Girls in an office are routinely punished, but are they really that naughty?

By Joanna Jones

Mary noticed across the open plan office as the new intern, Debbie, was called in to Kevin Barton’s office. As usual, she had a vague feeling of unease as she wondered briefly what he wanted as she turned back to the spreadsheet she was working on.

When Debbie came out her unease solidified. She recognised that disbelieving, half distressed look. After all she remembered exactly the same feelings five years ago, just after she’d started as an intern here.

Debbie headed out to, no doubt, the ladies room. When she did not return after five minutes, Mary decided to follow. She heard quiet sobs from the occupied stall stifled as she entered, and was certain what had happened.

She took the next stall and sat for a moment. “Debbie, it happened to me too I was an intern here five years ago. Look to meet me at coffee break, ok?”

A sniff and Debbie replied: “He..he caned you…your bare backside fi…five years ago?”

Debbie listened shocked. Mr Barton had at least let her keep her underwear on. Clearly he had become more adventurous since then. She was so glad she was leaving, though she had yet to formally hand in her notice. The job she was going to was a small step up, but she desperately wanted a fresh challenge. Though no longer her line manager, leaving behind Kevin Barton was a plus too.

She confined herself to saying: “He caned me, yes. Meet me at the main entrance, okay.”

She heard a hopeful: “Yes.” And then pulled the lever, washed her hands and left before Kevin might get suspicious. He was not just a weirdo, in her view, but also rather paranoid.

A few minutes later Debbie was back at her desk. Clearly she was trying to do some work, but was struggling.

As Mary too tried to carry on her mind kept going back to that fateful day all of five years ago. The whole episode was etched permanently in her memory.

It had started as any other day. She had been enjoying her work, which had involved working on the sales support team. Kevin was the manager, and was a fairly new appointment. He seemed, she originally thought, a friendly approachable guy who was in his late twenties. He was clearly very bright and able and had proven himself quickly in the company sales department. Most of her colleagues reckoned he was already being groomed for more senior positions.

Like Debbie it had been around 10.00 in the morning when Kevin had called her into his office. There was a discrepancy in her figures, and one thousand pounds had gone missing. She had been appalled; the money seemed to have vanished into thin air! Kevin then explained he’d had to do a lot of digging to find that the money had been refunded to the company by her, but he could not understand why she had done so, especially as such a refund required his authorisation.

Kevin asked her to explain and she had had no answer. She was sure she had done all those transactions properly.

The interview had lasted half an hour. Eventually he said he could not see how she could continue to work for them.

The shock had been awful. She remembered begging for an alternative. To lose one’s intern position would be a disaster after all. With no reference, or a bad one, it was worse than never having been an intern at all.

She remembered how he had looked blankly at her, saying he could not see an alternative that would properly recognise what had happened, after all due to her incompetence a significant sum of money had apparently been sent back to the purchaser, totally undermining his position.

Somehow he had managed to get her to suggest she should be spanked. Originally she really had thought it had been her idea in desperation, and that he had reluctantly agreed to cane her as a result. Now she knew differently. Two other interns had subsequently fallen into the same ‘trap’ and taken a similar punishment. Both were now friends and both were as bitter as she was about having been ‘set up’. She was pretty sure two others had been given the same choice and decided to leave. It was very easy to dismiss an intern. They had none of the rights of a normal employee.

It had been six of the best across her knickers. After considering the options during the morning she’d told him after lunch she would take the caning. He told her to return to the office at 7.00 that evening. He would deal with her once everyone had gone home.

Work that afternoon had been a blur. Dread about what she had agreed to, barely able to concentrate on anything. Originally she planned just to remain at work, but as people drifted out after five she could not bear the office. There was a coffee shop over the road. The atmosphere was better, not that she did much more than sip her drink.

Just before seven she slipped out and made her way back across the road and into the now deserted office. Dropping her bag by her desk she knocked gently on Mr Barton’s door.

“Ah, Mary! I wondered for a while whether you had changed your mind!”

Numbly she’d shaken her head. She could not afford to lose this internship.

“Right, well we better get on with it, then we can put this sorry matter behind us, eh? I will be back in a minute. When I return you will be standing in that corner with your skirt and tights off. Understood?”

“Yes sir.” She had muttered.

Stripping off the smart tight business skirt, which came just above the knee, in his albeit empty office had been both embarrassing and nerve-wracking. Removing the skin coloured tights worse.

Wishing she had not chosen the bikini cut panties she had on that morning she had gazed at the corner of the room, trying desperately not to let her nerves get the better of her, not to think about what was going to happen. It was 1999, going to be the Millennium soon – she had never been physically punished either at school or home, what was happening was a throwback, something she remembered her father once talking about when she did one of those projects on how schooling had changed. According to him it hurt!

She had heard him come in and turned to face him, hands cupped in front of her. Of course she remembered cringing as he had admired her naked legs running up to the pale green coloured cotton that covered her modesty. She wished the blouse, tailored fashionably in at the waist, had been longer, but its horizontally cut hem stopped just above her panties.

“Hands by your side!” He ordered, giving him an unimpeded view which his eyes clearly appreciated. She felt abused as she stood nervously waiting for him to get on with it. Not that she was able to argue with him – her eyes and mind were absorbed with the thin light rod in his hand, presumably picked up from his old locker that all staff had somewhere in the building. The cane was somewhat longer than two and a half feet and straight with a black handle. It looked a nasty weapon.

Finally after a brief lecture he’d told her to grip the seat of the chair she had sat in that morning. Standing in front of the chair she complied, keeping her legs straight and dropping her back to stick her bottom out as instructed.

Then the awful feeling sinking in; there was to be no magic last minute reprieve; this was not some bad joke. That cane was now gently touching her underwear.

The humm and thwack of the first stroke.

Words could not describe the shock of that first branding, a gasp as agony impaled her. Fear was the only reason she did not stand. He had warned her of extra of she was ‘disobedient’.

Taking his time the strokes increased the agony progressively, leaving six bright red lines parallel over her bottom that she had examined carefully later that evening. Also it left two very red eyes that had flowed tears continuously as she sobbed as the last three strokes had cut into her buttocks.

Once over he watched her as she’d dressed. Struggling to get her skirt on had been both painful and embarrassing in the extreme. She had not even contemplated trying to replace her tights.

Dismissed from his office, it had taken her over half an hour to clean herself up after before she could consider going home – to a night spent on her tummy.

Her two friends’ experiences had been similar from all accounts. Further once started he managed to get them for other ‘minor’ offences. She had got three further canings in her intern year, and he’d only stopped when she had become a full employee. At that point she’d managed to get moved from sales to marketing; same office but different manager.

Over the years she and her friends had thought of complaining. However, there was no proof and, given what a successful sales manager he was, they all suspected the senior management might not wish to investigate too hard.

However, it had to stop, somehow. As she carried on with some work though she just could not see a way to do it.

It was only fifteen minutes later that she met Debbie and went for a walk for quarter of an hour. Debbie had clearly hoped that she might have some solution to her ‘problem’, but of course all Mary could offer was moral support and the ‘benefit’ of her experience. There was no use pretending to the poor girl that it was not so painful. All she could do was promise to wait secretly and help her home if she wanted.

Like every other victim Debbie was sure she had done the transactions right and had spent the last hour trying to see how the mistake could have happened. However to no avail.

“My access privileges are just too low to see how it could have happened. Either there is a very odd bug, or he’s set up a weird routine in the code,” she said. “I wish I was an intern in IT!”

‘Naomi!’ thought Debbie to herself. Naomi was one of the two others who had had been caned and had got a job with the company Mary was moving to in a couple of months. Her experiences with Kevin had been a key reason why she had not taken up an offer in the sales department here. However, her boyfriend, Nick, was in IT and was a good friend of Mary’s too. The only problem was he knew nothing of what happened. Naomi had never felt able to discuss it with him for fear of his reaction.

Mary did not want to get Debbie’s hopes up so limited herself to getting as much detail as she could, while trying to support Debbie’s morale. She had already decided to take a caning. Like Mary the prospect of losing the internship was too awful to consider.

Directly after coffee Mary slipped up to IT and found Nick. Couching it very innocently, mentioning only that something odd had happened in the Fletcher account and an intern might get the blame, she asked him to have a quick look. Within minutes Nick saw there was an issue but it was very odd. Intrigued he promised to look at it.

At lunch Debbie went out to get some air, so Mary sat with Angela, the other girl who’d taken a caning, then a couple more, from ‘Creepy Kevin’ as she called him. Like Mary, she’d managed to escape his clutches, having proven herself organisationally and diplomatically she had become PA to Mr Harrison, who was the Managing Director. That most men found her rather stunning did not harm her chances in that role either.

She seethed as Mary told her about Debbie, both of them failing to think of any way to prevent it. As Nick joined them they turned the conversation quickly away from canes and corporal punishment.

Nick said he’d been looking at the software and he could not work out what was going on. “There is something weird in the Fletcher account, but it’s not easy to understand. I am tied up much of this afternoon, but I will keep working on it when I can.” Was his comment.

With that they discussed more pleasant matters, until they each finished and returned to their desks. Nick wanted some more time to look at the accounts problem, concerned that their may be some deeper problem in the system.

All too soon it was nearly five. Mary had kept half an eye on Debbie, struggling to work. She had gone in after lunch no doubt to tell Kevin she agreed to his ‘punishment’, but otherwise sat at her desk going through the motions.

Wondering how Nick was getting on she went up to IT.

“This is the oddest glitch I have seen,” he declared. “If you interrogate the system through accounts everything is fine. But… if I analyse the Fletcher account itself through the sales front end, then it appears money has been paid out back to the supplier. I can’t understand it. However, I think it should be enough to help your intern for the moment. The money has not disappeared.”

Mary knew it would not be. Like herself five years ago, Debbie had been told not to discuss the matter with anyone. Even if she got off this time, she knew Kevin would find another spurious reason to dismiss her if he was crossed.

Asking Nick if he could get a little more on the glitch she went down the corridor, pulled out her mobile and phoned Naomi.

After the hellos Mary got straight to the point. “Kevin’s up to his tricks again. He’s threatening to cane the new intern girl bare bum! I told Nick there was something odd in the accounts and he thinks there is a glitch. I need to point him in the right direction. I need to tell him to see if Kevin could have set it deliberately, otherwise Debbie will have to take a caning in a couple of hours!”

Naomi was rather taken aback as she blurted it out, but eventually she agreed. By the time Mary got back to the IT room, it was after five and Nick was alone, listening on his own mobile with incredulity and anger to his girlfriend’s story.

Once he hung up he looked at me and said: “I can assume he got you too, yeah?”

Mary nodded.

With that he turned to his computer and said grimly: “Looks like I am working late tonight! I am so going to get that bastard.”

“Nick we need to ensure Kevin thinks the building is empty otherwise he’ll get suspicious. I am going to leave now but I will come back here sometime after six.”

Nick nodded and locked the door and turned out the main light, to make it look as if no one was in.

Angela and Mary met Debbie and Naomi in the park near work around quarter to six. She could barely believe what was happening and kept rubbing the seat of the navy blue trousers of her business suit as she walked along.

While Angela stayed to support Debbie, Mary let Naomi in to see Nick in IT.

Having given a coded four knocks he let them in, but he would not stop. He knew they needed hard evidence by the deadline if they were to have something to hold over ‘Mister Kevin Barton’.

“What he’s done is very clever,” he muttered. “Both in the way it works and how his tracks are covered.”

Angela joined them at ten to seven. Debbie, she said, had gone back to her desk. She had told her they would meet round the corner outside and they would help her home.

Nick was desperately working on the issue trying to find the evidence that would link the code corrupting the sales data with Kevin Barton’s account. Finally at five past he said gleefully: “Got it! Somehow he has a second well hidden administrator account on the system which he can log into, I can tell it is him because it has only been accessed from his machine.” He hit the print button leading to a sheaf of paper giving the trail showing how Kevin had subverted the system.

Mary told them to follow as soon as the print out was complete. Now they had the evidence she needed to stop Barton before it was too late!

She crashed down the stairs.

A muffled scream echoed around the open plan office, coming from Kevin’s room at the end, where the privacy blinds were unsurprisingly down.

Rushing through the partitions in the open plan office she did not bother knocking on Kevin’s door, but was too late to prevent another blow as she heard the crack of the cane as her hand reached the handle.

The resultant scream from a sobbing Debbie assaulted her ears as she barged into the office shouting: “Stop, you bastard!”

Mary was greeted by the sight of Debbie, essentially naked from the waist down with her trousers and creamy knickers around her ankles. She was gripping the front of an office chair and her protruding backside was already decorated with four nasty red tramlines. As Debbie turned her head in surprise to look at her, she saw the agonised face, tears streaming uncontrollably from her eyes.

Mary rushed over to comfort her, glaring at Kevin as she did so.

“You’re finished Kevin.” Mary said malevolently. I know how you did it, how you set up the accounts to make it only look like the money had been taken out. You set us up to be caned for your pleasure, you piece of s**t.”

Kevin looked in shock as his former intern charged in. It took him a while to recover from the activity he was enjoying. Watching the girl nervously unbuckle her trousers and slip them down to her ankles, then with tears pricking her eyes, thumbing her knickers down to join them, revealing a triangle of lightly coloured hair. It had been incredibly seductive, though he had enough self control to realise there were boundaries he could not cross. Her rounded buttocks had twitched alluringly as he had lined up, and then brought down each stroke. The fact that he was attacking an unwilling victim was something he vaguely thought of, but always justified to himself. He gave them excellent reports after, and they all had had good offers in the company. Not every intern got that. The fact that the work they did alone merited that offer did not bother him.

However, as he listened to Mary’s verbal onslaught, Kevin Barton’s initial shock turned to a grim smile. “And who will believe that?” He said. “I don’t know how you found out, but I can delete the code, and no one will know. I told you not to tell anyone Debbie – tomorrow you’ll be packing your bags. And as for you Mary, I will sort you out soon too! Mr Harrison can’t afford to lose me, but you two are certainly expendable!”

Mary looked contemptuously at him as she gently helped a confused and still tearful Debbie pull her underwear and trousers back up. “Nobody is indispensable, least of all a pervert like you!” She declared angrily.

Mary took the sobbing young woman in her arms as she continued to glare at her old manager.

Kevin Barton still thought he could brazen it out, and when Mary described to him exactly how he had set Debbie up using a second account he turned to his computer and said: “It is a nice description but no one will believe you after I delete the file. All they will know is Debbie got chatting and asked for a bit of kink on the side, which I agreed to help her with as a bit of fun for us both. Her complaint will be regarded as an embarrassed attempt to cover the thing up after you found us, and when she’s gone all she’ll be remembered as is as a shameless hussy!”

It was a shock to him when he realised that his computer would not let him log in to his ‘secret’ administrator account. It was a bigger one when he found himself unable to re-login to his usual one either.

“What have you done?” He hissed.

“She did nothing, Barton.” Said Nick who just appeared at the door. “In line with company policy I have just had to suspend your account!”

For the first time Kevin Barton looked worried. “Give me access back now!” He demanded. “When Mr Harrison hears about this…”

“I am sure he will sack you!” said Angela appearing round the door. “I already phoned him and he is on his way back in, by the way, I think it will be only ten minutes before you can explain it all to him. Having his mobile number is one of the advantages of being his PA.” She smiled sweetly at Kevin.

She paused before saying: “Finally I think some justice is coming.”

Kevin replied aggressively “We will see! Bringing in former interns at this time of the day may well count against you, Angela!” as his eyes glanced at Naomi behind her.

She gave him a withering look at this rather thin attempt to intimidate them. “Special permission from the boss. She is after all an interested party!” Was her reply.

Kevin chewed his lip as she tried to think of a way out of the web he had been caught in. Apart from his bravado, he now had little to work with.

Mary took Debbie to the Ladies to clean herself up as they waited for Mr Harrison to arrive. Nick and the other two girls waited in uncomfortable silence with Kevin in his office.

Once Mr Harrison had heard the story Kevin soon found things were not going his way. The MD listened but his judgment was never in doubt as bravado counted for nothing in his book. Tampering with the company sales and accounts system, unauthorised second computer accounts, irregular punishments and bullying of employees. Mr Harrison made it clear that all individually were sacking offences.

Finally he gave Kevin a choice. “Resign by tomorrow at nine, and he could avoid disciplinary action on the accounts system issue. I can’t speak for the caning of the interns. You can discuss it with the girls here to see if you can persuade them not to call the police, or make a formal complaint to me. Whatever they decide my company will be supporting them, not you. Clear?”

Kevin looked sick and humiliated as he replied quietly: “Yes, sir.”

With that Mr Harrison turned to Nick. “You did a good job. Why don’t we go for a drink and leave the ladies to discuss the matter with Barton here?” Mr Harrison’s lip curled as he said it, clearly showing the contempt he had for the man in front of him.

Pleasantly surprised, Nick left the room with Mr Harrison.

Kevin looked nervously at the four girls whispering together and, defeated, waited for them to pronounce his fate. He desperately hoped they would assume his resignation would be enough, but he doubted it. Not the police though, he prayed to himself.

Eventually when they faced him, their smiles chilled him. They were smiles that could only be associated with only one thing: Revenge.

Mary started. “You tricked each of us. Between us we reckon you’ve given us 74 strokes of the cane. So how many do you think we should give you tonight to stop us going to the police.”

“I…I don’t know,” was the very nervous reply he stammered out.

Angela was next. “He likes six of the best, so how about that from each.”

Kevin’s eyes widened at the prospect of 24 cuts of the cane. “Please.” He begged.

After a few minutes teasing him the girls gave him their final offer: Sixteen, bare bottom, or the police.

Reluctantly Kevin agreed to the caning.

“Well.” Said Debbie. “You’d better get ready. Time to show us what you’ve got!”

Kevin looked fearfully at them, Mary fingering his cane meaningfully. He knew he could expect no mercy from these four women, all staring maliciously at him.

Angela said: “He seems a bit reluctant to get his trousers down. Want some help?”

“I think that could be part of the punishment!” Said Naomi viciously, slapping his hands away from his belt. “Hands on your head!”

Reluctantly Kevin did as he was told. The thirty-three year old closed his eyes as Naomi undid the belt, button and fly, and then unceremoniously yanked his trousers to his ankles, revealing his grey hipster underwear. It was clear that nerves were having an effect on what was inside them, causing the girls much amusement at his expense. Finally Naomi yanked down his pants as Kevin cringed, wishing his member would behave itself.

Mary smiled cruelly at his embarrassment. “Don’t worry, this will soon take your mind off your problem, over the desk with him.”

The three other girls did not let him do it himself but gleefully manhandled him into position.

“Not a bad bum for someone of your age.” Said Angela appraisingly, leading to further cringes from Kevin as the four tormentors spun out their amusement.

Kevin felt sick. While losing his job was the worst he thought, he felt horribly vulnerable waiting for his whacking while his four former victims teased him, commenting on his ‘rather cute’ bottom and of course his member that refused to lie down. He had never been caned before and wondered how bad this was going to be. Bitterly he regretted letting temptation get the better of him.

His heart jumped to his mouth as Mary lined up the first of her four strokes with a gentle touch to his rear.

There was of course to be absolutely no mercy. Mary cracked the cane down with every ounce of strength and venom she could muster.

The shocking pain was far, far greater than Kevin ever expected. Unlike all four girls, who had managed to take their canings without standing, Kevin did indeed stand on the first stroke as he shouted: “Aaaagh!” And desperately gripped his bottom, shaking his head in shock.

Mary looked coldly at him. “Oh dear! We’ll have to have that one again” she said rather sarcastically.

Kevin looked in not horror but real fear at the girls clearly enjoying his shocked countenance.

They then encouraged him back over the desk, commenting humorously that his member was at least behaving itself now, even if he was not doing as he was told!

As he slowly returned to position Kevin heard Naomi say: “Can’t take the pain that he so loved giving others! Oh, this is going to be so much fun!”

He felt the cane touch his bottom again and gripped much more tightly. He knew now that the girls’ vengeance was going to be a dreadful experience.

The End