A mishap at work has a surprising outcome

By Jo Green

Terri was a 20-year-old student at the local university and had just joined the staff at a large, old-fashioned hotel on the edge of town. Needing extra cash, an evening job at Briers Lodge, or ‘The Lodge’ as it was usually known, worked perfectly for Terri. She worked 4 evenings a week and all day Saturday from 2.00 pm, which just about gave her time for her studies but would bring in enough cash to keep her head above water.

The Lodge was owned and run by Mrs Pitt, a lady in her early 60s, thick-set, dark-haired, and very set in her ways. She reminded Terri of her late granny who had been a headmistress and very strict. Mrs Pitt ran the hotel like a military operation and was very good at it. She had a great reputation and her restaurant had recently gained a Michelin Star, of which she was intensely proud, quite rightly.

Staff knew they had to perform to their best at all times; slacking was not tolerated. Staff were paid well above the local average for the work they did in the expectation of better than usual outcomes. Sanctions were applied when needed. These ranged from a ticking-off, being sent home without pay for the rest of the shift, a deduction from pay as the ‘crime’ became more serious, and of course ultimately dismissal.

Terri was keen to avoid anything worse than a ticking-off as she really needed the money. She had run up debts in her first two years of university by being stupid and subsidising friends who evaporated as soon as the flow of treats did.

After Terri had been there for a couple of months or so, Maisy, a lady in her late 20s passed her in the corridor away from Mrs Pitt’s ornately decorated office. Maisy was shuffling along quickly, head down, trying to hide her red eyes and flushed cheeks. Maisy was obviously upset and had been crying. Terri imagined she had been sanctioned. Terri knew Maisy was also very much strapped for cash, so thought some financial penalty had been applied. Not wanting to attract Mrs Pitt’s wrath, she cracked on with her duties, which today were room servicing and room service deliveries. After delivering a drinks order to Mr Bennett in room 308, Terri bumped into Maisy who was looking far more composed than she had been earlier.

“You OK, love,” Terri asked perkily. “You looked awful earlier when you came out of Mrs Pitt’s office. I take it you were in trouble? Was all OK?”

“Oh, it was a big mess up on my part,” Maisy explained. “I delivered a meal to Mr Price in room 221 after taking his order myself. As usual, it was noisy down in the servery. He says he told me, but I genuinely didn’t hear. Apparently, he has a gluten allergy, ate his meal and was then in real tummy pain as a result, and was not at all happy. I was summoned to her office and threatened with instant dismissal. I broke down and cried and begged her to reconsider. She offered me a deal. I could keep my job on a final warning, but would have to submit to an old-fashioned spanking. I thought she was joking for a split-second, but realised she was being serious. I didn’t think for long; I really couldn’t afford to lose this job so I just said ‘yes’ to her.”

“So go on, what happened? Do you mean like they used to do at school, across your backside?”

“What else do you think it means?” Maisy replied curtly. “Yes, on my bottom, across her knee with my skirts pulled right up and my panties on full show,” she described the scene vividly.

I couldn’t help myself and took a peek at her bottom. She was wearing an above-the-knee, figure-hugging black skirt, which was part of the uniform, and I couldn’t help admiring the fact that she had a very pleasantly shaped bum with just a hint of a panty line showing through.

“Was it painful?” I enquired.

“You seem pretty interested. Are you expecting the same sometime soon or something?” Maisy said coyly. “Of course it was painful. It has been a good few years since my mum last spanked my bottom and it doesn’t get any better with age. At least she only used her hand.”

“Why, what did your mother use?” enquired Terri keenly, a little too keenly, she realised as her interest had been triggered by the conversation.

“She usually used her hand, but if I had been particularly naughty, she would use her carpet slipper across my knickers or bare bottom. Boy, did that sting!” Maisy confessed.

“Ouch!” Said Terri, instinctively.

They got back to work and Terri went off-shift at about 10.00 pm and went straight home to bed. She laid thinking about what Maisy had told her and couldn’t get it out of her mind. Whilst she was not wanting the experience herself, she was finding it strange Maisy had accepted physical punishment as part of her up-bringing. Terri drifted off to sleep only to dream that Mrs Pitt did exactly to her as Maisy had described. As a dream, however, she didn’t experience the pain and discomfort afterwards, and woke up at about 2.30 am.

Terri’s next shift was Saturday, and it was a long one. Her week had been very tiring, one way or another. She had an essay to finish and get handed in, which she had done. She had been asked to do a few extra hours to cover someone’s holiday. Added to that, a couple of restless nights brought about by her thinking of Maisy and her recollections of her spankings meant she was a little fried when she arrived at the Manor a few moments late for her 2.00 pm start on Saturday.

“Miss Hawkins!” Mrs Pitt said with all the command of a Victoria headmistress. “I believe you were scheduled to begin work at 2.00 pm, not 5 minutes past. You will take 5 minutes off of your break. And,” she continued, “I will be keeping my eye on you and make sure that you do.”

Terri was going to have a busy evening and she was on until midnight. Not only was there the usual Saturday night restaurant and hotel activity, but also a large dinner organised by the Rotary Club which always did very well at raising much needed cash for local causes. Mrs Pitt herself was a member and enjoyed the event passionately, so it had better go like clockwork. Terri was on room service until 7.00 pm, then on duty in the function room where the event was being staged.

Terri grabbed her 30 minute break at 6.30, and noticed Mrs Pitt looking at her and then her watch, making sure Terri did not take a second longer than she was due, less the 5 minutes owed, of course. Terri made sure she was back on station refreshed ready for the mayhem of a large dinner. Everything was set and running smoothly, even Mrs Pitt shot a quick smile in Terri’s direction.

‘Sanction served,’ she thought, and relaxed.

The evening’s event started well enough and everyone was having a good time at the Rotary Club event. Then Terri’s concentration started to slip from her lack of sleep and general tiredness. Completely losing the plot, she entered the serving section carrying a stack of about 30 plates and barely able to see over the top of the stack. She went through the ‘out’ swing door, not the ‘in’ door, and crashed straight into a server coming the other way with 4 orders on his tray. There was an enormous crash and 30 dirty plates plus 4 plates of food scattered and shattered in all directions.

The normally busy servery went suddenly silent, with the exception of the whirring fans. A single plate, having survived the recent impact, was rolling in ever decreasing circles before it tumbled, still rotating, onto its base, coming to rest some 15 seconds later. Everyone just stared at the plate and then at Terri. In that instant, the usual noise came back like the roar of a jet engine. Bodies moved swiftly to sweep up and clear the plates and food strewn everywhere. Within a minute, all traces had been removed and service resumed with more food leaving and more pots coming back for washing. Terri just stood and wept.

“Don’t be like that love,” said a kind voice.

Terri looked to her left. Simon, one of the trainee cooks, offered her a warm smile.

“Accidents happen, Terri. Don’t worry yourself about it. It’s gone, it’s happened. Onwards and upwards,” he continued, gently rubbing her left shoulder as he turned and got back to work.

It was a very small gesture of friendship, but Terri appreciated it immensely. She made a mental note to ask him out for a drink sometime to say thank you.

Terri came back to the here and now.

“Hello, day dreamer, service for table 28, Terri,” barked Jonathan, the number 2 chef.

Terri quickly but carefully, after the previous incident, picked up the plates and took the delicious looking food out to table 28. In so doing she had to pass immediately in front of Mrs Pitt’s table. She forced a quick smile as she did so.

“Everything alright back there?” Mrs Pitt enquired as Terri moved back past her table with more empty plates in hand.

“Yes, Mrs Pitt. As far as I can see, everything is running well and the chef is steaming through the orders,” she replied.

Mrs Pitt smiled, but Terri could tell that she knew something had happened, almost like she had radar.

‘No time to dither,’ Terri thought. Having dodged the bullet, Terri was back on her game and service proceeded without further incident. An hour later, the last of the cheese and biscuits were being taken out and coffee refills were being offered. They had done it; a difficult and busy night had been negotiated.

Many of the Rotary Club thanked Mrs Pitt for an excellent night which all told had raised in excess of £9,000 for their local charity works. Mrs Pitt looked proud. As the guests started to leave, she excused herself from a small group of guests by saying she was popping to the kitchens to thank those who had really made it happen, which the guests thought was an excellent touch.

“I am sorry to interrupt you in your clean down,” began Mrs Pitt. “But I would just like to take a minute to offer our heartfelt thanks for a lovely evening. The guests have enjoyed some spectacular food worthy of our star rating and have raised money for our local causes, so a thank-you all so much for your splendid work. It has been a real whole team effort, which I really appreciate. Now I will leave you in peace and let you get finished off and home. Oh, and by the way, there will be a little extra something in your pay packets at the end of next week!” she said with genuine warmth in her voice and wearing a grateful smile. With that she turned and started to leave.

As she left, she walked past Terri and whispered, “And when you are finished, could you pop to my office, dear? I would like a quick word, in private,” she said, not with menace as such, but certainly with purpose in her voice.

Terri froze for a second before she felt a warm hand on her elbow.

“What’s wrong, Terri? You look like you have seen a ghost,” Maisy said quietly.

“The old bat wants to see me in private. She must know about the accident in the kitchen.”

Terri was worried. She couldn’t afford to lose her job, nor could she afford a pay deduction for the breakages. The next 30 minutes dragged by, but then she was finished with her duties. She popped into the ladies room and made sure she looked her best, and made the slow walk to Mrs Pitt’s office, where she tapped gently on the door.

“Come in, Miss Hawkins, and take a seat. I will be right with you,” Mrs Pitt instructed as she finished reading a supplier’s invoice and set it aside. She looked up.

“So, Terri, can you shed any light on what happened in the kitchen a little earlier on? I understand there was an accident involving you and a pile of plates and food being served?”

How on earth did she know that, Terri was asking herself, thinking there must be a mole somewhere. Then she realised Mrs Pitt must have reviewed the CCTV after sensing something was afoot.

“I accidentally bumped into James and everything we were carrying dropped to the ground. It was a total accident and no one was hurt. We cleared it up and the kitchen was only disrupted for a minute, 2 at the most. I am very sorry, Mrs Pitt, truly I am,” Terri explained.

“Yes, I understand that, my dear, but I did give you every opportunity in the function room to tell me what had happened. Instead, you chose to keep that from me and I had to find out for myself. In fact, it was not an accident at all. You broke the rules and entered the servery by the wrong door, and you yourself were the sole reason the incident occurred,” Mrs Pitt explained like a TV detective.

“Err, yes, I suppose I was.”

“No buts about it, girl. Entering a busy service area backwards with an excessively large number of plates could really only end one way. As you are clearly the guilty party, and given the fact you attempted to keep this from me, I have no choice but to impose a sanction, I am sure you will agree. You will forfeit your pay and bonus for tonight and for your last shift. I will not tolerate deceit. If you had come forward when you had the opportunity, I would have told you off and that would have been that,” Mrs Pitt explained carefully.

Terri’s heart sank. She could not afford that loss of pay, so, remembering what Maisy had said, and thinking back to her thoughts later on the subject, Terri decided to give it a try.

“Mrs Pitt, yes, I am very sorry. Yes, I should not have done what I did and you are right to wish to sanction me. I get that. I’m sorry, but I can’t afford that financial hit. Is there not some other way we could resolve this, please Mrs Pitt?”

“Ahh, Maisy!” Mrs Pitt responded.

Bloody hell, is Mrs Pitt the real Sherlock Holmes?

“Er, Maisy did say that you had reached an ‘accommodation’ when you needed to sanction her earlier on the week, yes.

“Indeed, Maisy is the first member of staff to ask for that rather than a financial penalty since you started here so it had to be her. Well, it is unusual for one so young in years to request I spank them rather than fine them because most have never been spanked before and find the prospect abhorrent. I take it that is not the case with you, as indeed it was not with Maisy who I understand was regularly spanked by her mother growing up?” questioned Mrs Pitt.

“Well, actually no, I haven’t, Mrs Pitt, but what alternatives do I have right now. I am willing to receive my punishment, but I would be grateful if we could resolve this quickly please,” asked Terri.

Her insides were all a flutter. She had laid awake thinking of Maisy’s punishment, but now she had agreed to receive the same. Suddenly, Terri was far less sure of her desire. However, desperate to keep her pay cheque and unable to think of any other acceptable alternative, the die was cast.

“Very well then, Terri, shall we proceed?”

Terri nodded to Mrs Pitt. Mrs Pitt rose from behind her ornate oak and inlaid desk and came around to the opposite side, picking up a chair and turning it to face Terri as she did so. Sitting carefully, Mrs Pitt beckoned Terri to approach. Terri shuffled slowly forwards, not sure what to do.

“This will probably not be like you have been imagining since you spoke with Maisy. What I will need you to do is lower yourself across my lap and I will give you a good, firm spanking with my hand.”

Terri leaned forward and prostrated herself carefully over the waiting lap of Mrs Pitt. A quick wiggle and then both were comfortable. Unsure what to do with them, Terri placed her hands flat on the floor in front of her whilst looking back under the chair at Mrs Pitt’s legs and her own feet. Terri was wearing the same uniform as Maisy and soon felt Mrs Pitt slowly tugging the skirt up over her thighs and then over her bottom. Terri felt a rush of embarrassment at this stage. She had imagined this several times since Maisy had described her punishment, but now her own panty-clad bottom was on clear display for Mrs Pitt. It all seemed rather more personal. Mrs Pitt looked down at Terri’s bottom and had to admire it’s slender shape, covered by a pair of red lacy old-fashioned French knickers. Terri enjoyed the freedom these gave and their cooling effect, especially when working in the hot environment around the kitchen area. However, they would offer minimal protection from the spanking to come and cooling would not help at all.

“Try to hold still and it will soon be over. Believe me, I take no pleasure in administering a spanking to a young lady or young man,” Mrs Pitt said kindly.

Mrs Pitt slowly raised her right hand up level with her bosom and brought it cracking down on Terri’s all too exposed bottom. Spank, spank, spank; Mrs Pitt slapped her hand forcefully onto the defenceless backside so well presented before her. Terri yelped, half with pain, half with surprise from the sudden impact. She felt her bottom burning and stinging as Mrs Pitt carried home the assault with military precision. Hardly an inch of her delicate orbs was left un-spanked and most of it whacked 2, 3 or 4 times. Soon Terri cried out in discomfort, and tears began to stream down her face, make-up running, hips wriggling and Mrs Pitt carried on unphased by the reaction that she had seen many times over the years. Many girls, and some lads, had opted for a spanking rather than lose pay. Few chose the option more than once. Those who did were usually ones like Maisy who had grown up with going over the knee as a consequence of poor behaviour or low achievement.

Eventually, after what seemed like an age to Terri, but in reality was only about 3 minutes, one last spank dropped squarely on her bottom which now matched the colour of the lacy French knickers. The hand stayed there, resting for a brief moment as Mrs Pitt felt for the effects of what had been another effective and well delivered spanking, she thought to herself. She only delivered probably 3 or 4 such punishments a year, sometimes none at all. Both female and male staff had the same opportunity to save their job or pay as Terri had just done. She always spanked the girls skirt up on their panties; the boys she would either spank over her knee but with their trousers up, or as they were generally a little tougher, she would sometimes get them to bend over the arm of the sofa at the back of the room and apply her hand or a slipper depending on the offence and the bottom.

“OK my dear, you can get up now. Your spanking is over. I suspect that was not what you were expecting as you agreed to it rather quickly?” Mrs Pitt enquired.

“No, to be honest after talking to Maisy I have sort of fantasised about it, but that of course makes no allowance for the pain and indignity of it,” Terri sniffed, wiping away her tears with a tissue from a box offered by Mrs Pitt. “That said, if I had the same choice to make I would do the same. I just can’t afford to lose that amount of money.” Terri pushed her tight skirt back down over her sore, glowing bottom.

“Well, it is all behind you now. Try not to dwell on it and don’t get yourself into this situation again. But if you do, you know what you are letting yourself in for in future,” Mrs Pitt said kindly. “Now wipe away your tears and get yourself off home, dear. You will be sore for a while, so I suspect you will be sleeping on your tummy tonight. Goodnight dear,” she added as Terri closed the door behind her.

Indeed, when Terri got home and undressed, she dropped her knickers and looked in the mirror to see her entire bottom glowing. The tide of pain was starting to recede and a strange warmth began to take its place. Slipping on her shortest nighty which would allow the air to her still red bottom, Terri retired for the night, settling on her tummy and reviewing the evening’s events. Now the intense pain had subsided she definitely took the view that she had made the correct decision in taking the spanking and would definitely not hesitate to do so again.

The End

© Jo Green 2021