The story continues

By Gillian Howard

When dad arrived home from work, mum told him about my punishment book and he went mad asking how, after having an exemplary discipline record for six years, I could suddenly find myself getting two detentions and two canings in two weeks. I explained the new rules and he told me I would have to be more careful in future. I went to bed early but did not get much sleep due to the pain in my rear.

On Monday, I met Liz on the way to school and she had had the slipper off her dad and we both made a pact to stay out of trouble. On Monday afternoon we had Games and Liz was selected as Hockey vice captain and we were both feeling very happy as we got back in the changing rooms. As we had been the first upper 6th girls to have been caned by the head all the girls wanted to see the damage and as we had to shower we could not hide our bruised and stripy bottoms.

As we came out of the shower and started to get dressed one of the girls tried to flick their towel at me but I sensed it and turned in time for it to catch my leg. It still hurt, but not as much as it would have done. Liz was not as lucky as she was caught right across her bottom and she shouted in pain calling the girl a bitch and as she turned she saw our games mistress stood at the door.

Everything went quiet, then she turned and left the room for a few minutes before returning with her cane in her hand. She asked Liz and myself, plus the two girls that had flicked their towels to come forward. I had just put my bra on but nothing else and Liz and the others just had knickers on.

We were told to stand in the corner with our hands on our heads as she asked the other members of the class what had happened, even though she had seen most of it herself. She then called me forward and said that as everyone had more or less said that I had done nothing I could get dressed.

She then called the two girls who had flicked us and gave each of them two strokes of the cane across each hand and warned them anymore and they will be on the Friday caning list.

She called Liz out and said that she had every sympathy with her but could not let her language go unpunished. She then gave her the choice of the cane or a detention. Liz thought for a second and opted for the cane. She was told to hold her hand out and then she received a vicious stroke across her hand and was told to get dressed quickly and go.

We went to the common room as we had a free period next. I asked Liz why she chose the cane and she explained she did not want a second detention so early in the term.

I served my second detention and again managed to avoid being caned like most of the others. Over the next few weeks I avoided any trouble at all but Liz felt the cane across her hands on four occasions and by half term everybody in the upper 6th had felt the sting of the cane across the hands on at least one occasion, and eight girls and most of the boys had visited the headmaster on a Friday morning.

Instead of petering off, the canings appeared to be more regular and it was very rare if we went a day without at least one member of the class being caned, but I must admit that everyone had improved their marks in exams, and in Maths only the odd one was caned when Mr Greg set us our weekly problem.

Midway through November I had started seeing Ken and we were getting on really well and we often managed to sit next to each other or across the aisle.

One day, as we were having history, he was sat opposite me and had a pretty bad cold and had to keep wiping his nose. When he pulled his handkerchief out a Durex dropped onto the floor at the side of him. I tried to catch his attention and as he started to bend down to pick it up Mr James saw it and told him to leave it where it was. He then told him to come to the front of the class and he called me out as well. It looked like a second hand caning for me.

He asked what I had been doing and I said I had seen the Durex and was telling him he had dropped it. Mr James thanked me and told me to sit down. He told Ken that as I had seen it drop it must be his and led him from the classroom and picked up his punishment book on the way out.

While they were out everyone was teasing me saying no sex for me today as he had lost his Durex. I tried to say that I was not having sex with Ken but nobody believed me. About ten minutes later both returned and Mr James reported that Ken had received eight strokes of the cane, one the bare, for bringing such things into school.

He then asked me to come out to the front of the class and bring my punishment book. He told me that as I had not informed him what I had seen and was trying to help Ken retrieve it, I was also to follow him to the headmaster’s office.

As we arrived, Mr James went him and told me to wait Then the secretary went in the Head’s office before Mr James came out and went into her office. When I was called in, a cane was already lying on his desk and he started to give me a good telling off and concluded by saying that as he had been told that Ken was seeing me it was obvious to him why Ken had the Durex and therefore I was as much to blame.

I tried to say that I was still a virgin but he would not listen and told me that I was to receive six strokes of the cane and that my knickers would be pulled between my bottom cheeks making them on the bare. I tried to explain again but all he said was to bend over his desk or I would get more.

As I bent over the secretary came and rolled my skirt up and pinned it to my blouse. I then felt her hands inside my brief white panties and she tugged them up till they disappeared between my bum. She then went to the other side of the desk and sat in the head’s chair and grabbed my wrists to stop me jumping up.

The head then picked up his cane and lined it up across my bare bottom I felt it move the I heard the swish and the crack as it made contact and the pain was horrendous. Four more followed in quick succession, each one giving me more pain than the last. The final one was low down where my bottom met my thighs and the pain was so much that the scream I let out must have been heard all over the school.

I was told to stand and adjust my skirt and knickers and was the led back outside where Mr James escorted me back to the class still crying. As we entered he in informed the class that I had also been caned and received six equivalent to on the bare.

I tried to sit but the pain just shot through my bottom and I was allowed to stand for the remaining ten minutes of the lesson, the last of the day. As the bell sounded Liz came and asked if I needed any help getting home but Ken was also there and he said that he would see me home.

Halfway home we stopped in the park we stopped and he gave me a big cuddle and said he was sorry that I had also been caned for his stupidity. I told him it was ok, but why did he have a Durex anyway? He just said that he had started carrying one just in case anything happened between us and he was at least prepared.

I said that I hoped I had not been leading him on, but he said I hadn’t. He asked me if I had some cold cream to put on my bottom at home as it would help ease the pain. I said I didn’t as I had hoped never to be caned again.

He said his sister had some if I wanted to go to his house, so I agreed as I knew mum and dad were not home before six this evening. As we got there his sister was just going out and she told Ken it was in her bedroom. Ken went upstairs for it and I followed. He picked it up and went into his room. I followed and he asked if I wanted to do it myself or should he do it?

I said he could do it as I could not see, so I laid face down on his bed and lifted my skirt and eased my knickers just below my bottom. He was very gentle as he applied the cream. He then asked if I could put some on him so I agreed and he pulled his pants and underwear down and lay on his tummy. I tried to be as gentle as I could and as I finished and he started to sit up we just kissed each other and fell back onto the bed. It was luck that he had another Durex in his bedside cupboard and the pain of the caning subsided in a very pleasant way.

I arrived home and showed my punishment book to mum who immediately pulled me over her knee, pulled my knickers down and proceeded to give me a good spanking which left me tears and unable to sit down for evening Meal. That night in bed I had a very pleasant feeling in between my legs.

More to follow.