A girl discovers a female colleague was caned at work, and wants to find out more


“Is it true that you caned Jenny before Christmas because she tried to have dinner with her boyfriend at the company’s expense?”

Louise was chatting with Mike (the Boss) at a company drinks party and had always wanted to ask the question, but it took a couple of drinks to loosen her tongue. The boss looked at her and asked how did she knew, to which Louise simply said that Jenny had mentioned she had better keep her nose clean or the boss will use methods in line with what the company does for a living and mentioned that she knew that from personal experience and hinted at her pre-Christmas caning.

The background was that both Jenny and Louise worked for a company that produced spanking films. It was a small but fun company, and the boss was always good fun to be around. It was rumoured that employees would be punished if they put a foot out of line, and Louise strongly suspected that Jenny had indeed been caned. She was of course correct; Jenny had arranged the restaurant for the Christmas party and treated herself and her boyfriend to a private dinner, thinking that it would simply get lost on the eventual bill. In fact, it was shown separately and the truth was out. Jenny had been caned once before, but on this second occasion she had to take off her trousers and knickers and take twelve strokes across her bare bottom.

The boss looked at Louise and said she was correct, he had caned Jenny and she fully deserved what she had received. Louise wanted to know more and was clearly more than just casually interested.

The boss, sensing that she had an agenda, asked: “Why are you so interested?”

Louise simply replied that as a production assistant she had witnessed many spankings and canings and sometimes wondered what it would actually be like to take a thrashing. The boss said she had only to ask and he’d be delighted to oblige, and added that if it was not a ‘punishment’ and just curiosity, he would go easy on her.

Nothing more was said that evening, but when Louise woke up the following morning she immediately remembered the conversation. She had two emotions; firstly, she was embarrassed to think of what she had said, but was also excited that she might actually be caned by the boss. Louise, like others in the office, found the boss to be attractive and dashing, and the idea of him telling her what to do in a dominant way was exciting. When she had heard about Jenny being caned, she had been envious about the attention she would have received and did not really think about the real consequences of the extremely painful experience; and at this point she still did not know of any details and certainly not that Jenny was caned on her bare bottom.

It was the weekend, so she had until Monday to think about whether she wanted to take her conversation further. As she thought about it, she continued to be in two minds. First she thought that she was mad to even contemplate asking to be caned, but secondly she was excited about the idea of submitting to him and finding out for herself what the cane actually felt like.

Meanwhile Mike was also thinking about the conversation and wondered what might happen on Monday. He was aware Louise was a very attractive girl and, in tight trousers, she clearly possessed a great bottom; one that he very much would like to spank or even cane.

The question was, was Mike or Louise going to be first to broach the conversation on Monday, if at all? Mike decided that he must not appear to be too keen, so left it until Tuesday to ask Louise if she remembered the conversation they had the previous Friday. Louise, rather timidly, said she did remember but secretly was pleased Mike had asked the question. There was an awkward pause before Mike simply said that if she wanted to talk further perhaps they should pop out for a drink at lunchtime, to which she replied: “That would be great.”

Mike knew that over a large glass of wine Louise may well open up, which is exactly what happened. It was clear that the side of Louise that wanted to ‘find out’ was winning over the side that thought she herself was mad. Mike told her she should not feel in any way embarrassed as many women fantasised about being spanked, and if she really wanted to find out he’d be very happy to help, adding that he would never exceed any limits she might want to set.

Louise was comforted by what Mike was saying and knew she wanted to go forward and said as much to him. She also said that her fantasy was not about being spanked, it was about being caned as she had witnessed many professional spankees for the films the company produced. Louise asked what was his suggestion of how to proceed, if she was going to learn for herself.

Mike told her that when Jenny had been punished, she had received the cane in his office after everyone had left. So that was an option, but if she preferred she could come in over the weekend and use the studio with all the props including the punishment trestle. In this way there would be plenty of time and obviously nobody would be about. Mike added that she could decide on whatever level of clothing she wanted to retain or take off. Louise asked how Jenny had been caned, to which Mike told her that Jenny had actually been caned twice, first for fiddling her expenses when she received six strokes across the seat of her trousers, and the second time for having a meal at the company’s expense she had received twelve strokes across her bare bottom.

Louise then took Mike completely by surprise with the following brief speech:-

“Mike, I don’t want you think that I am mad, but I want to do something that means you have to punish me. In this way I will know that I cannot back out. This may seem a bit pre-conceived, but I’d like to do what Jenny did. I’d like to use the company credit card that I have for buying props to take my boyfriend out for dinner. Then I will admit to you what I have done and you can then punish me. I think your suggestion of coming in over the weekend would work, maybe this Saturday morning, and I would simply like you to give me a proper six-of-the-best across my bare bottom whilst I am bent over the punishment bench in the studio. From when I arrive I want you to take over and act the position of the disciplinarian that is furious with me until after you have finished caning me. I have never been spanked, and certainly not caned, but I often wonder what it would have been like to have been caned by the Headmaster at my school. It was an experience that a few of my friends went through and I always wanted to know the details of what it had been like. Then I always wondered what it would have been like for me, and indeed wished that I had been caned myself. So, now knowing that you have caned Jenny, I would like you to cane me. Do you think I am mad?”

Mike told Louise she was completely normal and that everyone has fantasies. He was more than happy to go along with her proposal, adding that she should ensure she booked an expensive restaurant to ensure she is properly punished. In truth, Mike was delighted as he fancied seeing Louise’s bottom in the flesh and fancied caning it.

After one more glass of wine they went back to the office and Louise rang her boyfriend to suggest they go out for dinner that night. She also booked a table at her favourite restaurant.

Later that day, Louise thought about telling her boyfriend about her conversation with Mike and her plans, but she thought better of it. Actually she thought she would keep the secret that she had engineered the whole plot away from him, instead thinking that she would admit to actually being caned after the event as punishment for paying for a meal with her company credit card.

The following day she presented the restaurant bill to Mike and ‘playing the role’ told him that she had been very naughty and had charged an expensive meal to her company card. Mike, realising that he too was expected to be ‘in role’, told her that he has a standard punishment for taking money from the company, which was six strokes of the cane, and because of the gravity of the offence she could expect to be caned across her bare bottom. It was Wednesday, and Mike told her to report to the office at 11am on the forthcoming Saturday when she would be made to regret her actions.

Louise was excited that she had done it! All she had to do now was to look forward to Saturday with tremendous anticipation. That is not to say there were times during those few days when she felt she had gone mad and that she should call the whole thing off and pay Mike the money back, but these thoughts were in the minority to other thoughts about realising a strange ambition.

Saturday morning came all too quickly and Louise was alone in the office with Mike as he, staying ‘in role’, called her by her surname and told her that effectively stealing from the company was a serious matter. He asked if she had anything to say before punishment.

Louise simply said: “No, except I am sorry.”

Mike indicated they should go through to the studio.

Louise had spend many hours in the studio in her role as Production Assistant, watching professional spankees being filmed whilst they were strapped, birched, paddled and caned, but this time it was her that was going over the punishment bench.

Mike followed her in and told her: “Harris, please remove your jeans and anything else you are wearing below the waist.”

Louise’s jeans were skin-tight and Mike was looking forward to seeing her bottom in the flesh, having long admired it albeit clothed. She kicked off her shoes and then undid her jeans and removed them one leg at a time. Her knickers were a thong and would not have given any protection, but a bare bottom caning is just that and they soon came off, leaving her completely naked below the waist. Facing Mike, she hoped he liked her body and he took in the fantastic view in front of him; her great legs, the result of years of playing sport, that flared up to her hips with her trimmed auburn pubic triangle at the apex. Mike knew she had a great figure and decided to ask her to remove her tee-shirt, not in any way necessary for the caning, but he wanted to see more.

Louise was quite happy to comply and was enjoying the embarrassment of being half nude. Moments later, she was standing with only a bra now retained. She asked if he wanted that off as well.

Mike simply said: “Why not?”

Louise was then completely naked and whilst Mike was primarily a bottom man, he could fully appreciate a fantastic pair of firm breasts, about 34C in his opinion.

He then said: “Harris, get into position over the bench in readiness for your caning.”

Even the professionals would normally be ‘warmed up’, but Louise had made it clear she wanted to experience a caning as it would have been given at school. Taking a couple of steps toward the bench, Louise bent across the A shaped frame and reached right down to hold the bar, leaving her bottom fully exposed just off the top and her legs stretched out behind her.

Mike decided to use the restraining straps to secure her in position, and took a couple of minutes to attach her wrists and ankles to the four legs of the bench, leaving Louise completely unable to move in any way. Standing back, Mike took in the view which was just as good as he hoped. Louise had a superb bottom and her legs were apart because of the ankle straps, leaving little to the imagination.

For Louise the anticipation was tremendous knowing that she was totally exposed and she had absolutely no choice but to accept a caning that she had thought about for years.

Selecting a 36 inch cane from the significant selection, Mike said: “Right Harris, you are going to receive six of the best and I am going to leave significant gaps between strokes. I warn you that effectively stealing from the company is very serious and you can expect a severe caning.”

Mike knew he had to find a balance between a caning that was typical of a sixth-form punishment, but one that was not overly hard at a level that some of the professionals could take. He also knew that if he was too gentle he would not achieve Louise’s wishes. After all, she had been thinking about being caned ever since she was at school.

Lining up the cane across her bottom for the first time, Louise knew she was about to find out as Mike took the cane back over his shoulder and whipped it right across the centre of her bottom, creating a terrific thwack and a loud gasp from Louise. Like just about anybody being caned for the first time, the actual experience for Louise was much worse than she had imagined. She could not believe the incredible pain caused by such a simple instrument and asked herself why on earth had she brought this upon herself. And she knew she had five to go. Whilst her primary thoughts had been ones of fantasy, she had no idea just how incredibly painful the cane was to receive. She also knew that if she had not been restrained she would have leapt up.

Mike made her wait at a least a full minute to let the pain sink in and it was true that the extreme pain in Louise’s bottom immediately following the cane stroke had moderated slightly whilst she waited in position for the second stroke. When it came, it caused her to again let out a very loud gasp as another line of fire lit up her bottom.

Louise did not know it, but Mike had got the balance just right. These were hard strokes, no doubt about it, but not in any way brutal. After all, Louise had asked for a proper caning and this what she was getting. Again the pain changed from the incredible intensity immediately after the cane hit home to a deeper red-hot feeling across her whole bottom.

Mike stood back to admire his work with just two absolutely parallel red stripes across the centre of Louise’s delectable bottom. Again, after well over a minute, he thrashed her for the third time, this time slightly lower and causing the same reaction from Louise. She knew she was half way and was uncertain if the long gaps were a good thing or not; it was nice to have time to recover but she also wanted it to be over. Whatever, each stroke was laying a wall of pain deep into her bottom.

To be certain not to put a subsequent stroke on top of an existing one, Mike decided to put one down lower and two higher. As a true professional, his aim was perfect as he took the cane slowly back over his shoulder and delivered the fourth devastating stroke just above the mark caused by the first whack. Louise fully knew what to expect but could not help letting out another gasp as the cane created another line of pure pain. With her wrists restrained, there was nothing Louise could do but remain in position as she tried to come to terms with the pain in her bottom, pain the like of which she had never experienced before. But, and there was a but, she was actually getting used to the pain as it was building. It was almost as if a small part of her wanted the next stroke, which was confusing. How could she possibly be looking forward to the next stroke in any way? Perhaps it was that the pain had reached such a level it was having an unexpected effect, and perhaps she was experiencing for the first time the link between pain and pleasure. It was almost as if she had to be taken to such an extreme place of pain to discover something extraordinary.

She also wondered what her bottom now looked like so prominently displayed to her boss with her legs spread apart held by the ankle restraints. She was certain she would be sporting some vivid stripes.

With these thoughts wildly going round in her head, Mike touched her bottom low down and thrashed her for the fifth time above the crease but half an inch below the previous lowest line of fire. Louise gasped, but not as loudly as before as she took in the pain of the latest stroke as it seeped deep into her bottom. She knew she had only one more stroke of the cane to go and despite the extreme pain she felt a sense of pride that she had nearly taken a very severe six-of-the best.

There was one gap left in the symmetry that Mike had created and, leaving her to wait for two minutes, Mike caned her for the last time precisely where he had taken aim. Louise let out a different gasp, more a long groan as she absorbed the final line of fire.

Mike then said: “Harris, you are to remain over the punishment bench for a few minutes and to think about why you have been caned and the wisdom of using the company credit card for your own ends.”

Louise was not thinking about that at all. Instead, she was trying to process in her mind why she was having more than mild erotic feelings. She had wanted to experience the cane and Mike had given her everything she could have hoped for. She had been really shocked by the incredible level of pain and wondered whether he had caned her harder than she would have experienced at school. But despite the intensity of the pain, which she knew would stay with her for a while, there was an element of pleasure and she also knew she was slightly damp.

Eventually Mike untied the restraints and Louise slowly stood up and faced Mike who decided to come out of the ‘act’. He asked if the caning was what she had hoped, reminding her that she had asked for a proper six-of-the-best.

Louise, facing him still completely naked and making no effort to cover her delightful pubic triangle, said: “Wow, I had no idea how incredibly painful a proper caning is to receive and I think my bottom will be on fire for days, but I can no longer lay in bed wondering what it would be like to have been caned by my Headmaster.”

Mike smiled and told her that he had enjoyed caning her and hoped he had not been too hard, adding that if she ever wanted a repeat she only to ask. Mike also told her that she had a wonderful body. Louise laughed and told him that now she knew, it would unlikely, but you never know.

Mike suggested she might like to put her clothes on and asked if she would like to go for some lunch. Over the next couple of hours, and more than a few glasses of wine, they talked about the morning’s events and among Louise’s thoughts was: ‘Just how did Jenny take twelve strokes?’

After lunch, as Louise made her way home, there was one further task; to tell Dave, her boyfriend, what had happened. He had known nothing of the bigger plan and Louise purposely had decided to simply tell him she had been punished for using the company credit card in an improper way. Then, having been given the choice between the sack or taking a caning, she had opted for a caning. Louise told him about the events of the morning and dropped her jeans to show him the damage. Dave was astonished and told her that he wished he had been present to witness her caning.


Louise: “Looking back to last Saturday, I have to say that it was an extraordinary experience. I have thought about what it might have been like to get the cane at school for some years and have always had an interest in the whole world of CP, so getting a job at a studio producing spanking videos had been a dream come true. But I still wanted to find a way of experiencing the cane for myself and when I found out that Mike had caned Jenny I knew that I wanted the same thing. Talking to Mike at the company drinks party had given me the opportunity and rest is history. Being a bit of an exhibitionist, I had enjoyed taking my clothes off in front of Mike and was happy to also remove my tee-shirt and bra, and I felt very excited as I bent over the punishment bench especially when Mike fastened my legs to the restraining straps knowing my legs would be apart and knowing that everything would be on show. At this point, being completely exposed and waiting for the caning to start, the anticipation was tremendous but I also knew I was entering the unknown. I had asked Mike to give me a proper six-of-the-best without any kind of warm up, but I was completely unprepared for the caning itself.

“Looking back it sounds silly, but I don’t know what to expect. Of course it was going to be painful, but it was unbelievably painful and during the first few strokes there was no way I could say it was in any way enjoyable. Each stroke was an ordeal and I was certainly pleased when he gave me the sixth and final stroke. But I also have to say that something happened toward the latter part of my caning and there was some pleasure from the extreme pain.

“After the caning had finished and I stood up completely naked in front of Mike, the pain very slowly started to reduce and over the next hour was replaced by a very deep heat across my whole bottom. Sitting down for the rest of the day and for that matter the next couple of days gave me an instant reminder of my caning, but looking back I would not change a thing. It was an extraordinary experience and much more painful than I had expected, but I think Mike got it absolutely spot-on. If it had not been painful, I think I would have been disappointed.”

Mike: “From what Louise said over lunch, I think I gave her the caning she wanted. I knew that if I was too light it would not achieve what she wanted. She had asked for a proper six-of-the-best. I could have been harder but I tried to get the balance right and from what she said the caning was certainly painful. Having known Louise for a few years, I knew she has a great body. Her bottom in her skin-tight jeans was obviously great but seeing it ‘in the flesh’ confirmed that Louise indeed had a fantastic bottom. And bent right over the punishment bench, her bare bottom was a sight any spanking fan would have found to be amazing.

Overall, what a day? Filming girls for the videos is the day job, but caning Louise’s fantastic bottom had a ‘girl next door’ reality about it that made the experience something I will never forget. If she ever wants a repeat, I’d be delighted to oblige.”

The End

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