Take four girls and too much alcohol, plus a cane.

By Paul S

Holly and eleven friends met at Luton airport on Friday before going through passport and security for their jet flight to Nice, due to arrive at 4.30pm.The flight was fairly uneventful and they passed through passport control and didn’t need baggage reclaim as the girls mostly had small bags or trolley suitcases.

The party consisted of Holly, who was 30 and a qualified vet and soon to be married. The other girls were all in their late 20s or early 30s, and some were married, some had boyfriends and some were still single.

They hired a large minibus taxi to take them from the airport to their villa in Cannes which they had rented for the whole weekend. It was expensive but when they turned up it was fantastic. It overlooked the bay and the sea, with the harbour to the left. It had its own bar for entertaining and spacious bedrooms with large double beds, plus couches for the additional girls staying over.

Apart from Holly; there was Mary, who was a barista; Lucy, who worked at UCL as a researcher; plus Anne, who was older and stricter and a teacher. She was teetotal and had agreed with Holly to keep the girls in order for the weekend.

There was also Katherine, who worked at an outdoor centre; Leah, who worked at Northolt aerodrome; Maria, who worked in fashion; Christina, who was Polish and married but very fit; Pam, who worked in ladies fashion specialising in underwear; Amanda, who was a fitness coach and naturally very fit.

Finally there were the party poopers; Suzy, who worked in a charity shop and dressed frumpily, and Sandy, who was married but was so up herself.

The girls made themselves at home in the luxury villa, making themselves cocktails at the fantastic ocean bar provided. The villa was 3 storeys high so had great views over the beachfront from a large terrace.

The girls hurriedly started preparing for a big night out, and Holly had appointed Anne to keep an eye on the girls and make sure none of them got into trouble or became sick or injured. She had brought a first aid kit along, and it was soon needed for Sandy who had a bad migraine, and said she may have to go to bed early, and miss all the fun.

Anyway, the girls started showering and putting on make-up for their big night ahead. They had also been asked to bring along a fancy dress costume each for an after party in the early morning at the villa, which was stacked up with drinks for the occasion, and Amanda agreed to act as bar person and was in charge of music and the sound system.

The party of girls left and went to a local restaurant at 8pm, and ordered food and drinks as usual. A large party of women attracted the attention of locals, who were advised it was a hen party.

The meal finished by 9.30 so the girls went and had a few drinks in the bar until 11pm when the night club opened. The conversation became intense as the girls caught up on recent events as some of them had not seen each other for a while, although remaining close friends.

The time flew past, but Anne took Sandy back to the villa, as she wasn’t feeling well, and took some medication before retiring for the evening.

The girls caught the night bus along the seafront to the night club, where they were greeted personally by one of the ushers who had reserved a special area for them near the bar and dance floor, but which was not too noisy. The girls ordered drinks and then started partying hard, hitting the dance floor. They soon attracted the attention of local men who tried to dance with some of the girls, but the girls were not interested, preferring to stay close together and party and dance hard.

The girls danced solidly until about 2am when some were feeling tired, so they took a vote and decided to go back to the villa for the ‘after’ party. They caught the night bus which dropped them right outside the door of the villa, on the seafront in an exclusive area.

Once back in the villa, Holly said: “It’s time to dress up in fancy dress, girls!”

They all adopted different outfits based around their jobs, as follows:

Holly – Bride to be;

Mary – waitress outfit;

Lucy – traffic warden in short skirt;

Maria – French Maid in short skirt;

Pam – dressed in black lingerie;

Amanda – tracksuit;

Christina – leather trousers and jacket;

Katherine – Nurse’s outfit;

Leah – air hostess, and

Suzy – ball gown.

The girls recharged their glasses with fresh cocktails form the bar and continued partying long into the night. However the alcohol was taking its toll and one by one the girls flaked out on the couch or beds, exhausted.

Eventually there was just Anne, who was teetotal plus 4 girls left standing by 5am. That was Holly, Leah, Christina and Amanda, who were arguably the fittest of the group. By that time the alcohol and partying meant the girls were struggling physically but still dancing. Then Amanda suggested they all moon and send a picture message to Holly’s fiancé. So they all dropped their panties and bent over whilst Amanda used a selfie stick. She then sent the picture message to Matt.

Matt was in bed when he was awoken by his phone alarm, warning him of a new message. He opened the message and was shocked to see a picture of 4 girls’ bare bottoms and the message: “Having a great time – it’s a full moon here”.

Matt texted Amanda back saying: “Hope you are all safe but you girls clearly need some discipline!”

The girls carried on partying but it was slowly getting light, and they seemed oblivious to the fact that none of them had any knickers on. The sun was rising over the bay which was a beautiful sight in the early morning. The sea was like a glass mirror providing a magical scene. The girls wandered out onto the wide terrace towards the handrail to look at the fantastic view. In doing so they leant forward onto the handrail to get a better view. They were a little tall so had to bend over slightly, raising their bottoms up.

All 4 girls were leaning forwards over the handrail, with their short fancy dress outfits rising up and exposing their bare bottoms.

Anne went out onto the terrace in her fancy dress outfit as a teacher, and said: “You girls are making an exhibition of yourselves!”

Amanda said: “We are not showing too much, are we?”

Anne said: “Well, I can see 4 bare bottoms bent over the handrail in a row like naughty girls.”

Christina said: “We haven’t been that naughty, have we?”

A discussion then ensued between the girls, saying they were good at the restaurant, well behaved at the bar; and fairly well behaved at the night club, apart from Lucy who was rude to some Frenchmen who kept chatting her up.

Anne said then: “How do you explain this?” Showing them Amanda’s mobile with a picture of the four of them mooning.

Amanda said: “I don’t think words can explain that!”

Leah said: “Whoops, caught me with my panties down!”

Christina said: “It was the alcohol.”

And Holly said: “Oh shit!”

Anne said: “I will ask each of you if you are guilty or not guilty of mooning, and sending this message to Holly’s fiancé, Matt.”

All four pleaded guilty.

Anne said she would get her cane and return to give them all six of the best as a punishment. Anne searched through her case and found a small 1 foot 6 inch long medium grade senior rattan cane. It was intended as a fancy dress prop, but was to be used for real this time.

Anne returned to the terrace where the four girls were still bent over the handrail, with their bare bottoms raised. Anne gave each girl in turn 6 of the best, but the girls were too drunk or inebriated to react. That helped, as the girls hardly moved, giving Anne an accurate target.

She stood back to admire her handiwork. 4 naughty girls bare bottoms bent over and beautifully striped. Except that these were the bottoms of 20-30 something year old ladies who should really know better.

The girls then retired and went to sleep.

They all awoke after midday to get showered and have ‘brunch’ and wine ready for the following night’s partying.

Leah, Christina, Amanda and Holly were all complaining of sore bottoms that morning. Leah said she must have sat on a radiator as there were bright red stripes across her bottom. Christina said yeah I have those as well. Amanda and Holly said their bottoms also had bright red stripes across them.

Anne then told them they had sent a picture message to Matt of the 4 of them mooning. The 4 girls were mortified. They wouldn’t be able to look Matt in the eye again, and Holly would have some explaining to do when she got home to her fiancé. Anne said that you 4 behaved like naughty schoolgirls, so I treated you like that and gave you all 6 of the best last night. That is why all your bottoms are well striped this morning.

Holly thanked Anne for looking out for them, and said they all deserved what they had got. Holly then asked Anne to take a photo of her red striped bottom, and picture messaged Matt saying: ‘Really sorry about last night. As you can see, the offending bottoms, including mine, have been suitably punished.’

Matt replied: ‘Remember you will have to love, honour and obey soon?


© Paul S 2016