Fun with fireworks leads to trouble

By Jo Green

It was early November, and Saturday was the big night; Bonfire Night. The sky would be ablaze with rockets and the loud noise of firework bangers would fill the air. This was the highlight of autumn for most kids, both young and old.

Three friends from the same sixth form were out after dark and had changed out of their uniforms.  Abbi, the eldest, had suggested they go to a corner shop and buy some fireworks.  All three were just under the permitted age of 18, but Abbi, the tallest and most well-developed, looked older than she was, whilst Mary and Tammy, being quite small and fairly flat-chested, could be mistaken for 13 or 14 year olds quite easily. The shop was some distance from home and school, so they would not be known to the person serving. They had clubbed together to buy the fireworks to set off before the big day itself, as many late teenagers do.

“Right, are we agreed then? I am getting two packs of Roman Candles and three packs of ordinary bangers.” Abbi checked before going into the shop.

With the nods of the other two girls, Abbi went inside whilst Mary and Tammy stood in the shadows.

A few moments later, first a young couple came out clutching their big box of fireworks, and soon after Abbi appeared with her meagre purchase.

“Wow, did you see that huge box they had?” Mary said with envy.

“I know, but that must have cost a fortune,” said Tammy. “Come on, let’s get off home. Oh, what are we going to light them with?” Tammy suddenly thought.

Mary smiled smugly and produced a lighter from her pocket.

“Where did you get that?” Tammy asked, quite impressed with the forward-planning of her friend.

“Mum’s friend must have dropped it when she was over last night. It was down the side of the cushion on the sofa,” Mary explained. “Come on, let’s let a few off!”

“Good idea. I’ll break out the bangers,” Abbi said, handing the other girls two each and taking two for herself.

Looking left and right to make sure no one was about, Tammy lit her two and lobbed them in opposite directions. The three girls crossed the road just as they detonated. The sound echoed loudly, causing dogs to bark and a couple of pairs of curtains to twitch. Without conferring, all three girls ran to the corner of the street where Abbi lit and threw her bangers, which had a similar effect.

“This is brilliant fun!” a very excited Mary bellowed as they again beat a hasty retreat. “My turn; lighter please.”

Mary took the lighter from Tammy, lit the blue touch paper and this time the fireworks were tossed carelessly across the road, but failed to make it, instead exploding just as a small blue car passed over one of the bangers. Tyres screeched and the car came to an abrupt halt.

“Is that who I think it is?” Mary asked her friends.

The car door opened and a dimly lit woman’s figure dressed in a red coat and black shoes emerged.

“Oh no, it is!” Abbi gasped.

The figure emerged into better light. It was Mrs Fellows, the head of sixth form.

“What on earth do you three think you are doing? None of you are old enough to purchase fireworks, and you all know better than to throw those dangerous things about. Give me those right now!” Mrs Fellows demanded and held out her hand.

Abbi cautiously held out the bag and what was left of its contents. Mrs Fellows roughly snatched the bag out of Abbi’s hand and glared inside.

Looking all three girls up and down, she informed them, “I realise this is an out of school matter, but I intend to see you tomorrow morning, before registration. I expect you in my office at 8.00 am sharp, where I will deal with this little matter.” She paused menacingly. “Personally!” she added, with emphasis on the word ‘personally’. If any of you choose not to attend, I shall call at your homes and tell your parents just what their 17-year-old daughters get up to at night. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Miss!” was all the girls could muster between them.

Although Tammy had been spanked a couple of times in school, neither Abbi or Mary had been in any serious trouble. The girls shuffled off and didn’t really say anything until they were well away from Mrs Fellows who, by now, had got back into her car and was just driving away.

“So what are we going to do? She can’t punish us for something that happened at 7 o’clock at night half a mile from school, can she?” asked Mary.

“Strictly speaking, probably not. But then again, I know my parents would tan my backside good and proper and not let me out all weekend. I’d rather get a smack from Fellows and get it over with, thank you very much,” Tammy told the girls.

“Do you really think she will, you know, spank us?” Abbi asked with genuine concern in her voice.

Mary looked at Abbi and then at Tammy for reassurance this would not be the case.

“Surely, she’ll give a roasting with that tongue of hers and put us in detention?” she said, more in hope than anything else.

“Oh Mary, you can be so naive sometimes. If we are lucky, she’ll put us over her knee. If she is still really angry in the morning, you should expect the slipper or even the cane,” said Tammy, shaking her head in disbelief at her friend.

“Oh,” was all Mary could say. Stunned, she left the other two and headed home. She lived on the other side of a park to Abbi and Tammy. “See you at 8.00 then,” she said dejectedly.

“See you, honey. Might be worth putting two pairs of knickers on tomorrow,” Tammy shouted after her friend.

“That was uncalled for!” scolded Abbi.

“Not really. When you are head down staring at the carpet in the morning with your bum blazing, just remember who’s poor throwing got you there by chucking a firework under a passing car!” Tammy retorted.

“Fair point,” she had to concede. “See you tomorrow, bright and early.”

“Cheer up, it doesn’t hurt for long. Don’t worry about it!” Tammy said in encouragement.

Once she was on her own, though, Tammy unconsciously rubbed her bottom through her jeans. Maybe she wasn’t as relaxed about the prospect of their meeting tomorrow as she would like the others to think.

Needless to say, none of the trio slept especially well that night. All three were up early and off to school half an hour earlier than usual. Each gave a similar excuse, that they had remembered a project that needed handing in and they needed a few minutes in the study library just to finish it off, or something very similar. Tammy arrived at school first and was putting her bag and coat in her locker as Abbi and Mary arrived shortly after each other.

“Did your parents say anything when you left early this morning? I told mine that I needed some library time,” Tammy proclaimed.

“Great minds think alike,” said Mary.

“Snap,” said Abbi.

It was just coming up to 8 o’ clock.

“Come on, let’s go and learn our fate,” Tammy said, trying to stay jolly, whilst her guts were twisting inside of her.

Soon, all three girls were standing outside Mrs Fellows’ door. Made of very dark hardwood with a polished brass name plate, the door suddenly looked menacing. The girls checked over their uniforms to make sure they were correct and straight. Their white blouses were all tucked in, their blue pullovers were straight, and their blue skirts with zips and buttons on the right-hand side. White socks and black patent shoes finished the smart yet boring ensemble. Abbi and Mary stood with their hands on their bottoms. Tammy tutted, and they put their hands by their sides.

On the very stroke of 8 o’clock, the heavy old door swung open and Mrs Fellows stood slightly surprised but pleased that all three girls had taken her advice and showed up.

Dressed in a blue blouse and red tight-fitting skirt, she looked each of the girls up and down in turn.

“Come on in, girls,” she instructed, not sounding as angry as she had been last night. Mary looked at Tammy as if to say, ‘see, told you so’. However, that false hope would soon be dashed.

“So,” Mrs Fellows began. “Some of my girls think it is a good idea to throw explosives on public streets. We have not successfully taught you three the dangers of fireworks. As for throwing them at cars, well, I am so thankful that Mr Fellows spotted I had a tiny fuel leak on my car last weekend and promptly fixed it, otherwise, my car could have been a smouldering wreck and myself with it. Whilst I really should tell your parents, I would prefer to deal with it myself. However, if any of you wish to leave, you may do so now and I will telephone your parents forthwith.”

The girls looked at each other for support, and none of them moved.

“Good. Now, I would like to establish the facts. Firstly, who purchased the fireworks?” she asked, looking along the line of three girls who were nervously fidgeting.

“Please Miss, we all chipped in,” Mary proffered.

“I was just about to ask that, so thank you, Mary. But who actually purchased them, and from where?” Mrs Fellows pressed.

“I did, Miss,” Abbi admitted weakly. “We went to the corner show on Fielding Street, Miss.” She swallowed hard. “I suggested we get some fireworks and we were letting them off when we, er, came unstuck, Miss.”

“I’ll say you did, Abbi!” Mrs Fellows said gruffly. “So, who amongst you threw any fireworks at any stage last evening?”

All three girls raised their hands.

“OK, and lastly, who’s firework exploded under my car?” A touch of last night’s anger returning to Mrs Fellows’ voice.

Mary’s shoulders sagged and her face became instantly paler as, with much hesitation, she slowly raised her hand and mumbled the word, “Me.”

So, now we know what actually happened. You all contributed the money to buy the fireworks. Abbi purchased them. A short time later, all three of you recklessly threw lit fireworks about the street of this town, and you, Mary, were lucky not to cause a major accident. At school assembly today, you three will be on stage as I explain what happened as a warning to others. Let us hope this will stop any other students doing anything as stupid.”

“Thank you, Miss”, said Mary, now almost smiling in relief.

“Thank you? Thank you?” Mrs Fellows was almost laughing now, much to Mary’s surprise, who looked back more confused than ever. “Oh, you think that is it? I tell you off, you look silly on stage, and that’s all?”


“Mary, you miss my point. I will also explain in great detail how each of you three has been punished for your part in this disgraceful episode.

“Punished, Miss?” Instantly, Mary regretted even thinking those two words, let alone saying them. There was an audible sigh from Tammy as well at the remark, which earned her a glare from both Mary and Mrs Fellows.

“The three of you have let both me and the school down. Luckily there was no damage and no injuries caused by your hooligan actions, but it could have been very different. However, you have all contributed in different ways and therefore your punishments will all be different to reflect that.  All three of you threw fireworks that you had all contributed to the purchase of. Abbi, you admitted purchasing those fireworks, and that is worthy of greater punishment.”

“Miss!” Abbi cut in.

“Silence! You do not interrupt me, girl!”

The comment silenced Abbi.

“As for you, Mary, you threw a lit firework into the path of a vehicle, which is worthy of the most severe punishment of all. Mary, you will receive 6 strokes of the senior cane across your panties.”

Mary immediately began to shake and cry.

“Abbi, you will receive six smacks with the plimsoll, also across your panties. You are a hair’s breadth away from joining Mary with the cane. Finally, Tammy, I will begin with your punishment. This will be an extended spanking, over your panties.”

“Yes, Miss,” said Tammy, somewhat relieved she was getting away with this so lightly, though she did a good job hiding that feeling.

Mrs Fellows put a chair in the middle of the rug at the end of her polished antique wooden desk, sat down and looked directly at Tammy.

“Alright, Tammy, bend across my lap and let us get your spanking out of the way.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Tammy lowered herself into this unedifying position. Supporting herself with her hands and feet, she lay motionless as she awaited her spanking. Mrs Fellows wasted no time pulling Tammy’s skirt up over her waist, exposing her figure-hugging white school uniform panties. The first smack landed no more than a second or two later, stinging like a dozen bee stings. Tammy had not been spanked by Mrs Fellows before, and the firmness of that first spank made her gasp. Quicky into her stride, the spanks from Mrs Fellow’s right hand smacked into Tammy’s panties every couple of seconds. Soon, her bottom was ablaze, and each subsequent spank fanned the flames ever higher and stronger. Tammy was owing and ouching now with each successive contact.

Mrs Fellows really did mean it when she said, ‘extended spanking’. When she finished, after what Tammy thought must have been a good 25 or 30 smacks, the pain was such that any further punishment would not have added to the overall effect.

“You may now get up, Tammy. Go and stand by the door,” Mrs Fellows instructed.

Slowly, Tammy got up and deliberately did not touch or rub her bottom until her skirt had fallen back into place and she was standing behind the other two girls by the door. Then she gave her bottom a really good rub.

Once Tammy had risen, Mrs Fellows stood, went behind her desk and opened the bottom right-hand drawer. She pulled out a large white plimsoll. Abbi gulped at the sight of it. Mrs Fellows then went back to the chair and resumed her previous position.

“Abbi,” was all she said.

Abbi, like Tammy, dutifully assumed the classic over-the-knee position. Being that bit taller, her arms and legs stuck out rather more than Tammy’s had in the same pose.  Like Tammy, she also felt the embarrassment of having her skirt drawn up over her bottom. Again, white uniform panties were now on display and, holding her plimsoll firmly in her right hand, Mrs Fellows tapped her intended target twice before bringing the plimsoll crashing down. That shock and strength of the impact made Abbi shout out, and Mary was in tears again.

Seconds later, the plimsoll made its presence known for a second time, and again Tammy made quite a noise, but less loud than the first spank. The third and fourth spanks thudded home, and both times Abbi remained quiet. Mrs Fellows could see the redness spreading rapidly below and around Abbi’s panty-line, and the force of the spanks and the friction of the crepe sole had worked much of Abbi’s panties upwards, revealing more of her bottom. For the final two whacks, the plimsoll landed high and low down the centre line of the bottom.

“You may get up when you are ready, Abbi,” instructed Mrs Fellows.

Abbi was silently crying, her shoulders giving away the secret as they rose and fell quickly and sharply. Abbi stood and, unlike Tammy, her hands went straight under her skirt and she rubbed her bottom for all she was worth until instructed to stand next to Tammi by the door.

Both girls smiled. They knew their ordeal was over, but poor Mary’s was only just beginning. Mrs Fellows stood and moved the chair out of the way, returning her plimsoll to its drawer. Three punishments before registration were very unusual in this school, especially in the sixth form building. Mary stood shaking and snivelling. Mrs Fellows offered her a tissue, which she gratefully accepted.

“I am sorry I have to do this to you, Mary, but as your actions were the most dangerous you must accept the worst punishment. In a moment, I will ask you to bend over my desk. I want you to lean as far forward as you can, stretch over and grab the far side of the desk. Grip it tightly. This will present your bottom perfectly for punishment, but also prevent any unwanted movements which could result in the cane hitting you in the wrong place. Now, if you will bend over for me, and reach a little further, no further, now grab the edge of the desk. Perfect. Now keep your eyes fixed on the back of my chair and do not look around.”

Mrs Fellows, as with the others, proceeded to pull Mary’s skirt up and out of the way. She tucked the hem into Mary’s waistband to keep the skirt in that position. Mary was clearly terrified and was crying all over again. Cruelly, Tammy later thought, poor Mary had to stand like this for a good minute whilst Mrs Fellows walked to the cupboard on the far side of the room to retrieve the senior cane. At a little under 3 feet in length and with a crooked handle, the instrument looked fearsome.

Mary then made the huge mistake of looking around at that very moment.

“Eyes forward, girl!” came the terse instruction.

Mary’s predicament was becoming almost too much for her to take.

“Miss,” piped up Tammy. “May I go around and hold her hands?

“Very well, Tammy. You are indeed a good friend to Mary. Stay still, Mary, this will be over very quickly,” Mrs Fellows assured her.

Once Tammy had gripped Mary’s hands, the cane was tapped twice gently across Mary’s panties and then, from above shoulder height, Mrs Fellows brought it swishing down straight across the centre of Mary’s bottom.  Mary cried out in pain and tried to stand, but Tammy held her still whilst the cane rose and cracked down once more, an inch or so above the first stroke. Again, Mary cried out in pain. The third caught her bottom at the very base and she was moving about and the pain was even worse.

“Mary, you must hold still. You are only making it worse,” Tammy told her.

Mary did her best as cane strokes four and five followed quickly. Mary moved again, just as the sixth stroke began to descend, but Mrs Fellows was able to stop, readjust, and direct the final stroke where it was intended, so it would not cross with any of the five previous ones. It bit just as harshly and, once delivered, Tammy released her friend’s hand and hurried around the desk to support her.

Tammy knew Mary was probably over-reacting to the intensity of the caning. Though Tammy had never been caned before, she could tell Mrs Fellows was not putting her all into it, no doubt as a reaction to Mary’s fear and panic.

“Thank you, Tammy, that was very kind and thoughtful of you. Now, I can see Mary has taken her punishment badly. It could have been much harder. I did go easy on her. However, I think it is probably best if you three stay in the common room whilst I conduct the assembly. I will spare you the indignity of having to stand there whilst I tell everyone what has happened, but I will mention you all by name. I believe you all have a free period first thing, so make sure you are at your first lesson after break.” Mrs Fellows was sounding far kinder now the spankings were out of the way.

The girls went to the common room, which was now empty, and spent several minutes checking each other’s bottoms for signs of the punishments they had just received.

“Sorry girls, I am such a coward,” Mary said. “I don’t take pain very well at all. Thanks for helping me.”

All three hugged each other and vowed to stay out of trouble in future.

The End

© Jo Green 2022