Three girls get their allotted punishments

by Dick Templemeads

The alarm rings but I am already awake, having endured a rather restless night.

Normally on a Friday morning I wake with a sense of brightness, aware that the weekend is fast approaching and, although there will be plenty of studying to do, there are also the weekend pleasures. Friday night at the pub, now I am eighteen, I can have a drink; my Saturday job at the local branch of a well known bookshop is always enjoyable.

Also on Friday at school there is Friday morning assembly, and the sideshow of the punishment session which provides us with a sideshow, and thereby hangs the reason for my restless night, for this morning I shall for the first time be among the so-called miscreants reluctantly taking part in the punishment session.

*     *     *

When Mrs Walton took over as Head teacher at the start of the school year she announced that it was always her policy to encourage all final year students to achieve a balance in their life and to engage in a social life while still studying at the same level of intensity. This, she said, was designed to put us in readiness for university or business life.

As a consequence she was abolishing the traditional punishments of lines and detentions as she felt that they would only hamper her ideals, and that anyway such punishments would be rare for senior girls. However, she added that offenders would not be escaping scot-free as she would be using corporal punishment instead.

Both Mrs Walton and her husband were keen Rugby fans and she introduced a punishment scale based on that handed out to professional Rugby players.

A level one offence which would have previously meant lines, earned the offender a bare-bottomed spanking, a level two, instead of detention, was punished with 3 strokes of the cane across a girl’s knickers, level three, which would have been an offence that once merited the serious punishment of a Saturday detention, now resulted in six stokes of the cane also across the knickers. Level four was reserved for the most serious or constant repeat offenders and was six strokes on the bare bottom. However, to add insult to injury for any offenders, these punishments were carried out at the end of Friday assembly in front of the entire school.

This was received with misgiving by those few girls who were silly enough to still find themselves in trouble from time to time, yet I had an impeccable record, no detentions even as a junior, and only lines on one occasion, so I thought had little fear, nor did my best friend Vanessa, but how wrong we were proved to be.

*     *     *

For the first two terms things went well. Andrea Cox, the cleverest girl in the school but also something of a rebel, twice earned a level two and once a level three; Beryl Smith had a level two, and five or six girls suffered level ones.

The juniors seemed to be amused by watching the seniors being punished, while the seniors watched with a mixture of disdain for those punished and concern that a slight erring on their own part may see them in a similar predicament, as was to be the case with Vanessa and myself.

*     *     *

Yesterday break time, Vanessa had been telling me about her night out the evening before with her new boyfriend Luke, a hunk if ever there was one. So animated was she that we were late to class for our English lesson. Miss Jones normally so affable, was in a foul mood because she had toothache, and also because the first formers had been a pain before break, so to our shock and dismay she awarded us both a level one, but for poor Vanessa who, because of being with Luke, hadn’t fully completed her homework she upgraded he punishment to a level two.

So this morning we will be two players in the Friday morning sideshow, although the main role will be filled by Andrea Cox whose continued rebellious ways have earned her the dubious distinction of being the first to receive a level four punishment. One would almost think she enjoys being caned.

*     *     *

It is with heavy feet that I drag myself towards school, then after registration Vanessa and I nervously make our way to the stage from which assembly is conducted. Andrea is already there and seems not to have a care in the world. In accordance with the punishment routine we have to stand on the stage to the right side with our backs to the school and our hands on our heads. We take no part in assembly until the end when the punishment session takes place. The hymns, prayers and announcements seem to take an age but finally Mrs Walton announces that, as can be seen by the rest of the school, three seniors are to be punished.

Having witnessed quite a few of these sessions already, I know what is going to happen next but all the same glance to my left to see the head move a chair to the middle of the stage, its back towards the audience.

Andrea is instructed to step forward and stand behind the chair; she obeys and then without further command, and without any apparent embarrassment, she lifts her skirt above her waist, calmly lowers her brief black knickers to her knees and bends over the back of the chair grasping the seat in both hands.

Mrs Walton picks a long yellow crook handled cane from the dais and moves behind Andrea; I avert my eyes realising I am supposed to be facing away from the school, Vanessa knowing that she is next in line, keeps her eyes focused on the floor, she is trembling slightly.

The first stroke of Andrea’s punishment is announced with a swish, and the thwack as it lands echoes around the hall; there is no sound from Andrea, nor is there any after strokes two, three and four. I glance at Vanessa, already there are tears in her eyes. The fifth stroke sounds even harder than the previous four and Andrea’s response is to inhale loudly but no more. I glance across; she is grasping the seat of the chair but her eyes are dry and her  jaw is set tight. There is a long gap between the delivery of the penultimate and ultimate strokes, but finally it lands with any almighty thwack. Mrs Walton clearly means Andrea to feel this punishment, Andrea gasps loudly but no more.

Mrs Walton returns to the dais and lays down the cane, while Andrea slowly eases her knickers back up wincing slightly as they make contact with her bottom. Then she slowly walks to the left side of the stage where in the final part of the punishments the girls spanked or caned then have to stand to attention looking out at the school.

Vanessa is summoned forward, she wipes her eyes, holds her head high and walks towards the chair. She hesitates for a moment but then lifts her skirt displaying white knickers less skimpy than what she normally wears, presumably in hope that they will offer some protection. Even from where I am standing I can see that her legs are trembling. Meanwhile Mrs Walton has exchanged the cane with which she punished Andrea for a slightly shorter thinner version.

I can’t help glancing toward my poor friend; she looks as white as a sheet. I hear the swish of her first stroke, it lands and she groans more than Andrea did on her sixth, there is a long pause before the second and I see Vanessa grit her teeth, finally the cane descends and sounds harder than the first, Vanessa yells and tears are falling from her eyes, there is a longer wait for the third and what sounds to be hardest stroke. Vanessa shrieks and bursts into sobs, it takes her several minutes to lift herself off the chair, pull her skirt back down and then limp to stand tearfully, beside the stoic Andrea. I feel great sympathy for her, but then realise that within a few seconds my own punishment will commence.

Mrs Walton replaces the cane, then turns the chair around, sits on it facing the school and orders me to step forward. I feel really childish as she lifts my dress above my waist, and pulls my skimpy pale blue panties down to my ankles. At least Andrea and Vanessa had the dignity of preparing themselves. She orders me to lie across her lap, I feel like a five year old. But soon any feeling of embarrassment is forgotten as she sets to work on my bum. Six slaps to the right cheek, six to the left and then six across the middle is my punishment and I’m wriggling after four, gasping after six and shedding tears by the time she commences with the final six, which hurt like mad. My mother has spanked me in the past but nothing to this severity. Finally it’s over and I’m ordered to stand and pull up my knicks; at least I get to do that for myself though it’s painful pulling the fabric over my burning bum. My face is equally burning in pain and embarrassment as I join the other two facing the sea of faces in shame.

When classes begin it’s uncomfortable sitting on the chair. Several girls express sympathy to Vanessa and me while others snigger. Ironically we have English again, but Miss Jones, having had her tooth filled last night is back to her normal self and treats us with compassion, unlike Mrs Bullock who apparently gave Andrea a hard time.

We learn this at lunch time when we bump into Andrea. Neither Vanessa nor I have ever been particularly friendly with her but now she seems to want to treat us as a member of her club. We accept her invitation to slink off to the loos where she and Vanessa both slip down their knicks to compare marks. Vanessa’s three stripes are red at the edge and white at the centre whilst Andrea’s are deeper and more vivid. They then ask me to lower my pants and to reveal my rosy red bum, which now emits a not unpleasant tingle.

Vanessa, who has now recovered her composure, comments to Andrea as to how stoic and bravely she takes her canings, not only the one she has just endured but the other punishments of hers’ that we’ve witnessed.

“Remember,” Andrea replies. “My Father is a vicar and employs the old adage ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’. Myself and my older sister have been getting it from him on the bare seat for years, I used to cry when I was younger, while my sister didn’t. She told me that after a while not only do you become used to it but once you hit your late teens it leaves you feeling sexy. Believe me Vanessa, in an hour or so, once the throbbing has stopped, you’ll feel different, so too you will you Claire,” she said to me.

*     *     *

By the evening, the pain had vanished and it seemed odd drinking with my cousin Beth in the pub only a few hours after being upturned over the Headmistress’s knee. But later, when I undressed for bed, I looked in my dressing table mirror and saw that my bottom was still very red, but I felt aroused and as I lay on my bed I realised Andrea had been correct, as my fingers worked me to pleasure it almost felt worth suffering the punishment. At that point I wondered if Vanessa was showing Luke her cane marks.

The End

© Dick Templemeads 2013