When a teaching post goes wrong, a new career reaps benefits

By Wendy A

After university I took a teacher’s training course and entered the profession at a mixed day school. I worked my way up the ladder and after less than 10 years was Head of the French Department. One day I received a telephone call from St Mary’s school, a well know girls boarding school about 20 miles from my existing school. The job I was being offered was as Deputy Headmistress.

I went for an interview with Miss White and several of the school’s governors. I was told that there were two other applicants. After a couple of days there was a further call from Miss White who informed me that I had the job and was expected to start at the beginning of the school year in September, 3 months hence.

I resigned from my present post and had a fabulous holiday wandering round the south of Europe, Spain, France, Italy and Greece.

A few days before the start of term I duly arrived at St Mary’s and settled in to my flat in the main School house. I had several meetings with Miss White and some of the other senior teachers. Miss White explained that as her Deputy I would be in charge of discipline, which more often than not involved caning pupils’ bottoms. This would be quite a change from my previous school where punishment was administered with a slipper on the clothed bottom and was usually restricted to boys. Girls tended to receive detentions.

Miss White supplied me with half a dozen canes, three shorter ones for juniors and three longer ones for seniors. She advised that the cane was usually applied to a girl’s bottom covered by knickers but for repeat offences or serious misdemeanours could be applied to the bare bottom.

This new found authority fascinated me, the power to get a girl to bend over, lift her skirt or even ask her to remove it, and whack her bottom with one of the canes. Bare bottom canings were even more fascinating, first the added humiliation and secondly seeing the tramlines appearing on a girl’s backside. I relished this power and wielded the cane at every opportunity.

It was towards the end of my first year at St Mary’s that 6 senior girls were sent to me for being out of bounds. They had been to a local pub and had been drinking and smoking. This in my view warranted the maximum punishment, 6 each on their bare bottoms. They were lined up in front of me and I told them to remove their skirts. I then told them to remove their knickers, this they reluctantly did. I gave each of them 6 very hard strokes and they were all in tears when I had finished. Before allowing them to dress I decided to examine their bottoms. I told them to turn away from me and bend over. To my shock I noticed that three of the girls had very severe marking, much more than there should have been, especially where I had crossed one stroke with another. I told them to dress and go to their rooms.

It was less than an hour later that I was in Miss White’s study, not sitting as was usual but standing in front of her desk like a naughty schoolgirl. Apparently the 6 girls had complained about the severity of the caning I had given. Miss White was shocked at the sight of the marking and had sent the concerned girls to matron. To cut a long story short, she insisted on my resignation, or I would be dismissed, and that I should write her a letter setting out the events of that afternoon and admitting that I had exceeded the normal level of severity.

Thus in my mid-thirties I was jobless and was unlikely to be offered a job in teaching, a total change was required. I scanned the newspapers on a daily basis and applied for a few jobs and received fewer replies. I had three or four interviews but nothing transpired, either I was over qualified, under qualified or lacked experience. I was becoming somewhat desperate; I had not envisaged that it would be so difficult to find something suitable.

One morning I spotted an advert for people seeking a new career. Southern Bank was looking for graduates with 5 to 10 years experience in a non-banking sector. The offer included fast track training and a good salary. I applied immediately and was called for an interview.

Within a month I started the intensive training. About 12 recruits assembled at the training centre, a large country house to the north of London. There were equal numbers of men and women. The training was intensive; we had to learn about all aspects of banking and had to participate in character building games. It was here that I first met Jim Boyd, he was one of the lecturers for the general banking products. He was probably in his late 40’s and seemed remarkably fit, I subsequently learnt that he was a keen squash and tennis player.

My first close encounter with Jim was on the squash court. After a close game we were about to leave the court when I felt his hand on my bottom, I turned and gave him one of those looks that says: “NO.” He tried it on again one evening when we passed each other in a corridor, this time it was a slap on my bottom. I asked one of the other girls on the course and learnt that she had had similar experiences. I kept clear of Jim for the rest of the training course.

I then went to work in the main branch in a town to the west of London. My job was specifically handling new clients and complaints. I found the job quite challenging, not least from the point of view of client relations. My teacher training had made me intolerant of fools and I had to restrain myself from acting like the Deputy Headmistress with a silly schoolgirl. Needless to say my intolerance did sometimes get the better of me and I launched into a tirade at the expense of a client to whom I had explained the same thing several times and yet they asked the stupid question again or had totally misunderstood my instructions. A couple of times I was overheard by one of the managers and was warned twice by the Branch Manager, the second time in writing.

Totally out of the blue the Branch Manager called me in and said that the International Division would like to see me and had a potential job for me. I think he was rather hopeful that I would possibly be leaving his branch. A meeting in the HO was arranged for the following day.

I took the train up to London and arrived at our HO well in advance of the appointed time.

I was shown by a secretary into a small conference room and was soon joined by two men and a woman. They introduced themselves, Head of Eastern Europe, his deputy and the woman was from the Staff Department. The Bank was considering opening a new branch in Eastern Europe, in Bulgaria, as a preliminary step to a significant expansion. My job would entail all administrative matters including staff relations. The new branch manager was due to be appointed later that day.

The salary and conditions seemed very generous and I was sure that I could handle the administrative matters even in a foreign environment. I indicated that I was very interested and was surprised to be immediately offered the job; they added that the future Branch Manager had already approved my appointment. You can imagine my surprise when I was told that the new manager was to be Jim Boyd, my heart sank.

The following week I was back in HO. As I was shown into the Head of Eastern Europe’s office I was met by Jim, he almost bounded over to me and shook my hand. “Welcome aboard,” he said with a broad grin on his face. Oh god this was not going to be easy.

There were a whole series of meetings where the strategies were discussed. Others concerned the assistance we would receive from HO during the initial period, this would include recruitment of local staff, procedures, systems, etc.

We were then despatched off to Bulgaria and together took a flight from Heathrow. The hotel had been arranged in advance as had meetings with lawyers, accountants, estate agents, etc.

Our first task was to locate suitable premises, not too large but sufficient to enable the proposed expansion during the first four or five years. Another task was to identify suitable candidates for the senior positions within the bank, these would be recruited from local banks. Jim had a full checklist of all matters to be accomplished and we received regular visits from HO specialist staff.

I got to know Jim well over this period. He was not the ogre that I had met back at the training college but rather he was the perfect gentlemen. It was our third weekend together in Sofia that Jim suggested we go out for dinner to a restaurant that had been recommended. We had a fantastic meal and had probably had a little too much to drink. Jim let slip that he knew about the warning letter I had received from the branch manager and also that my resignation from St Mary’s was as an alternative to dismissal. He judged my anger correctly; the horror of my past errors was being aired in public.

“Just hear me out before you go off the deep end. Like you, I have had my problems. I think that we were chosen for the job as one last chance, if we mess up then it can only result in the sack. If we succeed then we may well be saved.” He scratched his chin as he considered the next revelation. “I have also been warned, many times verbally but recently in writing. You know that I have a thing about girls’ bottoms, I can’t help myself. As soon as I see an attractive bottom I want to touch it and even smack it. When I was younger, guys often abused female colleagues; it was part of office life. Of recent, such behaviour has become frowned upon, particularly when the guy could be the girl’s father.”

I was totally taken aback by his confession. I already knew of his tendencies but that these had become known to his bosses was a total shock.

He looked me full in the eye and waited for some comment. Perhaps it was the effects of the wine or just that I wanted a weight off my shoulders. Whatever it was, I was going to confess.

“I was dismissed from St Mary’s for excessive use of the cane. I was fascinated by the power vested in me as Deputy Head responsible for discipline. The power of lecturing one or more girls in the full knowledge of both or all of us what would be the conclusion. Those hallowed words ‘lift your skirt and bend over.’ The cane in hand I would approach the girl and have a moment to admire her rear, then a few gentle taps, the warning of what was about to come. Then to whack that little bottom knowing that the pain I was administering was unbearable. I also caned girls on their bare bottoms if their crime warranted such treatment. That added to their humiliation and my pleasure as I could see the effects and judge the accuracy of each stroke.”

It was his turn to be taken aback; he clearly did not know the full story of my resignation. Finally he smiled and said: “Perhaps I should have been a teacher in a girls’ school? I have always dreamed about disciplining a girl. I have spanked a few bottoms, some quite hard, but never used any implement. I have often thought of going to some sort of brothel where I might have been able to realise my dreams but was always slightly scared. Have you ever been spanked or caned?”

I replied that I had when I was at school and asked him about his experiences. He had also been caned at school and at home, he had been about 18 when he first realised he enjoyed corporal punishment when he was made a prefect and was able to apply the slipper to boys’ bottoms, unfortunately for him but fortunately for the boys it was always over a clothed bottom.

The conversation had quite excited me.

As we entered the hotel he asked if I would like a nightcap in his room. I was not too drunk to realise what a nightcap might lead to and readily accepted. On entering his room he gave my bottom a brief pat. I sat on the bed; he poured a couple of generous glasses of scotch and sat in a chair facing me. Within a minute he had his hand on my knee and he gradually advanced to my thigh. He met no resistance.

The room was warm and the scotch was having its affect. Before long I was over his knee and he was spanking my bottom, firstly with panties on, but then he lowered them and continued. He did not spank me hard but enough for that glowing feeling to appear. I did not return to my room that night.

The months went by and we often ended the evening with me over his knee. He had also purchased a leather paddle and a short whip. On some evenings I would order him to lower his trousers and bend over for a dose of the paddle or the whip.

We were close to opening the branch and started our main recruitment drive. With one of our HO staff, I would interview the candidates and we would select those that we thought were suitable. These final candidates would then be interviewed by Jim. Some he accepted and some he rejected.

One evening back at the hotel he let slip: “Wow! Did you see that second girl’s bottom? What a peach, it was just crying out to be spanked.”

I had not considered it before but now realised why some girls were accepted and others rejected, the accepted ones all had well formed bodies and a pleasant aspect. I looked at Jim and asked: “Do you only select those girls that appear to have spankable bottoms?”

He chuckled and replied: “Guilty as charged.”

He then went on to explain that girls in Bulgaria were regularly spanked, not only by their parents but also in school, college and at work. They apparently accepted such punishment without any question or comment. My eyes had been opened, he was selecting the girls that he would like to spank and was planning to enjoy himself in his new job. I even gleaned from him that he would expect me to help with the discipline.

The staff had been selected and we finally opened our doors. We had little work and no pressure, so were not overly taxed in those early days. After about 3 months the workload had picked up and we were considering employing more staff. At this stage the errors started to occur.

One rather pretty girl had made a total mess of her job and so I reported this to Jim. He smiled and said I should tell her to remain behind that evening when she would be dealt with.

Once the work for the day was finished and the staff had gone, I locked up and went into Jim’s office. There was a knock on the door and the girl came in with her head bowed. As a good Bulgarian girl she knows what is coming. Jim lectured her for a few minutes and then announced that she would be spanked.

There was no change in her demeanour as she just stood and waited for the next instruction. Jim came round his desk, pulled a chair to the middle of the room and sat. He held a hand up towards her, her wrist was placed in his hand and she let herself be lowered over his lap. She was wearing a loose fitting dress and Jim took hold of the hem and raised it over her back. She was wearing brief black panties that covered very little of her bottom. Jim started to spank her, one cheek at a time. The spanks grew harder and she reacted with grunts at each whack.

After a few minutes Jim stopped and helped the girl to her feet. He looked at her and said: “As Miss Wendy has had to spend so much time sorting out your work I am going to ask her to give you 10 strokes of the paddle.”

He went to the desk, took a paddle from a drawer and handed it to me. Using the same chair I told her to bend over with her hands placed flat on the seat. Once in position I raised her dress and slipped my fingers in her panties which I then eased down to her thighs. Her bottom was a deep colour of pink and, in places, even a light shade of red. I then proceeded to give her 10 whacks of the paddle. Her grunts were louder now and I could see her discomfort as her bottom wriggled in an attempt to ease the pain. Jim stood staring at the now even redder bottom; he was clearly very excited by the sight and sounds. After 10 swats I told the girls to dress and get off home.

The next day that girl came into my office and said she was very sorry to have caused the mess and that she would make every effort not to make mistakes in the future.

Jim and I were living our dream. There were regular spanking sessions after hours and in the evenings back at Jim’s flat. We had decided to draw the line at using the cane, he had learnt that it is rarely used in Bulgaria and might draw attention to our games.

The Bank was growing and we had set up several branches in the suburbs. The Staff had reached over 100 and we had two staff posted from HO, a guy in his 30’s called Bill and a girl in her late 20’s, Joan.

I had reported two girls to Jim for arriving late at work in the morning, it was the third time for both of them and they were told to report to Jim’s office at 5.15pm.

I did my usual rounds at 5.00pm and having verified that all the staff had left I proceeded to Jim’s office. There was a knock at the door and the two girls entered. There was the usual humility of bowed heads. The lecture was short. Jim moved the chair and beckoned to the first girl, a slight girl with long blond hair. She was wearing a very tight skirt that accentuated her bottom. Realising that he would not be able to raise the skirt, Jim told her to take it off. She was wearing a white thong which when she was over Jim’s lap left her whole bottom exposed.

Jim did his usual expert spanking till the buttocks were rosy red, he then helped her to her feet. The second girl was similarly dressed so she was also told to remove her skirt. She had on red briefs redder than her hair which seemed to reflect the light as if it was on fire. She took her spanking without sound.

Jim then announced that they would each receive 10 swats of the paddle from me. I wondered whether to lower the thong as it would in no way provide any protection, on balance I decided that this was part of the humiliation and why treat her differently? I told her to bend over the chair with her hands flat on the seat, slipped my fingers in her thong and pulled it down to her thighs. Jim handed me the paddle and I gave her the 10 swats. Likewise the second girl was dealt with similarly.

The two girls were standing with their panties lowered as Jim and I admired our handiwork. Suddenly there was noise in the outer office and the door burst open. It was Bill and Joan, followed by the Head of Eastern Europe and another guy. The girls were told to dress and Joan escorted them out of the office.

We had been caught red handed, literally and physically. We were informed that we were being recalled to HO and would likely be dismissed. We were handed two tickets for a one way flight to London, booked for the following morning.

Jim asked on the flight back to the UK if I had anywhere to stay. On replying that I did not and did not wish to land on the doorstep of any relatives or friends, I took up his offer of staying with him.

As you might expect, we were sacked and as Jim was near retirement he would receive his pension. We both received a month’s pay for each year of service; for Jim that was quite significant.

Jim’s house was very comfortable; it had been a farmhouse and had stables and outbuildings galore. On chatting one evening as to what we both intended for the future. Jim came up with the idea of setting up a BDSM club. Some of the outbuildings could be converted and Jim and I could act out our desires on paying clients.

We never looked back, but some of our clients did.

The End