A stepfather deals with an errant teenager. US setting.

By Kenny Walters

Hannah Goldberg dived face down on her bed and grabbed her cell phone from the bedside cabinet. Her fingers flicked anxiously around the number pad until she could put it to her ear and hear the ringing tone.

“Hi’ Becky. How’re you doin’?”

“Han? I’m good, Han. How’re you?”

“Aw, not so good I guess.”

“Okay. I have coffee. Do you have coffee?” Instinctively, Becky O’Brian realised her best friend needed to talk.


“Okay. I’m lying comfortable on my bed. What are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m lying on my bed too, I guess.”

“That’s good. Okay, tell all.”

“Well, I’m sort of having a problem with my stepdad.” The dark haired girl rolled over so she was lying on her back, fumbled with her tight fitting blue jeans so they were a little more comfortable, and got ready to tell the blonde, effervescent Becky her story.

“Take your time, honey.” Becky encouraged. “I want to hear all about it, okay? You mentioned your stepdad, I believe.”

“Yeah, well you know I’ve been collecting the odd tardy of late and a couple of other misdemeanours?”

“Oh no!” Hannah’s blonde friend shrieked over the cell phone.

“Oh no what?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve got the dreaded summons.” Becky fizzed.

“What summons, Becky? What are you talking about?”

“Durr, the summons to go see Mr Waterson? About the tardies and that? You know, to get your butt paddled?”

“Oh no, nothing like that. Well, not quite like that anyhow.” Hannah replied, glad that Becky couldn’t see her face flush at the mention of their school principal and his notorious maple wood paddle.


“You sound disappointed, you brat!”

“Well it does kinda spice up a rather boring school routine. ‘Specially when it’s someone you know disappears into Mr Waterson’s office.”

“Yeah, well it’s not that. Not exactly.”

“Not exactly? How can it be ‘not exactly’?”

“My stepdad.”

“Stepdad? Right. How does he fit into this?”

“Aw, he was talking to one of my teachers and got to hear about my tardies and that.”


“Then Roy, that’s my stepdad, came into my room and said I’d been sassing him a bit of late.”


“And then there’s been one or two other things, you know?”


“Anyhow, while he was in my room he started to go on about how untidy it is and that kind thing.”


“So I kinda told him he wasn’t that neat himself and anyway it was my room.”


“So then he went on about how it made life harder for mom when she went to wash my things and that.”


“So I said I wasn’t aware making life easier for mom was in my job description. Then things kinda went downhill from there.”

“T’all sounds a pretty normal and reasonable conversation for a stepfather to have with his stepdaughter so far. What happened then?”

“He said my behaviour was getting all too out of hand and that he’d be speaking to my mother about me being due a good paddling.”

“You’re kidding!”

“Nope.” Hannah took a mouthful of coffee; it was getting cold.

“Hey, Hannah, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Your mom would never allow it.”

“That’s what I thought.”

“What you thought? Becky paused, astonished. “What happened?”

“Oh, he went downstairs and I could hear them talking for a while, and then mom and Roy both came up. You know, into my room?”


“Then mom just went over my behaviour over the last few weeks and said that it couldn’t go on, and how did I feel about my stepdad giving me a spanking, and that.”

“And you said?”

“No way! And I told her he wasn’t my father and he didn’t have the right, and so forth. Then mom said no, but he loved me like I was his real daughter, etc., etc., and that perhaps it would be for the best.”

“So you said?”

“I guess I started shouting and screaming for them to get their butts out’a my room and leave me be.”

“That might have not been the best idea, Han.”

“Well I guess it wasn’t. Anyhow, mom said that had made her mind up and she was going to let my stepdad spank me.”


“So Roy asked if we had a paddle anywhere, and mom said no we didn’t but Mr Petersen down the road kept one and that she was sure he’d let Roy borrow it if he told him what it was for.”

“Oh no! That means Mary Petersen will know all about it. Aren’t you in much the same classes?”

“Yep. Can you imagine that smirking bitch looking at me all through school tomorrow and whispering to her friends too?”

“You’ve never got on with Mary, have you?”

“I’d rate her my worst enemy.”


“Hold on, someone’s just coming into the house.” Hannah paused to listen carefully. “Oh shit! That’s my little sister just come home. Now she’ll know all about it too! I think I can hear mom telling her all about it right now. This is just going from bad to worse!”

“Aw Han, what’re you going to do?”

“Panic? Yes, panicking sounds good right now.”

“Is there nothing you can do?”


“That might be going too far.”

“Actually I might just try the ‘oh so sorry’ ploy. That might work on mom at least. You know, say okay you’ve scared me, I’ll do better from now on so let’s just leave it, okay? Yes, that could just swing it with mom.”

“Yeah, right.”

“You don’t think so? I’m not so sure. Perhaps it needs some tears. I can do tears.”

“Tears are good. I find it works for me.”

“You get paddled?”

“Well, no. But I’m sure if I did tears would help.”

“Uh-oh! I hear footsteps! I better hang up.”

“Okay. Keep me posted!”

“Yep. Bye.”

Hannah hit the ‘off’ button, placed the cellphone on her bedside cabinet and rolled over onto her back just in time to see her mother and stepfather enter her room. Roy, her stepfather, had his hands clasped ominously behind his back. Jessie, Hannah’s younger sister, hovered somewhere out in the hallway.

“Hannah, it’s time honey.” Her mother opened.

“Mom, I’ve been thinking.” Hannah got her reply in quickly. “You’re right. I have been behaving like a spoilt brat lately. Anyhow, I’ve got the message now and I don’t really think there’s much to be gained by going ahead with… you know… I’m really going to act a lot better from now on.”

“Too late, honey. But I’m glad to hear you’re getting the message, anyhow.”

“But mom…! I mean this really isn’t necessary!”

“Tell you what, honey. I’m going to go in the next room and wait with Jessie. Then you can show me you really have got the message by taking responsibility for your actions by cooperating with Roy here. Okay?”


“That’s right, honey.” Hannah’s mother turned for the door. “Roy.”

In an instant, Hannah’s mother had left the room and the door was closed. It felt to Hannah as though a cell door had just been locked, trapping her inside with her stepfather. She looked up at the tall, stockily built man. Hannah had never got on that well with her mother’s new husband, and the leering expression on his face didn’t endear him to her now.

“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” Hannah stated the obvious, still sitting back on her bed.

“Well, honey. I can’t deny that paddling your butt ain’t gonna be the most onerous task I’ve ever undertaken.”

“This is just so unnecessary!”

“That ain’t quite how I feel about it, and unfortunately for you your mother agrees with me.”

Hannah sighed loudly, expressing her disgust at the whole proposal. Nonetheless, she appeared to be in acceptance of her fate, for she bounced herself off the end of her bed and stood facing her stepfather. “Okay. I surrender. Where do you want me?”

“Well, let’s see now.” Roy looked around until his eyes rested on a small chair in one corner of the room. His large hand lifted it effortlessly and he placed it down again in the centre of the floor. “What say you get yourself bent over the back of that little chair now?”

“Okay.” Hannah replied briefly and flounced around the chair until she stood at the back of it.

“I’d suggest you grip the edges of the seat nice and tight, darlin’.” Roy advised as Hannah leaned forward. “And get your head down nice and low.”

It took just a moment for Hannah to assume the required position. The top rail of the chair lightly pressed against her stomach as she leaned over and pushed her head down, causing her jeans to stretch across the firm round curves of her bottom.

“You really have mended your ways, haven’t you honey?” Roy sneered as he stood watching.

“It seems whatever I say I’m gonna get paddled, so we might just as well get it over with.”

“Well, you’re right there, honey.” Roy grinned, then placed the narrow maple wood paddle delicately across the seat of Hannah’s jeans as he assessed his target.

“How many am I getting?” Hannah asked with just a trace of nervousness in her voice.

“Ten, honey.” Roy answered as he patted Hannah’s bottom with the paddle. “Are you ready?”

“Ten!” Hannah exclaimed. “That’s a bit over the top, isn’t it?”

“It’s gonna give you a real good spankin’, if that’s what you mean honey. But then that’s what I reckon you deserve.”

“Okay.” Hannah said, accepting her fate once again.

“You want to keep on arguing or do you want me to get on with your paddling’, honey?”

“I said ‘okay’ didn’t I?” Hannah retorted, feeling Roy was enjoying patting her bottom with that narrow paddle.

“Only if you keep on talking, I might just get around to thinking you’re trying to delay getting your just deserts. Why, I might even have to consider having you take them nice tight little jeans down so I can paddle your little panties.”

“Roy! I said okay. Now will you just get on with it and paddle my butt!”

“Okay, honey.” Roy sniggered. “Heck, I’m just joshing with you. You ready?” Roy stopped patting Hannah’s bottom with the paddle and held in steady contact with the seat of her tightened jeans.

Hannah sighed. “Yes.”

“Okay, here we go.”

Despite her encouragement for her stepfather to begin the spanking, Hannah gritted her teeth the moment she felt the paddle removed from contact with her jeans. This was going to hurt and she knew it.






“Ouch! That hurts!”

“That’s the idea, honey.”





“Keep your butt still, honey.”

“I’m trying to.”


“Ouch! Not so hard! I’m getting the message! Okay?”

“Glad you’re getting the message, honey.”




“Eeesh!! This is really hurting, you know.”

“That’s good, honey.”




“Aaaahh!!” Hannah grimaced with the burning sensation that scorched her bottom for the umpteenth time. After a few seconds of inaction had passed, she looked round and saw Roy’s sneering grin.

“Okay, honey, I guess that’s about it.” He spoke as he saw her looking towards him.

“Am I finished?” Hannah asked, still gripping the sides of the chair.

“Sure are, honey.” Roy was gently patting the paddle against the palm of his left hand, and staring down at the tightened seat of Hannah’s jeans.

“Shit! That stung like nothin’ I’ve ever known.” Hannah gently raised herself up from the chair and turned to face Roy. “Is that it?”

Much to Roy’s amusement, Hannah stood facing him while at the same time gently rubbing her sore bottom gently with both hands. Her silent glare, though, left him in no doubt that unless he had any other business to cover, this would be a good time for him to leave.

“Well, guess I’ll let you get on, honey. Better get this ole paddle back to Mr Petersen.”

“Do thank him for the loan of it.” Hannah responded.

“Oh I will, honey. I will do just that. Shall I send him your kind regards too?”

Hannah smiled with appropriate sarcasm.

“Supper’s at seven.” Was Roy’s parting shot as he left the room.

Now alone in her room, Hannah bit her lip. Facing Roy and her mother, and especially her younger sister, was not going to be pleasant when they all knew she’d been paddled like a naughty child. Still, that was something she’d deal with later. For now, there was only one thing on her mind. She placed herself gently face down on her bed and reached for her cellphone.

The End