Three girls defy their headmistress’s instructions

By Dick Templemeads

Spring 1981 and eighteen year old Melissa Forbes-Blake is working towards the certain straight A grade A levels which will earn her a place at Cambridge to read medicine, just as her father, the eminent surgeon Sir Paul Forbes-Blake, had done thirty years earlier.

However, whilst Melissa’s academic brilliance is revered by her Headmistress, Miss Leslie, for whom educational attainment is the be all and end all, Melissa’s parents have become concerned that their daughter’s dedication has become too one-dimensional and that she needs to relax a little.

Both Sir Paul and Melissa’s mother, Lady Sarah, a leading economist, had mixed their undoubted intellect with active social lives, as had her brother Richard, himself an economist. Indeed all three’s intention to live a little had led them to painful retribution at school. Yet Melissa, apart from the occasional playing of her piano, focused purely on her school work. Indeed, even Miss Leslie had considered her too introspective to make her Head Girl despite her obvious brilliance.

Thus it was with a mixture of surprise and relief to her parents when Melissa started dating Relph, a friend of her brother, who had aspirations to become a rock musician.

Relph worked hard to break down Melissa’s shyness, yet whilst he did get her to listen to the rock music of the time, he struggled to get her to agree to accompany him to gigs, and after three months dating the best he’d achieved in terms of physical contact was a peck on the cheek.

*     *     *

Then a few weeks before Melissa’s exams were due, The Jam were booked to appear at the local cinema and, much to his surprise and delight, Melissa, who’d taken a liking to Paul Weller’s lyrics, accepted Relph’s invitation to attend, and he willingly booked the tickets.

Two other school friends of Melissa’s were also going; Jean Clutton, a girl almost as shy and retiring as Melissa, was going with her boyfriend while Lynn Ross, a strong willed girl, was going with her older sister, Ruth.

However, on the morning of the concert, the straight laced Miss Leslie announced at assembly that any girl from the school attending the concert would be caned.

For the timid Melissa and Jean, neither of whom had even had a detention, the prospect was terrifying, and they talked of not going, but the high-spirited Lynn, who’d felt the cane on three occasions, was quick to point out that they would not be in uniform, would be going in their own time and how could the old cow find out anyway?

So they all attended and such a terrific concert was it that the Head’s threat was quickly forgotten as they danced away to the Jam’s hits such as ‘That’s Entertainment’, ‘A Town Called Malice’ and ‘Down In The Tube Station at Midnight’.

Indeed so much did Melissa enjoy herself that, rather than the peck on the cheek that Relph normally received as he left Melissa at her front door, he received a full on passionate French kiss that lasted for several minutes.

*     *     *

Miss Leslie however, had been tipped off by Susan Asher, a Jam fan who was resentful at not getting a ticket, that the three girls were attending. She could not believe that either Melissa or Jean would attend, but as a fan of the TV show ‘The Sweeney’ she hid in a car borrowed from her brother and watched the revellers departing. To her shock and annoyance, she noted two of her best behaved pupils, along with another whose behaviour could be best described as ‘chequered’, leaving the cinema. All three were in good spirits, without a doubt, but tomorrow morning things would be different, she vowed!

*     *     *

Everything seemed fine at school the next morning until, at the end of assembly, Miss Leslie announced that Melissa Forbes-Blake, Jean Clutton, and Lynn Ross were to report to her study straight afterwards. It was quickly clear to all three that they had been rumbled.

Melissa and Jean were terrified as they stood outside the study but Lynn offered reassurance; she’d had it three times, had lived to tell the tale, that the pain only lasted a while, and she added, to the shock of the other two, made her feel rather sexy.

Finally they were summoned inside where Miss Leslie went into a tirade regarding their ignoring her warning and showing complete disregard and disobedience. She was not, she said, surprised at Lynn’s behaviour but Melissa and Jean were a disappointment. Now all three bottoms would pay the price. With that, she turned to a cupboard and selected a long thin crook-handled cane.

First she summoned the recalcitrant Lynn to step forward.

“You know the drill by now, girl. Prepare yourself.”

Lynn removed her blazer, hung it on the back of the visitor’s chair and then walked towards the Head’s desk. She then lifted her skirt above her waist, and pushed her pink knickers down to her knees before bending across the desk and grasping the opposite edge.

The Head slashed the cane down onto Lynn’s bottom. She gasped but did no more. The second stroke followed, Lynn gasped again, wriggled her bottom slightly, but gave no other sign of distress. The third stroke was followed by a slight groan, but in almost defiance the canee thrust her bottom, now etched with three vivid red stripes, higher. The fourth brought a louder groan from Lynn, but no more. Melissa was already trembling at the prospect whilst Jean, who was next in line, had tears in her eyes, knowing that within the next two minutes or so she would be the girl bent bare-bottomed across the desk.

The fifth stroke elicited more response from the recipient who emitted a stifled cry, and the final stroke actually produced a muffled scream. Lynn was then told to stand and she painfully wriggled her knickers back up over her bottom.

She was about to replace her blazer when Miss Leslie cut her short.

“What colour are regulation knickers, Ross?”

“Navy Blue, Miss,” came the pained girls reply.

“So why are you wearing pink?”

Lynn could offer no reason.

“Pure disobedience, Ross! Hold out your hand.”

Lynn held out her left hand and received a stinging blow, which reduced even her to tears.

At that point, Jean started to sob.

“Perhaps,” thought Melissa: “She’s not wearing regulation knicks either.” Thankfully her own bum was covered in Navy Blue cotton, although often these days she wore coloured panties, like most of the girls.

Jean meanwhile had taken up position with offending white knickers around her ankles. Already crying, Jean screamed at each of her six strokes and the final slash across her left hand left her convulsed in agony. This meant Melissa now terrified, had to wait several minutes before Jean had composed herself. Then she finally raised her skirt, lowered her regulation pants to her knees and bent over the desk.

Melissa managed to hold back her first groan until the third stroke, thanks mainly to tightly clenched teeth; she was crying from the fourth and screamed at the sixth, but finally it was all over.

Back in class, it was agony with the hard wooden chairs making contact with a wounded bottom. After an hour or so, the sting changed to a throbbing pain but by the end of the day was replaced by a not unpleasant tingle.

*     *     *

 On arriving home, Melissa informed her parents of the punishment, and was surprised to hear her mother’s comment: “Join the club darling.”

To her surprised daughter, she then explained that she had been caned at school, as had Melissa’s father and brother; now all four had felt that pain. Then she added with a twinkle in her eye: “It’s not so bad after a few hours, is it?

Melissa had to agree.

*     *     *

Later that evening, after Melissa’s parents had gone out to dinner, Relph listened in shocked disbelief as Melissa, now unusually animated, regaled him with the account of her caning.

“Melissa, surely only boys feel the cane. I mean, I did, but neither of my sisters did.”

To his surprise, she turned her back to him, unbuckled her jeans, slipped them and the lacy peach coloured panties that she was now wearing down to her ankles, to reveal six angry red weals.

“Now do you believe me?” She said, before pointing to the welts and, adapting the chorus of the Jam’s ‘That’s Entertainment’ sang: “That’s where the cane went. That’s where the cane went.”

Relph was struck with guilt. “If I’d known that was going to happen I would never have taken you,” he said.

To his surprise, Melissa had made no attempt to pull up her jeans and knickers. Indeed, she turned to face him revealing a triangle of blonde bush.

“Relph, don’t apologise. I’m still glad I went. I think Paul Weller’s music will live on for years and I would have hated to miss it. Besides, the caning wasn’t too bad afterwards. It’s actually given me some confidence and helped me lose some shyness.”

“In fact, it gave me enough confidence to shop in the chemist on the way home.” She rummaged in her handbag and located a packet of condoms.

*     *     *

Postscript: Melissa did get straight A-grade A levels and read Medicine at Cambridge. Thirty years later, Paul Weller still delights crowds with his performances.

However, Relph and Melissa broke up at about the same time as the Jam disbanded and Paul Weller formed Style Council. It was years before anybody aroused in her the passion of the night following her caning.

The End

© Dick Templemeads 2013