The Head of House deals with a tricky situation. By a new writer to us.

by Jane Larner

It was 4.30 and I was making a check that everything was in order. I was Head of House and Deputy Head Girl, but it was in my capacity as Head of House that I had the most impact. I had five prefects under my control and I was responsible for the entire House of sixty girls, responsible for their well being as well as responsible for disciplinary matters within the House.

More serious matters were moved up the disciplinary chain and were ultimately dealt with by the Head Girl and her deputies, of which I was one of three.

Although the Duty Prefect would have completed an Inspection earlier in the day, I liked to complete random inspections from time to time. Having completed my rounds of the dormitories on the first floor, I started on the stairway to the top floor when I heard the unmistakable sounds of a spanking taking place. The recipient was squealing as a series of spanks landed, presumably on her bottom. I was intrigued, especially as the dormitory area should be clear at this time with all the girls being engaged elsewhere.

I followed the noise and came to the end dormitory where one of the prefects was busily engaged in delivering a spanking to one girl who slept on this dormitory.

The girl who was being spanked cried out: “I won’t take off my knickers, I won’t, I won’t!” All the while, her bottom, or what could be seen of it, was becoming redder and redder. I judged it high time to intervene.

“What is going on here?” I rasped, coldly.

There was an immediate reaction from the prefect who half rose to her feet almost spilling the young girl who managed to save herself. I first looked at the prefect who was Barbara Armstrong. She was flushed and breathing deeply and looked a bit ‘turned on’ by her recent activities, she also looked very guilty and very apprehensive.

I turned to look at the red faced spankee, and recognised Rebecca Morgan, a small but very pretty and appealing girl with a lovely figure who would, quite soon, turn into a beautiful young lady. She was still cross and looked daggers at Barbara.

“She kept on telling me to take my knickers off, and when I refused she spanked me, quite hard too,” said the aggrieved and indignant Rebecca.

I ordered Barbara to leave and to report to my study at 9.00 pm that evening.

“How long has this been going on?” I asked Rebecca.

“It started last week,” said Rebecca, now fully in command of herself, apart from rubbing her bottom from time to time.

“Very well,” I said. “I am going to relocate Barbara and she will no longer have responsibility for the top floor dormitories. Then there is no reason for her to come into direct contact with you again. Should she seek you out, you are to tell me immediately. This is not a question of telling tales you; will be acting on my personal instructions. Is that clear?”

Rebecca had been closely following these instructions and nodding her head vigorously, her eyes shining and her lips slightly parted.

‘Oh dear,’ I thought. ‘Don’t say she is developing a ‘crush’ on me.’

At 9.00 pm that evening, Barbara presented herself at my study. I was determined to be firm and asked her if she was content for me to handle the matter or should we both go and see our Housemistress.

She almost pleaded with me to handle the matter myself; I agreed to do so. I told her that I had deep suspicions about her spanking motives but could not, obviously, prove anything. I told her she was to have four strokes of the cane and to think herself lucky that it was so few.

Secondly, I told her that she would be re-located and would now be in charge of the junior dorms on the first floor.

Thirdly, she was to have absolutely no further contact with Rebecca Morgan.

I also told her that I thought I was letting her off lightly and that there had better be material improvement in her conduct or I would re-open the incident.

“Now Barbara,” I said. “Pull your knickers right up and bend over that chair. I will give you your four strokes here and now. I don’t want to cane you in front of your fellow prefects.”

Barbara did as she was told and a good proportion of her lower bottom was now exposed for my attention. She nervously bent over a chair and presented her tightly knickered bottom for the promised punishment.

I caned her a bit harder than I usually did which made her cry out. At least two of my strokes landed on the uncovered portion of her lower bottom and must have stung like mad. When the punishment was completed I made her stand facing the wall until I was sure that she had recovered sufficiently to continue with her duties without showing distress.

Barbara improved from that time and presented no further troubles.

Later, I went to see Miss Knowles, the Housemistress, who liked to be kept informed about what was happening in the House. I told her of my very real suspicions and the action I had taken. She was in total agreement and commended me for the way I had handled the whole affair.

Rebecca was a different case entirely. Although coming up to eighteen, she was small and surprisingly immature. She had, as I suspected, developed a crush on me and used to look adoringly at me with every opportunity. She even offered to be my fag, but I thought that this would be unwise and rejected the offer.

Later, I noticed that her name began appearing in the punishment book as one who had been slippered for various offences and one evening a tap on my door revealed a very penitent looking Rebecca.

“Please, Miss,” She said. Some of the younger girls called me ‘Miss’ but not one as senior as Rebecca. “You may have noticed that I have been slippered three times in the past three weeks. I am due for another session tomorrow but I wondered whether you would slipper me instead. I am sure a hard slippering from you would work wonders and teach me to be a better girl.”

Rebecca said this in a soft voice, standing to attention with her hands clasped in front of her. ‘Overdoing the penitent little girl act,’ I thought.

“No,” I said. “I am not going to slipper you but I can ask the Duty Prefect to be extra severe with you if you think that will work.”

“Oh no, Miss, and thank you, but I just thought a slippering from you would be a Good Idea. Please don’t speak to the DP.”

“Very well,” I said. “Off you go and stay out of trouble.”

That was, thankfully, my last school meeting with Rebecca. I met her two years later at an Old Girls Reunion. She had matured into a very attractive young lady and had a besotted young man in tow.

The End

© Jane Larner 2014