She might be Head girl, but she can still be punished.

By Gillian Howard

I am Steve Gilbert and I go a boys grammar school in the North of England where I am in the 6th form. We have just been informed by the Headmaster that, as from September, there will be 15 girls joining our upper sixth class as the girls grammar school is being refurbished. I was also informed that I would be the Head Boy and I was to start school a day earlier so I could meet the girls and also get to know the girl that had been selected to be Head Girl.

Over the holidays all my friends were trying to find out if the girls would be subjected to corporal punishment as we were, but we had only heard rumours. We thought it would only be fair if girls also got the cane.

I started school on the Friday before school as a whole returned the following Monday. I went to the school secretaries’ office and was handed my Head Boy badge and told to go and see the Headmaster. I knocked and was told to enter. I then saw a very attractive girl sat on one of the two sofas and the Headmaster was sat on the large leather armchair. He introduced her as Wendy Connolly and she was to be Head girl for the year.

We discussed the role each of us would take up and then the headmaster raised the subject of corporal punishment. He said that as the cane was used at the girls grammar school then all girls would be subjected to the same as any boy would get, but if a girl was sent to the Headmaster then the school secretary would witness the punishment. He informed Wendy that the rule of wearing school knickers would not apply as boys do not need to wear any special underwear. Also, the girls would be allowed to wear trousers. We were then accompanied to the assembly hall where all 14 other girls were waiting. The noise was horrendous.

As we accompanied Mr Broderick onto the stage, he bellowed: “Quiet! How dare you make so much noise? I can tell you now that if this was a normal school day then you would all be feeling my cane across your hands.”

You could hear a pin drop. Then the Headmaster went through all the rules that he had gone through with the boys before the summer holidays and then informed all the girls that everybody at the school was liable to be punished, and that included 6 of the best in the traditional way with trousers around ankles or skirt tucked into bra straps.

I met up with Wendy on Saturday and had a coffee with her. She was a very pleasant and friendly companion who I thought I could really like. We talked about our interests and how we hoped to go on to university. Then Wendy asked about the punishments that were given in the classroom and I told her that we could be given detentions or caned in class either across the hands or across the bottom. I assured her that whichever you received they were both very painful and that I spoke from experience.

This seemed to intrigue her and I told her that all teachers used the cane and were very proficient in its use, but a Headmaster’s caning was really something the girls should avoid at all costs as the marks remain for 2 or 3 weeks and it is really painful to sit for days afterwards.

As Monday arrived we started the new era at the school and over the first few weeks there were no punishments in the upper sixth, but you could see some boys walking around with white chalk marks across their bottoms and you knew they had been caned.

Wendy approached me one day as several of the girls had asked why these boys had chalk marks and I explained that most teachers would rub the blackboard duster along their cane before administering it to the naughty boy’s bottom and this left the chalk mark.

At the start of our fourth week I was talking with Wendy as we entered our Chemistry lesson and we were reprimanded by Mr Redmond. As we started to do our second experiment Wendy tried to whisper something to me but I just told her to be quiet as we had been very lucky not to have been caned earlier.

“Gilbert and Connolly, out here now.”

I stood and looked at Wendy and saw her blushing and looking scared. As we made our way to the front Mr Redmond had opened his cupboard and taken his cane out.

We both stood in front of him as he said: “You were both lucky that I didn’t cane you earlier for talking as you entered the room, but you have been doing the same every time I look towards you. Gilbert, touch your toes and show Connolly what to do.”

As I bent over he picked up his duster and covered the cane in chalk dust so I knew that all the school would be able to see the Head Boy had been caned. The cane then crashed across my bottom, quickly followed by three more equally painful strokes. I was then told to stand and I knew not to rub my bottom.

“Connolly, bend over,”

Wendy was wearing trousers and as she bent over I could see she was wearing very brief panties as the outline of them was visible as her trousers tightened across her bottom. I saw the first line of chalk appear across her bottom and heard a small yelp. Three more followed, leaving three more stripes, before she was told to stand and not to rub her bottom. I could see tears in her eyes but was surprised that, apart from the first yelp, she had taken her first caning very well. We were then told to return to our seats and the class all saw our stripes as we returned to our seats.

After the lesson was over we had a free period, so we made our way to the common room. As soon as we entered, Wendy was going to rub her bottom to remove the chalk marks till I told her to stop as the marks were to let the school know if you had been caned. With us being Head Girl and Boy, word would spread like wild fire so if we appeared around school without the chalk marks we would be seen as softies.

Wendy disappeared to the toilets with Shirley, her best friend and her deputy, before returning and saying that she was surprised at how raised and red the welts on her bottom were. I told her that if she was ever sent to the Headmaster and she was wearing the same brief knickers as she was today, she would soon realise how painful a caning could be. She blushed as she asked how I knew she was wearing brief panties. I told her when she bent over the outline was clearly visible.

Over the next few weeks, several girls as well as some boys felt the cane and just after half term Wendy received the cane again, this time two strokes across each hand. By the time the school Christmas dance arrived, Wendy and me were together as boyfriend and girlfriend and were very happy and both doing exceptionally well at school. I had been caned again but Wendy had not received any further punishments. Two of the girls had received a caning by the Headmaster and both had returned to class in floods of tears. Wendy had to take them both to the matron to have some cream applied and she had told me afterwards that she was appalled by the state of their bottoms.

At the beginning of May we were having a mini heatwave and Wendy had an appointment with the dentist before lunchtime, but had told Mr Gregory she expected to have a few fillings so would not be in for the remainder of the day. When she saw me that night I asked how she was and she told me that everything went well and the dentist was very pleased with her teeth. I asked why she hadn’t come back to school and she said that while she had been given time off she took advantage of the heatwave and did some sunbathing instead.

As we attended class registration the following morning before our double free period, Wendy was told that she had to attend the Headmaster’s office immediately. This is what she told me afterwards.

“I attended the Headmaster thinking it was something to do with my request for extra French lessons. As I knocked and entered, instead of being asked to sit as was normal I was asked to stand then to explain why I was seen sunbathing in the park yesterday afternoon instead of being in school.

“I tried to explain that I thought I had permission to be off but was told in no uncertain manner that was not the case and that I was no longer the Head girl. The school would be informed at assembly in the morning, and the reason for it.

“I was then told that I was to receive 6 of the very best strokes of the senior cane across my knickers. The headmaster then pressed a buzzer and his secretary came in carrying a red leather book and a fierce looking 4′ 00″ cane. I was told to remove my trousers. The red silk briefs I was wearing would offer me no protection.

“I was told to bend over the end of his desk and his secretary grabbed hold of my wrists. I felt the cane tapping against my bottom as my knickers had risen up meaning I had virtually nothing over my bottom. I felt the cane move and the swoosh as it returned, but then nothing till my entire bottom seemed to explode and I heard a scream escape my lips. Five more followed, each with increased pain and louder screams. I was then told to get dressed.

“As I bent down, my skin tightened across my bottom and the pain was worse than ever. I slowly pulled my trousers up but had difficulty pulling them over my very swollen bottom and then could not fasten them properly. After several attempts, I finally got the zip fastened and was told to leave and to send Shirley to see me.”

When Wendy walked back into the common room she went over to Shirley and whispered in her ear. Shirley then left the room. Wendy came over and hugged me, at the same time crying uncontrollably as she told me she had received 6 of the best with the senior cane. Without her asking, I guided her to the matron who took her into her room and it was after lunch before she emerged after having some cream applied and being allowed to lie face down on her bed.

The entire school was told the following morning that Shirley was now the Head Girl after Wendy had been caught playing truancy and had received 6 of the very best with the senior cane. I looked over and could see that Wendy had tears in her eyes and was really blushing. Her face was the same colour as her bottom and knickers were yesterday. Neither of us were punished again at school and both got excellent exam results and went to university.

The End

© Gill Howard 2017