A school secretary develops an interest in discipline.

By Kate Queen

Jane Smart was twenty-six and a pretty brunette with long flowing hair. She was a secretary to Mr Brown, a housemaster at The Grange, an exclusive boarding school on the coast. She worked hard to please Mr Brown and even in the six months she had been there was aware that he was a disciplinarian. A number of times she had been sitting at her desk in the office outside his study after lessons had ended and heard the cane being administered to a bottom. She had counted two, three, four and six strokes at different times and had watched as the victims came out clutching their bottoms under grey trousers or shorts. She took it to be normal as the cane was still in regular use in those days but increasingly she became more interested and even peeped through the keyhole in Mr Brown’s door.

It was the last day of term and all the pupils had left for home by ten in the morning. Jane was in Mr Brown’s study as he signed a few letters. He gave them back, put his jacket on and started to leave the room, reminding her that it was the staff drinks party at mid-day. He looked at her as he spoke and once again thought she was a very pretty girl. As she leaned over the desk filing some papers he noted the gentle curves of her bottom and thought how he’d like to spank her.

He left the room and Jane tidied away a few books and then noticed a cane on the side table. She picked it up and studied it. The cane was long and thin and the end curled round in a hook shape. She had never seen one this close before and then realised she was flexing it with both hands. She swished it through the air and smiled at the sound. Jane then went to the cupboards at the end of the study and opened a door, then another. In the second cupboard there was a collection of four other canes of various sizes. She put the first one away and took each of the others out to feel them.

The drinks party was going very well but Jane decided to have just one drink as she had not eaten any lunch. One drink turned to two, then to three, and before long she was a bit tipsy. She managed to remain seated on a settee as the party wound to a close. Mr Brown and Jane were left at the end. Jane let out a loud burp as she tried to stand and she wobbled and as she reached out for a chair she grabbed Mr Brown’s bottom. Mr Brown was not amused but Jane laughed and made a slurred comment about it being the only thing she wanted to get hold of within reach.

Mr Brown held her shoulders and looked sternly at her. He told her to pull herself together, but she giggled. What should he do with this young woman? The principal would not be amused at having a drunkard on the premises. Mr Brown took Jane by the hand and led her to the house where she lived in the grounds.

Inside he told her: “I shall have to ensure you sober up. Pack your nightclothes and report to my house in thirty minutes. You can sleep in the guest room or one of the dormitories tonight and go on holiday tomorrow when you are in a fit state.”

Jane nodded. He left.

Jane sat down and rubbed her head. She thought he was very kind to keep her out of trouble as the previous secretary had left because she had a liking for the sherry bottle. About forty minutes later, Jane staggered over to Mr Brown’s house still wearing the floral costume and white top that she had worn to the party.

Inside Mr Brown took Jane to the lounge.

“I think it best you stay here until the morning when you are sober,” he said.

Jane nodded.

“But I cannot let this episode pass and I am going to deal with you myself.”

Jane nodded again and wondered what he would do.

“From now to your bedtime is to be a detention and you will write lines and an essay for me. But first I think you know the term ‘corporal punishment’?”

Jane nodded and blushed. He took her by the hand and he sat on a sofa. “Over my lap, Jane,” he ordered.

Jane was aware that he was quick to hand out detentions and use the slipper or cane, but her dizzy head was spinning as she heard these words.

“Yes….. yes….., sir…..,” she mumbled as she lowered herself over his lap.

Mr Brown helped her slim figure into position and began to spank her bottom. Her cheeks were round and firm and the slaps echoed in the room. Jane felt her bottom get hot and was not sure if she was not actually enjoying this experience. The slaps became heavier and she gasped and squealed. Then Mr Brown said her trousers must come down. Jane was aghast. He lowered them regardless to reveal a nice pair of black knickers. The spanking restarted and again Jane’s bottom was subjected to his heavy hand.

After a few more smacks he informed her that her knickers must come down. Jane looked over her shoulder as he tugged them down to reveal her bare rosy bottom. Mr Brown noticed how smooth it was, beautifully smooth and shapely. He finished after a few more minutes spanking and told her to stand. Jane pulled her pants and trousers up.

He showed her to a table in the next room and placed a pad of paper and several pens on it. “You are now in detention and will write one thousand times: ‘I must not drink too much at the staff party’. Then you will write one thousand words on: ‘Why I deserve corporal punishment and what form it should take’. He then picked up a soft cushion and placed it on a chair and indicated that she should sit down.

Jane rubbed her sore bottom, then sat down and began to write. Her fuzzy head was clearer now and she wrote the first few lines. Mr Brown said he would be back to check later. The afternoon wore on and when Jane had finished the lines he took them away to his armchair and counted them. Jane started her essay.

At six o’clock Mr Brown prepared a meal and they sat at the kitchen table. They enjoyed each others’ company and had a lively conversation. At the end of the meal he asked how her bottom was feeling. Jane said it was not too bad considering how many smacks she had received.

“Good,” said Mr Brown. “You can now resume detention and go back into the other room and stand in the corner while I read your essay.”

Jane was caught by surprise but stood and went to the other room. He followed her in and picked up the essay and indicated which corner she should stand in. Mr Brown sat in his chair and studied her lovely brown hair and slim waistline and shapely legs and, of course, the gentle curves of her bottom which he now knew were enclosed in black pants and those floral trousers. Then he had a better idea.

“No, you can stand here and read your essay aloud,” he said, passing her the papers.

Jane read her essay and Mr Brown listened intently as she considered options such as spanking, the slipper and the cane. When she finished she looked up and realised she had enjoyed reading it.

“Now to the next stage. You will sleep in the guest room tonight, so go there now and put on your nightclothes and return here.”

Jane did as she was told and left the room. In the guest room she stripped off, washed and examined her reddened bottom. She took a fresh pair of white knickers and pulled them on and then her top. Nervously, but just a little excited, she returned to Mr Brown’s lounge fully expecting another spanking. He watched her enter and stand there. Her brown hair looked beautiful and the shape of her breasts, although, small, was visible. He could just make out the shadow of her pubic bush in her knickers. Then she noticed it. There was a cane hanging on the cupboard rail and it was long and looked very swishy. In fact, it was longer and thicker than the one she had put away in his study earlier that morning.

“Take the cane down and pass it to me,” he told her.

Jane turned and looked at the cane. Mr Brown studied her bottom. The fabric of her knickers was loose and her cheeks were simply adorable. Her cleavage was visible beneath the thin white material of her top. She paused and then reached for the cane and handed it to Mr Brown.

He stood. “Have you been caned before?”

Jane blushed nervously. “No….. no, sir….. I have not been….. been caned, but I deserve to be caned, sir.”

He was impressed by her manner and willingness to receive corporal punishment and told her to turn round, and again he admired her bottom.

“Bend over!”

Jane bent over and touched her toes. Her bottom now had her pants stretched across and it still looked lovely.

“I am giving you six of the very best, Jane, for your behaviour at the party. It will sting and it will leave marks on both cheeks for five or six days at least,” came the voice behind her.

Jane felt the cane touch her bottom. It was tapped several times as Mr Brown took aim. One stroke was given and it bit Jane’s pretty backside. He was an expert with the cane and Jane was finding out just how good he was.

Two….. three….. four….. five….. and then the sixth whipped across her bottom, marking it nicely. Each stroke was quite a swisher and stinger. She tossed her head back at each one and cried out, but realised that she was actually getting some pleasure from the experience.

“Kneel on the settee.”

Jane stood and rubbed her backside energetically. She did as she was told.

“Now three strokes of the cane for several spelling errors in your essay.”

Again Jane’s hair was tossed upwards and back at each stroke, then the third and last stroke made its mark.

“Stand up and go and stand in the corner.”

Jane stood in the corner for twenty minutes gently caressing her stinging bottom and feeling the raised welts. Mr Brown watched.

“Come here.”

Jane went to him.


Jane had been willing enough to go over his knee and did not mind being spanked on her knickers. Even when being caned she had kept her knickers on, but now she was to be naked in front of him. She felt a strange feeling. She was eager to be naked. She undressed removing her top and then her pants. Her nipples were erect.

“Stand up straight.” He told her when she was naked.

Nervous but excited, Jane stood as she was told. He looked at her breasts which were small but attractive. Despite a full head of flowing brown hair she had a very small patch of soft brown pubic hair. Mr Brown studied her bottom very closely and ran a finger along each of thwe nine cane marks. It was well marked with nine red tramlines where the cane had done its job. Then she noticed he was holding another implement – a tawse.

“Have you had the tawse across your pretty bottom?”

Jane looked at it. “No, not the tawse or the cane, sir.”

Mr Brown smiled. “Yes, you have had the cane, Jane. Your bottom tells me that you have had nine strokes.”

Jane blushed. “Yes, sir….. I mean…..”

“The tawse can wait until next time. There will be a next time, Jane. Next term you will report to me each Friday evening at 8.00 pm for corporal punishment. You will receive the tawse and the cane. Now, go and shower and go to bed.”

Jane blushed again. “Yes…… yes, sir….. I’d like that.”

Mr Brown said nothing but picked up the cane and hung it on the cupboard.

The End