A teacher deals with a cheating student. By a new writer to us

By Veronica Proctor

The disciplinary code of Charling School states that the administration of corporal punishment for male students will be on the trousers, on the buttocks, applied with a cane to a maximum of six strokes. In times past, the cane could be administered to underwear and sometimes even the naked buttocks of the young students. Now, in the case of the boys, the person administering the cane is a teacher designated by the Headmistress.

As for female students, apart from ordering lines or detention, the strap is established as the only instrument of punishment, applied to the palms of the hands, maximum two strokes on each, and inflicted by the Headmistress exclusively.

Mr Barnes had been a teacher at this school for some years and had himself been a student at the school. He’d twice been caned as a student, once on his underwear and once on the bare bottom. Now, when the Headmistress asks him to take charge of some misbehaving student, he remembers and compares the old ones with the new. He is firmly convinced of the ineffectiveness of the current disciplinary regime against the old times.

These differences provoke numerous debates between students, mainly because of the males being treated differently to the females. The boys are frequently mocked by the girls when they get corporal punishment occurs, especially because it happens more frequently for boys than for girls.

Mr Barnes was in the staff room with some colleagues talking about his suspicions that someone had been in possession of exam papers in advance of the exam taking place. He could not otherwise explain why some very poor students had obtained excellent results. His fellow staff members made fun of him, believing such a thing was impossible.

The exams are normally delivered to the Headmistress who keeps them in the safe in her office, which is also locked with a key. During the working day, her secretary sits just outside the door to her study, making a forced entry virtually impossible.

The mocking tone of the other teachers put Mr Barnes in a bad mood. He has always felt poorly treated by his colleagues, perhaps because of his unattractive physical appearance or his outdated customs.

In the darkness of one winter afternoon, shortly after the students and teachers had left school, a silhouette preceded by a thin beam of light moved stealthily, as if avoiding detection, through the corridors of the school until it reached its destination, the Headmistress’s office. The figure was dressed in a woollen cap, a woollen sweater with a high collar, and very tight trousers similar to those worn in gymnasiums. Everything was black, perfect camouflage for the darkness of a winter afternoon.

The intruder then took a key from under a plant pot where it was kept in case the secretary or headmistress ever forgot their key. However, when the key was tried in the lock, the door was found not to have been secured. The shadowy figure entered the office and seemed to know already where everything was. Several pictures adorned the walls, but the intruder went straight to a photo of a student production behind which the safe was located.

The darkly clothed person moved the safe combination dial quite expertly and the safe door swung open. Searching inside with the aid of a flashlight, a stack of documents were removed and placed on a table. Still using the flashlight, the intruder searched through the papers.

“Are you looking for this?”

Suddenly, the light came on and Mr Barnes came face to face with the intruder. The teacher had discovered the culprit. He knew someone had been stealing the exam papers previously, and now he had the proof. This would restore his honour with his colleagues and the Headmistress.

“Take off that hat now!” He demanded.

The shadowy figure pulled off the woollen hat, releasing a mass of blonde hair that now hung loose around the shoulders. The masked person was revealed as a young lady.

“Come on, tell me your name and the course you are on. You will pay dearly for this intrusion that has even led to a great deal of mockery against me.”

Now discovered, the intruder, Valentina, threw a battery of excuses, promises, apologies, repentance at the teacher. He was not impressed.

“Young lady, I have no choice but to severely punish this action and I can assure you that you will never forget this day.”

“Punish?” Valentina mocked. “What will you do? Will I get lines, even detention? Perhaps you will ask the Headmistress to give me the strap?”

The teacher was well aware of his advantageous position. This young student, he felt, had no choice other than to accept whatever punishment he awarded her. His desire for revenge, and his anger from the disrespect shown him by the other teachers, convinced him all the current rules that he despised so much. No, he would punish this girl the old fashioned way.

“Here and now, before we go home, you will get six strokes with the cane!”

“But Sir, you can not do that. The cane is only for the boys. Besides, you are a male teacher and you are not allowed to punish girls.”

“Enough! Consider your current situation. You have been discovered illegally entering the school. I caught you in the Headmistress’s office with the safe opened. It would be easy to convince the police that you are a thief, dressed as you are.

“Apart from any sanction imposed by the courts, which may involve time in prison, you will also be expelled from school and you will have to face your parents. You can either choose to take six strokes of the cane from me, or I can pick up the phone and call the police. I will give you one minute to decide.”

Valentina spent all of fifty-nine seconds before making a decision. She had no defence, no easy way out. The cane would cause temporary discomfort. It would last only a day or two at most. The other option would be devastating.

The minute passed and Valentina had not spoken. Mr Barnes picked up the phone. Immediately, placed her hand on the teacher’s and pressed, almost forcing him to replace the handset.

“I agree! I’ll take the cane!”

The teacher stared into the girl’s eyes, saw the resignation girl, and perceived her fear. He smiled cynically, and then went to a cupboard and pulled out a cane. He checked its flexibility by bending it and making it whistle in the air.

Valentina looked terrified. She recalled discussions with her male companions, the jokes when they got the cane, and now she was the only one, the first girl to get the cane.

“Lower those tight trousers.”

“But Sir? You cannot make me do that! You are a man, I am a girl. We are alone. Besides, the boys get the cane on their pants.”

“Young lady, may I remind you your crime is extremely serious? Your punishment must reflect that. From my own experience, I assure you the cane on the bare bottom works miracles. We will return to the past for a few minutes. Stop talking, get ready to receive your six strokes, and let’s get rid of this unpleasant matter.”

“You want to cane me on my bare bottom? I will not consent to that. You are just a dirty old abuser!”

Undeterred, the teacher put the cane down on the table and picked up the phone. Before he could dial a number, a thin, soft hand again pressed down on his hand and gently compelled him to hang up the phone.

Valentina, standing in front of the table, put her fingers under the elastic of her tight trousers. Both knew the situation. She knew she was at the teacher’s mercy. He knew she had no better choice than to submit to his will. Any other option would be worse for her. Those elastic pants, appropriate for a gym, stretched tightly around her legs and revealing their shape intimately, were slowly pushed down to reveal her pale legs and pale pink panties.

“The panties too!”

Slowly, Valentina pushed her underwear down to her mid thigh.

“Now bend over the table.”

Valentina bent over.

“You will keep still until all six strokes have been applied. Stay down until I say you can get up. Do not offer any type of resistance. You will not use your hands protect your bottom or to relieve the pain. If you do, your will get extra strokes.”

Valentina, with her trousers and panties half way down her thighs, supported herself with her forearms on the table. Mr Barnes approached and checked the position was suitable. He touched the girl’s buttocks with the cane.

With a loud swish, he delivered the first stroke hard so that the sound echoed round the room. She could barely imagine so much pain.

After a short break, the second stroke rattled down.


The young student, tears streaming down her face, was on the verge of losing control, but nonetheless was determined to take her punishment.

Each stroke was like an electrical shock, followed a moment later by a strong pain and intense heat in her bottom.

The strokes lashed down until finally the punishment was over.

“You can dress yourself; we have finished.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Valentina, with difficulty, pulled her panties and trousers up to cover, carefully, her aching bottom. Soon, they both left the Headmistress’s office and then school. Mr Barnes offered to take her home in his car, but she preferred walking. Sitting down, for the moment, was not in her thoughts. Their farewell was cold and unfeeling.

On the following day, in the teachers’ staff room, one of the teachers announces the same problem as Mr Barnes did a few days previously; excellent results in the examinations achieved by the worst pupils.

One of the teachers approached Mr Barnes. “You are right, Mr Barnes. We need to do something.”

“It is not my worry, dear companions. I solved my problems with some old tricks. We must be prepared nevertheless. I have the impression failures are going to increase the next term.”

The End

© Veronica Proctor 2018