A girl goes home to tea with her friend

By Kenny Walters

“Will your mum worry about us being a bit late, Sarah?” Helen Nicholls asked as the two friends walked along the tree-lined pavement towards Sarah Mathers’ house.

Sarah checked her watch. “No, we’re less than half an hour late. She’ll assume we got held up at school.”

“Which of course we were,” Helen Nicholls said glumly. “Your mum does know I’m coming to tea, does she?”

“She should do, I did tell her. Have you met my sister, Samantha? She’ll be there too.”

“Only briefly, when I called at your place before we went shopping in town. She’s a couple of years older than you?”

“That’s right. She’s in her first year at art college. How’s your bum feeling?”

Helen immediately used her left hand to feel her bottom through her navy-blue, pleated, uniform skirt.

“It still smarts. Miss Tidy really did whack us, didn’t she?”

“Yes, and it’s not as though we were the only ones out of our places.”

“No, but we were the slowest to get back to our desks, Sarah.”

“I suppose.”

The two girls continued chatting as they walked along the tree-lined road. Both blonde, Sarah’s hair fastened back in a neat ponytail, Helen’s loose around her shoulders, they paid little attention to the passing traffic, seemingly unaware of the admiring looks they got from a number of male drivers. Their school uniforms, navy blue blazers with the school badge, navy blue skirts, and white knee-length socks, simply added to their attraction.

Minutes later, they reached Sarah’s house, a four-bedroom, semi-detached house in a pleasant road on the outskirts of town. Helen let Sarah lead them through the front door and into the front lounge, where Sarah’s mother was sitting in an armchair doing some knitting and her sister was on a matching sofa drawing on a sketch pad.

“Hello, girls,” Mrs Mathers greeted them with a smile. “You’re late. Nothing wrong, I hope?”

“We had to see Miss Tidy after school, mum,” Sarah replied.

“Not because you were naughty, was it?”

“Sort of, mum. Miss Tidy had to leave us for a few minutes while she attended to a problem down the corridor. So, of course we all started talking, and then some of us got up to chat with our friends. When we heard her coming back, we all dived for our places, but Helen and me were a bit slower sitting down than the others, so she caught us.”

“Trust you to get caught, Sis,” Samantha Mathers said with a laugh. “Does it hurt to sit down?”

Sarah pulled a face and looked at her friend. Helen really did not want Sarah’s mother and sister to know they’d been slippered, but doubted Sarah would want to lie.

“If you must know,” Sarah replied, glaring at her sister. “Yes, we got the slipper. Happy now?”

“Oh Sarah!” Mrs Mathers exclaimed.

“How many?” Samantha asked, smiling broadly.


“Wow! Bet that smarted.”

“What about you, Helen? Did you get the same?”

“Er, yes Mrs Mathers. I’m afraid so.”

“Oh dear, what will your mother say?”

“Um, I probably won’t tell her, Mrs Mathers.”

“Oh! Really?”

Helen shrugged her shoulders. They never talked about discipline in their house, although her parents must have known their school did use corporal punishment.

“So, you won’t have one of our little family traditions, Helen,” Samantha said without looking up from drawing on her sketch pad.

Helen’s family didn’t really have any traditions, let alone one concerned with school discipline, which is what Samantha seemed to be alluding to. She looked to her friend for assistance, and noticed Sarah had gone quite red in the face.

“I think Sarah forgot to mention that bit, mum,” Samantha continued.

“I was going to leave that until later, actually,” Mrs Mathers said, glaring at the older sister.

“You never did with me, mum. Anyway, it’s out in the open now, so there’s no need to put it off, is there?”

Helen was totally confused, and again looked to Sarah for an explanation.

“What my darling sister is going on about, Helen, is that we have a rule in this house that says if you get punished at school then you get punished at home.” Sarah paused to glare again at her sister.

“Punished?” Helen queried. “Like what?”

“Our parents like to match what we got at school, Helen,” Samantha explained with some enthusiasm. “So, get a detention at school, then you have to stand in the corner for a similar time. Get whacked, and you get whacked again.”

Helen bit her lip as she took in what she’d been told.

“Can we get this over with, mum?” Sarah suddenly said, before adding, “If we have to, that is.”

“Of course, darling.” Mrs Mathers put her knitting to one side and stood up. “Six with the slipper, was it?”

Sarah nodded.

“I won’t be a moment,” the sisters’ mother said, and left the room. They heard her climbing the stairs.

“Might as well get ready, sis,” Samantha said gleefully. She stood up and put her sketch pad on a side table. “Here, you can use the back of this sofa.”

Sarah sighed and folded her arms, annoyed at her sister.

“Look, I should go,” Helen suggested.

“No, stay and watch,” Samantha replied. “It will only take a few minutes, then we’ll have some tea.”

“Yes, you don’t need to go, Helen,” Sarah confirmed. “After all, we watched each other get the slipper earlier. This is no different.”

“Except mum whacks on knickers,” Samantha countered. “I expect you only got it on the seat of your skirt at school.”

“Too true we did!” Sarah retorted as she began to walk round behind the sofa.

“What are you doing?” Helen asked, a distinct tremor to her voice.

Before either sister could answer, they heard Mrs Mathers coming back downstairs. Helen was standing nearest the door when she came into the room carrying a leather-soled man’s carpet slipper. Helen’s eyes focused on the implement.

“Ready, Sarah?” Mrs Mathers said when she saw her younger daughter standing at the back of the sofa. “Bend yourself over, then.”

Helen watched as Sarah bent right over the back of the sofa, her head nearly touching the cushion. What Helen couldn’t see was that Sarah’s feet could only maintain contact with the carpet by her standing on tip-toe, her blonde ponytail now hanging down beside her face. As her mother approached, Sarah reached back and pulled her own skirt up, thus revealing her navy-blue school knickers. Samantha edged round so she had a clear view of her sister’s bottom.

“Of course, you’re welcome to join Sarah if you want to, Helen,” the older sister teased.

Mrs Mathers fiddled with Sarah’s skirt, making sure it was well out of the way. “You could do, I suppose Helen. If your own parents aren’t going to know you were slippered at school, of course they won’t have a chance to add their own punishment, will they? It’s entirely up to you, of course.”

Helen blushed. She felt awkward enough having to stand there and watch her friend getting a second dose of whacks, and this slipper looked even more formidable than Miss Tidy’s battered old plimsoll. Samantha, Sarah and Mrs Mathers were now all looking straight at her, waiting.

“Um, I suppose I could, Mrs Mathers,” Helen suggested, her voice faltering. “I mean, I was naughty just like Sarah. My own parents never punish me.”

“Are you going to stand there and watch your friend taking her punishment, knowing that you are equally guilty, Helen?” Samantha goaded.

“Ignore her, Helen!” Sarah said as she remained bent over the back of the sofa. “You don’t have to do it.”

“No, you don’t, Helen,” Mrs Mathers added. “This is just for Sarah. We’ve always reinforced the school’s discipline like this, but if your family don’t, well, that’s your affair. I’ll slipper you if you want, but it’s your choice.”

Helen’s parents had never spanked her, never even punished her in any way, and she resented them for it. She’d envied Sarah’s stricter parents, without knowing exactly what it entailed. Now, she was being offered that which she had desired. If only Samantha hadn’t been there, with her constant teasing and enjoyment at seeing her sister about to be punished. Yes, with just Mrs Mathers there with Sarah, Helen would have bravely stepped forward already.

“In case you were wondering, Helen,” Samantha started speaking. “I have also had a few turns over the back of a chair while mum spanks my bottom. I can well imagine your feelings at this moment.”

Helen looked up. Samantha was not teasing now. She was still smiling, but the smile appeared warm and affable now, even reassuring. Samantha was correct in that she, Helen, was equally guilty, so there was some logic in her taking the second slippering as well as Sarah. Then there was that longing for her own parents to be stricter with her. This was her one chance to actually experience it.

“Okay, I surrender!” Helen said with a weak smile. “What do I have to do?”

“I’ll help you, Helen,” Samantha offered, patting the top of the sofa nearest her.

Still a little unsure of Samantha’s motives, Helen approached her rather cautiously. When she reached the back of the sofa, though, the older sister put a reassuring arm on her shoulder.

“This is nothing you haven’t experienced before, Helen,” Samantha cooed in her ear. “At school, I mean. Bend over the back of the sofa when you’re ready.”

Helen began bending over and found it strangely comforting when her face was level with Sarah’s. Being several inches shorter than Sarah, Helen found herself perched on top of the back of the sofa with her feet dangling in mid-air. They exchanged smiles, although both their eyes appeared anxious.

“You need your skirt up, Helen,” Samantha’s voice was soft and gentle. “I’ll do it for you.”

Even though Helen had looked at her friend’s navy-blue knicker clad bottom as she stood behind the sofa, she had simply forgotten about her own skirt. Now she felt it being lifted up and folded above her waist, with Samantha taking care to make sure it was totally secure. A hand brushed gently over Helen’s knickers, and then Samantha stood just a pace away.

“I’ll do Sarah first and then you, Helen,” Mrs Mathers advised.

“Okay,” Helen replied, relaxing just a little now she knew she had a short respite before her own chastisement.

Almost instantly, Mrs Mathers swung the slipper and delivered the first whack across Sarah’s bottom. Sarah grunted, and her body jerked. With just around ten seconds between strokes, Sarah’s slippering proceeded at a steady pace. Helen watched her friend grimace at each stroke, but Sarah did not look back.

And then the six strokes had been dispensed. Sarah made to get up, but was immediately pushed back down by her mother. She tried reaching back with one hand in an attempt to soothe her sore bottom, but again her mother stopped her.

“You just stay where you are, my girl,” Mrs Mathers commanded. “Your friend has to have hers now.”

Helen sneaked a wry smile to Sarah, but her friend’s bleary tear-stained eyes just looked down at the seat cushion. Mrs Mathers had moved along so she was now standing behind Helen, who sensed the older woman’s proximity. For a fleeting moment, Helen considered the possibility of backing out, even at this very late stage, but she quickly decided it was too late for that. She braced herself for the spanking she’d somehow been persuaded to take.

With a faint hint of movement behind her, Helen suddenly felt the leather slipper slam into her bottom. It stung instantly, and reminded her of the school slippering she’d had less than an hour before. Another swing of the slipper brought fresh pain so sharply that Helen seriously wondered whether her ideas of home discipline were really that wonderful.

After watching the third stroke slammed into Helen’s bottom, Samantha told her, “You can cry out if you want to, Helen. We won’t mind.”

“I’m okay, thanks,” Helen replied, her voice noticeably shaky.

In response, Mrs Mathers applied the slipper again, smacking into the centre of Helen’s navy-blue knickers.


The fifth and sixth strokes seemed to land rather more quickly than the previous ones, leaving Helen’s bottom throbbing. It took several moments for her to realise her punishment was over, and then she remembered Mrs Mathers’ response to Sarah trying to get up before she was told. Helen remained still, balanced on the top of the sofa, waiting for whatever would happen next.

“I think they should serve some corner time too, don’t you, mum?” Samantha suggested.

“What? No! Mum, please!” Sarah immediately protested.

“Not this time,” Mrs Mathers replied. “Sarah, take Helen up to your room for twenty minutes, if you want. I’ll start getting tea ready.”

Both girls were relieved to be allowed to get up from the back of the sofa, and let their skirts drop back down and cover their knickers. Sarah wasted no time in leading Helen up to her bedroom. Sarah immediately flopped onto her bed, face down, where she lifted her pleated skirt up and pushed down her knickers to the middle of her shapely thighs.

“My bum must be as red as anything,” she declared.

“Yes, you can definitely see where you’ve been whacked. It looks really sore.”

“Come on, let’s see your bum too. Come and join me on the bed.”

Helen laid down next to her friend, the two lying close together on the single bed. She started lifting up her skirt again, and found Sarah eagerly helping her.

“I can take my own knickers down, thank you!” Helen retorted sharply, her true feelings betrayed by the smile on her face.

“Wow!” Sarah remarked, looking at Helen’s red sore buttocks. “Your bum looks really sore too.”

“To be expected, I suppose, when you get two doses of the slipper in one day.”

“You really didn’t have to do that, you know, Helen. You could have just watched me getting mine.”

“I know, but I’ve always envied you having parents who treat you like a daughter and punish you when you deserve it. Anyway, it wouldn’t have been fair for you to get two slipperings and me only one.”

“Surely, your parents do discipline you, like ground you or send you to your room or something?”

“Nope! Just cold silences that can literally go on for days. It’s really awful. They caught me smoking once, and all they said was that they were really disappointed in me. No grounding, no smacked bottom, nothing.”

“I see what you mean. I’d hate that too. I might get a whacking, but at least that would be the end of it.”

“Wow! What lovely, cute little sore bottoms!”

Sarah and Helen both looked round to see Samantha standing in the doorway. Helen was tempted to tug her skirt down over her naked bottom, but didn’t when Sarah made no attempt to cover herself.

“Come to gloat, have you, sis?” Sarah snapped.

“No, come to tell you tea’s ready. Not that I mind seeing the results after you’ve had a good whacking. Now, unless you both want another dose of the slipper, I suggest you get a move on and get downstairs.”

Both girls did now pull their navy-blue school knickers back up. They climbed off the bed and arranged their pleated school uniform skirts neatly in place. Sarah led the way out into the hallway, and Helen followed with Samantha behind her.

“Well done for keeping Sarah company, Helen.”


“When mum slippered her.”

“Oh, right. No problem,” Helen responded with a smile.

“No problem, eh?” As Helen walked in front of her, Samantha gave her a sharp slap on the seat of her skirt.

The End

© Kenny Walters 2022

Kenny is always keen to discuss his stories with readers, or any spanking related matter. Contact him at: kennywalters@hotmail.com