A girl is disciplined by her boyfriend. By a new writer to us.

By Kim Newco

After coming home from his family gathering, Kim’s boyfriend of three years found out from his cousin what happened. Kim and Mike have been practicing domestic discipline for about year and a half now. She has only received two actual discipline spankings since. She hated them but they both enjoy the other types of spankings. They were both just a couple of spankos that met each other.

However, one of things he had zero tolerance for was putting herself in danger and lying. He was always even tempered but doing anything that put herself and others at risk was unacceptable. He had many talks with her about texting and using her phone behind the wheel when driving and has even given her a few warning spankings over the issue. Two weeks ago, she was out with his thirteen year cousin, Emily, doing some Christmas shopping. His cousin told enough of the story in passive conversation at the family gathering they were both attending. They were on their way home and there was silence for half of the ten minute drive.

In a concerned voice she said: “So am I going to get my butt beat when we get home?”

“You think?” He said sarcastically, trying to keep calm.

Now really concerned, she spoke up hoping to smooth things over.

“Mike, let me explain. You see…”

“You used your phone texting behind the wheel and than lied to me about the scratches on the car. Does that about sum it up?” He interrupted her with a firm tone.

She swallowed hard and didn’t say anything.

“You were with my cousin and you put her life in danger, the lives others in the parking lot and…”

“We weren’t on the road, technically, so I wasn’t really driving and…” She tried to interrupted him and talk her way out of it.

“Save it!” He said firmly.

There was silence for the rest of the way home. He pulled up at the house and stopped her just before she was going to get out.

“OK, look, I’m not going to lecture you this time.”

She let a sigh of relief.

“You know exactly what you did and you know exactly what could’ve happen, and you know exactly what your really in for.”

She let out a deep breath.

“Nope, I’m not going to lecture you. In fact, you’re going to lecture me this time!”

“What?” She queried as she snapped her head in surprise.

“Now you listen. You are also going to explain thoroughly why I’m going to blister your behind good. You’re going to tell me in detail what you did, why you deserve it. In fact, you’re even going lecture me on how to properly give you a discipline spanking. So you get our agreement, the moisturizing lotion, a large pillow, the backscratcher and set up in the den. You’re going lecture me from the corner.”

“The den?” Letting out a huff and a whimper. “Ohhhh, you’re not going make me…?”

“Yes, I am.”

“You’re going to remind me that I have given you two warning spankings over this issue. After the timer goes off, you’re going to lecture me in detail about what is and what is not a part of a discipline spanking according to our agreement. Pretend, I’ve never give anyone a spanking. You’re not going to complain, whimper or be sarcastic in anyway. You’re going to give me a very serious and thorough lecture. You need to be serious and assertive. Make me feel bad about not tearing into your behind last time. But if I hear one whimper, any kind of sarcasm, whining or anything else before, I take the backscratcher from your hand, you will start from the very beginning. Is that clear?”

She couldn’t say anything, she was still in shock. She couldn’t believe what he told her she was going to be doing. All she could do is nod her head in acknowledgement.

“Is there anything unclear about what I just told you?”

Knowing she had to verbally answer, she said: “No sir, it’s crystal clear.”

“Alright, remember your lecture needs to be very sincere, assertively convincing! Is that understood?”

With stammering lips she managed to speak out. “Yes sir!”

“Alright, take some time get your thoughts together while I calm down too. You are going lead me to the den this time when you’re ready.”

He released her arm and got out of the car without another word. She just sat there in shock. She was really good at lecturing and public speaking; she gave the graduation speech for high school three years ago. But she didn’t know how she was going to do it without whimpering or trying to talk her way out. She finally went into the house; she was a nervous wreck.

He was sitting quietly watching TV on the recliner chair. She waited to give him some time to cool off. After about an hour working through what she was going to say, she went to the den and set things up.

The den was twenty feet from end to end with no dividing walls. She knew what he was was going to have her do; it was the same for all discipline spanking. She moved the couch and coffee table against the wall. She got the bamboo backscratcher and set down the small coffee table half way between the corner and the table and chairs at the other end. Her heart was fluttering in trepidation. She went to her bedroom and grabbed a large pillow and the large bottle of lotion. She placed them on the table opposite the corner she knew she’d be standing in. She got the stepping stool from the kitchen and brought it to the den and placed in front of the table and chairs. She pulled their discipline agreement from a drawer and came back, pulled a chair and sat down to collect her final thoughts.

Seriousness! Firmness! Be assertive. No whimpering! She kept whispering to herself.

She sat there trying to take a few deep breaths. She was use to listening to him lecture her. The past few discipline spankings, the last one was just over a year ago, and she was usually begging and whimpering trying to convince him not to spank her or reduce it to a warning spanking, which she managed to do last time she was texting and driving eight months ago.

“Oh man, how did get myself in to this? Oh man, I’m really in for it. I hate that dam backscratcher.”

Finally, after another 15 minutes, she stood up and a deep breath. “OK, Kim, be serious, be assertive, be thorough, no whimpering!” She whispered to herself, trying to muster the courage and stillness to get herself in a lecturing mode.

She slowly walked into the living room. She reached out and held out her hand to him.

“Mike, I need to talk to you about something that happened a few weeks ago. It’s pretty serious, can we talk?”

Giving her his hand, he said: “Sure, Kim, what you need to talk about?”

She gently sat down on his lap and placed her arms around him. It was fairly easy because she was petite and 5’ 7” with skinny and bony legs only weighing about 115lb. He was 5’ 11” and all muscles and very easy on the eyes. Trying to get some security and help her stay calm herself, she gave him a very long kiss. He didn’t resist and reciprocated, hugging her and kissing her back. She gently pulled away and began stroking his head.

“Hmmm, listen, I wasn’t completely honest with you about the scratches on the car and I’m afraid we are going to have to deal with the situation. I lied to you, I know exactly what happened.”

“Really? What happened?” He queried

“I was with your cousin, Emily, in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I was behind the wheel. I was trying to text Emily’s mom’s that we were on our way when I put the car in reverse. I wasn’t paying attention and I backed into a shopping cart while another customer was pushing it. The gentleman was his wife exhorting a young girl. She could’ve been pushing it, I don’t know. The person to the right of me was parked and just getting out of his car. He saw that I was looking at my phone and how I wasn’t paying attention. I got out to make sure everyone was alright. He was really angry and the man who just parked next to me mentioned he saw the light from my phone in front of my face. The father was escalating things and caught the attention of a cop who came out from Police van parked in front for the holidays. They stopped the guy from getting physical. But, based on the witness and conformation from Emily, I got a ticket for $500 for texting and driving recklessly. I was going to pay it and pay extra to keep it off my records. I wasn’t going to tell you about it and I told Emily not to say anything, but apparently she didn’t listen. The ticket is in my glove box in the binder of my owners manual in my car so you wouldn’t find it.”

“Really? You got a ticket, you didn’t tell me, and you lied about the scratches?” He said with a very disappointing look.

Seeing the look in his eyes, she realized that she actually had two major and serious issues. She knew what was going to happen.

“Now, I know you have giving me two warning spankings before about texting and driving, and I do remember them, but as much as I’m going to hate it, you’re going to have to give me a very thorough discipline spanking. In fact, now that I’m talking about it, I should get another one in a week or two also for lying to you and trying to deceive you.”

She paused for a second and took a few deep breaths.

Trying to encourage her he said: “You’re doing good, Kim. Take a few more deep breaths, calm down and than keep going. Work on being assertive too.”

She waved her hand in front of her face, trying not to break down and cry. She was convincing herself more and more that she did deserve it and the feelings she had at that moment were surfacing.

After a few deep breaths she continued. “The father was really angry and I thought he was going to strike me. I wasn’t worried about it because, as you know, I have a black belt in Kempo, but that isn’t point. You know how driven and headstrong I can be, and sometimes I focus so much on getting things done, I don’t slow down and see what’s happening. I’m sure I wasn’t setting a good example for Emily either.

Raising her voice a little for emphasis, and working through what could’ve happened, she remembered the face of the girl face she almost hit.

Trying to be assertive, she said: “You know, come to think of it, I’m damn lucky I didn’t hit him or his wife. I’m damn lucky I heard the car hit the cart. I could’ve ran them over because of my negligence. If that would’ve happened, I could’ve wound up in jail with charges against me. Worse yet, I’m damn lucky I didn’t hit the child who they were escorting. It’s better to accept a discipline spanking than to end up with the guilt of accidentally killing someone. I was damn lucky, but that doesn’t excuse what I did. I should’ve known better. I should’ve listened to you and put my phone in my damn purse the second I got in the car, but I didn’t. But I know one thing for sure. After you give me a damn good spanking, I’ll do just that for now on.”

Hearing herself lecture out loud herself turned out to be more therapeutic than she imagined, and she began believing her own words. She slowly put her arms around him, again wanting some reassurance.

“Listen, honey, I know you’re going spank me pretty damn hard. I just need to know you’re not angry inside.” She said in almost a whimpering tone.

He reciprocated by holding her tight.

In a soft gentle tone, he said: “I’m OK, Kim, I’m actually OK. The better your lecture on yourself about it, the less I’m upset. And yes, I am going to do just what you said I should do.

Letting out a little whimper, she said: “Ohhh, yes sir. Can you just hold me for a few moments?”

Knowing she was just looking for some reassurance that he was in complete control, he just held her for a good five minutes until she was ready. She pulled away to give another long kiss. She gentle pulled away from his lips and looked directly into his eyes.

“I need to ask you a few things first.”


“According to our agreement, if I ever lied or deceived you, I was going to get a switching. Do I need to cut some switches for you to use?”

“No, we’ll talk about that in another two weeks or so after you are fully recovered from today. We’re just going to talk about you texting behind the wheel today.”

“Well, we better go to the den then,” she said.

She stood up and took his hand.

“Come on, Mike, I already arranged things and even moved the couch against the wall and the coffee table against the couch. I put a pillow and lotion on the table. I know the drill.”

She very soberly led him by the hand into the den. They got to the table and chairs at one end and she gestured for him to sit down. When he did, she sat in his lap again. She removed her watch and sat on the table. She pulled out her phone from her back pocket.

“Alright, I have the timer app up. Here’s my phone. I’m going to take our discipline agreement and go over to the corner. I’m going to make sure I have my head against the both walls. I’m going to have my head down so I can read through our agreement several times. I will to be thinking about what I’ve done and what could’ve happened. Once my head is against the wall, I’ll let you know so you can set the timer for however long you decide. I absolutely hate not knowing, but that’s what’s in our agreement. Do you still want to be the one to order me, or should I just do it myself?”

Gently taking her phone from her, he gave her a quick peck on the lips and then firmly said: “Alright, Kim, get your little skinny little behind in the corner.”

“Yes, sir.”

She got off his lap but still held his hand. Giving it a little squeeze, she said: “When the ring tone sounds, I’m not going to turn around until you stop the ring tone indicator and you call for me. I’ll remain there in the corner and we’ll go from there.”

She slowly walked across the room to the corner, put her head down and gently placed her head against the two connecting walls. He set the timer.

“Alright, young lady, you stay there, read through our agreement and think about what you did and what could’ve happened.” He said with firmness.

“Ohhhh, yes sir.”

She hated being in the corner, especially because she knew she was really going to get it. She carefully read through their agreement and started arranging her thoughts about how she was going to continue to lecture him. She knew he wanted a detailed explanation. Time seemed to go on forever. She lightly stomped her foot a few times, still wondering if he was even in the room, but didn’t dare turn around to look.

He got the extra stepping stool from the den closest and brought it in next to the one near the table chairs. She heard some other movements. She was so tempted to ask how much time was left, but she knew better. He would reset the timer for longer. She absolutely hated not knowing.

She was starting to really psych herself up and lightly stomping her foot again.

“I have to hold together, no matter what. I still have to lecture him. Oh man, how am I going to make him feel bad, though, for letting me off the hook last time?” She was whispering low enough to ensure he didn’t hear. ‘Stay calm, stay calm, what I’m going to say, in what order.’ She was thinking to herself.

Time seemed to be going on and on, and with no watch to look at she had no way of telling how long she been staying there with her head against the walls. After what seemed like forever, the timer finally went off. Her heart began to beat a little faster. The timer went on for a few seconds before he turned it off. She waited to hear her name, but didn’t. She just waited with her head against the two walls. It was another full minute or so later.

“Alright, Kim, ready to continue?”

Letting out a deep breath she turned around and faced him. He was sitting down on the chair on the far side of the den, about twenty feet away. She had to speak up a little to ensure he heard her.

“Yes sir, I am.”

“Alright, you know what you need to cover. Pretend I don’t know anything. Take your time and make sure you go over everything.”

“Yes, sir.”

Exhaling another breath she began. “Mike, this is going to be a discipline spanking according to what’s in our agreement. Thus isn’t an erotic spanking, it isn’t a maintenance spanking and it isn’t a warning spanking. This one is a real one. Now, we are both spankos and we both love spanking in our relationship, especially because I have a extreme high pain tolerance. I can take a pretty hard spanking and still enjoy it. But a real discipline spanking isn’t something that I’m supposed to like or enjoy. We need something different to distinguished it from the rest.”

“What are the differences, Kim?”

“Well, a discipline spanking is as real as it gets. To ensure everything is distinguished from anything sexual, we are both going to keep our clothes on. But, there are some things about a discipline spanking that we need to discuss before you begin.”

“What things are those, Kim?” He queried

“Mike, you know my safe word that use all the time during maintenance and warning spankings?”

“Yes, I know.”

“Well, it is nullified for this spanking. So, no matter what I say, no matter how much I may start begging, you have no obligation to listen to it.”

He thought for a second.

“I mean it, Mike.” She said being a little assertiveness.

He made eye contact and said: Yes, ma’am, no safe word, got it!”

“Alright, now this spanking has no warm up, and a no warm spanking essentially translates into a few things.”

“What things are those, Kim?”

“Well, first it means there is absolutely no protection.”

“No protection?” He queried.

“That’s right, even though we are keeping our clothes on, there is no starting off the spanking over my jeans, then graduate to spanking over my panties, like maintenance or warning spankings. This entire spanking is on the bare ass, from beginning to end.

“Now, do you want to order me to do it like you always do or do you want me to just start? I’m going to be continuing my lecture while I’m getting ready either way.”

“Kim, I love to see at your naked backside, but today is not just sight seeing for me.” He paused for a second. “Take ’em down!” He said with firmness.

She slowly moved her hands to her belt buckle and begun undoing it. She pulled the lip of the belt out. She slowly began pulling it to the right to unlatch the buckle.

“Now, having no warm up also means the spanking starts off with an implement. If fact, the entire spanking is with an implement. So you’d better not be using your hands at all. From the very first swat to the very last you’re going to be using that damn backscratcher. Is that clear?”

“The entire spanking is on the bare ass and with the backscratcher. Okay.”

She pulled the rest of the belt free from the buckle. She put her fingers on the buttons of her jeans and paused and said as a calmly as she could: “Yes sir, that’s exactly what it says for discipline spankings.”

“I think I can do that.” He said with resolve.

She slowly unbuttoned her jeans very slowly. She hooked her thumbs on the inside of her jeans and decided to make sure he had his say too.

“How far do want me to push them down, Mike?”

“Push them all the way down. They won’t fall off with your cowboy boots on.”

“Yes, sir.”

She very slowly pushed them off her hips and paused for a second. “All the way down?”

“That’s right, all the way down to your ankles, Kim. Drop ’em.”

She slowly bent over and pushed her jeans down until they bunched up at her ankles. She stood up in her blue bikini panties.

Taking a few additional breaths and pausing again, she said: “Now, you know I love a good hard spanking, but I am not supposed to like a discipline spanking. Start spanking as fast as possible and keep that intensity throughout the entire spanking.”

“The entire spanking is with super fast swats, eh?”

“Mike, I put other lives in jeopardy. I almost hit a child, a child, Mike. I could’ve killed her, Mike.”

She started crying into her hands but it was raw emotional guilt.

He was about go over to her and hold her but she held out her hands and gestured to stop him.

After a minute or so, she stopped crying and regained her composure.

“Mike, I put a child’s life in danger! If you’re really going to beat my ass over this, than I deserve nothing less than a real discipline spanking, and it needs to be as intense as possible. Do you understand, Mike?” She asked with all sincerity.

“Yes ma’am; instant intensity and keep it that way through the entire spanking. Got it.”

“That’s right. I’m twenty-two years old, I’m a big girl and I just pulled down big girl pants. That means I fully expect to get a big girl spanking. You don’t need to coddle me, I’m an adult, I have a high pain tolerance, I don’t bruise easily and I enjoy a pretty hard spanking, but not spankings like this one.”

She removed hooked her thumbs on the inside of the elastic band of her panties and began pulling outward but not down.

“Now, how far do you want me to push them down, Mike?”

“I need to see your beautiful bare bottom if I’m going to paddle it. I don’t want them to your ankles either. But I don’t want your underwear anywhere near your petite bottom when I start. So, drop your panties all the way down to your knees but no further.”

She slowly pushed them all the way down to her knees. After standing up, she immediately put her hands over her bottom.

“OK, now that I’m ready I need to make sure you know the last thing about discipline spankings, according to our agreement.”

“What’s that, Kim?”

She swallowed hard. “Mike, I am usually trying to control everything.

“Yeah?” He queried.

“You know, I always have to have control of everything around me?”

“Yeah, sometimes you can be that way. I’ve seen that.”

“Well, today it’s the opposite. That means, you’re going to spank me until you see fit. There is no specified number of swats like in a warning spanking. Especially for repeated issues that are serious to you.”

“There’s no swat restrictions?”

“No, sir! This is a real unlimited swats spanking. I don’t have any input when it stops in anyway. You decide how many whacks I get and you decide when it’s over, not me. Now, do you remember what you told me when you gave me the last warning spanking about this same issue?”

“What was that?”

“You made it very clear that if you had to talk me again about using my phone while I was behind the wheel, you were going to give me an extra long spanking. I’m pretty sure you remember that too.”

“Yes, ma’am, I remember that, but thanks for the reminder. Alright, Kim, you shuffle your beautiful petite naked behind over here. Don’t let your panties fall. Get to the coffee table and pick up the backscratcher.”

“Yes sir!” She replied trying to keep herself together and in a lecturing mode.

Keeping her hands on her bottom, she carefully and slowly started her twenty feet trip across the den. She could hear her own belt buckle jingle as it slid across the floor. Her shirt barely came to her waist and so was completely bare from her waist to her knees.

Eventually, she got to where the coffee table was and stopped. She reached down and picked the bamboo backscratcher.

“Alright, carefully shuffle your naked butt over here and hand it to me, Kim!”

“Yes sir.”

She slowly shuffled the rest of the way without letting her panties fall. She handed him the backscratcher.

As soon as he took it, she threw her arms around him and began crying a little. He held her tight. He, too, was softened up inside. He realized this was really hard for her too. She was also scared and needing some reassurance. He placed the backscratcher on the table and just held her for a couple minutes or so. He was stoking her hair ever so gently.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, Mike. You must think I’m a horrible person.”

“I don’t think you’re a horrible person, Kim. It’s alright, it’s alright, you just made a mistake.”

“I got to be honest with you, Kim. This is the first time since we started discipline in our relationship that I really feel I want to spank you hard, to give you a reality check. If you had killed someone, you could’ve went to jail for the rest of your life, and that would’ve ended your future and our future together. Now, I love you with all my heart and sometimes protecting you is protecting you from yourself.

“Alright, get your little gorgeous naked behind of yours over my lap so we can have a super long talk with the backscratcher.”

“Ohhhhh, yes, sir!”

She stepped up on the stool and hiked herself up over his leg with a little hop upwards. He helped with his arm around her small torso just enough to guide her. She was over but not completely. She felt herself slipping backwards a little but he didn’t notice.

“OK, OK, wait, wait, I’m slipping.” She said in a panic.

“Do you need any help?”

“No, no, I’m OK. Just give me a few seconds. I just don’t want to slide off after you start. You don’t want me to either, do you?”

“No, I don’t. Just get in position and bend all the way over.” He said with firmness.

She tried squirming upwards, to no avail. Her panties were down to her knees and her jeans were still down to her ankles, and it hindered her from using her legs. She finally put her hands on his leg, arched her back and pushed herself forward until she could balance her weight across his massive thigh.

When she did, she was pretty much bent in half and dangling on both ends. She was pretty high off the floor. She settled and relaxed as best she could. Her legs draped downward stretching her thighs and went upwards forming into her butt cheeks.

He began lightly tapping her bottom with the handle of the bamboo backscratcher, just hard enough to make a smacking sound and to get her attention.

She started breathing heavier.

Tap, Tap, Tap.

Tap, Tap, Tap.

“Kim, listen up. Because this is a discipline spanking, as soon as I’m done blistering your behind, you have to go back in the corner. You hear?”

“Ohhh, yes, sir.”


The first whack came down super hard and left a really bright red mark as wide as the handle across both cheeks, in contrast to her very white backside. But before she had time to register the first searing, stinging swat, another came down and another and another.


He exploded with super fast rapid fire hard swats across her upper butt cheeks. The bamboo handle made a really load smacking sound that echoed throughout the room when it made contact with her skin. A shock and awe of stinging pain flushed through her bottom. At first she didn’t react but she was wiggling and moving her bottom in all directions trying to remain bent over. She was resolved to get through it and was fighting against it despite how bad it stung. But it kept going on and on, the pain kept building.


She was trying to breathe her way through it, but her breaths started getting loader and faster as the paddling continued.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh!”


Her exhaling was getting faster and faster and her pain tolerance was diminishing with ever second.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhooooo.”

He got to about 90 to 100 super hard whacks in just under 45 seconds. He finally stopped and tapped the middle of her back. She threw the pillow away, popped upward and jumped off his leg. When her feet hit the floor she immediately threw her hands over her bottom, arched her back, pushed her hips forward and began hopping up and down in circles, frantically rubbing the fiery, pulsing and blistering pain from her backside.

She had never been spanked that hard in her life. She stood still, rubbing and holding her bottom. Her eyes were puffy and swollen red, tears streaming down her face. Her hair was a mess and she was crying out of control.

In a more gentler tone he said: “It’s okay, honey. You know the drill, just get your britches back up and get in the corner. You can rub all you want but you stay in the corner.”

She couldn’t say anything. She very slowly pulled up her panties as carefully as she could up and over her very blistered bottom. Her entire backside was extremely red, with patches of black and blue bruises. She turned towards the corner, took a step and almost tripped from her jeans still around her ankles. He rushed over.

“Easy honey, let’s get your jeans up first. Let’s get your jeans up and get you to the corner, alright?” He said in an empathic but authoritative tone.

She pulled away to give a nod of acknowledgment and he helped pull her jeans back up. She got her belt buckled and began walking over to the corner. She got there and cried and rubbed her bottom the whole time she was standing there. It took her a good 10 minutes or before her crying started subsiding enough to get her breathing under control. She was still crying and trying to wipe her eyes and her nose.

He got a bottle of ice cold water from the refrigerator and walked back over to her with a box of kleenex tissues and a small trash can. She turned when he gently touched her arm.

“I thought you might want these.”

“Oh, thank you, Mike.” She said in between sniffles.

She blew her nose and took some more tissues to soak up her tears. She took the water and drank half the bottle.

“I appreciate that!”

The End

© Kim Newco 2018