by Megan L

D’ya know Kate? Goes t’ our school,

an’ thrice she’s broke th’ “Tardy Rule.”

Thus, old Coach Trautman ordered Kate

t’ come see him ’bout bein’ late.

Coach scolded:  “Missin’ Last Bell means

three Good Hard Licks ‘cross seat o’ jeans!”

(See, Chum, three late arrivals here

spell mandatory swats on rear.)

Kate’s been eighteen a month t’day

so, Quite Grown Up, she tried t’ say:

“Get spanked? Gee, I ain’t some dang kid!

Detention’s fair for what I did.”

Nope! Mister Trautman shot back: “Why?

Eighteen or eight – same rules apply!”

An office gal was buzzed right in

t’ witness Kate atone for sin:

a twentysomethin’ redhead, Jane,

who’d twice felt this-here paddlin’ pain!

Kate had t’ grab her ankles there,

bow low an’ poke rump in midair.

A girl who’s ever punished knows

Kate clenched them ten pink pudgy toes

an’ had t’ spread her feet apart

an’ hear th’ thumpin’ o’ her heart.

Kate’s sweet face wore a worried frown:

she seen th’ world turned Upside – Down!

Stout hardwood paddle arched way back

an’ whistled down quick: WHACK! THWACK! CRACK!

Yup, Kate learnt these ain’t mild “Love Taps”

but stingin’, scorchin’, scaldin’ slaps.

Hey, some folks grin: “it’s kinda ‘funnish’.”

No Ma’am! Paddle’s meant t’ PUNISH.

Kate wiped a trickly salty tear,

jumped up an’ rubbed plump throbbin’ rear.

Ya see what discipline’s about

in wide wet eyes an’ pissed-off pout.

So, Kate got sent straight back t’ class

with one red face – an’ redder ass!

Engagement ring upon her hand,

twelfth grader Kate would like t’ stand

yet eased down on her hard desk seat.

Them smacks stoke up fierce glowin’ heat.

Kate, right soon Brad’s blushin’ June Bride,

winces from her blushin’ backside.

Still, she walked with a proud swagger:

Kate’s no Latvian Carpetbagger!

Southern Belles ain’t ones t’ fuss

’bout sore Gluteus Maximus!


© Megan L 2015