Halloween Horrors

A couple attend a Halloween party

By Paul S

Mike and Pam were living together and were in their late twenties. They had been invited to a racy Halloween party by Pete and Susan, old friends in high places with a reputation for throwing outlandish parties where literally anything goes.

They should know; they still have some of the outrageous photos from previous parties, strewn with spray streamers, bottles, cigarettes and something a bit stronger.

Pete asked Mike how he and Pam proposed coming, so he could arrange a fancy dress competition. Mike said he would come as a demon headmaster and Pam planned to come as a ghoulish waif.

Pete said: “Hmm, interesting choice. I am expecting about 50 people to come, although some may drop out, but some of their friends may come instead.”

The day of the party arrived on Saturday, and Mike and Pam went down to the local fancy dress shop to get ideas. Mike quickly found a headmaster’s outfit, and still had the sash and mortar board from his graduation a few years back. Pam found a nice gauze wrap and fishnet stockings, and a ghoulish face make up kit. However, they had to call in at a local sex shop to procure a suitable swishy cane for the occasion.

They went home to have a late lunch before getting ready for the big night out. Mike tried on his gown and mortar board, and asked Pam how it looked.

She said: “Yes, looks good.”

Pam then changed into her outfit of black underwear, with fishnet stockings and suspender belt, and black gauze wrap, before putting on the ghoulish make up after a wash.

She then asked Mike how she looked, and he said: “Very nice, but a bit naughty. Is that a G-string you have on underneath? That wrap is completely see-through, incidentally.”

Pam said: “Don’t worry, the lights will be dimmed and we are going with coats on.”

Mike then picked up his cane and gave it a few swishes through the air, making a distinctive sound. He then lifted the hem of Pam’s gauze wrap to reveal her G-stringed bottom.

Pam said: “Hey! What are you doing?”

Mike said: “Perhaps I need to give this a try, to make sure the demon headmaster punishes all of those naughty ladies properly tonight?”

Pam said: “You’ll be lucky!”

Mike said: “Yes I will, and bent her gently over the edge of the bed. He gave her 2 gentle swishes of the cane across her buxom G stringed bottom.”

Pam said: “Ouch! That really tingles!”

Mike said: “Good, so it works then?”

Pam then said: “Hey, look at the time. We have to go soon or we will be late.”

Pam made them both a milky coffee, and said to Mike: “Drink this to line your stomach. We will be drinking a fair bit tonight and don’t want to be sick.”

The doorbell went. It was the taxi driver come to collect them. Mike and Pam then put on their coats and climbed into the taxi.

Mike said to the taxi driver: “It’s about 10 miles. Here is the address.”

The taxi driver said: “Where are you off to, dressed like that then?”

Mike said: “Oh, just a Halloween fancy dress party.”

The taxi driver said: “Yes, got a few of those tonight. Your missus, by the way, looks stunning.”

Pam said: “Thank you,” but was a bit embarrassed.

They arrived at their destination and climbed out of the taxi, whilst Mike settled the fare.

They went up to the house and rang the bell.

Pete arrived at the door and said: “Ah, Mike and Pam, been expecting you. Loads of people already here and the party is well underway. Get yourselves a drink and I’ll catch up with you shortly.”

Mike and Pam went into the party, which was already rocking with music blaring and the crate next to the bar was already full of empty bottles, cans and containers, and it was only 7.30pm.

They bumped into old friends including Craig and Holly dressed as aliens with Holly wearing a rigid short skirt with TV aerials on her head.

Greg and Joanne then came up dressed as zombies in leathers and said: “Hey! How you doing? Pam looks really good and I love the cane.”

Mike and Pam said: “Yeah, good, thanks,” and they laughed.

Mike went up to the bar to get drinks whilst Pam chatted to Joanne, as they hadn’t met for a while.

Just then, Annabel sidled up to Mike and said: “Hi.”

Mike said: “Hi’. What have you come as?”

Annabel said: “A schoolgirl horror.” She was dressed as a schoolgirl with face paint, but said she didn’t have a boyfriend currently.

She went on to say: “I love your cane. Perhaps you will have to teach me a lesson with it!”

Mike tried to make excuses, but she took his hand and led him upstairs. She opened the main bedroom door, but there was a couple in a compromising position so she closed the door quietly and went into the small study bedroom.

There they closed the door and Annabel lifted her skirt and gently leaned over the desk. Mike was surprised to see she had no underwear on, and had suspected she was a closet ‘spanko’.

Mike pretended to be strict and said: “Really? What are you playing at, Annabel? You deserve to be punished with 6 of the best.”

Annabel played along and said: “Yes, sir, I do,” and put her bottom up for 6 of the best. Mike swished 6 strokes firmly across her bottom, without complaint.

Annabel got up, rubbed her freshly striped bottom, gave Mike a little kiss and said: “You are very good, you know.” She gave him her business card and said: “Give me a ring sometime,” and returned to the party.

Mike went to re-join Pam, but found she was already dancing with Greg, who had his wandering hands all over her G-stringed bottom.

Mike went to talk to Joanne, who was indignant and said: “Talk about inappropriate touching!”

She went to have another drink to console herself, and had a brief dance with Mike.

It was then 8.30pm when a row broke out between two sisters dressed as witches, Debbie and Daisy, over dancing with a single man that they both fancied.

Daisy said: “I asked first.”

Then Debbie said: “No, I had first option, not you.”

The row then descended into a full blown scuffle and fist fight.

Pete had to intervene and said: “Whoa, ladies, please! If you can’t settle this amicably then I will have to ask you both to leave.”

Mike saw what was happening and jokingly chipped in: “Perhaps I should take them both upstairs and teach them a lesson, if they behave like brats.”

Pete then put both girls on the spot by saying: “What is to be then, girls? Upstairs with the demon headmaster or sent home early?”

Debbi and Daisy looked at each other and said: “No, we don’t want to leave the party.”

Pete said: “Well, that’s settled then. Over to you, Mike.”

Pete then left with Susan to see how the disco and bar was faring.

Mike then said: “Well then, ladies, it’s upstairs to the demon headmaster’s office for your punishment,” swishing his cane menacingly.

Debbie and Daisy walked up the stairs reluctantly and opened the rear bedroom door, but found another couple in a compromising position, so closed it quickly.

Mike said: “My office is in the study.”

The girls walked in reluctantly and both stood by the desk.

Mike closed the door and said: “You have both behaved disgracefully and should be punished, if you want to remain at the party. You will both bend over the desk and lift your taffeta short skirts and tuck them in, before I give you 6 of the best each across your knickers.”

The girls looked shocked and said: “You’re joking, aren’t you?”

Mike said: “No, I certainly am not.” He looked serious, swishing his cane a few times in preparation.

The girls reluctantly lifted their skirts and both leaned over the desk, whilst still blaming each other for their current predicament.

Mike tapped the desk and said: “Come on, bottoms up, girls.”

They both reluctantly brought their black-briefed bottoms up for the cane.

Mike then gave them both 6 of the best in turn, with each girl saying: “Ouch! That really stings!”

After their spanking, the girls were told by Mike they should apologise to their host for making such a scene, and behave like ladies, not animals. They left the study, each of them rubbing their now sore bottoms.

Mike returned to the party to find his wife slow dancing with yet another man, with his hands all over her shapely bottom again. He tutted.

Pete then upped the music pace to bring the party to a crescendo by 10.30pm, and then they held a competition for the best fancy dress, which was easily won by Pam for her very slinky and hot outfit as a ghoulish waif with black and green face paint.

Mike said to Pam: “Where have you been all evening?”

She said: “Oh, just dancing with some friends.”

Mike said: “It looks like you have been handled more than a parcel delivery.”

Pam said: “Where have you been? You were ages upstairs.”

Mike made excuses and said that Pete asked him to help out with the two sisters who had made a mess in the bathroom.

Pam said: “I must talk to Susan, incidentally,” and went into the kitchen whilst the disco was now blaring at full volume.

Pete announced over the PA system that food was now available in the kitchen, and most of the party descended into the kitchen for toasted prawn and chicken bites and crispy veggie bites. He also announced that the party was to finish in half an hour, to avoid complaints from neighbours.

Mike and Pam then finished their food and danced together for a while. They said their goodbyes to old friends Kim and Andrew, and Christin and Leah, who had to leave early to catch the last train.

Mike and Pam thanked Pete and Susan for a cracking party and said: “We must do this again. Maybe next year?”

Mike then asked Pete if Pam had been dancing with other men, and he said: “Oh, about three, and slow dancing as well.”

Mike said: “Excuse us, please, I just have to sort something out before we go.”

He led Pam upstairs to the study, and closed the door after them. Pam put her champagne bottle she’d won for coming first in the fancy dress competition on the desk and said: “What’s up?”

Mike said: “Have you been flirting with other men whilst I was busy helping Pete?”

Pam said: “Only three. Why?”

She found herself being bent over the desk and having her wrap lifted to reveal her G-stringed bottom.

Pam said: “OK Mike, I shouldn’t have flirted, but please, not too hard.”

Mike gave Pam 3 moderate strokes which had her saying: “Ouch,” and rearing up after each swishing. She got up rubbing her now triple striped shapely bottom and said: “We had better go.”

Mike and Pam thanked Pete and Susan again and left in a taxi.

They returned home and changed, but Pam complained that her bottom was still tingling furiously. They retired to bed, and Pam found the tingling gave way to a very warm glow, making her feel hot.

They returned the fancy dress outfits to the shop the following Monday, but the cane found a new home hanging in Pam’s wardrobe.

She thought nothing more of it, but later that week, when changing after Mike had gone out, she noticed the cane hanging there and saw her bare bottom in the mirror. She put on a hat and her suspenders and high heels, but was now otherwise naked. She took out the cane and swished it through the air, giving a distinctive sound.

She thought about all the men she had openly flirted with at the party and thought: ‘You naughty girl!’

She bent over the bed and swished the flexible cane firmly across her rear end. It tingled like mad. She got up, hung the cane back in the wardrobe and thought: ‘That’s for next time.’

She rubbed the tingling red weal that had appeared across her buxom backside with both hands, and thought: ‘Boy! That stings!’

The End

© Paul S 2017