Four girls are in trouble, but there’s an unexpected twist when a boy looks down on them.

By Pat Greenham

It was morning break at Grinsdack College and four prefects were waiting outside the office of Mrs Becker, the Deputy Headmistress. To say they were nervous would be an understatement as the previous day they had been caught smoking joints in the Prefects Common Room. It did not take long for Mrs Becker to open her door and summon the prefects into her study, instructing them to stand in a line facing her in the middle of the room.

Mrs Becker was calm, which in itself was a worry as she asked them if anybody wanted to say anything to explain why was it that they had taken the extraordinary decision to smoke in the common room which in itself was a serious breach of school rules – but that they were smoking drugs which she understood to be know as ‘joints’.

The Deputy Headmistress told them that this was a breach that could easily lead to their expulsion and that she was astonished they as prefects who were supposed to set an example had acted in such a way. She added that they were months away from their A levels and they had put their whole school career at risk and asked again what on earth were they thinking?

The four had been lifelong friends and spent quite a lot of time together out of school. The eldest, Sarah Harvey, decided she had to say something to stop the awful silence as Mrs Becker sat there waiting for an answer. Sarah decided to try and take the blame by telling the Headmistress it had been her idea and pleaded that whilst she knew punishment was inevitable, she alone should face the consequences. The other three, Fiona Davis, Sue Batten and Clair Smith were astonished at their friends offer, but Mrs Becker rejected it immediately by saying there was absolutely no way any of them were going to get away with smoking drugs within the school.

The Deputy Headmistress told them she had discussed the matter with the Headmaster and they had seriously considered immediate expulsion, but they decided against that largely because of the damage it would do to the school’s reputation if this ever got out. As such they had decided to take the very rarely used alternative of corporal punishment, adding that in her entire career she could not recall needing to beat a prefect, let alone four.

The girls were horrified at what they were being told, but in reality they knew that they had been very, very close to being expelled. Each wondered what Mrs Becker was meaning by corporal punishment, fearing the cane. They did not have long to think about it as they were told that they were each going to receive eight strokes of the cane at the end of lessons and that they should change into their PE kit at four o’clock and wait in the gym to meet her at quarter past. They were told to go.

As the horrified girls left the Deputy Headmistress’s office, they knew they had all day to wait for what was going to be a terrible experience. None of them could concentrate on anything for the rest of the day, and word soon got out and there was a hush around the school that incredibly four prefects were going to be caned by the Deputy Headmistress at 4.15.

One of their friends, Mark Thomas, who was much fancied by the girls as a dashing eighteen year old was very intrigued about the prospect and could not get it out of his head. He spent the rest of the day wondering about how he could secretly witness the event. Mark was school sports captain and knew he had a key to the gym, which was always kept locked. He also knew that the gym had a loft – but dare he?

For Sarah, Fiona, Sue and Claire the inevitable moment was coming too quickly, and after their last lesson they each collected their PE kit from their lockers and made their way to the female gym changing room. Stripping off their school uniforms, Fiona and Sue made an awful discovery; their gym knickers were not in their bags. They quickly realized that, as both did not have PE today, the shorts were both in the wash at home. This meant that under their gym skirts they were going to have to wear their normal knickers which were considerably skimpier than the proper gym shorts that Sarah and Claire had changed into.

All four went into the gym and waited for the inevitable arrival of Mrs Becker. At 4.15 on the dot the door opened and in she came carrying three canes, all the same length, which the girls estimated to be at least three foot long.

She told Sarah and Claire to move the vaulting horse from the corner to the middle of the gym and it was obvious what it was going to be used for. They were then told to stand in a line facing her as she lectured them once more about their despicable behaviour. They were then told to remove their gym skirts in preparation for their canings and it soon became obvious to Mrs Becker that two of the four girls were not wearing their gym knickers and she asked both for an explanation. Sue and Fiona said that they were in the wash, to which the Deputy Headmistress told them that this was indeed unfortunate and that she should give them an extra two strokes for not having the correct clothing, but as their ordinary knickers would afford them considerably less protection, she would leave the number of strokes at eight.

Sarah was told that she would be first and that she should approach the horse and bend right over reaching down the far side and holding onto each of the legs with her own legs straight out behind her. The position meant that the material of her gym knickers stretched across her bottom leaving little the imagination. Picking up one of the canes, Mrs Becker went to the left hand side, touched Sarah’s bottom briefly before delivering a very hard stroke to the centre of her bottom. For a brief moment Sarah felt nothing before a line of fire ignited and she involuntary gave out a scream. Ten seconds later a second stroke hit Sarah’s bottom just above the first giving her no time to recover and caused another scream.

The other three girls could only look on in horror as their friend received the third stroke, again near the centre of Sarah’s bottom, resulting in a slightly less vocal ‘ahhhhh’. Mrs Becker was putting her full strength behind each incredibly painful stroke which were coming every ten seconds, each striking an area a couple of inches above and below the centre of her bottom but mercifully all covered by her knickers. After Sarah had received the final stroke she was told to stand and her hands immediately went to her damaged bottom as she thanked Mrs Becker and resumed her position.

Clair was next and she was told to take her position over the vaulting horse. Claire was shorter than Sarah and had to reach right over with her legs straight out behind her. She also had a smaller bottom that was similarly covered by the now stretched material of her gym knickers. Claire’s caning followed exactly the same pattern as Sarah’s with agonizing strokes every ten seconds across the middle of her bottom. She did not make a sound until the fourth stroke, which must have been right on top of a previous whack, simply letting out a very long ‘ahhhhhh’. Each of the last four strokes resulted in a similar gasp and with the last whack being given a little over a minute since the first, these were indeed ‘rapid fire’ canings.

Claire was told to stand and similarly say ‘thank you’ to the Deputy Headmistress. It was now Sue’s turn, and as she bent over the horse, it was clear that her knickers were not as tight as gym pants and did not give anything like the same ‘covering’. This was made worse by Mrs Becker taking hold of the waistband and pulling them right up with some of the material disappearing between Sue’s cheeks, leaving the majority of Sue’s bottom completely bare. Mrs Becker touched her bottom with the cane before taking it right back and bringing it down with force right across the centre of her uncovered bottom causing an immediate red stripe and causing Sue to emit a very loud ‘oh my god’. The second stroke hit her low down and it was clear that Mrs Becker was intent in making her regret not having her gym knickers in her kit bag. The third was between the first two, which caused another loud grunt. Fiona was looking on in horror, now knowing that she and Sue were going to suffer the same fate – effectively a bare bottom caning. Mrs Becker was going at the same relentless speed and by the time Sue’s caning was complete, everyone could see all eight stripes decorating her bottom below the line of her knickers. For Sue this had been a shocking experience, with each stroke coming too quickly with absolutely no time to recover from each whack. The pain had been dreadful, but the caning had taken place so fast apart from loud ahhhhs and grunts she had not had any other reaction. Her bottom was on fire and she rubbed it with vigour as she too thanked Mrs Becker.

Finally it was Fiona’s turn and she took the same position her three friends had taken right over the horse with her head down low, her long hair touching the floor and her legs stretched right out behind her. Fiona’s knickers were quite tight, but she suffered the same fate when Mrs Becker pulled them up leaving her slightly bigger bottom mostly bare. Having watched in horror the three previous canings, Fiona thought that she would be able to cope, but as Mrs Becker gave her the first blistering stroke she simply screamed, louder than any of the other girls. As with Sue, the Deputy Headmistress had delivered the cane below the line of her knickers and a red stripe immediately formed.

The second stroke came quickly and Fiona’s hands flew back to rub her bottom. Mrs Becker told her to put her hands back over the horse and worse still added that the stroke would not count. Now with seven to go Fiona told herself to stay in position for the rest of her caning, which somehow she did. None of the remaining strokes were taken in silence, but with the threat of extra strokes, her hands stayed gripping the front legs of the horse. Mrs Becker again concentrated all the strokes to the middle and lower unprotected parts of Fiona’s bottom and after the final stroke she had nine lines of fire and a very sore backside.

As Fiona returned to her position there was a strange sound from the loft as if something had fallen over. The four plus Mrs Becker looked at each other with astonishment and were all asking the same question. Was someone in the loft?

Mrs Becker told them that she would be back in one moment, and as she climbed the stairs she was astonished to find Mark Thomas lying on the floor near a hole on in the boards. He had witnessed the whole thing and had knocked a fire extinguisher over the moment after Fiona’s caning had finished.

To say that Mrs Becker was angry would be an under-statement and Mark was told to follow her back downstairs. She addressed him saying that in all her years she had never come across such an act of depravity and that he was completely disgusting. As she calmed down she started to think about what to do and she had an idea. She told him in no uncertain terms he would pay for his act and that the right course of action would be immediate trip to the Headmaster. Then she thought about the girl’s position. They had deserved their canings, but had absolutely not deserved to have a peeping Tom getting gratification. Thinking quickly she developed her idea of making the punishment fit the crime. She decided to give him a choice; either she would take him immediately to the Headmaster with a recommendation that he be caned in front of the school tomorrow morning (a very rare event) or he take his punishment there and now.

Mark knew he had completely blown it and felt he had no choice but to accept an immediate caning. Telling Mrs Becker he would prefer not to involve the Headmaster, she replied: “Very well, but you can expect a thrashing way beyond normal levels and that the whole event will be off-the-record.” He was told to remove his jacket and trousers, and was soon standing with just his underpants and socks on below the waist. As instructed he was told to take his position over the horse, and Mrs Becker, mindful of the extra humiliation he had caused the four girls, handed Sarah the cane and said that she wanted each to give him three strokes before she gave him a final six.

Mark was horrified by the news that he was going to get eighteen strokes and was even more horrified knowing that twelve were going to given by the four girls. The situation did not get any better as Mrs Becker stepped forward and removed his underpants, telling him that he had witnessed the girls and that he could feel the shame of having an old fashioned bare bottom caning.

Sarah was told to start and, lining up the cane, she gave him a really decent whack. Mrs Becker was impressed and remembered that she was an excellent tennis player and could whack a ball hard and had no problem aiming the cane right at the centre of Mark’s bottom. He had been caned before by the Headmaster so knew what to expect but was very surprised at the severity as the second stoke hit home very close to the first stroke. He was determined to take his caning like a ‘man’ but as Sarah lined up the third he could not help uttering a slight grunt.

Sarah was then told to hand the cane to Claire. Unluckily for Mark, all four girls were keen on racket sports, and Claire was particularly angry with their canings being secretly witnessed by their male fellow pupil and was determined to deliver three strokes that were as hard as those given by Sarah. Judging by her first and the grunt from Mark, she was succeeding. The second was just as hard and he was starting to despair knowing that there was a long way to go. Claire left a slightly longer gap before caning him for the third time with another mighty blow. Mark had now received six strokes, which was the maximum he had experienced before and they had been with his trousers acting as protection.

Claire gave the cane to Sue who stepped forward still just in her partly see-through knickers. She was as angry as Claire and gave Mark another three fearsome whacks each of which elicited an increasingly loud grunt. It was now Fiona’s turn and she decided to slow things up and made him wait for a minute before delivering the first of her three strokes without warning. If anything she was even harder than her fellow prefects and making him wait was making it worse for Mark. Also, Fiona was not touching his bottom prior to each stroke meaning that Mark did not know when he was about to suffer another stroke. After delivering her third stroke and Marks twelfth, Fiona handed the cane back to Mrs Becker.

Before she gave him his final six, she told him that she hoped he bitterly regretted his decision to pry on the girls. Mark then received what can only be described as a devastating six-of-the-best given over a 75 second period. By this stage Mark’s bottom was covered in cane weals and each stroke was either very close or on top of previous whacks. The four girls watched in awe as Mrs Becker completed his punishment, and after the final stroke he was told to stand and make himself decent. Pulling up his pants whilst still facing away from the girls, he reached for his trousers and carefully replaced them before being told by Mrs Becker that he should go and added that none of what had happened should ever get out.

Turning to the four girls, Mrs Becker said that despite them fully deserving their canings she was sorry that another pupil had elected to secretly witness their beatings but hoped that asking each of them to partake in his punishment was in some way recompense. They were told to replace their gym skirts and she added that none of what had happened concerning Mark Thomas should ever become public although their own canings would be recorded in The Punishment Book.

In the changing room, they put their normal day clothes back on, in the process having a look at the damage to each other’s bottoms. It was clear that Sarah and Claire had slightly less vivid cane marks as a result of having fuller gym knickers that covered more of their bottoms. Three of them had eight very precise and very parallel red stripes, Fiona having that one extra and nine stripes.


It took well over a week for the marks of their canings to disappear and several days before they could sit down without feeling the effects of their beatings. In conversation over the days after their canings the four friends had to admit that they had each experienced some strange slightly sexual feelings, knowing that the very handsome Mark Thomas had witnessed their beatings, especially Sue and Fiona who had effectively been caned on the bare. They also all agreed that had had enjoyed wielding the cane themselves, in the most extraordinary circumstances, to Mark’s bare bottom which they all agreed was ‘cute’. Mark himself, once he had recovered from probably the most severe caning ever given at the school, had to admit that he had the amazing memories of watching the four girls being caned and given his time again he would probably admit that he wouldn’t change things. Oddly, watching them getting caned was worth his own massive beating. Whatever, for the four girls and Mark this was an event that they would remember for the rest of their lives.

The End