A new girlfriend oversteps the mark and gets a firm hand

By Paul S

Steve had met his new girlfriend, Lorraine, at work after his previous relationship had ended six months ago. He had been at a business meeting at her store, when she walked in and took an immediate shine to him. They exchanged details and started seeing each other.

Both Steve and Lorraine were in their forties and currently single. Lorraine was a trim 36-30-38 with a well-rounded bottom and smartly dressed. Steve was a spanker but was happy to have a ‘vanilla’ relationship with Lorraine initially. He was secretly hoping she would turn ‘fruity’ in due course, but had an open mind on the matter as he didn’t know if the relationship would work.

After 3-4 months, Lorraine decided to move in with Steve as they were getting on famously. However there was one thing about Lorraine that drove Steve mad; her constant nagging.

She said it was just because she was a bit anxious and overly concerned about everything, but Steve told her to relax a bit more and take up a sport like social tennis or something.

One afternoon Lorraine said to Steve: “Can you do the shopping, take the dog out, clean the dishes and water the plants?”

Steve said: “If you keep nagging me like that, I will tan your bottom, young lady!”

Lorraine said: “Don’t be ridiculous!” But secretly she knew Steve was well built for a guy and certainly capable of giving her shapely bottom a good spanking.

That night, they kissed and cuddled up in bed, with Steve’s firm hand on Lorraine’s bare bottom below her short nightie.

That made Lorraine think and she asked Steve: “Would you really spank me if I misbehave or nag too much?”

Steve said: “Only if it becomes too much.” They then went back to sleep until the morning.

Lorraine woke up at 6.30 when the alarm went off, and immediately she started ordering Steve around, saying: “Can you make the tea, put the dog out and turn the TV on please, darling?”

Steve didn’t respond but got out of bed and pulled back the covers, still half asleep.

He then lifted her legs up by the ankles, exposing her bare bottom.

Lorraine said: “What are you doing?”

Steve said: “Giving you what you deserve, darling.”

Lorraine said: “Steve, please no,” but he had already started spanking her exposed bottom which was becoming a nice pink colour after 20 spanks.

Lorraine then said: “Steve, no, I wasn’t thinking.”

Steve said: “No, unfortunately most women don’t think before they open their mouths. As you are warmed up, I will now give you another 30.”

Steve then put Lorraine’s legs down on the bed, and rolled her over so that she was face down on the covers. He pulled up her exposed bottom, despite her struggling, so that she was kneeling on the bed with her face in the covers and hands spread out to balance herself.

Lorraine said: “Steve, please no,” but he gently started spanking her upturned bottom.

The spanks gradually got harder and Lorraine started panting and saying: “Ugh,” after each stroke. She also started wiggling her bottom to absorb the pain that was slowly building up.

Lorraine struggled and tried to put her hand out to protect her bottom from the punishment, but Steve just folded it behind her back.

Steve gave Lorraine around 30 spanks before he stopped. He asked Lorraine if she would stop nagging, and she refused.

Steve then proceeded to get a short leather belt out of the drawer, and placed it on the adjacent dressing table.

He said: “In that case I will give you ten with the belt so you will remember it in future.”

He picked up the belt and brought it down across Lorraine’s upturned bottom.

She shrieked: “Ouch! That really stings!”

Steve delivered a second stroke with another loud: “Ouch,” from Lorraine.

A third followed and Lorraine said: “Please, Steve, but this really stings.”

Steve said: “Good!”

A fourth stroke followed and Lorraine said: “Argh!”

She tried to put her hand back to cover her exposed bottom, but Steve placed it gently behind her back.

A fifth stroke followed, and Lorraine said: “That stings.”

Then sixth and seventh and eighth strokes followed quickly with Lorraine saying: “Ugh” After each one.

After the ninth stroke Lorraine said: “Steve, please that’s enough, it’s hurting now.”

Steve said: “One more,” and delivered a final hard smack with the belt.

Lorraine shrieked and got up clutching her burning bottom, and inspected it in the mirror.

Lorraine said: “It’s red all over and really stinging.”

However she was secretly impressed that he had skilfully given her bottom a damn good thrashing without really hurting her.

Steve said: “Good, perhaps the nagging will stop now?”

Lorraine said: “I will nag if I have to.”

Steve said: “Well, I will spank you if I have to.”

Lorraine then proceeded to get dressed, and put on her knickers. Steve watched as she pulled them up and had to wiggle to carefully ease her hot bottom into them.

Lorraine said: “What are you looking at?”

Steve said: “You, wiggling to get into your knickers, which is really hot.”

Lorraine washed and then said she had to get off to work, as Steve got dressed and shaved and showered, before leaving for the station.

Lorraine drove into work, and had to attend a sales meeting to review the store’s performance first thing with other female staff in the store.

However during the meeting, all Lorraine was thinking about was her very sore bottom. One of the ladies said: “Lorraine, you look a bit hot. Are you OK?”

Lorraine said: “Can you open a window please? I just feel a bit hot, that’s all.”

She made her excuses and went to the ladies.

Needless to say, the nagging continues and Lorraine is now being spanked by Steve regularly, but they seem very happy together despite the nagging.

The End

© Paul S 2016