A Parisian lady deals with her au pair

Johannes Muller

The au pair year in Paris could not have started better. Andrea, a nineteen-year-old from Germany, enjoyed dealing with the mostly happy three-year-old boy. Because he was at the day care centre for a relatively long time, as is usual in France, she had enough time for a language course and also for meeting other au pairs. From their stories about their families, she appreciated that Pierre’s mother, Catherine, never tried to make her do undue housework, showed genuine interest in her, and even welcomed it when she went to a party on Saturday night. The single, professionally successful and always elegantly dressed woman in her mid-thirties soon became something of a role model for the hitherto rather provincial young woman.

Catherine was particularly keen for Andrea to improve her French. This was great because it helped her achieve the most important goal of her Paris year, but it was also somewhat ambivalent. Like many French people, Catherine took her language very seriously, correcting Andrea frequently and refusing to speak so much as half a sentence of German or English with her. On Sunday evenings, when dinner was over and Pierre had fallen asleep, Catherine even went over the week’s lessons with her. Andrea would have preferred to watch some TV or chat with her friends, and she was also uncomfortable that her tendency for sloppiness in preparing and repeating the French lessons was becoming more and more apparent.

By the fourth of these Sunday evening revision sessions, Catherine was becoming noticeably impatient and eventually even incensed at her unfocused and forgetful au pair.

After her probing enquiries had brought out much half-knowledge and ignorance of vocabulary and grammar, she suddenly asked Andrea: “Sais-tu ce que c’est une fessée?” [Do you know what a fessée is?]

Andrea did not know what this meant, at least not offhand. She knew that ‘la fesse’ means the buttock, and that the plural ‘les fesses’ is the most common term for bottom. But the extension with ée was new to her, and only when Catherine made a clear hand gesture did she stammer something about a slap on the backside, which some people used to punish their children with.

“Pas que les enfants, aussi les étudiantes de Français fainéantes!” [Not only children, also lazy students of French!] exclaimed the self-appointed tutor.

Andrea thought the term ‘fainéantes’, meaning lazy, was a bit harsh, but above all it suddenly became clear to her what Catherine actually meant. A slap, even for adult language students? Her best friend had occasionally threatened her with such treatment when they were learning mathematics together, but that had clearly been in jest, so she had been able to laugh it off without any problem.

But Catherine did not seem at all in the mood for jokes. On the contrary, she suddenly grabbed Andrea by the arm, pulled her up from her chair and bent her over the dining room table. The girl was so perplexed and spellbound by the woman’s authoritarian aura that it did not even occur to her to resist. Abstractly, she was aware that she was now going to get it on the bottom of her tight-fitting trousers, which she had recently bought on the Boulevard Saint-Michel. She felt humbled by this prospect, but at the same time had a strange tingling sensation that moved her to stretch out willingly.

Catherine reached for the textbook and paraphrased words that Andrea then had to name. She tried her best, but made some mistakes, whereupon she received a good smack with the flat of Catherine’s hand each time so that her bottom became quite warm. Finally, Catherine demanded that Andrea conjugate verbs in the subjonctif, the forms of which she had never properly learned and therefore did not know.

After her complete ignorance of the subjonctif was established, Andrea realised that she was being pulled up from the table instead of receiving further smacks. Clearly, Catherine was ready to let it go for this time. But then why was she walking towards the sofa, dragging Andrea behind her?

After sitting down herself and leaving the au pair girl in front of her, she said in a stern tone: “Tu mérites une vraie fessée!” [You deserve a real spanking!]

Again, Andrea was confused, for had she not certainly already received a dozen quite strong ‘fessées’? Or did the word mean not a smack but a wholesale spanking? Had half-lying on the table in anxious anticipation of the next punishing act only been foreplay, and did Catherine seriously think that she deserved to be spanked?

“Baisse ton pantalon!” [Lower your trousers!] she was ordered in such an unyielding tone that she obediently unbuttoned her trousers and slowly pulled them down. Because they were so tight, the panties inevitably moved down as well, she was startled to discover, before a “C’est bon, la culotte aussi,” [That’s okay – the knickers too!] made it clear that she was to receive her fessée on her unprotected fesses anyway.

Catherine pulled Andrea over her lap with a powerful tug and adjusted her. The au pair was a little embarrassed by the woman with the perfect figure as her much younger bottom was quite round by nature and because she had often supplemented her meals at home with a pain-au-chocolat from one of the Parisian bakeries.

But there was hardly time for such reflections, for Catherine exclaimed: “Maintenant je vais te claquer le derrière!” [Now I will smack your behind!]

Given what was happening to her, Andrea took a little time to realise that “claquer” means hitting with the flat of the hand. She paid the price for having so often neglected the study of grammar in favour of daydreaming, chatting or surfing the internet, always with the pseudo-justification that people understood her anyway. Catherine liked her au pair very much but had no time whatsoever for the girl’s sloppy use of language and general laziness. Therefore, she wanted to help Andrea’s motivation a bit, also with a view to her later studies and professional life.

Catherine administered a ‘fessée’, as she had received it herself from time to time over the knees of her mother.

Andrea’s bottom was already burning all over, left and right as well as in the middle, because it had been spanked all over by Catherine. As much as she submitted to the authority of the elegant and experienced Parisian, and realised by now that she deserved the spanking, she involuntarily began to fidget and reach back with her hands. This, however, only led to Catherine grabbing her wrists with her left hand and pressing them behind her back, before smacking even harder with her right hand. Who would have thought that there was so much strength in her slender fingers with their carefully manicured nails? Andrea gave up all resistance and lay sobbing while she collected one last volée, a cascade of spanks on the lower centre of her frantically wiggling bottom. Finally, the spanking stopped and she felt a gentle stroking, massaging and light patting.

“Je t’aime bien, mais si tu continues de négliger tes devoirs, je te fesserai de nouveau.” [I like you a lot, but should you continue to neglect your homework I’ll spank you again.]

This time, Andrea understood everything and was happy that this dominant woman liked her, but at the same time she was aware that if she continued to neglect her French homework she would be spanked again.

Full of good intentions, Andrea sat at her desk in her room for a while longer, having put a cushion on her chair, while she memorised the forms of the subjonctif. Her bottom’s reddened skin and aching flesh would remind her for at least another day what happened to lazy French students in Catherine’s house.

Any thought of complaining to the au pair organisation never crossed Andrea’s mind, because she accepted without complaint the authority of a woman who had become her admired role model even more than before. She would do her best to satisfy the demanding Catherine. And if she did not succeed, she was ready to receive her well-deserved punishment lying over her shapely thighs.

The End

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