A girl has a difficult request.

By Kenny Walters

Tori Jackson got to the end of the corridor and looked round the corner towards the school secretaries’ area. It was nearly deserted with just two of her fellow twelfth-grade students, employed part-time to help out, tidying up and filing stuff away ready for the weekend. Tori paused, waiting for some moments in the hope one of the regular secretaries would appear, but none did. She looked at the clock; it was twenty to five.

“Oh, Tori! Can I help?” The nearer fellow student, a pleasant enough girl called Amy Fellows, looked up from wiping a cloth over a computer screen.

“Hi’ Amy, is Mrs McArthur or Mrs Johansen around?”

“Sorry, Tori, they’ve gone home early. The secretaries are having a girls’ night out tonight over in Stoneville, so they got permission to leave early. Can I help? We have access to the computers, if you need something looked up.”

Tori looked across at the other student worker, Jade Mackintyre, a slightly overweight girl known for gossiping.

“Um,” Tori returned her attention to Amy Fellows. “It’s, er, a bit awkward.”

That’s okay, we’re sworn to confidentiality,” Amy looked innocently back at her through blue-framed spectacles.

“Right,” Tori leaned on the counter separating out the secretaries’ office area and tried to speak in Amy’s ear. “It’s just that I, er, need a witness? It seems pretty much all of the teaching staff have already left, so I was thinking one of the senior secretaries probably wouldn’t mind.”

“A witness? What for?” Amy blurted out without thinking. She was overheard easily by the other student worker, Jade Mackintyre, who was noticeably curious.

“Could you keep your voice down, please?” Tori asked in a low voice. “You mentioned confidentiality?”

“Sure.” Amy baulked at the obvious rebuke, even though she wasn’t sure exactly why she was being admonished.

To press the point, Tori nodded surreptitiously towards Jade Mackintyre.

“What?” Amy shrugged her shoulders. “Sorry, Tori, I’m not getting this. What exactly do you want?”

“Like I said, I need a witness. I guess any member of staff would do, although staff doesn’t seem to be in great supply right now.”

“No, pretty much everyone has left promptly for the weekend, I guess,” Amy answered. “So, what is the witness needed for, exactly?”

Tori sighed petulantly. “I’m with Mr Charlesworth,” she added by way of explanation.

“And you both need this witness? You and Mr Charlesworth, the Vice-Principal?”

“I guess you could say that, yes.”

“But, what…?” Amy suddenly stopped herself. She frowned, thoughtfully. “Tori, are you in some kind of trouble?”

“Exactly.” Tori stared into the other girl’s eyes to add emphasis to the humiliating situation she found herself in.

“So, this witness is needed to…?”

“To witness!” Tori jumped in before Amy could utter anything to attract the further attention of Jade Mackintyre.

“Oh! I’ve never done anything like that,” Amy stated. “I’m not sure whether our authority goes that far. No-one has ever said.”

“Amy, you’re looking like all I’ve got.”

“Okay.” Amy looked down as she thought. “So, you’d be happy with that, would you?”

“I’d be a whole lot happier if I was out of school and on my way home!” Tori retorted. “But I have to deal with Mr Charlesworth first. So, you’re, like, my best bet. Okay?”

“Well, I suppose I could.” Amy answered hesitantly. “I mean, I’ve never done it before, but I guess I could watch. If you want me to, that is.”

“Guess what? You’re hired,” Tori responded, trying to put a brave face on things. “I guess we ought to be getting along to Mr Charlesworth,” she added with a look at the clock.

“Um, Jade, I have a little errand to run for Tori here.” Amy informed her colleague. “Will you be okay for ten minutes?”

“Sure, no problem.” Jade replied, a smirk on her face suggesting she’d heard enough to know exactly what was going on.

“So, what exactly do I have to do?” Amy asked after she’d emerged from behind the secretaries’ counter and the two of them were heading back along the corridor towards the Vice-Principal’s office, Amy’s collar length mid-brown hair contrasting with Tori’s long, wavy, blond hair. Tori wore a short, fairly tight-fitting floral dress with a white background against Amy’s more student-typical blue jeans and white T-shirt.

“Haven’t you been paddled before?” Tori questioned back.

“Er, no, never. Why? Have you?”

“No, no way! I guess it’s going to be a whole new experience for both of us then.”

“It’s quite exciting in a way,” Amy said, and was dealt a crushing glare by Tori. “So, what actually did you do?” She continued. “You know, to earn yourself a spanking.”

“I did some handstands during afternoon break.”

“Handstands? In that dress?”

“Yes, there was a boy I wanted to attract the attention of.”

“You didn’t think about the old-fashioned way of going over to him and just talking?”

“No, I wanted something a little more proactive.”

“Well, I guess you could call it that. I bet he noticed you, anyhow.”

“Yes, it was quite effective. Unfortunately, Mr Charlesworth also noticed.”

“I presume he wasn’t quite so impressed, huh?”

“He’s only giving me three swats.”

“That’s good?”

“It could have been five.”


At that point, they arrived outside Mr Charlesworth’s door.

“No point in delaying things, I guess,” Tori muttered, as much to herself as anyone. She tapped politely on the door.

“Come on in, Tori,” a male voice responded.

Tori opened the door and led the way in.

“Sorry, sir. Most everyone has gone home. Amy, here, is all I could get.”

Mr Charlesworth, a tall, athletically built man in his late thirties, stood behind his desk. He smiled weakly.

“I’m sure Tori didn’t mean that quite as it sounded, Amy.”

Amy smiled back. “I understand, sir.”

“I’m sure Amy will perform the duties of the witness quite capably, Tori.” Mr Charlesworth told the taller, blond girl.

Tori smiled back insincerely.

“Yes, well, we should maybe get on,” the Vice-Principal continued. “Tori, would you grab that chair from against the wall and bring it out into the centre of the room, please?”

As Tori went over to the far wall, she felt a little hot under the collar with feelings of humiliation and embarrassment permeating her mind. The task of shifting a small item of furniture was nothing in itself, but this small chair would soon have her bending over the back of it, and that made it a whole different matter.

“Is it okay here, sir?” She asked as she planted the chair into the carpet, leaving as much spare space around it as she could find.

“That looks just fine, thank you, Tori.” The Vice-Principal couldn’t help but smile. “I’m sure you know what you have to do now, Tori.”

Tori’s face went noticeably redder.

Amy looked on, enthralled by the interaction between Tori and Mr Charlesworth. She felt her own heart-rate increasing as the tension built.

Tori carefully positioned herself at the back of the chair, with her own back now facing Amy. She looked down at the thinly padded seat of the chair and leaned over until she could grab the leading edge with both hands. While her white floral dress tightened around her bottom, Tori knew this would not be enough, so she pressed her head ever lower over the back of the chair until her eye level was next to the leading edge of the chair seat. Now her dress felt tight around the well-formed mounds of her bottom. That, she felt, should satisfy her punisher.

“Is that okay, sir?” She asked, just to make sure.

“That’s fine, Tori. Now you just need to hold very still. Okay? It’s three swats, remember, okay?”

“Okay, sir.”

As Mr Charlesworth went round to stand to the left of Tori and started weighing up his aim, Amy felt she was in some danger of the paddle colliding with her on the backswing. She therefore moved a couple of paces to the right and a pace forward so she would get a better view. She stared at the tightened seat of Tori’s dress, and noted the hem had ridden up, just an inch or two short of showing the girl’s panties.

“What actually do I have to do, sir?” Amy asked the Vice-Principal.

“Just stand there and watch me spank Tori. That’s all, Amy.”

“Oh, okay, I can do that, sir. Yes sir, no problem.”

Before there could be any more conversation, Mr Charlesworth swung the paddle back and then forward, sending it crashing into Tori’s bottom. It landed with a loud bang. Tori grunted and jerked her whole body, but soon settled back into position.

The paddle slammed against her bottom for the second time. It hurt and a salty tear trickled down the side of her face. She wriggled, thinking it might help dissipate some of the scorching pain. Then, sensing Mr Charlesworth was ready to inflict the final stroke of her punishment, she held still so she could be hit again.

With a long, fast swing that even blew a draught into Amy’s face, the paddle smacked hard into the seat of Tori’s dress. She yelped, her body shuddered, and she half rose from her bending position.

“Okay, girls, that’s it.” Mr Charlesworth said, already moving away back to his desk.

Tori tentatively rose up from the chair and started exploring the damage to her bottom through the seat of her dress. Amy looked on, not sure whether Tori would appreciate any interjection at this moment in time.

After a couple of minutes, Tori clearly felt she had provided sufficient soothing for her backside. She stood fully upright now, her hands smoothing her dress down at the sides.

“May I go now, sir?”

“You may, Tori, and please don’t let there be the need for a repeat session, okay?”

“Don’t worry, sir.” Tori replied. “No offence, but I’d like to keep away from your office in future.”

“Understood, Tori.” Mr Charlesworth grinned. “And thanks for your help, Amy.”

“No problem, sir. Glad to be useful, sir.”

The two girls left the office.

“Wow!” Amy said excitedly. “He sure slammed that paddle into your ass!”

“I noticed.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Durr, yes?”

“Do your want to stop off at the ladies’ rest room? You know, to check the damage?”

“No thanks, I already know what it feels like. That’s good enough for me.”

“Oh, okay,” Amy replied, sounding disappointed.

“And Amy, if you ever repeat a word of what you’ve just witnessed, I will kill you. Okay?”

“I believe threatening violence to a fellow student is a paddling offence, Tori.”

Tori glared at her.

“Just joking, Tori. Just joking.”

The End

© Kenny Walters 2019

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