A new wife makes an interesting purchase

By Paul S

Heather was a newly married wife in her late twenties, living in Glasgow, Scotland with her new partner, Chris. They had a wonderful wedding, had just returned from honeymoon and were getting back in the old routine they left behind before all the family buzz of getting married.

Heather was fairly slim, about 5 foot 8 inches tall with long dark hair, blue eyes and a slim, trim figure, 26-24-36. Chris was a little bigger built and slightly taller with auburn hair.

Chris drank socially with friends and Heather, who also drank, also smoked, which was habit Chris badly wanted her to break.

One day after coming back from work, Chris found Heather smoking outside in the garden shed to shelter from the rain. She was wearing a white blouse and short tweed skirt with black suspenders and the black high heels she wore for work.

Chris said: “I thought we agreed you would try and stop smoking before we got married?”

Heather said: “I will smoke where I want to!”

Chris said: “If you don’t stop smoking and openly disobeying me, you will feel my hand across your backside, young lady.”

Heather said: “Promises, promises,” and just laughed it off.

Chris said: “Right, that’s it.”

Heather said: “What’s it?”

Chris said: “Time you were disciplined the old fashioned way.”

Heather said: “Don’t be ridiculous, Chris,” but he grabbed her arm and pulled her from the shed outside into the kitchen. There he grabbed a chair and put it in the middle of the floor.

He then asked Heather: “Have you ever been spanked before?”

Heather said: “No!”

Chris said: “Well, there is a first time for everything then,” and pulled her across his knee and pushed her head down. Her skirt rose up, and he lifted it up and tucked it into her belt.

He started spanking Heather over her panties. She didn’t react at first as she was in shock.

But then she tried to be defiant by saying: “I will smoke wherever I want.”

With that, Chris took Heather’s black briefs down and spanked her harder, drawing some gasps from Heather. She tried to put her arm back to cover her bare bottom, but Chris pinned her arm behind her back whilst spanking her.

Eventually Heather submitted and said: “OK, OK, you win! I will try and stop smoking then,” as the heat and pain grew in her previously untanned backside.

Chris released Heather, who stood up rubbing her freshly spanked bottom.

Chris then said: “I want you to give up smoking, Heather. It’s in your own health interests. Remember, we just went to your uncle’s funeral before the wedding and he died of lung cancer.”

Heather said: “Yes, perhaps I’m being a bit reckless.”

Chris said: “OK, let’s make a deal then. Every week you don’t smoke I will take you out for a meal or a treat. However, every that week you smoke, you will be punished. Agreed?”

Heather said: “OK then, agreed.”

Chris said: “Right, I want you to go out and buy a punishment implement for me to tan your backside if I catch you smoking. You can choose what you like, plus any other associated items you want to buy. It’s your choice; either you can stop and get regular treats, or you can be punished.”

Heather gathered her bag and things and went down to the local town centre to start shopping.

She looked in a department store and several shops, but they didn’t have anything she liked the look of.

From there she looked at several other stores, and met a work colleague, Anna. She asked Anna if she knew of anywhere that sold ‘adult’ items.

Anna said: “Why don’t you try the University’s sex advice shop in the town? They are excellent and sell all kinds of stuff, including contraception, naughty underwear, sex aids and even punishment implements.”

That last comment caught Heather’s attention. “Punishment implements?” She said.

“Yes,” said Anna. “Anyway, must go as I have a train to catch. We should have a coffee and a cigarette next week sometime?”

Heather said: “Yes, we must. Give me ring.”

Heather then made her way to the University sex and advice shop, which was modern and well stocked with a range of items in the town square, plus had sex advice clinics during the week.

She entered and noticed a few couples browsing and trying out some rather comical sex aids and having a bit of a laugh as it was a Saturday afternoon.

However, she noticed they did some rather nice short black nighties and picked one to try on.

There was a young woman on the counter alone, and she asked if she needed any help.

Heather said: “Yes, I want to try on this nightie and try some other items too.”

The assistant introduced herself as Leandra and said: “We have contraception over there; clothing and shoes and knee length boots, etc at the front, and sex aids and weekday student sex advice clinics near the counters. We also have a small BDSM section at the back which the students asked for.

Heather went over to the BDSM section and her mind boggled at the items on display; everything from leather cuffs, riding crops, belts, leather outfits, etc.

She picked up a small flogger and tried it out across her hand, plus a traditional leather tawse, and a red leather strap.

She took them with the nightie to the private changing room at the rear of the shop which contained a full length mirror.

The assistant, Leandra, said: “We have a DVD in the changing area on safe play. Just press the start button.”

Heather said: “OK, thanks.”

Heather took off her dress and blouse and put on the nightie, which fitted well, and decided to buy it.

She tried out the flogger but decided it was too floppy for her liking. She also tried out the tawse across her hand, but felt it was a bit too long.

She then tried the strap which felt good and made her hand sting with a wonderful smell of freshly tanned leather.

The length was good so she decided to bend over and line it up across her tightly knickered seat and check it out in the mirror. It fitted her well rounded size 36 bottom perfectly.

She then played the DVD as follows:

‘If you want to enjoy consensual play, then find a consenting partner who shares your passion and enjoys being punished for pleasure or discipline. (The instructional DVD depicted a man with a strap and a woman facing the other way wearing a blouse and socks and shoes but with her bottom bared.)

The person doing the spanking is called a spanker and the lady in this case seen receiving punishment is the spankee. Firstly, agree a safe word or gesture to indicate when to stop or slow down when your partner has reached their limit. Second, wear clothing you are comfortable in. Thirdly, ensure your equipment is clean and sanitary, and take any contraception first if planning to have sex with your partner.

When punishing your partner, do not use excessive force and ensure they are not uncomfortable or feeling unwell. Take care if using handcuffs or restraints and ensure you have spare keys for safety reasons in case of emergency. Punishment can be applied over clothing, underwear or across the bare bottom for maximum impact.

Instruct the spankee to bend over a chair, table or spanking stool prior to administering punishment. (At this point the lady in the video bent over a table). Inform the spankee why she is being punished and what she can expect to receive in terms of punishment, and any breaks agreed beforehand. The implement should match the spankee’s bottom size to avoid the possibility of unintended whiplash or injury.

Ensure that any punishment is applied evenly and take frequent breaks to recover or for a breather, as punishment can be a painful experience for the lady spankee. Remember that ladies’ bottoms are larger and more sensitive than men’s, so that any punishment tends to be more painful for a woman (At this point the spanker applied a stroke of the strap across the spankee’s bottom in the video to demonstrate, and she gasped whilst theatrically throwing her long blonde hair back).

When applying punishment, allow about 30 seconds between strokes for the sting to spread evenly throughout the spankee’s bottom, and do not punish the lower back or upper thighs as this can be painful or cause injury. If you wish to apply ‘quick fire’ strokes, agree this with your partner first and take a regular break to allow the spankee to rub her bottom, and to catch her breath as she may be panting with both excitement and expectation.(The video depicted the lady standing up and rubbing her bottom displaying a broad red band across it).

The spankee’s bottom should ideally be reddened but not bruised, fairly hot to the touch and should be pleasantly tingling all over by the end of the punishment session. The effects of the punishment should normally start to wear off within half an hour, although a more sensitive spankee’s bottom may remain warm and tingle for the rest of the day, and marks can take up to a week to fully disappear following a punishment session. The spankee may experience a warm glow later on which she may find sexually arousing.

Heather then switched off the brief DVD, but was stimulated by the video and bent over and gave herself a sharp smack with the strap. It felt good and tingly, but she couldn’t see the effects of it. So, she put her thumbs in her elastic and pulled her tight knickers down to the tops of her thighs, bent over and gave herself another firm smack.

She could see two red stripes across her now bared bottom and it tingled. This made her feel naughty and felt just right for her bottom, she thought.

She realised one day soon that Chris would probably be bending her over and tanning her backside for real, which would be hot. It was only a matter of time before she would be caught smoking again, she thought.

She got dressed and went up to the counter and purchased the items.

Leandra, the assistant, said: “I hope you found the DVD useful. All the items are guaranteed, but you can only return them if they haven’t been used. The straps are popular with the students as they are light, easy to use and fit into a handbag for when the girls visit their boyfriends at weekends. From personal experience, I can tell you this strap is very hot.”

Heather said: “Thanks for letting me know,” and then left for home.

Heather returned home and showed Chris the items she had purchased.

Chris said: “Great choices,” as Heather took her nightie upstairs, and Chris hung the strap up on a peg in the kitchen.

Heather then carried on as normal the following week, and enjoyed a meal out with Chris that weekend for not smoking.

However she was gasping for a cigarette, but wondered whether it was worth a strapping if she was caught smoking. She had cigarettes at work, but pleaded with Anna not to tell Chris or she would be punished.

Anna seemed surprised but agreed to keep mum.

Heather came home early one day and tossed an empty packet of cigarettes into the recycling bin without thinking.

Chris came home that night, kissed Heather and said: “Had a good day?”

Heather said: “Not bad.”

Chris got a packet of crisps from the cupboard and went and sat down to watch the news.

Heather started cooking and threw the empty packets and tins in the bin, thinking the cigarette packet was hidden. Unfortunately it was disturbed and rose to the top of the bin.

Chris unthinkingly went to throw his empty crisp packet in the bin and saw the empty cigarette packet.

“Heather, how do you explain this?”

Heather played dumb and said: “What?”

“There is a pack of cigarettes in the bin and I thought you weren’t smoking. You were doing so well.”

Heather lied and said it was a friends she had put in the bin after work.

Chris said: “So you have been smoking at work, then?”

Heather said: “Oh shit! How did you know?”

Chris said: “I can tell when you are lying. Come here, young lady.”

Heather walked slowly over to Chris by the edge of the table, as she knew what was coming.

Heather stood next to Chris, and he said: “What did I tell you?”

He then lifted her skirt and tucked it into her belt and then lowered her tight black knickers. He cleared the table of plates and cutlery and bent Heather over the edge of the table, and picked up the strap.

He then placed the strap across her bare seat, lifted it and brought it down firmly.

Heather yelled: “Ouch!”

Chris said: “I want you to stop smoking, young lady. We agreed this.”

Heather said: “Yes,” and bent over as the strap was applied firmly across her bottom again. As she reared up in pain, she cried: “Argh!”

Chris said: “Do you want me to tan your bottom, young lady?”

Heather said: “I suppose I deserve it as I lied and I feel guilty.”

Chris then applied eight quick fire strokes and paused, with Heather panting heavily.

Heather said: “I am really sorry.”

Chris said: “OK, twelve hot ones coming right up,” and bent her over and then thrashed her bottom good as she gasped, tossing her hair in the air after each stroke with the pain as she submitted to the strap she herself had chosen.

Her bottom was reddening nicely and felt hot and was tingling furiously.

Eventually Chris released Heather, who got up rubbing her freshly tanned bottom.

Chris said: “How do you feel?”

Heather said: “Out of breath! The shop assistant warned me this would be hot.”

Nowadays, Heather is still struggling to give up smoking. If she manages a week without a cigarette, then they go out for a meal or show to celebrate.

More often, Heather will give in to temptation. So, most Saturdays at 8am, Chris and Heather wake up and she is marched downstairs to the kitchen. Chris will fetch the strap, whilst Heather will lift her nightie and bend over the kitchen table.

Chris will line the strap against her bottom and say: “Ready?”

Heather will say: “Yes,” and lean forward slightly and raise her bare bottom up so the strap fits across her lower seat.

Chris then gives her twenty-five strokes in a row, increased from twenty at her request, as she gasps and tosses her long hair back.

She then gets up rubbing her hot, tingling bottom; and gives Chris a small kiss. Then they return to bed for desserts and coffee.

The End

© Paul S 2016