Being the Head Girl doesn’t get you any favours

By Pamela Stride

I was in my last week of school before I went on to University when my older sister and two of her friends asked me out for a celebratory drink. I was aware that the Headmistress had issued a severe warning to anyone caught trying to get in after lights out as recently one of the younger girls had been attacked.

In the event I missed the last bus home and had to wait for a taxi. This meant to get to my room I had to find a way in to avoid the security staff. I was aware, having been a prefect, that there was a way through the boiler house into the school where I could easily melt into the background.

I saw some other girls going in that way and decided to follow them at a discreet distance as I had no wish to get caught up with anything unpleasant. I noiselessly crept through the dark passageway when a flashlight fell upon my face.

“Who have we got here?” Came a triumphant voice.

My heart fell as I realised I had been caught by one of the fifth year prefects, and one who I had chastised when she was younger.

“Line her up with the others.”

My arm was taken by another prefect and I was made to stand with my back to the wall with my hands on my head while they recorded my name etc. I was told to report to the prefects’ room with the other girls at 4 pm. This was to give them time to get the Head to approve the punishments in each case.

At 4 pm prompt we lined up outside. A prefect sorted us into order of age and put our hands on our heads so that it would be obvious to anyone what was happening. I tried to ask what the outcome would be but was told to wait and see!

Eventually, after what seemed like hours, the first of us was taken in. I strained my ears and could hear some talking, and after a few moments the youngest came out rubbing her bottom, saying to the next girl it’s your turn and you will get the cane on the bare!!

My time came quickly enough; I was marched in by the prefect who remained making sure that I was under her control. My old enemy looked at me with a smile and said: “Well, Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. Never been spanked before? Look what a fine mess you have got yourself in today! I can’t punish you, more is the pity, but Miss Smith can and you are to report to her tomorrow at four o’clock in your gym kit (she was the gym mistress at that time). Be outside her room then, and I can promise you a warm end to your day.”

I gulped. Miss Smith had a fearsome reputation and was only pressed into service in the most extreme cases.

At 3.45 I stripped and got changed, to find the prefect from yesterday ready to escort me to the Gym Office. I was made to stand outside again with my hands on my head feeling very woebegone.

Miss Smith called me in, explained the reason for my punishment and directed me to her stool. The prefect bent me over it and secured my hands and ankles, and, at Miss Smith’s command, lowered my shorts and knickers.

A moment or two later the cane was tapping on my bottom as she lined up ready to deal with me. I felt the cane leave my skin and a second or two later I heard the swish as it descended, striking me in the middle of my bottom. My body went into spasm. My feet dug into the floor, my head lifted up as my mouth opened in a soundless scream. I was allowed a moment to compose myself before the tapping started again, a little lower down this time. She was determined to leave me properly marked.

A total of four strokes were delivered before she changed tack, this time going crossways and finally from the other side to make a perfect X. By this time I was sobbing uncontrollably.

After the last stroke was delivered I was released and stood in the corner with my hands on my head, bottom as yet uncovered, this to give me time to compose myself. Miss Smith explained I was being made an example of particularly as I was Head Girl, so nobody else would risk going out after lights out.

The End