Girls moving in to the traditional boys school cause a headmaster to think about punishment. From the old site.

by Pat Greenham

It was the last day of term before the Easter holidays, and Julia Randall and Robert Weston were in a great deal of trouble as they waited outside the Headmaster’s Study during the morning break. They both knew that it was extremely serious having been caught the previous evening smoking cannabis at the end of term sixth form party – and they also knew that pupils had been expelled for similar offences.

Both were in their last year at The College and were due to take A levels during the next term before going to University. They were also both prefects and neither had been in any trouble previously. It was 1983, and Julia had been part of the very first intake of female pupils to join two years previously, being one of just six girls in her year. For Chesham College it had represented a very big change having previously been ‘boys only’ for the entire history of the College.

Julia and Robert were high achievers both academically and on the sports field. Now, however it all looked a little different as they waited to be summoned by the Head and they wondered what was going to happen, potentially fearing the worst. Expulsion was more than possible, but they knew being suspended was another option. Robert had said that there was a chance he could be caned but that the Head certainly wouldn’t consider that option in Julia’s case.

Eventually the huge door to the Head’s study opened and they were summoned in and told to stand side by side in front of his large desk. They were taken aback by how calm he was, but he outlined the seriousness of their offence and told them that their stupidity, being so close to their A levels was almost unbelievable. The Head went on to say that he had looked at both their school records, which he had found to be exemplary – and he added that in Julia’s case this was the first major breach by any of the female pupils that had joined in the last two years. He also said that bringing drugs into the school was extremely serious and that they must expect the consequences to be severe. The Head then told them that he would now see them individually and asked Julia to leave the room and wait outside.

Once the door had closed, the Head turned his attention to Robert. He told him that this was the last day of term and that he should reflect over the Easter holidays on the sheer enormity of his actions and that it could have completely wrecked his school career with dreadful consequences. He went on to say that expulsion would be entirely appropriate – but to Robert’s relief, he added that he was not going to take that course of action. He went onto to say that it was now very rare for a sixth form pupil, especially a Prefect, to be caned, but that was the course of action he had decided upon. He added that as it was the alternative to expulsion, it would be a severe caning and something he would remember for a long time. Robert had been caned a couple of times previously by other masters when he was in the middle school, but immediately realised that this was going to be a lot more painful. However he had avoided expulsion and all the shame involved.

The Head went to his cupboard and took out a long cane saying that he seldom has to use it, but it was still an effective form of punishment. He then told Robert that he would have a choice between eighteen strokes across the seat of his trousers, twelve strokes across his underwear or six strokes across his bare bottom. Robert was shocked by this unexpected question and equally shocked at the severity. He thought that eighteen would be too many and that twelve with only a thin layer of protection would be worse than six on the bare. He just wanted to get it over and told the Head he would take the last option, and he was told to remove his jacket, take off his trousers and lower his pants. Moments later Robert was asked to bend across the large desk before taking six severe strokes of the cane to his bare bottom. The caning was given slowly over a three-minute period, and was incomparable with previous punishments leaving Robert in very considerable pain.

All this time, Julia had been waiting outside and obviously had heard the unmistakable sound of Robert being caned and wondered what lay ahead for her. Moments later she found herself changing places with Robert, and standing like a small schoolgirl in front of the Headmaster. He told her that he was in a very difficult position, as he had decided not to expel either of them, but had given Robert a punishment that he could not replicate in Julia’s case. As such he told her he had decided that she would be suspended from school for the first two weeks of the Summer Term and that he would explain the position to her parents.

Julia did not know what to think – she was relieved not to be expelled, but to be suspended was dreadful and wondered what her father would say. She also remembered when she was trying to persuade her father to let her apply to Chesham College, he had told her that she should not for one moment think that she would be treated any differently to the boys.

The Head asked her if she had anything to say, and Julia nervously asked why she could not be punished in the same way as Robert. She also thought that six of the best wouldn’t be so bad and added that it seems only fair that she should be treated exactly the same as if she had been a male pupil. The Head looked at Julia for a moment and said: “Are you asking me to cane you instead of suspending you?”

Julia told him that she would prefer the cane to being suspended – adding that she was ashamed of what she had done, but wanted the whole episode to be dealt with and closed. She also said that she felt that it was only right that she receive the same punishment as her co-partner in crime.

The Headmaster was taken aback by Julia’s reaction, as he had not for one moment contemplated caning one of his sixth form girls. He thought about this turn of events and wondered whether he should even contemplate her request – having never in his whole career administered a caning to a schoolgirl. In truth the Headmaster was concerned about doing the ‘right thing’ and about ‘correctness’, and suggested that he first speak to her parents. Julia replied that if at all possible she did not want her parents involved and said that as she was over eighteen and technically an adult, she should be able to make her own decisions.

The Head told her that he admired her fortitude for wanting to be punished in the same way. He also saw the sense in her thinking and agreed that it was perhaps not fair for Robert to have the matter closed, whilst Julia would have the holidays with the matter unresolved. He suggested that maybe the best way forward would be to ask one of the few female teachers to administer the caning, to which Julia replied that she did not want anyone else involved and would prefer to just take the cane from him and again stated that she just wanted the matter over – adding again that she was ashamed of what she had done, and repeated that she wanted to be treated exactly the same as Robert so that she would not have the whole thing hanging over her during the holidays. She added that she knew it would be painful, but felt she thoroughly deserved punishment.

The Head thought about this turn of events for a few moments before telling Julia that he would go along with her request, but asked first had she any idea of what a severe caning involves? Julia replied that I imagine I bend over and you whack my bottom six times with the cane. The Head smiled and said that broadly she was right, but that a severe caning is worse than she might imagine as he told Julia that if she wanted to be treated exactly as her friend it would six strokes across her bare bottom – or alternatively the same options he had given Robert with the choice of eighteen strokes across the seat of her skirt or twelve strokes across her pants.

Julia was very shocked by this development but felt she had gone too far. The Head asked her if she had changed her mind now she knew a little more about what a caning involved. Julia was clearly horrified about possibly having to undress but remained of the view that she should be punished in the same way, and if Robert had been caned on the bare, that is what she must face. She was even more determined to get it over as quickly as possible.

The Head asked her which of the three canings she wanted to opt for. Julia had already made up her mind, and like Robert felt that eighteen strokes just sounded too many, and there was little point in twelve across her knickers, remembering that she was wearing a particularly skimpy pair of pants, which would give her next to no protection. She concluded that the only option was a horrific six on the bare and told the Headmaster of her decision.

The Head stood up and asked her if she wanted a chaperone to be in the room whilst she was undressed and during the caning itself. Julia immediately declined, not wanting anyone to witness her terrible shame. The Headmaster felt slightly awkward as he told her that she should prepare herself by removing whatever clothes necessary to bare her bottom, as he turned to look out of the window to give Julia a modicum of modesty. She removed her jacket, shoes and tight uniform skirt, and as the Head continued to look away, Julia knew that her last item of modesty – her knickers were next and pushed them down before stepping out of them and putting them with the rest of her clothes. Now naked below the waist, Julia asked where she was to bend over to be told: “Please reach right across the desk and grip the far side.”

Julia, now naked below the waist, took the few short steps to his desk before bending right across as instructed.

The Headmaster turned away from the window and was greeted with the sight of Julia’s bare bottom perfectly presented – and noted that it was a very nice change to have a female bottom in front of him, round and trim and he had to admit, an absolute ‘peach’. For the first time he felt a ‘stirring’ as he took in the view with Julia’s legs stretched out behind her. He paused and wondered if he should go easy on her, but concluded that despite all, this girl had committed an offence for which she could have been justifiably expelled and knew that he must cane her severely. Julia was in two minds – scared of what was to come and mortified as she thought about him looking at her bare bottom. Strangely she hoped he liked what he saw.

He told her that he would cane her exactly as he had Robert, and that she should remain still and quiet. He said he would wait before giving each stroke until he thought she was ready. At this he picked up the same cane that had been used fifteen minutes earlier and, standing to Julia’s left, tapped her bottom a few times before slowly taking the cane back over his shoulder and whipping it down hard to strike her bottom right in the middle creating an immediate red line of fire. Julia felt nothing for a split second before the pain exploded and she let out a loud gasp. She could not believe the pain as she stayed over his desk just trying to absorb the line of fire across her bottom knowing there were five more to come. The second stroke came about forty-five seconds later and was parallel to the first just a little higher. Julia again gasped but stayed in position lying over his desk with her bottom now sporting two distinct cane weals. After another period passed the Head again tapped Julia’s bottom just below the first stroke before methodically taking the cane right back and bringing it back down with great speed to strike exactly where he had wanted –half an inch below that first stripe. Again Julia gasped as the third line of undiluted pain penetrated all the nerve ends in her trim bottom and parted her legs slightly for better balance in the process giving the Head a view of her pussy – later Julia reflected on the reason that a chaperone had been offered, as there was nothing now being hidden from the eyes of the Head.

Julia was half way and all she could think about was getting through the next few minutes. The fourth stroke hit Julia between the other strokes and for the first time the gasp was a ‘cry out’, and the Head knew she was starting to really suffer. Julia held onto the desk for grim death and told herself that she must take the last two strokes without a sound as she imagined Robert had taken his caning stoically. At this stage the Head knew she had already received a very severe caning and considered easing up for the last two – but no, he decided that as in tradition the last two would be the hardest yet.

The fifth was a ‘scorcher’ and hit Julia’s bottom right in the centre finding a sliver of white bottom between the previous strokes and produced a load gasp. He left a full minute before administering the very last stroke as close as possible to the first stroke to which he succeeded. The last and hardest stroke of all was ironically the only one that Julia managed to absorb without a sound.

The Head told her to stay in position as he put his cane away and walked behind Julia to admire her now well caned bottom. He didn’t want to admit it, but he knew that he had enjoyed giving this very attractive eighteen year old a caning and was pleased that she had opted for being beaten on the bare bottom.

As he sat down behind his desk he told Julia to stand and face him as he told her she had been very lucky to avoid expulsion, and because of her request to be punished as an equal she had avoided being suspended. He said that bringing drugs onto the school premises was extremely serious and that she had just experienced the most severe caning available, which he hoped she would remember for a long time.

Whilst getting this lecture Julia was standing naked from the waist down, with her pubic triangle on display to the Headmaster which she tried to cover, but was told to keep her hands by the side. She was desperate to get her clothes back on and equally desperate to rub her bottom, which was on fire and she wondered how long it would take for the pain to subside. The Head told her that she had taken her caning very well and had been the only girl ever caned at Chesham College. He told her to turn round as he admired his handiwork once more with all six strokes being within a narrow band across Julia’s bottom. He added that she was likely to carry the marks for a week or so.

Eventually he told her that she could get dressed, and the Head watched as she gingerly replaced her knickers before sliding her skirt back on. He asked her if she anything else to say – to which she replied that she was pleased the whole thing was over but she had had no idea just how painful a caning was to receive. However she thanked him for treating her in the same way as Robert, as an equal.

Two hours later at lunchtime she told Robert what had happened who was astonished that she had insisted on being caned.

Two years later the Governors of Chesham College voted to cease the use of Corporal Punishment. In the meantime no other female pupil had merited a caning, meaning that Julia become somewhat infamous, being the only girl ever to be caned at The College and on the bare bottom – and only because she insisted on being treated as an equal. It was an event neither she nor the Headmaster ever forgot.

The End