A story set in the future after a return to traditional discipline. Here, a girl is assisted through the system.

By Kenny Walters

“Good morning. Welcome to Enchester Punishment Centre. I’m Julienne and I’ll be your Personal Punishment Assistant for today.”

Susie Brackenshaw blinked. The woman appeared only a couple of years older than her own nineteen years. Her hair was dark, very straight and neatly cut with a fringe. The uniform was the modern jump-suit style in a pretty pale blue to distinguish her from the regular police who wore the same style but in very dark midnight blue.

“Good morning. I think I have to hand you this?” Susie held out the sheet of paper the court had sent her to inform her of the Judgement Panel’s decision in her case.

“Hold on to it for the time being, Susie.” Julienne continued smiling. “I’ll stamp and sign it when we’re concluded, then you can take it away with you. Would you like some refreshments?”

Susie hesitated, surprised to receive the offer. “A coffee would be nice. Milk, no sugar. Thank you.”

“That’s cool! The idea, I mean, not the coffee.” Julienne laughed at her own humour and led the way across the large entrance hall to a vending machine. After pressing a few buttons, she handed a steaming plastic cup of coffee to Susie and then made a selection for herself. “Let’s sit over here.”

Once they’d both sunk into a softly upholstered sofa with a white wood coffee table positioned ahead of them, Susie looked around.

“It’s very different to how I expected.” She commented.

“Not austere and gloomy, you mean?” Julienne giggled. “A lot of people are surprised. But we like it to be welcoming and relaxing.”

“Relaxing?” Susie sounded incredulous.

“Oh Susie! No-one here means you any harm. We’re here to complete the court’s pronouncement, that’s all.”

“Right.” Susie concentrated on her coffee.

“I like your hair.” Julienne wasn’t prepared to accept the silence. “It’s a lovely colour.”

Susie smiled weakly. “Yes, my mother has the same blonde colour although she has it much shorter now and wavy. I like mine long.”

Yes, I noticed it was almost reaching half way down your back. It’s lovely. Must take a lot of looking after.”

“I brush it a hundred times every night.”

“It certainly keeps it nice. Okay. Shall we move on?” Julienne asked, when they’d both drunk their coffee.

“I suppose so.” Susie could think of no reason to prolong matters.

“Shall I lead the way?”

The Personal Punishment Assistant went over to a door to one side of the entrance hall with Susie tagging on behind and looking at Julienne’s small pert bottom in the tight-fitting pale blue jump-suit. At the door, Julienne took a small plastic card from her pocket and slid it down the entry lock which caused the door to swing open automatically.

Once through the door, they went along a corridor with white painted walls and a number of doors on either side. Julienne stopped at the fourth door on the right.

“Here we are.” Susie waited while Julienne used the small plastic card to gain entry. “Take a seat.”

“Thanks.” Susie answered instinctively as she looked around the small room. In the centre stood a small table with two chairs placed on opposite sides, while a tall cabinet was positioned against the wall on the left. There was another door in the wall opposite to where they had entered the room, and to the right stood a small desk with a computer and a telephone.

While Susie settled into one of the chairs, Julienne went to the computer and tapped away at the keys.

“Let’s see now.” The Personal Punishment Assistant looked at the screen. “Twenty-seven miles an hour in a twenty mile an hour speed limit. Naughty girl!”

“I had my mind on other things.” Susie offered by way of explanation.

“Surely you know there’s a speed camera in every lamp post? And I hope you didn’t use that as an excuse to the court. They really don’t like drivers not concentrating.”

“I did actually.”

“That explains it then. They’ve awarded you eight strokes. You’d normally get six for speeding. The extra two are because your mind wasn’t focussed on your driving.”


“Never mind. Too late to worry about that now.” Julienne left the computer and came to sit opposite Susie at the table. “Okay. Do you want to cooperate with us regarding your penalty?”

“I’m sorry?” Susie didn’t understand.

“Silly!” Julienne giggled. “What I mean is, are you happy to bend over this table and let us smack your bottom or should we go into the next room and do it?”

“What’s in the next room?”

“Let me show you. Come on.” Julienne stood up and went to the door opposite to where they’d entered the room. As Susie joined her, she opened it and they went through.

“What’s that?” Susie asked in astonishment.

The next room was completely empty except for a heavy wooden trestle placed in the centre with leather straps attached to the bottom of each of the four legs. The centre part of the trestle comprised a flat surface measuring about three feet by two which appeared to be covered with thinly padded leather.

“We call it a punishment frame. It’s quite comfortable really, and we can use these straps to fasten you securely in place while we apply the punishment.”

“It looks quite frightening.” Susie commented.

“It’s up to you entirely. Do you think you’d be happier bending over the table in the other room? Or you could even choose to bend over this frame without being strapped to it.”

“I think I’ll settle for the table in the other room.” Susie shivered as she looked at the trestle.

“Okay.” Julienne replied brightly, and held the door for Susie to pass through. “I do like your dress.”

“The letter mentioned something about dressing lightly.” Susie ran a hand down her loose fitting red and white patterned dress that finished about four inches above her knees, in keeping with the latest fashions.

“Yes, that’s perfect.” Julienne answered. “If you’d like to slip it off, I’ll hang it on one of these hangers.” The Personal Punishment Assistant opened one of the two doors of the tall cabinet and took out a plastic coat hanger.

“Take it off?” Susie looked astonished. “Is that necessary?”

“Well of course it is, silly!” Julienne waited with the coat hanger.

Susie felt her face redden, unsure whether it was through being asked to undress in front of this stranger or through the implication she should have known this would be asked of her. She reached behind her neck and began unfastening the buttons that ran down the back of her dress.

As the dress slipped down to the floor, she stepped out of it and then picked it up and handed it to Julienne.

“Nice undies!” Julienne commented after she’d closed the cabinet door and turned back to Susie.

“You’re not going to ask me to take these off as well, are you?” Susie asked with trepidation.

“No, of course not.” Julienne giggled, still looking at Susie’s white bra and brief white panties with red polka dots.

“Thank goodness for that.”

“No. I can easily slip those panties down when everything is ready.”

“What? Take my knickers down? Is that really necessary?”

“Of course, silly. You want to have your bottom smacked properly, don’t you?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, of course.” Julienne continued smiling, which didn’t help Susie’s assessment. “Clients are expected to be as enthusiastic as us in making sure the court’s judgement is administered with maximum efficiency.”


“Absolutely. What would be the point of you being punished if it wasn’t done to the best of our ability?”

“And you think a pair of thin skimpy panties would make all that difference, do you?”

“Even if they made just a teeny weeny bit of difference it would still be less than the best we were capable of, all for the sake of pulling your pants down. It will only take a moment.”

“I know that.” Susie feigned a smile back. “Have you thought I might feel just a smidgen less embarrassed with my knickers on?”

“Silly girl! Why would you want to let a little embarrassment interfere with your punishment? Of course you wouldn’t.”

“Right.” Susie could see she wasn’t going to win this argument, so she tried another tack. “So, you’ll be carrying out my punishment, will you?”

“Oh no. I’m just here to assist you through the process. A little friendly presence to make things as easy as we can for you.”

“Okay. So, who is actually going to do it?”

“Sergeant Jenkins or Sergeant Harrison.”

“Who are they?”

“They’re both experienced members of the state police service.”

“I meant, are they male or female?”

“That’s not a terribly politically correct question, you know.”

“I don’t care.”

“Oh, naughty!” Julienne giggled. “Actually, they’re both female. Built like tanks! I’d always recommend one of the male Punishment Officers, but they’re not available today.”

“Fine.” Susie muttered to herself, not entirely unhappy that her impending nakedness would only be seen by other females.

“So, are you ready then?”

Susie’s eyes widened. The light-hearted chit-chat she’d exchanged with Julienne had at least kept her spirits up, and delayed the inevitable. Now the moment of reckoning was approaching. Susie felt her heart beating faster as her nervousness increased.

“I suppose so.”

“Okay.” Julienne went across to the computer desk and picked up the telephone. “Hello. Punishment Control? Room 5 – Susie Brackenshaw. Yes, ready now. Oh right. Okay.”

As Susie watched Julienne putting the telephone back down, she asked: “What do I have to do?”

“Nothing for the moment, Susie. There’ll be a small delay. It seems we’re rather busy today. About ten minutes, they reckon.”


“Sorry!” Julienne answered in her squeaky voice.

“What do they actually use?” Susie asked. “It’s some kind of paddle, isn’t it?”

“Many Punishment Centres do use a paddle made of firm rubber or wood, but here at Enchester we use a good old fashioned rattan cane. Nice and thin and whippy.”


“Because the whippier it is the more it makes your bottom smart, silly!”

“No, I meant why do some places use a paddle and others this cane thing?”

“There are all sorts of implements that have Government approval. We’ve found the cane to be as effective as anything.”

“I see. When you say effective, you mean to cause as much pain to my bottom as possible?”

“Of course. Like I said, we want to do the best job we can. How did you get to hear about the paddle?”

“A friend of mine got it. That’s all. But she lives in Dorminster.”

“Does she?” Julienne gave another of her insufferable giggles. “That’s funny! I used to work at the Dorminster centre up until a couple of weeks ago. What was her name?”

“Cathy Simmons. She’s my age with dark hair, about the same length as mine.”

“Sorry, don’t remember her. But, yes, we used a solid rubber paddle there. I think you’ll find the cane gives you a much sharper sting.”

“Really.” Susie wasn’t at all grateful for that piece of information.

“Oh yes. It will really set your bottom on fire.”

“That’s good.”

“You’re being sarcastic!” Julienne giggled. “I can tell these things.”

Susie was about to reply when the door burst open and a short stocky woman wearing the dark blue uniform jump-suit of the regular police service entered the room. She wore the three stripes above her right breast pocket denoting her rank as sergeant, and carried a thin length of straight yellow rattan cane about three feet in length.

“Oh! Here we are. Let me introduce you.” Julienne’s face broke into a wide smile. “Susie, this is Sergeant Harrison. Sergeant Harrison, this is Susie.”

“I haven’t got all day.” Sergeant Harrison replied abruptly.

“Okay Susie, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Come along and bend nicely over the table for us.”

Susie would have made a comment, had she been able to think of something sarcastic enough and if she had not wanted to incur the wrath of the fearsome-looking Sergeant Harrison. She moved to the nearest side of the small table that did not have a chair facing it, all the time keeping a watch on the activities of Sergeant Harrison.

“Here?” Susie checked with Julienne.

“That’s fine. Now bend over and I’ll slip your panties down.”

“I can do that for myse…”

Before Susie could finish the sentence, Julienne pushed her firmly down across the table and then quickly snatched the white brief knickers with the red polka dots down to her ankles. With the palms of her hands flat on the table, Susie was about to push herself back up and protest. Before she had a chance to do that, Julienne came round to the opposite side of the table, took Susie’s wrists and pulled hard so that Susie was forced back down.

“Now be a good girl and lie nice and still.” Julienne told her, still clinging to Susie’s wrists.

“Okay! I get the message. You can let go now.” Susie realised any resistance would only make things worse for herself.

“I should grab hold of the edge of the table.” Julienne released her grip on Susie’s wrists and ruffled the blonde girl’s hair.

At that moment, Susie looked round to see what Sergeant Harrison was doing, and saw the stocky female moving round behind her. The sergeant’s interest clearly lay with Susie’s bare bottom. Frightened and embarrassed, Susie looked up at Julienne.

Julienne smiled back.

“How many?” A brusque female voice asked from behind.

“Eight, please Sergeant. Susie’s been a very naughty girl, haven’t you Susie?”

Even if she’d wanted to, Susie had no chance to reply before the cane whipped across her buttocks and a searing pain announced the arrival of the first stroke.

“Yeeeeoouch!” Susie cried as she arched her back.

“Oh, don’t move, Susie. Stay put and let Sergeant Harrison give your bottom the good hiding it deserves.”

“I’m trying!” Susie exclaimed.

Moments later, another fierce stroke of the cane slashed across Susie’s bare bottom.

“Yeeeouch!” Painful though it undoubtedly was, Susie was at least expecting the stroke and so her reaction was a little less extreme with a more subdued cry and just a jerk of her body.

“See!” Julienne acknowledged. “It’s much better when you accept your punishment, isn’t it?”

Susie merely grunted in response, just before Sergeant Harrison swept the cane sharply down across her naked bottom.


“That was number three.” Julienne announced.

“I noticed!” Susie replied.

Relentlessly, Sergeant Harrison continued the caning with another stroke aimed low down which stung even more noticeably.


“Your botties getting nice and red.” Julienne said, looking over at Susie’s naked backside. “It will give you a nice little reminder when you sit down.”

“Wonderful!” Susie responded underneath her breath.

Sergeant Harrison too was looking down at Susie’s backside as she selected where to send the cane next on its torturous path. She decided high up could use some attention.

“Ooooouch!” Susie cried as the cane struck.

A slightly lesser response caused Sergeant Harrison to aim low down for the next stroke, almost at the point where Susie’s round feminine bottom met her shapely thighs.

“Yeeeeeeeeoooouch!” Susie yelled when the cane struck her on the tenderest part of her backside.

“Sergeant Harrison is spreading the strokes out nicely.” Julienne commented. “She’s very good at this, isn’t she?”

“I would say so.” Susie answered as her eyes watered with the smarting pain.

With just two strokes to go, the sergeant decided she would concentrate on the very centre of Susie’s bottom, where the redness was most marked. Swinging the cane back, she hesitated for just a moment and then whipped it down again.


“Keep nice and still.” Julienne spoke when Susie’s back arched involuntarily as the cane whipped across her extremely sore backside. “One more and you’re all done. Okay?”

“Yes.” Susie croaked as salty tears rolled down her face.

Unbeknown to Susie, Sergeant Harrison eyes remained focused on the very centre of her bottom. With the cane swung well back, she took aim and sent the final stroke swinging down to land once again on the centre of Susie’s backside.


“I bet that stung.” Julienne commented as she noted the extra force the sergeant had used. Susie ignored her totally.

“Okay?” Sergeant Harrison looked at Julienne.

“Yes, thank you Sergeant. That was very well executed. Would you like to thank the Sergeant, Susie?”

“Uunhh!!” The blonde haired girl grunted.

“You can get up now.” Julienne patted Susie’s back, just below her bra strap.

Just as Susie began to rise from the table, Sergeant Harrison swept past and left the room without saying another word.

“Talkative type, isn’t she?” Susie commented as she began to rub her extremely sore bottom.

“Firm, efficient and effective. Just what you want in a punishment officer, wouldn’t you say?”

“Oh, absolutely.”

“You’re being sarcastic again, Susie!”

“Can I get dressed now?”

“Of course you can, if your bottom’s not too sore.”

“I’ll manage.”

Susie dipped down to reach the white panties with the red polka dots that were bunched around her ankles and pulled them up, her face grimacing at the soreness making the move so uncomfortable.

By the time, she had eased the underwear back into place around her hips and swollen bottom, Julienne had taken her dress from the cabinet and was crouching down, holding it ready for her to step into.

“Thanks.” Susie said as the Personal Punishment Assistant pulled the dress up for her.

“Shall I do you up?” Julienne asked.

“Please.” Susie held still while the other girl fastened the buttons up the back of the dress. “I’m glad I didn’t wear trousers. They’d have been extremely uncomfortable the way my bottom’s feeling.”

“Absolutely.” Julienne finished buttoning the dress. “There! All done.”

“Can I go now?”

“I just need to do the paperwork. Do you have your form?”

Susie pulled the sheet of paper from a pocket in her dress and handed it over. Julienne took it to the computer desk, tapped away at the keyboard and then took a rubber stamp from a drawer which she banged down on the paper. After adding her signature, she handed it back to Susie.

“There, that’s all the admin done. I’ll show you out. Would you like a cup of coffee before you leave?”

“No thanks. I just want to get home.”

As Susie left the building, she vowed never to do anything that would mean a return.

The End