A marital problem resolved


Jackie had been married for thirty-one years and was soon to celebrate her fiftieth birthday. Her marriage has been a great success and she and her husband had a daughter and son both in their twenties and both with excellent jobs in the City. However, it might have been very different had her husband had not given her a second chance a little over a year into their marriage. The thirty-year anniversary was approaching of when she received a devastating caning at the hands of her husband. At the time he had been furious and their marriage had very nearly ended, and this is story of what happened almost thirty years previously.

She had been young when she married Warren who was twelve years older. At only nineteen she may have been too young for the responsibility of being married to a successful corporate banker. But Warren had swept her off her feet and they were engaged less than six months after meeting. Jackie’s life was transformed and she was introduced to a life of considerable luxury.

Warren travelled extensively and it was while he was away on one of these trips that Jackie went out with Ben, one of Warren’s friends. One thing led to another and they ended up sleeping together. The following day, Jackie was wracked with guilt and decided to admit the truth to Warren when he returned. She might have got away with it should it had been a stranger, but not one of her husband’s best friends.

On Warren’s return she told him that she had an admission to make, which resulted in him being furious and asking her to leave the house. Jackie had nowhere to go except her Mum’s and for the next week she heard nothing from her husband. She was desperate to talk to him and eventually telephoned him. He had calmed down but was still very angry and suggested a meeting as, clearly, they had things to talk about. The next day they met for dinner at a local restaurant. After ordering, Jackie brought up the subject and said how incredibly sorry she was and would do anything to repair their marriage.

Warren said he had a proposition to make, which she wasn’t going to like. He said: “If you are to come back and live in our home you must be punished. As you know, I was Head Boy at my public school in the seventies and I had the power to thrash boys that seriously misbehaved. You are not even twenty yet and you have acted in a deplorable way. My proposition is to treat you like a child. My offer is that you take a severe caning to repent for your behaviour. Whilst I accept your assurances that you were mostly to blame, Ben is not guilt free and so that he can share the guilt he will witness your thrashing and the torment you go through. This is my one and only offer, which you can take or leave. What is your answer?”

Jackie looked very shocked but also knew she had no alternative and said that she accepted his offer and asked when he proposed to carry out the caning. He told her she could move back in on Saturday morning and, subject to Ben’s availability, she would be punished then. He added that she should not be under any illusion about the severity of the punishment. He also told her that he would have to acquire a suitable cane and would probably call one of the masters at his old school that he knew was still practicing corporal punishment. Jackie asked how many times she would be hit, to be told she would get a minimum of six strokes across her bare bottom. He repeated that six-of-the-best would make sitting down painful for a while and hopefully give her something to think about if she was ever temped to be unfaithful again.

Warren finished the conversation by telling Jackie she should come to their home at 11am on Saturday and there would be no further contact unless Ben was unavailable, in which case an alternative time would be arranged. Their dinner finished abruptly and Jackie was made to make her own way back to her Mother’s.

Jackie had two days to wait until the fateful day, but was strangely calm about her fate. She knew she had behaved very badly and accepted she should be punished, but more than anything else she wanted to be back with her husband.

In the meantime, Warren had to ensure that his friend was available for the Saturday meeting. It was fair to say their conversation was not easy, after all Ben had slept with his wife, but Warren accepted that Jackie had been mostly to blame. However, Warren was determined his friend should witness his wife’s punishment to feel the guilt of his own actions. Warren also had to acquire a cane which, following a call to a master at his old school, was easily achieved. Indeed, his old history master supplied two 36-inch canes just in case one broke during punishment. Warren had spoken at length to his old master and had been comforted by the support he had been given for his plan. He had been told it was a great shame that more husbands that had suffered such infidelity had not taken a similar approach.

It was soon Saturday, and as Warren showered and got ready for the morning ahead, he had no absolute certainty that Jackie would actually come. He knew that if she did not show up their marriage was over, and as such this was a high stakes game.

Ben arrived at just after 10.30 and it is fair to say there was awkwardness between them as they waited for Jackie to turn up. At exactly 11.00 on the dot the front door was opened and Jackie walked in to the house. She was wearing an immaculate suit with a tight fitting pencil skirt and a fitted top.

The atmosphere was tense, but Warren took the lead and simply asked Jackie if she was ready to accept her punishment.

She responded by saying: “Warren, you know that I am devastated by my behaviour and know that I deserve whatever punishment you think is right. I also feel that, whilst it does take two to tango, I am largely to blame and you should not think too badly of Ben.”

Warren told Jackie to go into the lounge and both men followed. As she entered she immediately noted a kitchen stool in the middle of the room and two canes on the adjacent table. Jackie was told to take off her jacket and everything below her waist. She had made a real effort to be super smart, and as she removed her jacket Jackie revealed a tight semi-see-through blouse with her bra and ample breasts beautifully on display.

She was told again to remove everything below the waist with Warren adding she should not be too embarrassed, as Ben had already seen everything. Kicking off her shoes, Jackie knew there was no alternative as she undid the zip on her pencil skirt before slipping it down her legs and stepping out of it. Next she slid her tights down one leg at a time and removed them, leaving her in just her revealing blouse and knickers. Jackie knew her pants had to come off next which, as she pushed them down, revealed her frontal nudity with her nineteen year old figure, lovely long legs flaring up to her womanly hips and her auburn triangle of wispy pubic hair at its apex.

Jackie was told to bend over the stool and reach right down to grip the legs close to floor, and at the same time to stretch her legs out behind her. As she got into position it is fair to say she gave both Warren and Ben an extraordinary sight of the most perfect bare bottom beautifully presented ready for the cane.

Warren had not used a cane for thirteen years when he had last caned a sixth former in the final weeks of his tenure as Head Boy. But he felt relaxed as he gave his wife a set of brief instructions.

“Jackie, whilst you are being caned you should reflect on your decision to be unfaithful. You will receive six strokes at a pace that I will judge to be fair to both allow you to recover from the previous stroke and ensure the caning is continuous. You must remain in position throughout and you should try to stay as silent as possible. Do you understand?”

Jackie simply said: “I understand.”

In truth, she was feeling incredibly exposed and ashamed with her bare bottom on show to both her husband and Ben. She was fearful about what was about to happen, but also knew she had to repent and wanted more than anything to be back with her husband.

Ben was looking on with serious guilt, but could not deny the situation was pretty incredible with Jackie’s gorgeous bottom looking superb and about to be thrashed.

Warren had plenty of experience, albeit a little in the past, of delivering a sound caning. Indeed, as Head Boy he had been much feared. He had selected one of the two canes he had been loaned and lined it up across Jackie’s bottom. Whilst he was incredibly angry, he knew he must deliver a very sound thrashing, nothing more. He slowly took the cane back over his shoulder and brought it back down at considerably speed to thrash her bottom for the first time. It was a stroke of considerable severity that caused Jackie to let go a real gasp of shock, not believing that a cane could cause such an incredibly intense line of pain.

Ben also looked on with considerable shock, not really expecting that Warren was going to cane her with such severity. Despite the intensity, Warren thought he had got the first stroke spot on; this was after all to be a caning to prevent his wife ever again committing adultery.

As Jackie lay over the stool she was trying to come to terms with the first devastating stroke. She concentrated on holding onto the front legs of the stool, very conscious of her instructions to stay in position. In the meantime, a line of fire displayed as a red weal across her bottom was very evident. Warren left almost a minute before striking her bottom for the second time with another stoke of incredible intensity, just below the first red weal. Jackie gave out another desperate gasp as she tried to come to terms with just two strokes of the cane, knowing she had four more to come. As a second red stripe developed, Jackie simply could not believe a caning could be so painful with her whole bottom now feeling on fire.

Leaving nearly 60 seconds, Warren again touched Jackie’s bottom before slowly taking the cane back over his shoulder before bringing it down for the third time to strike her lower down in the tender area above the crease, causing an even more anguished gasp from his nineteen year old wife. There was nothing in Jackie’s life that had ever come close to the level of pain she was experiencing, and Warren knew that this was going to be a make or break experience that could define their marriage. She might hate him forever or hopefully might never again do anything to endanger their union. He knew this was all about tough love and despite the fact he knew he was inflicting enormous pain on his wife, he also knew that she would recover and hopefully they would become closer as a result. He reminded himself that she had said she’d do anything to repair her marriage.

Jackie had been in position over the stool for quite a while and had now parted her legs to retain some balance. Warren had delivered three devastating strokes of the cane and needed to complete her punishment. But he had no interest in being overly severe, satisfied that the first three strokes had been very hard. In essence, the first three strokes had done the job. Taking the cane back over his shoulder for the fourth time, he thrashed his wife at the same level with the cane once more finding a gap slightly higher on her bottom. Jackie gasped again as she absorbed another fearsome line of fire across her bottom and she resisted the temptation to reach back and rub the incredible sting caused by the cane.

Her bottom now had four distinct stripes and there were two obvious gaps for the final two strokes. Warren decided he would deliver the last two strokes with a longer gap to ensure that Jackie fully absorbed the devastating pain. The fifth stoke was equally as severe as the earlier strokes and caused another involuntary gasp. Jackie knew there was only one stroke left and the atmosphere was electric as Warren, after a full two minutes, touched her bottom before giving her the final devastating sixth stroke right across the middle of her bottom, just above the first stroke. Jackie let out the loudest gasp yet as Warren and Ben looked on at her lovely bottom, now with six perfect stripes.

Warren threw the cane on the floor and told Jackie to stand as he embraced his wife and congratulated her on taking her punishment. He also told her the matter was closed and would never be raised or discussed again. He also turned to Ben and told him that he hoped he had regretted his actions and that witnessing Jackie’s punishment should have been a cathartic experience that might make him think again before being tempted to have sex with someone else’s wife.

For Jackie, this had been an extraordinary experience. She had been very fearful that her infidelity had finished her marriage and had said she would do anything to be taken back. Although the last ten minutes had been incredibly painful and had taken her to a level of pain she had never come close to experiencing before, there was a sense of satisfaction that she had paid the price in full. Her bottom was red hot and felt as if she had sat on a hot grill, and she wondered when the extreme pain would start to die down, but knew that there was to be no further punishment. Strangely, she felt no embarrassment by remaining naked below the waist in the presence of Ben and her husband. Indeed, Warren suggested that she might get a couple of beers from the kitchen.

For Warren, he had got a considerable amount of anger out of his system, but at the same time wanted to test Jackie to see if she really wanted to repent for her infidelity. He knew it could go two ways. It could finish their marriage forever. Happily it seemed that Jackie wanted to pay the price, and it looked like their marriage was back on-track. He was also satisfied he had delivered a caning of significance and was reminded of his days as Head Boy when he had a reputation for giving particularly sound beatings.

For Ben, he carried a huge amount of guilt but he also knew that Jackie had been the instigator to their moment of passion. Nonetheless, he could have resisted. However, he had witnessed an extraordinary event and watching Jackie, at the age of nineteen, getting six strokes of the cane to her beautiful bare bottom delivered with precision by her husband had also been a highly erotic experience and he had been very impressed with her resilience.

After a couple of beers, Warren suggested Jackie get dressed and a few moments later she was back in her extremely smart suit. After a trip to the bathroom to wipe the tears away and repair her make-up, she looked outwardly as if nothing had happened. Inwardly however, her bottom was still red hot.

The three of them then went out for a long lunch. Nothing more was said about Jackie’s caning except that she was constantly reminded with her bottom throbbing as she sat on a hard wooden chair in the restaurant. Indeed she was reminded every time she sat down for several days and kept the cane marks for well over a week.

Warren returned the two canes to his old school and it was suggested that he kept one just in case there was another event. Now, nearly thirty years later, that cane remained in the back of their wardrobe. It had never been used again.

But Jackie had never forgotten that fateful day and barely a day went by when she didn’t recall bending over and being thrashed across her bare bottom in front of Warren’s friend. Although her memory was largely one of pain, there were moments when she had slightly erotic thoughts about her caning.

She had not seen Ben for over twenty years and sometimes wondered what he might have remembered. There were moments when she would like to have asked him, but she knew that would never happen. What she did know was that she had been a given a ‘take it or leave it’ offer to rescue her marriage. With their two successful children and over thirty years of happy marriage, six severe strokes of the cane to her bare bottom had been a small price to pay.

The thirty-year anniversary of that fateful day was approaching and Jackie was having wild thoughts about asking Warren to give her a few strokes using the cane that had been in the back of the wardrobe for all that time. It was becoming a powerful urge that would not go away. She had kept in great shape and still had what she considered to be an excellent bottom, largely as a result in her regular trips to the gym. Would she have the nerve to ask or was she being completely mad?

The End

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