Please accept this as notification of Danielle’s upcoming detention.

 This detention is a result of her poor attitude and unacceptable behaviour in the classroom, not to mention fighting, stealing and setting off fire alarms to get out of exams. The list goes on. This punishment is long overdue and richly deserved! All other avenues of behavioural adjustment have been exhausted, corporal punishment is now going to be administered.


To start, Danielle needs to be placed over the Disciplinarian’s knee and spanked firmly on the seat of her school skirt. No doubt, Danielle will explain away the shortened length of her skirt by saying ‘all the fifth-form girls wear them this short…’ At this point a uniform infraction is the least of her worries.

Her skirt will then be lifted, displaying non-regulations knickers no doubt. After an additional spanking for several uniform infractions, her knickers will be lowered and she should be spanked until her behind is positively glowing. Be prepared for all manner of promises to behave better in future, these are simply promises. Do not fall for Danielle’s tears, the rest of the teaching staff have seen them all before. 

As Danielle has been recently caught administering her own form of punishment on the bottoms of other pupils – she must be given a taste of her own medicine! As she was caught using the hairbrush, flogger, slipper, tawse, paddle, strap, even the riding crop – the Disciplinarian MUST ensure she receives exactly that on her bare bottom.

Danielle’s punishment should then conclude with her bent over the desk, nervously awaiting a FIRM dose of the cane. Her bottom needs to display 12 lovely stripes, and that’s only if she counts correctly, if not she may earn herself even more. She should have a very sore bottom and have great difficulty in sitting down afterwards…. You must remember that she only has herself to blame.

Danielle is available to go over knees in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Reading, Woking, Bristol, Bedford and Newcastle. Outcalls also available.
Happy to do various role plays – school girl, french maid, secretarial, nurse etc. Can provide various uniforms.

Please note Danielle is happy to switch with naughty boys. 

To help Danielle see the error of her ways, please contact Danielle by emailing or ringing on 07763 870 589.

Please see:

Let the Spankings Begin!

Danielle x x x