Another story from the archive. A headmistress helps two girls with a problem.

By Kenny Walters

Feeling very awkward, I was sitting alone in the room I shared with Danielle Matheson trying and failing miserably to complete my essay for tomorrow’s English Literature class. Every time I heard the slightest sound from the corridor I looked up, expecting Danielle to come bursting in. Was I really just feeling awkward, or was it my own fear?

Yet again, I heard footsteps in the corridor. This time, though, they were real footsteps. I strained to listen. Was it one set of footsteps, or were there more?

The door opened and I looked up nervously. When Danielle dashed in, wet and shivering and naked all bar the soaking wet knickers she clutched in her hand, I looked quickly through before the door was slammed shut. Danielle appeared to be alone.


Danielle seized the large bath towel I threw her and began rubbing furiously at her long blonde hair.

“How was it?” I asked, a rather foolish question in the circumstances.


I nodded.

“And cold.”

“That tends to be the way with cold baths.” I said, nodding wisely.

“Why didn’t you come? You could have, you know.”

I shrugged. Loyalty to a friend was the true answer, but with Danielle telling me I should have joined in it seemed a rather lame response. What had happened? Because Danielle had been in a bad mood last Saturday, the day of our annual hockey match with St Margaret’s (another all girls private boarding school about twenty miles from High Weald), she had deliberately fouled one of their best players with a really quite vicious swing of her hockey stick. The referee had no hesitation in awarding a penalty and sending Danielle off. St Margaret’s scored from the penalty and we ended up losing for the first time in seven years.

All through Sunday and Monday, the other members of our team kept harping on about Danielle’s stupidity and eventually Dani lost her cool and said some rather unkind things about the skills of some of the other girls in our team. Monday evening was therefore ‘get even’ time.

At about ten o’clock, seven members of the hockey team burst into our room, grabbed Danielle and held her down on her bed while they stripped her down to just her vivid pink brief knickers. They then picked her up and carried her aloft to the bathroom where undoubtedly they had already filled a bath with stone cold water.

Even while she was being held down on the bed, Danielle pleaded with them to take her knickers off too so they wouldn’t get wet, but no-one was listening. I can picture how Danielle would have been lowered into the bath and held down in the freezing cold water until the girls anger had subsided. At some point, they’d have pulled her knickers off and probably handed them to her while they enjoyed a groping session with Danielle’s naked body. Finally, they’d have released her to run back to the room she shared with me.

Of course, Dani wouldn’t have been allowed to put her knickers back on for the sprint. They’d have wanted all the other girls who would be peering out of their rooms to see Danielle in her humiliating nakedness.

The following day, Danielle and I were both on the rota to supervise the second sitting for lunch. Feelings were generally still more than a little hostile towards Dani, and we took our early lunch alone at one of the tables that would normally seat four. As we went over to the refectory door to begin our supervisory duties, we were surprised to find ourselves immediately relieved of the task by our headmistress, Miss Hardwick.

“I think we need to have a little chat, Danielle. You too, Natasha.” Miss Hardwick told us. “I’ve arranged replacements for your lunch duty.”

The walk to the headmistress’s study was spent in an icy silence, almost as cold as Dani’s bath the previous evening. It seemed inappropriate to talk amongst ourselves, and neither of us could think of anything that might open up a discussion with the austere Miss Hardwick. I was pretty certain we hadn’t committed any cardinal sin that might land us in trouble, so it was all a bit of a mystery as to why we were being invited to the study.

Miss Hardwick’s study was rather more than an office, even a richly furnished office, comprising two separate rooms. One was the more typical study with a huge desk and bookcase lined walls; the second room was more informal, at least in Miss Hardwick’s eyes. It was more of a lounge with beautifully upholstered armchairs, a coffee table, a lavish side-table with silverware and fine china cups and saucers and an antique sideboard in beautiful walnut.

“Come into the sitting room, girls.” Miss Hardwick smiled, which caused both of us much relief as it seemed to confirm we were not about to receive some dreadful reprimand or even worse. “Take a seat.”

The armchairs were as comfortable as they looked, although I don’t think either of us felt truly at ease in the presence of the headmistress. She smiled, and even that didn’t seem to make much difference.

“I thought we needed to have a little chat girls. I’m aware, of course, of the problems you’ve been having, Danielle, with the other girls following the incident in the game with St Margaret’s.”

Danielle responded by raising her eyebrows, while I just sat and wondered why I was included in this even though I don’t even play hockey. Miss Hardwick must have mind-reading abilities, or perhaps I had an expression on my face too, one that gave the game away.

“I thought you should be included too, Natasha, since you are Danielle’s room-mate and I fear there is a possibility you may find yourself drawn into this affair.”

I smiled sweetly, hopefully giving the impression I was thanking Miss Hardwick for her concern.

“I’m given to understand, Danielle, you had the discomfort of a less than pleasant bath last night.” Our headmistress smiled again.

Danielle smiled in return, a rather cheeky grin that smacked of the secret club endemic in girls schools like High Weald, confirming the information was correct, that Dani had accepted her punishment from the girls and had no complaints. Not bad for one cheeky grin.

“I had hoped, as I expect you did too Danielle, that might have been an end to the matter. However, seeing the girls today suggests they still harbour some ill-feeling towards you. I’m concerned too, Natasha, your preference not to assist them has led the girls to see you as supporting your room-mate rather than them.”

“Possibly they might have been a tiny bit cool towards me, headmistress.” I felt obliged for some reason to defend the girls. In fact, they had been decidedly cold and hardly spoke to me all morning.

Miss Hardwick looked concerned. The way she squeezed her mouth between two of her fingers suggested she was giving my words a great deal of thought. I tried to remember my exact words, and hoped I hadn’t landed anyone in trouble.

“We can’t just let this go and hope things return to normal, girls.” Miss Hardwick announced. I thought it best not to inform our headmistress that was exactly what Dani and I planned to do.

“These things have a nasty habit of festering and getting so much worse the longer you leave them.” Yes, my silence was the best policy. I couldn’t, though, see what else we could do.

“Of course, it’s so long since we had a girl sent off in an inter-schools match.” Miss Hardwick appeared to be rubbing salt into the wound, at least as far as Dani was concerned. “It seems to have been forgotten that such incidents were always punished, even where a sixth form girl was concerned.”

I looked at Dani, who was looking at our headmistress with a frown.

“And that is where I hope we may have an answer to the problem.” Miss Hardwick seemed pleased she had the solution where us two humble girls had failed.

“I intend to visit you in your room this evening and administer eight good strokes of the slipper, Danielle. That plus the punishment the girls meted out last night should surely satisfy everyone.”

“You’re going to slipper me, headmistress?” Dani was clearly in a state of shock.


“But I’m a sixth form girl.”

“And not exempt from corporal punishment, according to the school regulations.”

“But eight whacks? It seems a lot.”

“A pretty good hiding, I grant you. However, we need to make sure the punishment is severe enough to placate the other girls. That is my prime objective, although I would add that I feel some punishment from the school is warranted for your behaviour on the hockey field.”

“I see.” Said Dani who, I’m certain, did not.

Miss Hardwick appeared adamant. Dani sat there next to me nodding thoughtfully, and I believe she had reached the same conclusion. She certainly didn’t offer any further protest.

“May I know when you will carry out the punishment?” Dani asked with uncharacteristic timidity.

“Nine o’clock would appear to be the favoured time, from what I hear.”

Dani pressed her lips together and nodded.

Poor old Dani! Still, at least we were about to be dismissed so we could get back to our classes and away from this rather tense environment.

“Which brings us to you, Natasha.”

“What did I do?” I retorted with unthinking haste. “Headmistress.” I added, hopefully before Miss Hardwick noticed my lack of respect.

“Nothing, Natasha.” I appeared to have gotten away with it. “But that is the point. The girls appear to be taking the view you’re siding with your room-mate because you didn’t join in with their little scheme.”

“Surely that’s hardly surprising, is it headmistress?”

“No, but I feel they may have some little scheme in mind for you unless we can demonstrate it isn’t necessary.”

“So, am I supposed to get a slippering too, headmistress?” I was horrified. “When I haven’t done anything wrong other than to take a neutral stance?”

“I’ll leave you to think about it, Natasha.”

Dani and I left the headmistress’s room with her resigned to her fate and me quite indignant.

“The cheeky bitch!” I exclaimed, when safely out of earshot. “Not content with one slippering, she thinks she’s going to get two for the price of one. Well, she’s got another think coming!”

“She’s just trying to save you from a cold bath too, Tasha.” “I’ll take my chances, thanks very much.”

The rest of the day passed by much like any other day, although I couldn’t help but feel the other girls all keeping a beady eye on me as well as Dani. It was as though they already knew what our headmistress had in mind for this evening.

By eight-thirty, both Dani and I had finished all our work for the day and were relaxing on our beds reading magazines. Neither of us had spoken very much, and in particular neither of us had talked about what we were now both waiting to happen.

At a quarter to nine, Dani swung her legs off her bed.

“Do you think I ought to change into my pyjamas?” Dani asked.

“At a quarter to nine? Why?”

“My slippering?”

“Since when were pyjamas compulsory dress for a whacking?” I couldn’t think what was on Dani’s mind.

“I’m bound to get it on the bare.” She stated without emotion. “It will be easier if I’m in my pyjamas.”

“Why make it easier for her?”

“Why not?”

I just shrugged. “Perhaps I ought to make myself scarce.” I said, getting off my own bed.

“No, don’t do that.” Dani said with sudden feeling.

“Why? Surely you don’t want me around when she does it?”

“It’s not that. But if you disappear, the other girls might take umbrage and really have it in for you.” Dani started taking her jeans off, obviously having made her mind up to change. “Incidentally, have you given any thought to what Miss Hardwick said to you?”

“No, not a moment’s thought.” I answered, not quite totally honestly. I sat back down on the edge of my bed and felt a little awkward as I watched Dani getting undressed.

“Perhaps you should.”

“Aren’t you at least keeping your knickers on?” I asked as Dani divested herself of the final garment that now left her completely naked.

“No point.”

Our conversation was disturbed by the sound of low voices out in the corridor. Dani quickly pulled on a pair of lemon yellow pyjamas as I strained to hear what was going on. She was still doing up the buttons on the jacket as someone tapped on our door.

I got up and, with my hand on the door handle, looked round to check Dani was ready. She was standing by the side of her bed looking anxiously in my direction. As I turned the handle and pulled the door ajar I found myself face to face with our headmistress, a rather large blue plimsoll nestling in her folded arms.

“Natasha?” Miss Hardwick stood with her head cocked inquisitively to one side. I pulled the door wide open and moved out of the way so she could pass. As she entered our little room, I glanced along the corridor and noticed several girls peering out from their half open doors. My angry glare made no impression on them.

I closed the door and pressed my back up against it, not that anyone was going to force their way in, knowing Miss Hardwick was present.

“Are you ready, Danielle?” Our headmistress ignored me.

Dani turned to her left, fiddled under the jacket of her pyjamas to release the button securing the elastic waistband of the pyjama trousers and let the trousers fall to her ankles. She bent over the side of her bed and reached behind her to pull the jacket up so that it was well clear of her naked bottom. When she was satisfied the jacket wouldn’t fall back down, Dani used her forearms to support herself as she bent over the bed.

Miss Hardwick moved past Dani so she was standing to my room-mate’s left side and placed her left hand on the small of her naked back. The large blue plimsoll looked strangely too large for our headmistress’s small hand as Miss Hardwick took aim at poor Dani’s bare bottom.

In one quick motion, Miss Hardwick drew the slipper right back over her right shoulder and swept it hard down until it thwacked across the waiting target with a resounding bang.

Dani screwed her face up with the pain, and jumped, when the slipper smacked her backside.

The look of concentration on Miss Hardwick’s face didn’t alter as she swung the plimsoll swiftly back and swung it down again. The slipper banged loudly as it hit Dani’s naked bottom, seemingly in exactly the same spot as before.

This time, Dani mouthed a silent oath as her face creased up again.

Perhaps it was my imagination, but the door seemed to press against my back, as though someone was leaning against it on the outside. I turned the key in the lock, feeling certain I heard a whisper.

Miss Hardwick looked at me briefly as the lock squeaked but soon returned to her task. The slipper swung back and then down in one well-rehearsed movement, and Dani got another hard smack across her bare backside, this one focusing more on her right buttock.

Dani swayed and sucked her cheeks in as the pain spread across her backside, the creamy white flesh fast becoming red and sore.

With a similar backward swing and fast descent immediately following, the plimsoll came crashing down across Dani’s left buttock with a loud bang. She swayed and shot her head up as the pain bit.

I’m not sure whether our headmistress deliberately allowed Dani a short break because she was halfway through her punishment, or whether it was to allow time for her to settle back into position, but I watched as Miss Hardwick looked down at my room-mate’s reddening bottom and Dani bent over her bed waiting.

I felt a bit awkward as I stood with my back to the door. My jeans and green rugby shirt seemed out of place in the presence of Miss Hardwick’s smart navy blue skirt and white blouse, and Dani’s near naked form with just her upper back and shoulders covered by her lemon yellow pyjama jacket.

With a tap of her hand on Dani’s bare back, Miss Hardwick signalled the slippering was due to continue, and my room-mate visibly tensed. Quickly, the blue plimsoll swung back high over our headmistress’s shoulder, then down until it whacked across Dani’s bare bottom on the right buttock.

“Un!” Dani grunted as she felt the impact on her already sore bottom.

Another swift swing back of the slipper and another hard stroke whacked across the left side of Dani’s bare bottom.

“Aah!” She cried, barely audibly as the noise of the plimsoll hitting her resounded round the room.

Miss Hardwick seemed to be taking more time over each stroke now, and it was only after a goodly number of seconds had passed that she swept the slipper back to deliver the seventh stroke of Dani’s punishment.

“Ooh!” Dani gave a little squeal as the slipper smacked hard against her bare bottom, right in the very centre. She swayed from side to side as she experienced the pain but quickly held still to allow the final stroke of the punishment to be applied.

Miss Hardwick smiled ruefully as Dani braced herself. Perhaps she was disappointed the punishment was nearing its end. She seemed almost reluctant when finally her arm drew back and then brought the slipper rapidly down to impact sharply against, again, the centre of Dani’s bare bottom.

“Oouch!!” Dani cried and swung her hips from side to side again, as though this somehow helped her deal with the pain. Soon, though, she looked round at our headmistress.

“Okay.” Miss Hardwick said in response, and I’m sure I detected regret in her voice.

Straight away, Dani pulled herself up from the bed, rubbed her bare bottom a few times and then squatted down to pull her trouser bottoms up. She fiddled under her pyjama jacket while she did the button of the waistband up, then continued to massage her bottom through the seat of the trousers after she turned to face Miss Hardwick and me.

I released the lock on the door so that I could open it and allow Miss Hardwick to leave, but our headmistress made no effort to move. Instead, she looked malevolently in my direction.

“Natasha, have you had any thoughts on what we might do to resurrect your popularity with the other girls?” Miss Hardwick tapped the sole of the slipper against the palm of her hand as she spoke. If she was trying to make me feel anxious, she succeeded.

“I’ve done nothing to offend them.” I stated blandly. “If they have a problem with me they’ll have to deal with it as they see fit.”

Or, in other words: ‘You’ve had your fun for the evening, dear headmistress, and I’m not offering my bottom up for you to smack as well.’

Yet again, that rueful smile spread across Miss Hardwick’s face as she realised I wasn’t going to play ball.

“Good evening, girls.” Our headmistress said with bitter sweetness as she finally moved towards the door, which I then pulled wide open for her to leave.

“God! She doesn’t mess about!” Dani said, clutching her bottom after I’d closed the door after Miss Hardwick.

“It seemed quite effective, from where I was standing.” I sauntered back to my bed and sat on the edge.

“She certainly had you in mind as an extra target for her slipper, didn’t she?”

“You noticed that too, did you?” I smiled.

“Perhaps you should have let her.” Dani replied. “The other girls will get you, you know.”

“I think I prefer the cold bath, actually.” I said. “That’s if they really feel they need to deal with me too.”

Before Dani could comment, there was another tap on our door. As she was already standing, Dani went to answer it. As soon as the door was pulled open about six other girls swept in, grabbed me and spreadeagled me across my bed, face up.

“How was your whacking?” One of the girls paused to ask Dani.

“It warmed my bottom pretty well, I’d say.”

“Good. Okay, girls, let’s get Tasha stripped to her knickers.”

Feverish hands quickly undid my jeans at the same time as pulling my green rugby shirt over my head. Moments later, my bra was unfastened and flung aside, leaving me held down across my bed in just brief navy blue knickers.

“Before you go any further,” I heard Dani say. “Tasha reckons she prefers the cold bath to the slipper. How about giving her a spanking before we dunk her? Six smacks each?”

“Oh thanks, Dani!” I just had time to say before I was pulled up and bent over the back of a chair.

Within moments, my knickers had been tugged down to my ankles and my bottom was beginning to be spanked by the first of the group.

“Ouch! That hurts!” I squealed as the stinging slaps bombarded my poor naked backside.

No-one took any notice though, and the first girl completed her allocation of   slaps before she allowed someone else to take over.

The girls continued to take it in turns spanking me. They certainly made my bottom smart, and I’m not sure everyone limited themselves to their six smacks. My bottom was mighty sore when someone said: “Right, shall we get her along to the bathroom?”

“Hold on! I haven’t had a go yet!” The voice was unmistakably Dani’s.

“Dani, you bitch!” I responded, not totally seriously. “I stood up for you, and didn’t take part when they cold bathed you!”

“So? You could have. I don’t see why I should miss out on the fun.”

“Gee, thanks, Dani!”

Dani proceeded to give me six spanks, mostly not too hard, although a couple were real stingers that really hurt. Then, finally, I was carried away, still with my knickers around my ankles, to be unceremoniously dunked into a bath of freezing cold water.

I think by this time the girls were feeling I’d taken enough punishment, because they released me after only a mild bit of groping. I slipped my knickers off my feet and clambered out of the bath before trotting along the corridor, dutifully stark naked, to the room I shared with Dani.

The End

© Kenny Walters 2010

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