A shy girl is encouraged to be more adventurous

By Gillian Howard

I was born in 1956 in the south of England, but moved north after the death of my father in 1960, and I am an only child. I was very shy and had very few friends when I moved North, but I met one girl, Lucinda Halliwell, when we were placed next to each other in our second year at school. My name is Georgina Sutcliffe. Like me, Lucinda was also an only child and her parents were divorced and she lived with her mum. Over the next few years we became inseparable and also our mums became the best of friends. By the time we were eleven we had started to go on holiday together.

At school, we both excelled and were always in the top few in the class. I was still very timid and shy, whereas Lucinda was the exact opposite and was often in trouble at school having her legs and hands smacked on numerous occasions. In our last year, she actually got the cane for swearing at our teacher.

We both sailed through the 11plus and went to the local all-girls grammar school. By the time we attended the grammar school, Lucinda had very dark almost black straight hair down below her shoulders with green eyes. I had very blonde curly hair just above the shoulders and blue eyes. We both excelled in all subjects. I was really good in French and English, as was Lucinda, but Lucinda really excelled at Hockey, whereas my sports were tennis and gymnastics.

By the end of the third year we were always competing for top of the class in most subjects but Lucinda, now commonly called Lucy, and I was called Georgie, was still boisterous and had served several detentions and had been given the slipper on 5 occasions in class and had actually been the first in our year to be caned by the Headmistress.

At the start of our fifth year, the headmistress had retired and we already had six male teachers in school, and we had a Headmaster appointed. He said at his first assembly that he hoped to continue the great success of the school but had been informed by the governors that discipline had deteriorated in the last year and he was going to improve it. He informed the school that all punishments carried out by him would be witnessed by either the Head Girl or her deputy as he would be administrating the slipper or cane over bottoms and girls would only have the protection of their knickers.

He also said the school uniform must be fully worn at all times and any infringement would be punished severely. While he accepted that hem lines had risen considerably in recent times, he would insist that skirts must be no more than 5 inches above the knee, not like some he had seen that morning that were only just covering bottoms. Pupils would have four weeks to abide by this rule.

It was one day later that I received my very first punishment when all the class were given 50 lines for talking as we waited for the teacher to arrive, and I was very upset as I had not been talking.

Lucy, on the other hand, was still being punished on a regular basis and you would occasionally see her walking around with hand prints on both her thighs. At the end of Easter term Lucinda had again been smacked in the morning but in the afternoon had received the slipper for the first time off the Headmaster.

She was staying at our house till Easter Monday, and that night I saw how red and bruised her bottom was and asked why she did not behave herself to avoid being punished. She told me that while it was painful at the time, she used to have pleasant feelings later on. I told her she must be mad and I would definitely not be trying it.

Over the rest of that year, we were studying and we both passed all our exams with top marks and moved into the 6th form. By this time I was the only girl in our year that had never received any form of corporal punishment and I kept reminiscing about what Lucy had told me about the pleasant feeling.

We had seen the effects of the cane on girls’ bottoms and, in the lower 6th, Lucy experienced it herself for the first time when she was reported for sneaking out to the shop at break time and received 3 strokes over her knickers, but also an extra 3 for not wearing the large school knickers. As I examined the marks at lunchtime, they were still very tender and raised. She said she was in for it when we got home as she had a letter for her mum to sign, so she would be getting spanked as well.

As we came out of the school gates, Lucy’s mum was waiting for us in her car. She said that we were going to my house for tea and that Lucy was staying over as she and my mum had been invited to attend a seminar in the town and they would be staying at the Hotel in the town centre overnight.

As we got home, Lucy gave her mum the letter which she signed before going upstairs to talk to my mum. When she came down, she went into the kitchen and came back with the wooden baking spoon in her hand and told me I was wanted by mum. As I went upstairs, I heard the first smack of the spoon on Lucy’s bottom.

Mum told me she would ring us about 10.30 and again at 8.00 in the morning to make sure we were ready for school. I noticed how smart mum was when she took her robe off to put on her dress. She was wearing stockings and suspenders and she looked amazing when dressed. I was really proud that she was my mum because she looked so beautiful and I had not seen her like that for so long.

As we went downstairs, mum told me there was a casserole in the oven which would be ready in another hour so. We could do our home work before. Lucy was in floods of tears as we went into the lounge but as we bid them both goodbye we said we hoped they enjoyed the seminar.

Lucy ran upstairs to the bathroom and came down with a tub of cold cream her mum had brought and asked me to apply it to her bottom, which I did. She again told me of the sensations she would get as the pain subsides. She kept saying that I should try being naughty just once to feel the sensations but I kept on refusing, telling her I was proud never having received corporal punishment and I intended to keep it that way.

Lucy kept on at me most of the night and when mum rang to check on us she told us it was time to go to bed. As I was lying in bed, my thoughts kept going back to what Lucy had spoken about and started to wonder what it would be like to be punished.

I called out: “Lucy, are you asleep?”

“No, why?” She replied.

“Can you come here then, please?”

After a couple of minutes, she came in and sat on the bed.

“What do you want?”

“Well, I keep thinking about what you said about me getting into trouble at school. I am really scared of being punished, especially caned, but can you tell me what happened exactly to you today?”

“Of course. As you know, I sneaked out to the shop at break to get some chewing gum and, as I was coming out, Jennifer Rigby, the Head girl, was passing and asked if I had permission to be out. I told her I hadn’t but that I had forgotten to get chewing gum, and I was a 6th former after all.

“She would not listen to my begging or excuses and she marched me straight to the Headmaster who said that, looking at my record, it was about time my bottom became acquainted with his cane. He told me the Head girl would act as witness. I was told to remove my skirt and tights and, as I did, he saw I was wearing white briefs and went mad and said that would be another 3 strokes.

“I was not prepared for the pain and after 3 strokes was crying for him to stop. When he had finished, trying to put my tights back on was painful and so was walking, but I had survived and even though I had 6 raised welts across my bottom the pain subsided. Then I started to get a tingling in my stomach.

“When mum found out, as you know, she got a wooden kitchen spoon and really laid it on with me over her knee and my tights and knickers around my knee as she spanked me with the spoon.”

“You don’t hate your mum for adding to the pain, knowing that both me and mum could hear it upstairs?”

“It did feel strange, you and your mum being able to hear, but I know what happens if I am naughty at home. I will get the wooden spoon or wooden hairbrush across the bare bottom, but then all is forgotten and forgiven till next time. Have you never been punished by your mum at home?”

“No, never.”

“So are you going to be naughty at school, then?”

“I don’t know, but I doubt it really.”

The following morning, we got up at about 7.00am and, as I prepared breakfast, Lucy had a shower. Then mum rang to make sure we were up for school and she said they had a very good evening and had made some really good contacts at the seminar.

As Lucy finished her breakfast, I got a shower and was just drying myself in my bedroom as Lucy came up. She took her robe off and as she turned round i could see the 6 parallel lines across her bottom as she put her knickers on.

I exclaimed: “Lucy! Are you not wearing school knickers today after getting caned yesterday for not wearing them?”

“No, I don’t even think I have any now. I have not worn them since Easter last year and have only been caught once.”

She looked at me as I got a clean pair out of my drawers.

“Come on, Georgie, you know you were thinking about being naughty. Why not go to school in a pair of your bright coloured knickers instead?”

I stood and looked at her, and blushed, but opened my drawers again and took out a pair of pink knickers and put them on. As I put my tights on, I looked in the mirror and it was obvious I was not wearing school knickers as they were briefs and not the full ones like school knickers. I put on my skirt and looked. Although I am now quite tall, my skirt was still only 5inches above the knee so my knickers were definitely not visible.

We set off to school and all day I was nervous and kept blushing, thinking about wearing my pink briefs. Lucy kept teasing me and part way through our English lesson, the last of the day, Miss Charles noticed that Lucy and I were grinning a lot.

“Lucinda Halliwell and Georgina Sutcliffe, stand up now.”

I felt myself start to blush.

“You have both spent most of this lesson giggling among yourselves. I am very tempted to send you to the Headmaster, but as it is out of character for you, Georgina, you will both serve a 1 hour supervised detention tomorrow. See me at the end of the lesson for your detention slips.”

After the lesson, we picked up our slips and headed home.

Lucy said: “Well, Georgie, you have now got a detention, but I was really surprised she did not at least smack our legs like she normally does, and she is one of the hardest smackers. Don’t forget to wear a pair of briefs tomorrow.”

When we had got home, we did our homework and our mums arrived with a fish and chip tea for us, so we settled down and they told us they had made some really good contacts who could supply some lucrative contracts to their firm and they would get a bonus if they did.

After tea, both Lucy and myself gave our mums the detention notes to let them know we would be an hour late home tomorrow. Lucy’s mum stood up and went into the hall and rummaged in her suitcase, while my mum signed my note and gave it me back. As I put it in my bag, I turned around and Lucy was standing looking at her mum who was holding a wooden hairbrush.

She pulled a dining chair out and sat down. Lucy went to the side and leaned over her knee. Me and mum just stared at each other as Lucy had her skirt raised and her knickers and tights lowered to her knees before her mother started a rhythmical spanking of her bottom. I could still see her stripes from yesterday but her bottom was soon a bright red all over. Lucy was kicking her feet and screaming in pain and was being told that she knows that any punishment at school results in spanking at home.

As her mum finished, Lucy got to her feet and her hands went straight to her bottom as she danced from foot to foot. She eventually regained some composure and pulled her tights and knickers up.

Both mum and me were just looking in astonishment before mum cleared her throat and said: “Miranda, do you always punish Lucinda in that way, as I thought it was severe?”

“Yes, Alison, I know it hurts her and I think she deserves it as she has always known that if she misbehaves at school she will have to answer to me as well, and she always apologises afterwards without any prompting. Why do you not spank Georgina if she misbehaves?”

“Well Miranda, to be honest she has never misbehaved and as far as I know, apart from the class getting 50 lines a few years back, this detention is her very first school punishment. Am I correct, Georgina?”

“Yes, mum.”

“So you see, I have never had to punish her, but I do not see why Lucinda should be spanked and not Georgina for the same offence.”

I could not believe what I was hearing. Was mum going to spank me?

“Mum, you are not going to spank me, are you?”

“Well dear, it would only be fair, but I don’t have any experience yet. I would prefer it if Miranda spanked you. Would you please, Miranda?”

“Of course I will. Lucy, come to my side please.”

I was in total disbelief as I slowly moved to her side and suddenly she took hold of my hand and pulled me over her knee. With no formalities, I felt my skirt pulled up and two fingers inserted either side, inside my tights. Soon, my tights and pink knickers were around my knees. Then I felt the hairbrush rest on my bottom before the slow slaps started, each getting louder and more painful. I had never felt anything like it and was soon screaming for her to stop.

My legs were kicking for all they were worth and I kicked over a small table. The spanking stopped for a second before I felt three very hard smacks on the back of my right thigh followed by three more on my left, then the spanking restarted.

After a while, she stopped and told me to get up. I fell onto the floor before rising and my hands went straight to my bottom, leaving my blonde pubic hair on view to all. After hopping around, I pulled my knickers up and noticed a quizzical look from mum and then pulled my tights very gingerly over my bottom.

Mum said: “Thank you, Miranda, I think it time for me to get some practice in.”

“Don’t worry, Alison, you will be able to practice on her tomorrow as I have never heard of any girl coming out of detention without being punished. So, you will either see hand marks on her legs like now, the cane marks across her hand or bottom, or a red bottom from the slipper.”

With that, she got up and she and Lucy headed off home.

As I went upstairs to go to bed, mum followed a few minutes later and knocked on my door. She entered as I was trying to ease my tights down.

“Since when have you stopped wearing school knickers, Georgina?”

“Well almost all our year don’t wear them, and it’s the same in the upper 6th, so I thought for once I won’t either.”

“Don’t come moaning to me if you get the cane for not wearing them!”

“I won’t mum, but I will not be wearing them again. It’s worth the risk. But I will wear them tomorrow especially as I am in detention.”

“Oh no, young lady! If you didn’t wear them today you won’t tomorrow either.”

As I got into bed, the glow in my bottom was now a pleasant tingle in my stomach and groin area which lasted until I fell asleep.

As I woke in the morning, I had a shower and went downstairs for breakfast. All my school clothes were laid out for me including a pair of small red briefs.

I finished breakfast and, as I pulled on my briefs, I thought that these wouldn’t give much protection and I could see the bruising caused by my first ever spanking last night. I checked in the mirror when I was dressed to see if my knickers were visible at all when I bent over, and I could just make out when I touched my toes that I was not wearing school knickers.

As I left for school and caught the bus, Lucy was already on and had saved me a seat.

“What knickers are you wearing then?” She asked as soon as I sat down.

I whispered: “Red briefs,” and blushed.

“You do know that if seen in detention, the Headmaster will come in at the end and cane you?”

“No, I didn’t know that.”

“Well you do now. Anyway, how was your bottom last night? Mine really tingled when I was in bed.

I really blushed and told her about the feelings I had.

All day, I was ribbed by all the girls that I was going to get my first taste of corporal punishment tonight. If only they knew what happened last night, but Lucy never said a word.

As we waited outside the detention room, everybody was walking past rubbing their bottoms and laughing. We entered and were given our work to do. I was determined not to be punished.

After 5 minutes, Lucy and two other girls were told to stand and all had the backs of their legs smacked. By the end of detention, Lucy had also had the slipper and everybody but me had been punished. We were told to sit upright and to put our hands on our heads while our work was collected. There was a knock on the door and the Headmaster popped his head round and spoke to the detention mistress. He then left as our work was examined and most of us were told that it was completed to a satisfactory standard.

Then the Headmaster returned, only this time he walked straight in and everybody stood up. After being told to sit down I saw that he was carrying a four foot cane in his hand.

When everybody was settled back down, he spoke quietly to Miss Denvers before turning to the class.

“Georgina Sutcliffe, stand up.”

As was normal with me, I could feel myself blushing and could feel my eyes start to water as it looked as though I was to be caned.

“Today, you have become only the fourth girl to serve a detention without the need for further punishment. You may pack your bags and leave.”

I moved and, remembering my knickers, slowly bent so that I could pick up my briefcase and put everything inside without my knickers becoming visible. I left the room and went to the gates to await Lucy. She arrived and was one of the last to come. She had tears in her eyes and was walking stiffly. She said she had received 4 strokes of the cane for not wearing full uniform to detention.

Mum was really proud when I got home and she phoned Lucy’s mum, but she had already been told by Lucy. That weekend I was going to stay at Lucy’s as our mums were going on a works party and would not be home.

We were talking as we lay on our bed and I told Lucy that, although I was to continue to wear my briefs, I had no intention of being punished. I managed to avoid any further problems, but Lucy continued to be punished about once a month, but was not caned.

On the last Thursday before we broke up for summer, the headmaster came into Assembly and, as was normal, spoke to the four teachers already on the stage before continuing with the assembly. As he finished, he stood at the front of the stage and asked for several girls please come to the stage As they each went onto the stage, he asked for their names and turned each of them around and gave then three hard smacks to each thigh. He told one to sit down and the other to stand at the back of the stage with her hands on her head. He then called out three more for the same treatment. This time, two were sent to the back of the stage as he said that he will not tolerate talking in the assembly hall. We were waiting for the Head girl to escort them off stage to be caned, as we had noticed they were not in school knickers.

“Georgina Sutcliffe, on to the stage please.”

I was shocked that I was to be smacked and then caned as I was wearing orange briefs today. As I passed Lucy, she gave me a friendly tap on the bottom.

As I got onto the stage, I was about to turn around when I was told to stand next to the Headmaster who announced that: “The Head girl finished her education yesterday as she has been given permission to start a family holiday. I am pleased to announce that Georgina Sutcliffe will be the new Head girl next year.”

As he pinned the bright blue ‘Head Girl’ badge on to my blazer lapel, a round of applause broke out and I felt so proud.

“Her first duty,” the headmaster continued. “Will be to escort these young ladies to my office to witness them being caned.”

I took the girls out and was ushered into the Head’s office. I was told not to speak but to just observe as the girls would be made to remove their tights and skirts before being caned across the bottom, and then to countersign the punishment book.

As I signed the book after the canings, I saw Lucinda Halliwell’s name above the three girls, having received 6 strokes for smoking and 12 across each hand for not wearing uniform only last week when I had been at a doctors appointment.

I returned to class and everybody congratulated me, including the teacher. The rest of the day was a haze, but on the way home I asked Lucy about her smoking and she admitted to having tried one and being caught but it made her feel sick so she will have no more. Mum was over the moon with my news and she told me she had booked us a holiday at Butlins at Skegness for the October half term, together with Lucinda and her mum.

The school holidays flew by and we were soon going back to school. On the first day, I had a meeting with the Headmaster and his deputy to discuss my duties and to select my prefects. I immediately suggested Lucy but was told that, as she had been caught smoking, then she could not be a prefect.

I attended the headmaster’s office about once a week to witness a caning and several times a dose of the slipper. I had reported seven girls for being out of school at break time and had to witness them all being caned. The state of some was upsetting but they had broken the rules.

A fortnight before half term, it was reported to me by a prefect that she had seen Lucy and our friend Amanda leave school at break time, so I told her to report it immediately to the playground teacher. On their return, I was asked to attend the Headmaster’s office as they both received six of the best with the senior cane.

Lucy apologised for putting me in an awkward position but said we would soon be at Butlins, and I told her that I hoped her marks would soon go.

The day arrived and we set off. When we got there, we had a 2 bedroom apartment and we soon set off for the pool. I wore my first ever bikini but was embarrassed as I saw my nipples were poking out. but I soon forgot it as mum and Lucy’s mum were enjoying their freedom as well.

I had never had a boyfriend, and Lucy had only had one for a short while as we were more concerned with our school work. Anyway, we met two boys around the pool on the Tuesday. They said they had been watching us most days, As we were both 18, we agreed to have a drink with them but that we would have to meet our mums at 9.00, a little white lie.

Anyway, we had a very pleasant evening and, as we walked home, they gave us both a kiss, which was my first real one and I was on cloud 9.

On the Thursday, we let them walk us back to our chalet and they came in and we were kissing and a little bit of petting was going on when the door opened and our mums were stood there.

They were furious, and I said mum: “Nothing was going on, honest.”

She looked at me and said: “Don’t lie. I can see your bra is undone and his hand was up your skirt, plus you have a love bite on you neck, and you are the same, Lucinda.”

They both left the room and returned with their hairbrushes. I pleaded with mum but they both pulled out a chair each, lifted us over their knees and proceeded to give us real good long spankings, leaving us both in tears and with very red and sore bottoms. We got into bed still in tears and were told we would spend the rest of the holiday with them.

That night we both commented on how we were feeling and Lucy was again trying to get me to get into trouble at school, but I said I had seen enough girls caned and didn’t intend to let my Deputy, Chloe, see me caned.

The holiday over, we returned home and went back to school. The punishments continued and there seemed to be more people brought out in assembly for different things but only about 10% were then sent for the cane.

On the Monday of the second week after half term, it was just before bonfire night and Lucy and myself were going to a large display. We were discussing it as we awaited the headmaster to enter the hall. He read out all the notices and then held the assembly He walked to the front of the stage and spoke to the teachers before asking 3 fourth year girls on to the stage. He turned them around saying: “When will you girls learn there is to be no talking in the assembly hall? Altogether he called up 12 girls and 5 of them did not have school knickers on so I was going to be witnessing a few more canings.

Then I heard him say: “Lucinda Halliwell and Georgina Sutcliffe, come to the stage.”

I stood automatically, thinking I was to escort the girls to the Head’s office, when it hit me that Lucinda was also walking to the front of the hall. As I climbed the steps onto the stage, I realised we had been reported for talking and I was to receive my first dose of corporal punishment in front of the entire school, and would then be sent for the cane as I was wearing bright red briefs with ‘Skegness’ printed across the bottom.

As we climbed the steps, I was really blushing and the headmaster had us face the school as he said we should be ashamed at our age to be caught talking in the assembly hall. He then took hold of Lucy’s shoulder, turned her around and lifted her skirt up and I saw immediately that she was wearing school knickers. She was smacked and told to stand to one side.

The Headmaster turned me around and, as he lifted my skirt, there were a few giggles as those at the front saw my knickers. I then nearly jumped as I felt the first smack on my leg and the sting was terrible. The second and third to my left leg had me wanting to jump about. I am sure he was hitting me harder than anybody else. He then started on my left leg and told me to stand at the back of the stage with my hands on my head when all the time I just wanted to rub the sting in my legs away.

“Chloe Weston, come to the stage please and escort these girls to my office. Then you can stand in for Georgina Sutcliffe as she is one of those I will be caning. All of you now, file out behind Chloe keeping you hands on your heads and wait outside my office facing the wall.

As I was last up, I was nearest the steps so led the way as Chloe set off. I was in pain with the sting in my legs and as I approached where Lucy was sat I saw her smile at me and nod her head.

I saw Chloe pick up the slipper, which was always on one of the chairs outside the Head’s office during assembly, and which the escorting prefect had permission to use if anybody did not do as they had been told. I looked at the others as they all lined up facing the wall, then felt a sharp slap to my bottom from the slipper.

“Face the wall, Georgina, or else!”

I heard the Headmaster walking up the corridor and he went into his secretary’s office as all the rest of the school filed past us. I knew he had gone to collect the Punishment book and our personal files. As he returned, his secretary was with him and took the slipper off Chloe as she was asked to accompany the Headmaster into his office.

After a minute or so, as I knew he would be putting the files in the order he would be caning us, Chloe came to the door and called the first girl. I could hear the Headmaster telling the girl off and that she should know better, then silence and I knew the girl would be removing her skirt. I don’t think she was wearing tights. Then she would be bending over the back of the upright chair. Then I heard the first thud as the cane struck her bottom, followed at intervals by 3 more, each bringing a screech of pain.

The door opened and we could hear her crying as she came out. Chloe called the next one in and the same procedure was carried out.  As she left in tears, the third one was called in and I realised there were only 2 more before me.

This time, after the third stroke, there was a gap before the fourth landed followed by a scream, then a fifth. I thought the girl must have got up and got an extra stroke.

She came out in floods of tears and I heard Chloe say: “Georgina Sutcliffe, in now and keep your hands on your head.”

As I entered the room it was as I had expected. The Headmaster sat at his desk and asked for my name and form and wrote them in the Punishment Book and my Personal File. I then noticed 2 canes on his desk, the normal one he uses and the senior cane which I have only ever seen used once, which was the last time I witnessed Lucy caned.

He then stood up and said: “Sutcliffe, you above everybody should know not to speak in assembly. It is a disgrace for the Head Girl to be called out and smacked, then marched to my office to be caned, and especially you as, after looking at your file, I see that, apart from a class punishment of 50 lines and a detention during which you escaped any punishment, this is your first formal punishment and your first caning. Well, you will certainly remember it as you are to receive 4 strokes with the senior cane. Remove your skirt and tights and bend over the back of the chair. You should be able to reach the bottom rung to hold onto and don’t try to rise as you will get extra.”

As I bent over, I felt my knickers tighten and I realised that the thin nylon was going to give me no protection at all. I saw him pick up the long thick senior cane and swish it a few times before lining it across my bottom; a few little taps, then it moved and, swoosh thwack! The pain was almost instantaneous. I bit my lip to avoid screaming and started to take really deep breaths as the second landed and a grunt escaped my lips.

As the third landed, I could not refrain any longer and screamed out in agony. The tears flowed, followed by the fourth and I was told to stand. I was in absolute agony and could not think properly as I was handed a tissue and told to get dressed. Trying to pull my tights over my swollen bottom was horrendous but I eventually managed it and then replaced my skirt. I signed the book and my file and was given my letter to get signed by my mother. As I turned to leave, I thanked him and struggled out where the 2 waiting girls could see the Head Girl in agony.

As I arrived at my English class, I knocked and entered and had to apologise to the class and explain that I had just received 4 strokes of the senior cane for not wearing school knickers. I went to sit down very carefully next to Lucy and she held my hand and squeezed it. I was left alone for the remainder of the double period and at break I headed for my small office followed closely by Chloe and Lucy.

As we got inside and closed the door, Chloe said: “You took that caning very well indeed.”

She turned and left, then Lucy said: “Sorry I did that but you wouldn’t bring yourself to break the rules so I engineered it for you and made sure you would be caned as well. I knew you wouldn’t wear school knickers and I thought if I did you would probably take your caning better.”

For some unknown reason, I said that she was probably right but it wouldn’t happen again.

When I arrived home, mum knew something was up so I gave her my note and was soon bare bottomed over her knee as she really spanked me with her hairbrush. I did my homework and went straight to bed and wore only a nightie as I did not want any elastic rubbing the welts.

Even though everybody knew that I had been caned, and it was on the notice board, I was not given any leeway by the teachers and was eventually given a detention for Thursday. As I looked at he notice board, I noticed that Chloe was also in detention and I thought to myself that must be a first; both the Head Girl and her deputy in detention together.

I did not escape punishment this time though and received 2 strokes of the cane across both hands for not concentrating. As the Headmaster arrived at the end of the detention, he asked me to remain to witness 3 canings; 2 third years were caned for bulling as well as their detention. Chloe, who had been given the slipper, was caned for swearing as she received the slipper.

I got home and had another session over mum’s knee.

The rest of the year went punishment-free and we all took our A levels and I was quietly confident as was Lucy. We were being treated to a holiday on our own in Costa del Sol.

In our final week at school, we all decided we would make a celebration lunch and invite the staff as a thank you at lunch time on Thursday, and asked the secretary to bring in some wine. Lucy and I did this on Wednesday morning as assembly was going on. We were just walking to our class room when Miss Denvers saw us and took us to the headmaster’s office. The secretary realised what had happened and said she would explain, but we told her we didn’t want to spoil the surprise tomorrow and if we get caned so be it.

Chloe duly arrived as a witness but was told by the secretary to say nothing. We were called in one at a time and both received 6 of the best with the senior cane which left us both in tears and severe pain, but we kept he secret. When we told our mums why we had been caned, we both escaped a spanking.

We duly asked all the teachers to attend the assembly hall at lunch time and the secretary had opened it up so we could prepare the buffet behind the curtains on the stage. As soon as they were all present, I got on the stage and said that we had all really enjoyed our time at the school and thanked them for all their hard work in helping us to hopefully have gained the qualification each individual needed. I then signalled for Chloe to open the curtains and asked them to enjoy the food and drink. I asked the headmaster, as we were all now 18, could we toast the school with wine and he agreed we could. Just before we finished, he came over to where Lucy and I were standing and told us he was sorry about caning us yesterday as he had just been told by his secretary what had happened. We just told him it was worth it to see every teacher’s face today.

Lucy and I really enjoyed our time in Spain and came back with great tans. We both got really good exam results and both went to college to study law. Today, we now have our own law firm and are still the best of friends, as are our children.

The End

© Gillian Howard 2015