in Miss McNab’s eye as she raised her strap and brought it down with a sharp crack on Sophie’s bottom, the two tails splaying out to spread the pain over a wider area. One of the tales landed on an exposed area of white bottom and left a sore looking red imprint.

Sophie gasped in surprise and pain. It was the first time she had been strapped with a Scottish Tawse and was surprised at its intensity The second stroke cracked in and Sophie gritted her teeth in an effort to cope with the sharp sting.

“I am going to give you the next two using a backhand,” said Miss McNab. “I want to spread the belting out as much as possible and the left side of your bottom will want to have its share of the punishment!”

With that, the third stroke crashed in and, again, one of the tails found an area of uncovered bottom, so nicely balancing the mark left by the first stroke. Sophie reflected that, although this last stroke was delivered as a backhand, it was just as firm and hard as the previous two forehand ones. The fourth stroke landed and Sophie gasped as the stinging pain spread over her bottom.

“Up you get Miss LaSalle,” ordered Miss McNab. “I hope that will teach you to keep this room neat and tidy in future. Miss Menzies will be due to have a similar meeting with my strap later on.”

Miss McNab left and Sophie compressed her lips and thought about her room mate. Her bottom was hot and quite sore and she gently rubbed it. Her lips were set in a thin line as she pondered on the indignity of having to present her bottom so that Miss Bloody McNab could spank her sharply with that dreadful strap thing. After a few moments of reflection she set off for her first lecture.

Later that afternoon, Jane returned blissfully ignorant of what awaited her. She had a shower and on returning to the bedroom found that Sophie had returned with the malevolent Miss McNab in attendance.

Before Sophie could utter a word, Miss McNab rasped: “Miss Menzies, you left this room in an unacceptable state this morning. I have already thrashed Miss LaSalle and now it is your turn. Bend over the end of your bed and present your bottom to me. You, too, are to have four strokes of my strap.”

Jane was nervously aware that she was only wearing bra and pants under her bathrobe but realised the severe Miss McNab would want to use her tawse on her knickers, so in this respect she was as fully clothed as she needed to be. True, her knickers were a bit brief and thin but it was too late to change now. With a sigh, she bent over the end of the bed and presented her beautiful bottom to Miss McNab who, with another appreciative gleam in her eye, raised the strap high before bringing it down on Jane’s shapely bottom.

Again, the twin throngs spread themselves on impact, thus effectively doubling the pain. Jane squealed in pain and surprise. The second stroke landed with equal ferocity, making Jane gasp. Two sore looking welts showed on the exposed lower cheeks of Jane’s bottom.

Miss McNab moved her stance and prepared to deliver the remaining two strokes via her formidable backhand. The two strokes whipped in with as much energy and indeed venom as the forehand ones.

“Right, Miss Menzies, that’s your punishment concluded. You may get up now, and remember what awaits you if this room is not kept up to scratch.”

With that, she turned on her heel and left the room, secure in the knowledge that her disciplinary duties had been fulfilled and left Jane pink-faced and rather watery eyed.

Meanwhile, Sophie ordered Jane to come and stand before her.

“I warned you, Jane, that if we were to be disciplined by that dreadful woman you should expect retribution from me, and I can tell you now that you can expect a sharp spanking from me tomorrow. Is that perfectly clear?”

Sophie’s whole demeanour had changed, her lips had become thin and those amazing eyes had arctic highlights in them. In spite of herself, Jane felt intimidated and slightly scared. She rubbed her hot and sore bottom and wondered if this cycle of having her bottom constantly dealt with would ever end.

“Yes Sophie, that is perfectly clear,” she responded softly.

Late afternoon on the next day saw Jane rather apprehensively waiting for Sophie to appear. True, a spanking would not be as painful as a strapping or a caning but Jane was under no illusions about the pain that a hard spanking delivered by a fit and experienced disciplinarian would be. She fervently hoped that the number of spanks would be modest as the sharp stinging pain could be really painful, if prolonged.

Sophie chose that moment to return.

“Well Jane,” she said. “I hope you haven’t forgotten our little appointment?”

“No indeed, Sophie,” whispered Jane.

“Lets not delay, come over here and get yourself across my knee.”

Jane hurried to obey and bent over Sophie’s knee, presenting her bottom at an enticing angle. Her pale blue knickers rode up to expose a good section of pale lower bottom.

Sophie’s hand rested on Jane’s shrinking bottom. “I am going to start by giving you two dozen hard spanks and will then review the situation. I spank hard, so prepare yourself.”

Sure enough, Sophie brought her hand down with some energy and purpose, starting at the lower left hand side of Jane’s charming bottom and working up to the top before changing over to the right hand side and working her way down to the exposed lower area. Sophie then repeated this cycle, showing no slackening off her intensity.

She completed three spanking cycles and informed Jane that she had received two dozen strokes. She rested her hand on Jane’s red and sore looking bottom.

“How was that Jane?” Asked Sophie, having thoroughly enjoyed herself.

“Painful, Sophie,” cried Jane. “It was one of the hardest spankings I have ever had and my poor bottom really stings.”

“Not so much of the ‘was’,” said Sophie. “I haven’t finished yet.”

She proceeded to sharply spank Jane’s upturned bottom another sixteen times. Jane was squealing and whimpering by the time she finished.

“Right, you may get up now,” said the glacial Sophie. “And don’t think that is an end to it! I intend to warm your bottom, if not frequently, at least with some regularity. Do I make myself quite clear?”

“Yes Sophie,” whispered Jane, finding it difficult to argue with this confident and coldly severe young woman. She concentrated on nursing her hot stinging bottom. “You seem to have had a great deal of practice in spanking bottoms. How did you acquire it, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“Not at all,” responded Sophie. “From the time when I was fourteen my father was away for prolonged periods on contract in Africa, the Mid East or South America. Consequently our Mother had the responsibility of bringing us up. She used to conduct such disciplinary procedure as she thought necessary.

“These took the form of over the knee hand spanking or we would be bent over a chair for a spanking or paddling, as you would call it over here. She had a lighter weight paddle with holes in it that she was able to use with some stinging effect. I can vouch for that.

“When I was sixteen, my mother broke her arm quite severely in a car accident and she asked me to take over her duties in the bottom warming department. My sisters reluctantly accepted this change of regime but knowing that Mother retained overall control, it was better than importing some enthusiastic uncle.

“My sisters are called Jan and Lucy. Both were pretty and petite with nice girlish bottoms. There were some objections from the two girls but they soon realised that this would get them nowhere and, indeed, I used to make sure that they received extra strokes delivered harder than usual.

“They used to shrinkingly present themselves to me and falteringly request that I deal with them. Loud squeals accompanied each punishment and they soon learnt that any transgression was soon severely dealt with.

“I had learnt to behave myself and there was only one occasion when I deserved, and received, a hiding and that was delivered by a visiting Uncle. I did not repeat that error, I can assure you.

“A few months ago, Jan had been at a party and returned well after her curfew time. In addition, she had been drinking. Our Mother sent her to me to be dealt with. I was only aware of this when a soft knock on my door revealed Jan, looking nervous and pale.

“’Please, Sophie,’ she trembled. “I have been sent to you for punishment.”

“I quickly established what Jan had done and made her stand before me whilst I told her she would have a sound spanking. She was inclined to argue, reasoning that she was surely too old for  this type of punishment. I had some sympathy with her view, especially as she was only a year younger than me!

“However I resolved to give her the promised sound spanking and made her bend over my knee. I pulled down her knickers and proceeded to soundly spank the appealing bottom correctly presented for punishment. After two dozen hard spanks she was squealing loudly.

“I told her that I was not yet finished but she could get off my knee. She looked endearingly penitent standing before me with her knickers around her knees. I told her to bend over a hip high chair and prepare herself for part two of her punishment and that any delay or objections would result in further strokes.

“She hastily did as she was ordered and, once again, her cute bottom was presented for my attention, now red and quite sore looking. I picked up the paddle and informed Jan that she was to have six good strokes, more if she misbehaved.

“I then proceeded to administer a good paddle spanking which produced cries of anguish from Jan. She did however manage to stay in position for the full quota but was screaming by the time the last stroke landed. Her sweet bottom looked very sore indeed with areas turning darker red. When she got to her feet she gently nursed her bottom with both hands and it was a good five minutes before she could bear to replace her knickers.

“Some time ago, our Uncle Steven, who was a well known figure in the film world, was staying with us and Lucy was being particularly irritating all day, showing off, interrupting conversations and generally being very brattish.

“Our mother was out but I was determined that Lucy would be punished. I told her to collect the paddle and report back to the Lounge. She started to argue but I soon stopped that by telling her that unless she did as she was told, right now, I would double the number of strokes. Not wishing to risk doubling up a painful session, she reluctantly went to fetch the paddle. When she returned she begged me not to punish her in front of Uncle Steven, but I was unmoved, telling her that this was part of the punishment. I gave her a hard over the knee spanking on her thin knickers and a further eight with the paddle.

“It must have made an impression on Uncle Steven because he referred to the spanking from time to time.

“I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed punishing me sisters, watching their sweet bottoms turn from pink to red and then parts turning to dark red and all the while there were squeals of pain which added to my enjoyment. It is the same enjoyment. I get when I am dealing with your peerless bottom. Does that answer your enquiry Jane?”

“Yes Sophie. Thank you for telling me,” said Jane, gently rubbing and nursing her hot and sore bottom. Her face was still pink and tear stained, and she was silently grateful that she did not grow up with such a severe elder sister.

A routine is quickly established with Sophie spanking Jane once, and sometimes twice, a week. Sophie clearly enjoys these sessions but Jane less so!

About eight weeks later a clearly excited Sophie informs Jane that she has some unexpected news and wants to share it with Jane. “I think I will spank you first,” exclaims Sophie. “I need some relaxation.”

Jane is less than enthusiastic but removes her short skirt with some resignation and and takes off her knickers before draping herself over Sophie’s waiting lap. Sophie had initiated a ‘bare bottom’ routine some time ago as she wanted to see the effects of her handiwork on Jane’s peachy bottom. After receiving a really sound spanking Jane tearfully stood up and cradled her burning and sore bottom.

“I really find spanking your lovely bottom quite therapeutic,” said Sophie. “I will miss these little sessions.”

“Miss them?” Exclaimed Jane, trying to mask her enthusiasm.

“Yes,” said Sophie. “You must know that I met a well known film producer when I was in the States and he has offered me a part in, what he hopes, will be a long running TV series which will start filming in about eight weeks time. “It is about the trials and tribulations of two pretty teenage twins. Their mother has died and their father has remarried me! Because I can look so severe and cold, I will make sure the twins see my cruel and cold streak. I will be required to punish them frequently using a variety of implements. Needless to say my husband is so besotted with me that his daughters frequent pleas fall on deaf ears and are rewarded by yet more punishments.

“No doubt the twins will triumph in the end but not before they have endured a strict regime. Apparently my Uncle film producer was much impressed when he witnessed me giving one of my sisters a severe spanking. No doubt I will get to use various paddles and canes in the series.

“It doesn’t seem to matter that I have limited acting experience but I have the ‘look’ and a general aura of menace which is important. What do you think about that?”

“I am very pleased for you,” said Jane. ‘But not as pleased as my bottom, I ssure you,’ she thought.

She was well aware of the popularity of certain long running TV series which seemed to serve up a non-stop selection of sex and violence. Bearing this in mind, she thought that Sophie’s opportunity could well prove popular and rewarding.

“I will bear you in mind if there is call for a girl with a sensational bottom,” said Sophie sweetly. “Besides I might well need some recreational activity.”

“Thank you, Sophie, but I am happy where I am and have no desire to be in a violent TV epic,” retorted Jane.

After a couple of weeks Sophie departed leaving Jane on her own. She did not mind and quietly revelled in her solitude. In a strange way she missed being under the control of a dominant personality and also, in an even stranger way, having her bottom regularly spanked. She wished the sessions had not been so hard but admitted to herself that she derived some pleasure from the punishment scenario.

She had had bottom constantly dealt with for well over a year and it was now an ingrained part of her life. She wondered what her next experience would be in that direction and felt a definite frisson of expectation.

Jane arrived back at around tea time and immediately noticed that there were two suitcases as well as other articles ranged beside the vacant bed. ‘Oh good,’ thought Jane. ‘It will be nice to have a bit of company again I hope she is pleasant and easy to get on with.’

She prepared her books for the next day and thought about what she would wear. She also thought that it would be a friendly gesture if she took her new dorm mate out for a drink. ‘Sort of getting to know you,’ thought Jane.

She then undressed and went for a shower.

Part Two

The new arrival was none other than Zoe Singleton, who was presently in deep conversation with Miss Denton. Zoe had explained that she was experienced in dealing with Jane and that she frequently used corporal punishment to keep Jane in order. Zoe explained that Jane’s mother fully approved of the methods used by Zoe to keep her naughty daughter in check.

“Please telephone Mrs Menzies if you need confirmation,” said Zoe, earnestly.

“There is no need for that, Zoe,” exclaimed Mrs Denton. “I have already spoken to Mrs Menzies after consultation with my cousin, Helen Howarth, and they both agree that a firm disciplinarian hand is just the thing to keep young Miss Menzies under control. Mrs Menzies also mentioned that a sharp caning, every so often, appears to work well on her daughter as well as routine spankings. Please remember, Zoe, that I keep a number of punishment implements here, so do feel free to send Jane to me if you feel that extra discipline is required.”

Zoe was well satisfied with the way things had turned out and looked forward to dealing with Jane on a regular basis. After having thanked Mrs Denton, she made her way to Miss McNab as Mrs Denton had told her that the housekeeper was responsible for the smooth running of the house and used her strap to warm the bottoms of any of ‘her’ young ladies who did not strictly abide by the rules.

Zoe knocked on Miss McNab’s door and, having received permission, she entered and stood before the housekeeper and introduced herself. She received the customary lecture on keeping the dormitory clean and tidy and told Zoe that she would use her strap on any girl who broke the rules.

“Young Miss Menzies has had a dose of my strap already this term.” She informed Zoe.

“That comes as no surprise to me,” said Zoe. “She was always a bit untidy and her overall behaviour has always left something to be desired. I will do my best to keep her in order and please may I call on you and your strap if extra discipline is needed?”

A satisfied smile appeared on the harsh featured housekeeper’s face. “Yes, indeed you may, Zoe.” She said.

“I fully realise that I, too, will be liable to be punished by you for any transgressions, but I must tell you that I have a medical condition and am unable to take discipline of any sort, especially on my bottom. I do realise that you must thrash naughty girls and I would not wish to stand in your way in this respect. I do, however, have a solution which used to work at school and that is Jane will present her bottom for ‘my’ thrashing as well as her own. It will be a painful experience for her but she has accepted it in the past.”

Miss McNab pursed her lips in a thoughtful fashion and pictured Jane receiving a double thrashing. ”Yes Zoe,” she said. “That seems to be a good solution and we will proceed along those lines. In view of the fact that this arrangement worked at your school I see no reason to ask for a doctor’s letter confirming your condition. Now off you go and get settled in.”

Zoe arrived back in the room she is to share with Jane.

“Hello Jane, “greeted Zoe. “So here we are again. I hope you are pleased to see me! It is some months since we last met. Don’t you think that St Mary’s seems almost a distant memory.”

Jane was speechless. She had quite thought that the part of her life that had been dominated by Zoe was well and truly over, but it seemed not!

“Hello Zoe,” said Jane with muted enthusiasm. “Isn’t it good that we are, once again, sharing a room? I was waiting to introduce myself to my new room mate and, perhaps, to take you out for a drink.”

“I am afraid that will have to wait,” said Zoe. “I have to unpack and get myself sorted out. Perhaps you would help me.” This invitation was clearly an instruction. It seemed that there was no change in this aspect of Zoe’s personality.

“Your mother sends her love,” said Zoe. “She has asked me to continue with my disciplinary regime as far as you are concerned. I have spoken to Miss Denton and she has promised to give me whatever support I need in keeping you under control. I have also made my mark with Miss McNab, who seems a splendid woman. I have told her about the fact that I am medically unfit to take corporal punishment and that we had an arrangement as school whereby you accepted my thrashings as well as your own and she has agreed to continue with this regime.”

Jane was dumbfounded. In a short space of time, Zoe had the Denholme Lodge regime completely on her side as well as her own sweet but unperceptive mother.

‘It is bloody St Mary’s all over again,’ thought Jane with an uncharacteristic spurt of anger.

Jane helped Zoe unpack, including the yellow whippy cane that Zoe wielded with such painful effect.

“It would have been a pity to leave it behind,” said Zoe, happily. “Your Mother suggested I bring it along, just in case you were in need of a sharp reminder. It is lucky that it does not take up much room!”

And with that, she stored it in the back of her wardrobe.

“Now let me have a look at you. You seem to have lost almost all of your puppy fat and I must say that is suits you. Your wonderful bottom is even more shapely and desirable. I think I will give you a good spanking, if only for old time sake, and to give you a taste of things to come.”

Jane started to object.

“No, Zoe, you can’t. We are not at school now,” she said angrily.

“Jane, you can either willingly accept whatever disciplinary measures I subject you to, or I will make life very unpleasant for you, in so many ways,” said Zoe.

She stood in front of Jane, slim figured and as sharp featured as ever; skinny black jeans and a dark red top showing off her slim figure to great advantage.

“Do not forget that I have Miss Denton and Miss McNab on my side and your own dear mother will support whatever I deem necessary.”

After a short period of reflection Jane reluctantly agreed to accept Zoe’s regime.

“Good” said Zoe. “Now take off that skirt and come over here.”

Jane removed her short skirt and stood by Zoe.

“I want to see how your bottom looks after all these months,” exclaimed Zoe. “Take your knickers down and bend over my knee.”

Jane did as she was bid and bent over Zoe’s knee, presenting her fantastic bottom for Zoe’s attention. Zoe slightly cupped her hand and began to energetically spank the proffered bottom. A new era had begun.

After the Short Vac, Denholme Lodge gradually filled up with excited girls, chattering and swopping stories about their holidays. Jane and Zoe had returned and were unpacking whilst talking to each other in a general way.

“Oh do look, Jane,” exclaimed Zoe. “I found these at home and thought they would be a useful addition to my cane.”

She showed Jane her little leather slipper which she used to regularly use on Jane until she became a prefect and was authorised to spank Jane with the heavier gymshoe that her uncle bequeathed her.

Jane looked at the two implements with wide eyed apprehension and her bottom gave an involuntary twitch as though, independently, it realised what lay in store.

“Oh Zoe!” She exclaimed. “Do we really have to go through this punishment procedure? We have both left school and I don’t see why you should feel responsible for my behaviour, I am well over eighteen, willing and able to make my own decisions.”

Zoe adopted her wide-eyed stony stare which used to make Jane quake.

“There is no need to go through that again, Jane,” she retorted angrily. “You know full well that I have blanket approval from your mother to act on her behalf and that she not only approves of my using corporal punishment on you, but encourages it.”

Jane sadly acknowledged this fact.

“Added to which,” said Zoe. “I have the approval of Miss Denton and Miss McNab who would encourage me in my mission to keep you in proper order, so let’s have no more of these stupid objections or it really will be the worse for you.”

Zoe is clearly irritated, her eyes snapping and two spots of red appearing on her cheeks. Jane was quick to recognise these danger signs and quickly dropped her protest.

Two days later, Miss McNab joined the two girls in their room and briskly informed them that the room had been left in an unacceptable state. Jane strenuously denied this, saying that the room seemed perfectly tidy when she left. Zoe nodded as if in agreement, but almost hiding a secret smile.

Miss McNab was clearly irritated and pursed her lips into a thin bloodless line and her deep frown highlighted her snapping eyes.

“I propose to deal with this matter here and now,” she barked. “Miss Menzies ,bend over the end of the bed, this instant.” She then lifted Jane’s skirt and delivered two sharp strokes of her tawse to Jane’s soft bottom; she then changed her position and delivered another two strokes with her powerful back hand to the left hand side of Jane’s bottom, resulting in two sharp squeals.

“Right, Miss Menzies, you may get up now.”

Jane did so and squirmed in an effort to dissipate the pain.

“Now it is Miss Singleton’s turn,” stated Miss McNab. “I have no desire to disturb existing arrangements and understand that Miss Menzies will receive further punishment on Miss Singleton’s behalf.”

Jane looked aghast. “No, please, you can’t. That was just when we were at school. I won’t accept it. I won’t.” She glanced at Zoe and was struck dumb by the cold stone glare from the other girl; a glare that promised retribution if she did not comply.

“Come on, Miss Menzies, I have work to do, now bend over the end of the bed, quickly now.”

Jane recognised she was in a ‘no win’ situation and obediently did as she was told. Miss McNab gave her two sharp strokes, much to Jane’s distress; with two backhanders to come, Jane was already squealing loudly. Finally it was over and Jane was gasping and whimpering with tears streaming down her pretty face. She made many urgent movements in a vain attempt to ease the dreadful stinging pain.

Miss McNab looked on with a satisfied smile before she turned on her heel and left the two girls.

Zoe calmly looked at Jane, noting that the initial distress had now passed. “So you see, Jane, I have many ways of making you regret arguing with me about my punishing you as I think fit. I hope this little demonstration of my power will make you think twice before arguing with me about punishment matters.” 

Jane was speechless to think that Zoe had calmly orchestrated this entire painful interlude just to prove a point. She resolved to tread with more care and attention in future.

There was to be a huge party at the University with two well known rock bands providing the musical entertainment. Everybody was excited by this forthcoming event. Amongst other St Mary’s girls, Jane and Zoe together with Penny and Becks and their respective boyfriends made a lively group and were soon joined by five others from Denholme Lodge.

The music was thudding like some primeval heartbeat. Their party was by no means a static group, with people coming and going throughout the evening. Everyone was making lots of noise and a vast amount of alcohol had been consumed.

In the early hours, Zoe became aware that she had not seen Jane for some time and decided to go off on a wander to see if she could find her. After about half an hour of struggling through boozy revellers and coping with constant and deafening THUD THUD and BOOM THUD of the music, she spotted Jane half heartedly dancing with an over interested youth with over active hands.

Zoe decided to intervene and Jane welcomed her with a shriek. “Zoeeeee, my strict mentor, are you going to schpank me?”

Jane was obviously quite drunk. Zoe managed to get her away and find a relatively unoccupied area, no mean feat, where she paused to look at her companion. Jane was looking remarkable pretty, her hair was tousled and her face somewhat flushed and her skin warm and glowing.

Zoe looked carefully at her eyes and noted that the pupils were tiny, giving Jane a somewhat vacant look. Zoe realised that, apart from consuming too much alcohol, Jane had been taking drugs, probably popped a pill and smoked some hash.

Zoe was well aware that the police regularly raided parties of this sort with the express purpose of arresting both buyers and pushers of drugs. She resolved to get Jane home as soon as possible.

After about half an hour they reach Denholme Lodge. Jane seems to have sobered up somewhat but still looks fey and vacant. Upstairs, Zoe forced a glass of water down Jane, stripped her and put her to bed. Jane was docile and cooperative, and soon fell asleep. Tired and with plenty to think about, Zoe climbed into her own bed.

The following day, Zoe took herself off to college, returning in the afternoon to find Jane already there. Jane seemed to have fully recovered and had shaken off her excesses of the night before, although her eyes seemed dull.

Zoe opened the proceedings.

“Jane, I must tell you that last night’s party is the talk of the campus; the police were called and stayed for a considerable time. Quite a number of Undergrads were taken into custody and closely questioned. The Police were very keen to identify the people who were actually selling the drugs. Additionally the Police want to interview anyone who was under the influence of drugs to find out where the substance came from. I have a very good mind to report you and let you suffer all the problems that will arise from you breaking the law and using drugs.”

Jane had gone quite pale. “Honestly, Zoe, I had quite a bit to drink and would not be able to recognise the person who pressed the pill onto me. Please, please do not report me, it is bound to get out; these things always do. My mother would be devastated, as would my boyfriend, to say nothing of having a Police Record. I know I deserve to be punished but please could you deal with me?”

Zoe thought for a moment. “I suppose I could deal with you and keep the matter to ourselves but I warn you that you have committed a serious offence and that you will be in line for a really sound thrashing.”

“Yes of course, Zoe, you must deal with me severely and then let the matter drop,” said Jane, fully aware that she was in line for a painful thrashing but anything was better than the embarrassment and shame of her wrongdoings being made public as well as the real possibility of having a Record.

“Very well,” said Zoe. “I will thrash you now and put this whole sad affair behind us. Your caning will form the first part of your punishment. Secondly, I intend to give you eight strokes with my slipper in ten days time with a further eight strokes after a further ten days. Lastly, when you return home you will tell your mother that I have had to give you a hard caning; she will want to know why and you will tell her. You will, in all probability, be due another caning. Please tell your Mother that I will be pleased to come down to you and administer this final thrashing, if required. Do you understand, Jane?”

“Yes, Zoe, I understand,” said a docile and very apprehensive Jane.

“Now, let’s begin. I must tell you, Jane, that this will be a hard caning but you must do your best not to make too much noise. This is for your own good. Miss Denton might hear you, which would result in many explanations and in all probability another sound caning.”

“Yes, Zoe.” Responded a shaking Jane. “I thought of stuffing my hanky in my mouth to stop the noise.”

“A very good idea,” said Zoe, and Jane moved off to the chest of drawers where she kept her clothing, selected a clean handkerchief which she crumpled before putting it in her mouth.

“Now take off your skirt and take your knickers off and bend over the back of that chair.”

Zoe indicated a hip high formal desk chair. Jane meekly did as she was bid, reaching down to grasp the front legs. Her peerless bottom was now correctly presented with the girl locked in position, her legs closely clamped to the chair legs.

Zoe walked over to the wardrobe and brought out her cane which she proceeded to swish in a menacing fashion causing Jane to twitch her bottom in apprehension.

“Right, Jane, here it comes,” announced Zoe. She sharply turned her hip anticlockwise followed by her shoulder and lastly by the arm holding the cane. This extra technique made the cane sing and it landed on Jane’s bottom with a loud thwick. Immediately, muffled cries of distress were heard.

Zoe looked with interest at the effects of this first stroke. The welt was very much in evidence but the tip of the cane had whipped into the right side of her cheek. The skin, although soft and white, did not have the same cushion as the main part of her bottom and was therefore even more sharply painful. A small painful looking red area was already in evidence and rapidly turning darker.

Zoe had heard that if a caner rolled her wrist a fraction before impact the quality of the cane seemed to change and the whippyness of the tip translated itself into the main part of the cane, making the stroke yet more painful but avoiding tip damage. Zoe resolved to give this method a try.

In the meantime, Jane continued to make noises and move her hips in an urgent fashion. Zoe swung her hips and landed the second stroke, remembering to roll her wrist.

‘Yes, most satisfactory.’ The cane seemed to bury itself in Jane’s soft bottom before springing back.

There was louder squealing coming from Jane, although almost completely muffled by the gag. Jane’s bottom was looking very sore and two tramlines bore testament to the severity of the hiding she was undergoing.

Muffled cries of distress continued to come from Jane as Zoe continued to expertly stripe her correctly presented bottom with much energy and great accuracy. The chair rocked as Jane endeavoured to cope with the awful pain until, at long last, eight strokes had been completed.

“You may get up now,” instructed Zoe, and Jane gently prised herself from the position in which she had become locked and gradually straightened herself. Her shoulders were shaking and tears could be seen pouring down her cheeks. Her eyes were alternately either screwed up in pain or very wide open, both indicating her pain and distress. Her hands thumped on the top of the chair and she continually stamped her feet in an effort to cope with the burning pain in her bottom.

After three or four minutes, Zoe asked Jane if she had finished squealing and generally making a noise. Jane nodded and Zoe gave Jane permission to remove her hanky and passed Jane a box of tissues. Jane clamped her hands to her bottom which were too painful to rub so she contented herself with gently nursing the punished cheeks and in the meantime worked her jaw to ease the cramped muscles whilst whimpering all the time.

“Well Jane,” said Zoe. “Do you think that was a well merited sound thrashing?”

Jane felt she could do no more than nod her head.

Jane found sitting down very uncomfortable for the next few days and had to move her bottom about in a vain attempt to find a bearable position. Her discomfort had not gone unnoticed and several of her boarding school contemporaries looked on with knowing and sympathetic glances.

The pain gradually subsided but ten days later Jane was again bent over the end of her bed to receive eight well laid on strokes from Zoe’s slipper. Jane was thankful that the bruising from her caning had more or less disappeared but the sharp sting from the slipper brought back the events of the previous ten days all to clearly. A pink faced and rather woebegone Jane arose from her position and again clamped her hands to her sore bottom but remembered to thank Zoe who looked on with a satisfied smile on her face.

‘Another eight to go, at least,’ she thought happily.

On the way home, Jane had time to reflect on her life at University. Up to now her life had, unexpectedly, been dominated by several girls who seemed intent on chastising her pretty bottom as hard and as often as they could; so much so that her bottom, if not actually painful, all the time seemed to retain a memory of recent pain. In consequence Jane’s bottom was constantly twitching in pain or tingling in the aftermath. She realised that Zoe, in particular, had a darker agenda and enjoyed all aspects of punishment and that she would continue to push the boundaries of what Jane could accept and would enjoy pushing her to these limits.

Not for the first time, Jane realised that having a dominant friend was curiously exciting but if only retribution did not have to be so severe and painful. Perhaps she could ask Zoe for more frequent spankings and slipperings but hard enough to the make up for the severity of harder, missed sessions. Perhaps Zoe would agree to this regime of more frequent punishment.

Jane also thought about her absent but strict boyfriend who would most certainly spank her, at the very least, if he found out about the drugs incident. He was, however, in America completing his legal career with one of his firm’s best clients so there was no particular reason why he should ever know.

Lost in her thoughts, Jane continued her journey unhappily aware that she would soon have to tell her mother about receiving a hard caning from Zoe and what that will lead to.

The End

© Frances Stephenson 2013