A friend’s father comes to the rescue when a little discipline is needed

By Lorna Brand

Heather stood dripping wet, fresh from her shower, ruffling through her drawers on the morning of her twentieth birthday. Her long dark hair clung to her back, dropping beads of water that trickled their way down to the carpet. She was still living at home although her parents were at work and she had a big day ahead.

Heather had been contemplating about her living arrangements for some time now. She had been trying to save up so she could move out into a small place with her best friend, Holly, but that was easier said than done. Heather had a part time job even though she was still attending college, so it’s not laziness that is her downfall but every time Heather got her pay cheque, instead of leaving a portion in her account or putting some of it aside, she managed to waste it. She was terrible at not paying attention to her spending habits. If she wanted a little treat or couldn’t resist a sale, she never thought about it. She never bought anything extravagant, just twenty or thirty pounds here and there, which was her justification, but it added up fast and as Heather never kept track, she inevitably found she had shopped her way into her overdraft before her next pay came around.

Holly, on the other hand, only worked weekends yet she had almost got enough for her half of the deposit, so Heather had to step up and get her act together. Today was the day that started and she put her plan into action, but what to wear for such an occasion.

Heather couldn’t even decide on what pants to wear. She had been searching for so long that her skin was dry and covered in goosebumps, and her hair was no longer pasted to her back but getting in her face while she pondered. Should she go with the full pair of white cotton knickers that she always seemed to dig out for doctor’s appointments and the like since it is a serious situation? Or a thong like the ones she wore daily to prevent any awkward visible panty lines showing through her thin dress trousers? But that might create a whole new awkward situation! Maybe girls’ boxer type shorts? After much thought and posing in the mirror that hung on the back of her bedroom door, Heather decided to go with a pair of white lace French knickers. They were grown-up but not too explicit and still showing off the shape of her peachy bum.

It took her most of the morning to get ready and the more time slipped away the more Heather’s stomach churned and tied in knots. She finally found herself standing outside Holly’s house, the heat of the sun beating down. Her extremely long dark hair was carefully put back into a slick ponytail, small T-shirt and skinny blue jeans hugged her slim shapely figure and a little pair of kitten heels to give her walk the air of confidence she desperately needed if she was going to accomplish what she hoped to.

Heather rang the door bell and stood nervously fidgeting, rocking back and forth on her heels and thinking about her plan. Heather had thought a lot about her predicament and decided she needed what Holly had; motivation, and this could only be achieved through self-discipline which she didn’t have. This had to be fixed.

Heather and Holly had been friends since they were little and were more like family. Not a day went by that Heather wasn’t in Holly’s house or vice versa. They constantly caused trouble and mayhem together while growing up and loved every moment of it. The girls’ parents were both very different in their styles. Heather’s parents used to ground her for all the antics, whereas Holly’s dad would deal with her swiftly with a trip over his lap and a sound spanking.

Heather had come to the conclusion that this little difference was the key to Holly’s success when it came to self-discipline. After all, she thought, you need to experience discipline to master the art. The idea of responsibility never entered her head. Heather’s big plan was to ask Holly’s dad to spank her and that would somehow fix everything.

Now any normal person would realize this was not a logical train of thought, but to Heather this was something that she had thought a lot about and, indeed, it had become all she could think of. Actually, it was something she had thought about off and on since the first time she clapped eyes on Holly’s red bum one night after she was told off while Heather was spending the night.

Heather impatiently rang the door bell again and again, only seconds apart, until she could hear footsteps coming towards the front door.

“Yes! Oh, Heather, what are you doing ringing the door bell? You normally just come in. Holly is still at work for another couple of hours. She said you were meeting later on tonight.”

Holly’s dad, Tom, was a tall, fit man who clearly looked after himself, with salt and pepper hair. He struck Heather as quite an attractive, older man, not that she let herself dwell upon that for too long out of embarrassment.

“Well, I was wanting to see you actually,” she blushed. “I need a hand with something and you are the only one I know who can help.”

Tom stood back from the door, inviting Heather into the hallway and sensing it was going to be a conversation best not had on the door step.

“So, what’s this all about? Are you in some sort of trouble?” There was genuine concern in his voice.

“Not really, but sort of.” Heather took a deep breath and fixed her gaze past Tom towards the living room door further down the hallway, taking fast and deliberately avoiding eye contact.

“I don’t have my share of the deposit, and I need you to spank me!”

Tom spluttered with shock, trying to find the words, before starting to laugh.

“You’re joking! Good, you got me there. Very funny. I am sure Holly and you will get a good laugh out of that for years to come.”

“It’s not a joke! I am being serious!” She stamped her foot, making a sharp click that echoed of the walls. “I have given it a lot of thought.” Heather stood firm, her arms crossed over her chest, pouting like a toddler.

“Heather, I don’t know what’s got into you but that’s not going to happen. I will tell Holly you will see her tonight.” Tom gestured for Heather to leave.

“Look, I am not a kid any more. I know what I am asking; this is something I need you to do for me. I need a bit of extra help so I can focus and get my act together, like a jump start in a car!”

“I don’t think it works like that. Besides, this is something to discuss with your parents not me. If you need someone to talk to, I am always here but that’s all I can do.”

Confused by Heather’s odd behaviour, he could see she was emotional and it didn’t make sense to him, but disciplining someone else’s kid could land him in so much hot water, no matter how often he had wanted to do it.

“Look, why don’t I put the kettle on and we can talk.”

“I DON’T WANT A BLOODY CUP OF TEA!” Heather screamed. “I want you to smack me!”

She swung her arm, knocking over a glass bowl that was sitting on a little table next to the door that the keys were kept in. It was an accident, and for a second she felt remorse, squatting down to pick up the bits of broken glass.

Then, suddenly, she realized this was the way to get what she wanted and in that split second there was no going back. Heather stood up fronting Tom out.

“Are you going to spank me now? I am sure Holly wouldn’t get away with that!”

“I am sure Holly wouldn’t act like that in the first place!” Tom was not going to let this little girl boss him around.

“OK then!” Heather stormed past into the living room, grasping the first thing she came to as she entered the room, which happened to be a table lamp. She held the ceramic lamp outstretched in her hand, staring at Tom.

“You put that lamp down, young lady, or I will be calling your mother!” He didn’t shout but his tone was firm and his no nonsense expression made Heather quake, but if she gave up now this would all be for nothing and her stubborn streak wasn’t going to let that happen.

“I am an adult. This is my choice, so you can’t call my mum and even if you did, what is she going to do anyway? She can’t even ground me!”

At that moment Tom saw a young lady struggling. She was too old to be told off but didn’t have the tools or maturity to be responsible for herself, and this childish display showed that. She clearly wasn’t ready to be an adult by sabotaging her own success and acting out.

“If you drop that lamp, I will treat you like the little brat you are being and give you something to think about!”

Heather knew this was Tom giving her a way out, but she couldn’t take it now even if she wanted to. She had to go through with it. She didn’t say a word but looked deep into Tom’s eyes, taking a step closer to him. She stood firm and opened her hand slowly letting the lamp slip away and fall to the wooden floor, and smashing.

“OK Heather, you have left me no choice.” Tom could hardly believe what he was about to do. “Right, young lady, come with me.”

Tom took her hand and led her to the arm of the sofa. He didn’t have to instruct her further as she knew instinctively what was being asked. She lowered her hips onto the arm, stretching herself across the sofa and making her bum raise up to create the perfect target. Heather coyly looked back over her shoulder, partly in disbelief but also bracing herself for what was to come.

Tom didn’t see the need to comment and took up a stance to the side of her. The view was not completely lost on him as he appreciated the tightly clad round bottom. He tentatively cupped his trembling hand around her bottom briefly before slapping it down hard enough to push her forward a bit and make her widen her stance, but it wasn’t the sting she was expecting.

Tom slapped her bum another few times before Heather decided to push matters further and stood up. Tom thought that he had got away with his light taps until he realized that she was not giving up but undoing the button on her jeans. Heather didn’t face him but, with her back still too him, she slipped her jeans to her ankles and draped herself over the arm of the sofa once again. The soft pink hue from her light spanking shone threw her white lace pants, highlighting the delicate pattern, but the more she stretched over, the more of her lower buttocks was exposed leaving nothing between his hand and her skin.

Tom didn’t know what to say, or indeed if he should say anything, but took the hint and composed himself. This time, he struck with such force that the sharp sound gave her almost as much of a shock as the sharp sting. Heather gasped but instead of shouting out she buried her face into the cushions and gripped the far side as tightly as she could, readying herself for the spanking she had been craving for longer than she would admit.

Heather’s body language gave Tom the permission he needed to finally allow himself to give her what she was seeking, and his hand came thundering down repeatedly and not giving any let-up. Heather wriggled around but her legs were still trapped together in the confines of her jeans and she didn’t lift up from her position.

Tom covered every inch of her delicate bum, quickly causing her to wince and sob, but Heather was steadfast. Tom could feel the heat from her poor bum as it burned threw her sheer pants but if he was going to do this properly he wasn’t going to stop until she had reached her limit. His firm hand continued to rain down until Heather started to raise up.

“It’s OK, you can stop now.”

“I don’t think so! It’s not up to you when you have had enough. I will decide that!”

Tom placed his hand firmly on the small of her back, forcing her back into place. Heather cried and yelled as she realized she was no longer in control and being held in place as he continued smacking her sore bum until it was almost purple. He finally stopped once Heather had gone limp and had stopped fighting him.

“OK, come on, it’s all over now.”

He helped her to her feet and embraced her as she sobbed into his chest. They stood holding each other for the longest time until Heather was all cried out.

“Why don’t you go and freshen up while I pick up the damage? Holly will be home soon.”

Heather tentatively pulled up her trousers, easing them over her swollen bum.

“I take it you will be purchasing me a new lamp with your next pay cheque?” Tom jibed.

“I might pick up a few, just in case.” Heather winked.

The End

© Lorna Brand 2016