A daughter’s spanking

 By Paul Tecres



Taylor could feel a residual sting on her bottom from the hard swat that just landed. The pajama shorts she wore did almost nothing to cushion the impact. Not that it mattered much. She knew from experience that dad could deliver an incredibly hard spanking, even over denim jeans. She now stood at his right side, facing him, as he sat in the desk chair in her bedroom. He spoke sternly without raising his voice, and intensified the fear she already felt.

“Taylor, you just earned yourself some extra punishment. Now, for the second and final time, bend over.”

He was right, she had earned it. All of it. She understood that as long as she lived at home she was to follow the rules. Especially since she was still in high school at the time. She knew better than to sneak out past curfew. Doing so had afforded her the opportunity to make out with the boy she’d had a crush on. And he was a great kisser, but now she felt like it wasn’t worth the consequences she would suffer.

She bent over dad’s lap while silently cursing herself for thinking she could beg her way out of this. After all, dad preferred to get this over with as quickly as he could. If she had just cooperated this could have been at least a little easier. Dad guided her into position. She now had both hands laying flat on the floor. Her toes touched the floor as well. Her ample round bottom protruded straight up from dad’s lap, making it an easy target. Taylor also wished that her long blond hair had been tied back, as it was now hanging down in her face, and adding to the misery. Dad put his left hand in the small of her back to keep her held in place.

“Here it comes,” he said.

Immediately after that verbal warning, the hard swats began raining down, rapidly. They were only about half a second apart. Taylor felt like her bottom was on fire already, and there was still more to come. Dad’s hand struck in different places, and some of the swats were a little harder than the others. Although the pace was fast, there wasn’t much of a rhythm to the spanking. This made it even harder to endure as Taylor didn’t quite know what to expect next. She let out a lot of grunts and groans, trying her best not to cry. The first barrage went on for about forty-five seconds, but to Taylor it felt like several minutes.

After a thirty second break, the second volley began. This time it lasted over a minute. Taylor was no longer able to hold back the tears. They streamed down her face as she cried softly. The soft crying began a gradual crescendo as her sobs intensified. When the swatting stopped she did her best to catch her breath in preparation for what came next.

The final swats would be delivered one at a time, and to Taylor they would feel much harder. The first of these landed and she let out a loud “Ow!” They continued at about three seconds apart. The total number of these was always her age plus six. She yelped and sobbed through all twenty-four. Finally, this spanking was finished, but her punishment wasn’t over yet. Dad spoke.

“You can go ahead and get up.”

Taylor stood up slowly. Dad stood up after her and pushed the chair back under her desk. She knew what he was going to say before he even said it.

“Alright Taylor, you’ve got some extra punishment coming. You know what to do.”

As he said that he unbuckled his belt, then took it off and folded it into a loop. Taylor did what she’d had to do on previous occasions of the dreaded ‘extra punishment.’ She took two pillows and stacked them up on the edge of her bed. She then bent over the pillows with her arms folded beneath her. This was to help ensure that she didn’t accidentally reach back during the belt spanking.

Dad didn’t really want to do this, but he firmly believed that if he said he would do something he had to follow through on it. He reached a kind of compromise within himself.

“Okay sweetie, it’s only going to be five this time. Count them out like I’ve told you to before.”

He drew back and landed the first strike.


“Oww! One sir!”


“Nghh! Two sir!”


“Yahhhhh! Th-Three sir!”

That scream, and her loud sobs following the count, really worried him.

“Taylor, are you okay?”

“Um, could I have a moment, please?”

“Yeah sweetie, go ahead and catch your breath.”

Dad paused briefly, and wished that he hadn’t told her a specific number. He wanted to stop it there as he knew Taylor was in so much pain already. Then he had an idea.

“Taylor, before we finish let me ask you something. Have you learned from this experience?”

She sniffled a little, “Yes sir.”

“Are you going to do this again?”

“No sir. Absolutely not.”

“Well, I know I said it would be five, but if we’ve accomplished what we needed to, then I think we can call it good at three. You can get up whenever you’re ready.”

Taylor stood up slowly. In her dad’s eyes she could see love and compassion. She could also tell that he felt terrible about having to do this. She hugged him, and apologized for the behavior that led to this awful spanking. Then she offered some small words of reassurance.

“You did the right thing, dad.”

The End

© Paul Tecres 2022