Two girls find their headmistress has an unusual punishment in store for them. An old story from the old website.

By Kenny Walters

Mrs Merriwether set a fierce pace as she strode along the corridor and Caroline Evans and Sarah Deinty struggled to keep up. So too did Thomas Tullett as he brought up the rear. Without so much as a pause, Mrs Merriwether thrust open the door to the school secretary’s office, hustling straight through into her own plusher office next door. Cathy Burns looked up from her typing, but barely caught a glimpse of the three trailing figures as they followed the headmistress into her study.

“I suggest you two take a few moments to tidy yourselves up!” Emily Merriwether snapped, as she sat down behind her large desk. “Mr Tullett! Have a seat!”

Tom Tullett moved a comfortable armchair a little closer to the side of Mrs Merriwether’s desk, sat down and idly weaved his hands together while he watched the two sixth form girls standing in front of the desk.

Caroline Evans, a tall averagely built girl with straight shoulder-length dark brown hair, refastened the four top buttons of her lightly embroidered white blouse before tucking the blouse neatly into her tight light grey trousers. Then she brushed herself down with the palms of her hands.

At the same time Sarah Deinty, a shorter girl with collar-length blonde hair that had originally been tied back in a pony tail, pulled her short white knitted top back into shape and scrubbed some dirty marks off her short tight black skirt. There wasn’t much she could do with her tangled mass of hair, most of which had been tugged out of the binding ribbon.

Mrs Merriwether waited impatiently while the two girls did what they could to tidy themselves up.

“That’s better! Now, before either of you give me any silly excuses, please bear in mind I was watching your behaviour for some minutes before you commenced brawling on the floor. So I know what you were both up to. Okay?”

Caroline gave her dark brown hair another brush through with her fingertips and gazed through the window behind Mrs Merriwether’s left shoulder, her tightly clenched lips betraying smouldering anger. Sarah Deinty, standing three feet to Caroline’s left, wrung her hands in front of her and stared at an old photograph hanging on the wall. Her face, too, showed seething indignation.

“Well?” Emily Merriwether was surprised at the girls’ reticence. “Is no-one going to offer me an explanation?”

“I think…..” Tom Tullett was immediately interrupted.

“Thank you, Mr Tullett. If I need a statement from you, rest assured I will ask for it!” The handsome twenty-four year old art teacher, suitably chastened, sat back in his chair, his left hand idly toying with his long light brown wavy hair.

Both eighteen year old girls huffed and sighed, and both looked around the room at anything but each other. Both remained tight-lipped and silent.

“Very well.” Mrs Merriwether concluded she was not going to have her question answered any time soon. “Then let me tell you what I saw. Firstly, I saw you, Caroline, deliberately unfasten no less than three buttons on your blouse just moments before calling Mr Tullett over to check your work.”

The headmistress paused to take in the dark-haired girl’s reaction, a picture of feigned innocence. Mrs Merriwether continued: “Then you, Sarah, apparently accidentally dropped your paintbrush on the floor to your left, but felt it necessary to stand up to the right of your chair and bend right across it to retrieve the paintbrush so that Mr Tullett then had to observe your backside thrust up in the air, and in such a short skirt too.”

Now it was Sarah’s turn to glare down at the seated headmistress, the girl apparently horrified anyone could think her actions had been deliberately engineered.

“That was not, however, any excuse for you, Caroline, to call Sarah a certain name.” Mrs Merriwether turned for a moment back to the dark-haired girl. “Nor for you, Sarah, to retaliate by throwing a pencil at Caroline.” Both girls continued their air of total innocence.

“However, even these actions certainly did not justify what happened next.” Now the headmistress, her elbows resting on the desk in front of her, peered up at each girl in turn. “Never in all my thirty years in the teaching profession have I witnessed two sixth form girls commence fighting in the middle of a class.”

“If I may, headmistress…” A male voice interrupted.

“No, you may not, Mr Tullett!” Emily Merriwether smoothed her hands down her thick tweed skirt before continuing her verbal admonishment of the two sixth-formers. “I am aware that both of you have something of a crush on young Mr Tullett here.” Finally Mrs Merriwether glanced over to the young art teacher, a rare smile flashing across her features. “Although I’m sure he has done nothing to reciprocate.”

Tom Tullett secretly breathed a huge sigh of relief. It had become widely known throughout the sixth form that both Caroline Evans and Sarah Deinty quite fancied him, clearly demonstrated by the close attentions he’d received from both girls at a recent sixth form dance he’d attended. Never the best of friends anyway, the competition for the young art teacher’s affection had resulted in both girls seizing every opportunity to snipe at each other, which finally culminated in the brawl right in the middle of this morning’s art class.

“What I have to decide now,” Mrs Merriwether’s brusque voice startled everyone back from their thoughts, “Is what to do with you both. Have either of you discovered anything you’d like to say to me?”

“Well, ma’rm,” Sarah straightened herself up to her full five feet four inches, and folded her arms tightly. “I accept there may be something in what you say, and I accept I shouldn’t have thrown the pencil at Caroline, but I resent being made to stand here while you treat me like a naughty schoolgirl. After all, I didn’t start the fight.” Sarah’s last comment produced an angry glance from Caroline.

“Really, Sarah?” Mrs Merriwether seemed glad that at least one of the girls finally had something to say. For the moment she focused her attention on the girl whose tussled blonde hair bore only the remnants of a pony tail. “Then let me say it is probably a good thing from your point of view that you are the age you are. Otherwise, be in no doubt I would already have been fetching my cane from that cupboard over there.”

Sarah instantly bristled at that remark, her indignance apparent from her tight-lipped expression, the deep audible sigh, and her pointed gaze at the wall. After simmering for some moments, she eventually turned back to her headmistress and spoke firmly and deliberately: “As I said, ma’rm, I didn’t start the fight.”

“Perhaps you didn’t, Sarah,” Mrs Merriwether spoke more softly now. “But you did act provocatively, and I certainly hold you both equally to blame for what happened.”

Sarah sighed again, rather contemptuously, although Mrs Merriwether let that pass for now.

Caroline, meanwhile, had quietly been contemplating her own position and she found the headmistress’s reference to an implement of corporal punishment residing in that very room somewhat chastening. She picked her words carefully: “Ma’rm, may I just say how very much I regret my part in this unfortunate affair. I would like to apologise to you and to Mr Tullett.”

“Well! Thank you, Caroline.” Mrs Merriwether sounded genuinely pleased that at least one of the two sixth-formers was prepared to accept her culpability. “The fact remains, though, that I cannot let matters rest there. You must both expect some consequence of your actions.”

Sarah sighed yet again, which clearly irritated her headmistress, although Caroline appeared suitably ashamed as she looked down at the carpet in front of her. Both girls, though, were thinking seriously of just what ‘consequence’ would befall them, and Emily Merriwether seemed to be aware of what they were thinking.

“No doubt you’re expecting a few weeks suspension each, are you?”

The two sixth-formers instantly looked towards their headmistress, their expressions confirming Mrs Merriwether’s assumption to be correct. The two girls felt it was now just a formality for the sentence to be imposed.

“Well, I’m damn well NOT going to suspend you!” Caroline and Sarah were both surprised and confused.

Caroline raised an eyebrow, curious as to what Mrs Merriwether’s plan really was. She knew her headmistress well enough to know she would have already formulated the way she intended to deal with the matter. It would undoubtedly be something unwelcome, and punitive. Now that suspension had been ruled out, it could only be something like picking up litter from the school grounds or running round the school playing fields after school, or any number of equally humiliating tasks that they would have to perform in front of their friends and, even more embarrassingly, the more junior girls in the school.

Sarah, never having been fond of the strict Mrs Merriwether, was more worried once she too had mulled over what possibilities remained after suspensions had been eliminated. Still not convinced that, as an eighteen year old sixth-form girl, she should be subject to disciplinary action anyway, Mrs Merriwether’s statement about caning them had they been younger appeared to be quite demeaning.

As Mrs Merriwether continued speaking, both girls listened with their particular dreads in mind.

“You two girls no doubt consider yourselves to be young ladies now, don’t you? Clearly, what is needed here is a small demonstration you are not quite as adult as you would like to think. In other words, a short sharp lesson in humility.”

‘Picking up litter,’ thought Caroline to herself. ‘She’s going to embarrass us with picking up litter, unless she’s thought of something even more belittling and humiliating.’

‘Not running round the playing fields. Please don’t let it be that.’ Sarah hated athletics anyway, and the thought of having to change into running gear and trot round the lawns while the other girls watched as they went home was too much to contemplate.

“I said earlier, had you been younger and not sixth-formers then things would have been much more straightforward.” Mrs Merriwether paused before adding, lest there be any doubt: “I would have caned you both.”

Caroline frowned. She couldn’t see their headmistress’s point in returning to that awful subject. They were not younger, and they were both sixth-formers, so caning was not an option. So why mention it?

Sarah sighed. This was getting tedious. Yet again, she resented this act of treating them like naughty schoolgirls. They were eighteen now, sixth-formers, not schoolgirls.

Mrs Merriwether misinterpreted the girls’ reactions. “No, don’t worry, girls, I’m not going to cane you. No stinging palms for you today.” She smiled.

‘Oh goody!’ Sarah thought to herself. ‘No smacked hands today, then.’ She cast a contemptuous look towards their headmistress.

‘I wasn’t worried, actually Mrs Merriwether.’ Caroline, too, thought the words inwardly to herself. ‘In fact, I hadn’t even thought of it as a possibility.’

“Don’t think I didn’t seriously consider it, though.” Mrs Merriwether added as a caution.

‘What?’ Sarah thought. ‘In your dreams, lady!’

‘Oh come on!’ Caroline said silently to herself. ‘Who are you trying to kid?’

“Caning you would have been too formal.” Mrs Merriwether explained. “With Mr Tullett here to witness such a punishment and you two taking your medicine bravely, as I’m sure you would,” Mrs Merriwether smiled again. “It would have all been too… too dignified. And that is far more than you two deserve.”

Both girls frowned with the news they had avoided the cane, not because Mrs Merriwether couldn’t or wouldn’t, but because their headmistress thought it was too good for them.

“You two have behaved like a pair of silly little schoolgirls. And I don’t mean just that ridiculous incident in the art room.” Mrs Merriwether was pleased to see both girls un-nerved by her words, and even a little contrite. The headmistress kept her eyes firmly focused on the two sixth-formers, keen to observe their reaction to her next statement. “And so, just as with two naughty little schoolgirls, I’m going to take a slipper and spank both your bottoms!”

The wide-eyed looks of stunned amazement and disbelief were just what Emily Merriwether had expected and desired. She waited for the protests.

It took some moments for the two eighteen year olds to take in just what they’d heard. Sarah was torn between bursting out in laughter and telling the silly woman not to be so stupid. Caroline was stunned into silence. They waited for their headmistress to continue and explain her remark. When no such explanation was forthcoming, Caroline spoke.

“I’m sorry, ma’rm, I don’t understand.”

“Oh I think you do, Caroline. I seem to remember you across Miss Appleby’s desk for a couple of whacks when you were in the first year, don’t I?”

Caroline blushed furiously, not helped by Sarah turning her head and looking directly at her.

“Ma’rm, are you being serious?” Sarah enjoyed Caroline’s moment of humiliation, but was keen to bring this tedious session to a close.

“Quite serious, Sarah.” Mrs Merriwether looked the girl straight in the eye.

“You’re intending to spank us?” Sarah needed further confirmation it was a serious proposal.

“That’s right, Sarah.”

“We’re eighteen.”




“And you intend to spank us?”

“I do, Sarah.” Mrs Merriwether spoke firmly. “Of course, I could threaten you with expulsion, telling your parents, and so on, but I won’t. You’ve behaved in such a disgraceful and undignified way I won’t allow you the option of a respectful punishment.”

Now both girls looked in disbelief at their headmistress, although neither girl could think of anything useful to say.

“You can’t spank us!” Sarah argued, remembering to add, just in time: “Ma’rm.”

“Why not, pray?” The headmistress was thoroughly enjoying the girls’ embarrassment. “You merely have to place yourselves across my lap and I merely have to exercise my right arm in whacking a large plimsoll across your behinds. It seems eminently feasible to me. How is it not possible?”

Sarah puffed out her cheeks, unable to think of a useful rejoinder. Caroline, too, appeared lost for words.

“Would you prefer to get it over with now, or shall we reconvene after school? Perhaps ten past four?” Mrs Merriwether looked up at them.

Finally both girls glanced at each other without open hostility, for once united in their predicament and seeing an adjournment as the one opportunity to remove themselves from their present humiliation.

“After school, ma’rm.” Sarah grunted.

“After school, ma’rm.” Caroline confirmed her agreement.

“Good, that’s a date then.” Mrs Merriwether beamed. “I shall look forward to it.”

When the two sixth-formers returned to their lessons, they were confronted by the rest of their class demanding to know what dire punishment had been awarded them by Mrs Merriwether. Their conspired response was to the effect they had been let off with severe reprimands, although no one appeared to actually believe them. Several of their fellow sixth-formers made mental notes to keep an eye out for these two on litter-picking duties or other such menial tasks.

To avoid being spotted returning to the headmistress’s study, both Caroline and Sarah slipped into the school secretary’s office just before four o’clock when the rest of the girls would still be preparing to leave for home.

“What’s all this about?” Cathy Burns asked as the two eighteen year olds sat down in her small office. “Presumably it’s got something to do with your spot of bother in art class today?”

“We’re er…. to be reprimanded, Cathy.” Sarah replied, looking anxiously at Caroline.

“Oh, I see.” The pretty young secretary, not very many years older than the two girls, leaned back in her chair, her work done for the day.

“Shouldn’t you be off home now, Cathy?” Caroline suggested, rather keen to get the friendly secretary out of the way.

“Oh no,” Cathy answered. “No, I’ve got to stay behind. Mrs Merriwether wants me to observe. Can’t see why she needs me, though. Not just for a reprimand.”

“She wants you to observe?” Sarah asked, forgetting to make any effort to conceal her sense of horror.

“Apparently. Funny that.” Cathy stretched her arms above her head, then chuckled. “You’re not being caned are you? That’s why she usually wants me, so I can act as a chaperone.” The pretty girl laughed at her own humorous suggestion, then stopped when she found the other two weren’t joining in her mirth. “You’re not being caned are you?”

“No, of course not!” Sarah snapped.

“Look, Cathy,” Caroline looked doubtfully towards Sarah. “This is rather awkward.”

“Awkward?” Cathy queried, innocently. “Why awkward?”

“Well, Sarah’s correct in one sense. We’re not here to be caned, exactly.”

Cathy Burns frowned, sensing she was missing the point somehow but unable to see what that point could possible be. “You’re not? Are you sure? The way I heard it, you were both having a bit of a scrap and the headmistress doesn’t like girls having a bit of a scrap. Oh no. That’s usually an automatic caning, that is.”

“We’re sixth form, Cathy.” Caroline smiled condescendingly.

“You could still be caned, Caroline. I had to witness a sixth-form girl getting it only last month.”

“Really? Who? What happened? What was it for?” The dark haired sixth-former asked eagerly, forgetting her own plight for a moment.

“Sorry, Caroline. My lips are sealed.”

“Getting back to the point,” Sarah interrupted, looking angrily at Caroline. “It looks as though we might as well tell her. She’s going to find out soon enough.”

“Tell me what, girls?” Cathy looked eagerly at each girl in turn and saw their reticence. “Look, don’t worry, girls. I know I’m only a couple of years older than you, and I know how you must be feeling. Every punishment is humiliating in some way and, yes, my being a witness makes it even worse. But don’t worry, I never tell.”

“You tell her.” Sarah instructed her adversary, looking away in disgust.

“Gee, thanks!”

“Tell me what?” Cathy pressed. “Come on, Caroline. Out with it.”

“Oh, this is just so humiliating!” Caroline paused to compose herself and her next words. “If we take our dear headmistress at face value, Cathy, and I most certainly don’t, we are both here to be spanked. She told us that caning us would be too good for us.”

Cathy Burns half smiled, not really believing what she’d just heard and finding the thought of both these two eighteen year olds being spanked quite astonishing, not to mention amusing. Cathy looked to her blonde haired accomplice. “Spanked?” The secretary whispered almost inaudibly.

Sarah nodded.

Cathy questioned Sarah’s nod with a frown. The glare she got back made the secretary titter, then chuckle, and then finally laugh. “Spanked? Mrs Merriwether is going to spank you both? Oh, that’s marvellous!”

“We didn’t say she’s going to spank us, Cathy.” Caroline countered. “Merely that she told us that is what she’s going to do. There is a difference. I can’t really imagine her spanking two sixth-form girls like us, can you?”

“Yes, actually I can.” Cathy Burns saw no need to hide her amusement. “Spanked eh? That’s a new one, at least for girls your age.”

“She did say she’d use a slipper.” Sarah stated, as though that would make the punishment more dignified.

“What, over her knee?” Cathy asked.

“Yes, over her knee, Cathy!” Caroline snapped, angered by the secretary’s glee.

“So it’s still a spanking then, isn’t it?” Cathy declared. “It’s still two naughty schoolgirls being spanked over their headmistress’s knee. The girls are going to love this!”

“Er, what happened to ‘I never tell’, Cathy?” Caroline asked. “No that I think for one moment Mrs Merriwether actually means to spank us, of course.”

“Oh, it’s not me you have to worry about, girls. I’m the soul of discretion. Our Mr Tullett can be a bit of a gossip though, can’t he?”

“Mr Tullett? Tom Tullett? What’s he got to do with it?” Sarah demanded.

“He’s in there now with Mrs Merriwether, Sarah, and I don’t believe there’s any plan for him to be leaving in the near future.”

“Cathy, we’re not really going to be spanked, you know!” Caroline persisted, but, before any further discussion could take place, the door to Mrs Merriwether’s study opened and their headmistress beckoned them all inside.

Cathy Burns allowed the two eighteen year olds to go first, then closed the door once they were all inside the study. Some careful organisation had clearly taken place, because to one side of the spacious study five simple armless chairs had been placed in a circle. Mrs Merriwether invited everyone to sit down, selecting for herself the chair nearest to the window. Tom Tullett sat next to Mrs Merriwether, on the right of the headmistress, Cathy sat next to Tom Tullett, and the two girls took the remaining chairs.

“I’m not sure if you know why we’re all here, Cathy?” Mrs Merriwether began.

“Yes I am, headmistress. We’ve been chatting outside.”

“Oh good! Are we all ready to proceed then?” Mrs Merriwether patted the tops of her thighs, through the thick tweed skirt.

“Ma’rm, can I just say…?” Caroline spoke up.

“Not now, Caroline.” Mrs Merriwether turned to her young secretary. “Cathy, would you fetch the slipper for me? It’s in the bottom drawer of my desk.”

“Ma’rm…” Caroline tried again, but this time she was silenced by her headmistress’s upraised hand indicating this was not the moment for discussion.

Cathy Burns got up and went over to the desk. As she bent over to open the bottom drawer, her tight pale blue skirt stretched itself across her firm round bottom and the hem rode up revealing shapely legs beneath. Caroline and Sarah both noted how Tom Tullett had turned round to watch.

Cathy soon came back to the circle carrying a large white plimsoll which she handed to Mrs Merriwether before retaking her seat.

“Who’s first then?” The headmistress looked at each of the two eighteen year olds in turn.

Caroline and Sarah exchanged nervous glances. Caroline spoke first: “Ma’rm, I really do feel…” She was interrupted, not by any objection from her headmistress, but by Sarah getting to her feet. Caroline was surprised, and a little confused, by Sarah’s action, and for the moment sat looking up at her fellow sixth-former.

“You wish to be first, Sarah?” Mrs Merriwether asked.

Sarah nodded.

Caroline couldn’t believe what was happening. She wanted to voice her protest urgently, but found it even more difficult now she appeared to lack Sarah’s support. Before she could think of anything to say, Mrs Merriwether addressed the other girl.

“I think, Sarah, it would be better for you to remove your skirt as it is so tight. And, of course, your tights too. You can use my desk to put them on.”

While Caroline was left with her mouth agape, Sarah went over to the desk, unfastened the button at the top of her skirt and slid the zip down. Soon the tiny garment had been pushed down her shapely legs and she stepped out of it, picked it up, folded it neatly, and laid it on the desk. Her tights soon followed in similar fashion. She came back to the circle wearing just her white knitted top that barely covered her navel and brief pink panties.

Mrs Merriwether pointed to a spot to the right of where she was sitting. “Stand there, Sarah.” She ordered, and Sarah complied.

Caroline watched, nervous and astounded, as Mrs Merriwether took hold of Sarah’s left arm and pulled the girl forward across her lap. Sarah responded by glancing briefly at Caroline, leaning down, momentarily placing a hand on Mrs Merriwether’s thigh to steady herself, and allowing herself to be positioned across her headmistress’s lap. Her other arm was then taken and folded up her back, thus securing her and preventing any possible escape.

Caroline couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The odd look Sarah had cast in her direction was perplexing, and she couldn’t fathom its meaning, although she was sure it had a reason. Of course, she still wished to protest, and to make it clear there was no possibility of Mrs Merriwether performing a similar act on herself, but Sarah’s meek compliance was beginning to make that very difficult. What had Sarah been thinking of?

If Caroline was feeling some trepidation of the situation in which she was rapidly finding herself, Sarah also was experiencing a panic from her own position across Mrs Merriwether’s lap, as she found her headmistress’s fingers fumbling with the elasticated waistband of her knickers!

Sarah tried to look behind herself, to see what was going on, but her position made that impossible. Instead, she looked over at Caroline. Caroline saw the look of sheer panic in Sarah’s face, whereas Sarah observed a wide-eyed incredulity being returned. Both girls clearly had the same thought in mind.

It was, therefore, of considerable relief to Sarah, and possibly also to Caroline, when the girl being held across her headmistress’s lap felt her underwear being pulled up rather than down, even though this action still had the result of exposing the greater part of her luscious backside.

Sarah breathed out an exaggerated sigh of relief and half smiled to Caroline now she knew her knickers were not to be pulled down. Thus, while Caroline had seen the slipper being raised above Mrs Merriwether’s shoulder, Sarah was completely oblivious, until the large plimsoll landed hard, squarely and firmly across the centre of her bottom.

“Ow!” She cried, in surprise as much as pain.

With just two or three seconds between each smack of the slipper, the spanking quickly developed into a slow steady rhythmic rising and falling of the plimsoll. Each time the slipper contacted forcefully with pale creamy white bottom, Sarah grimaced and screwed her face up as though in quite some discomfort.

Caroline could only imagine how Sarah was feeling. She could see the other girl’s bottom growing steadily redder and sorer as smack after smack rained down, but it was the humiliation and indignity of it all that concerned Caroline.

With no sign of any break in the rhythmic spanking, Caroline glanced round at Cathy Burns and Tom Tullett, both of whom were staring at Sarah’s reddening, nearly naked bottom with such intensity and concentration they never noticed Caroline looking at them.

Turning back to Sarah, Caroline looked at the girl’s face and saw tears were rolling down her cheeks. Clearly, this was a spanking that hurt, and for the first time Caroline began to consider this aspect rather than the indignity and embarrassment that had preoccupied her previously.

And then the spanking stopped. In what seemed a blur, Sarah had been released from Mrs Merriwether’s lap, she’d rubbed her bottom a couple of times, and then she’d gone over to the desk to retrieve her clothes. All too soon, Sarah was returning back to her chair next to Caroline’s, the short black skirt in place, although she’d chosen to tuck her tights into her pocket. Caroline looked up as Sarah approached, and Sarah looked straight back, no sign of emotion in her expression, just the streaked make-up from her earlier tears which had now almost abated.

Caroline’s mind raced as she saw Mrs Merriwether looking directly at her, and Cathy Burns and Tom Tullett were watching her too. Now was the last opportunity for her objections, but what protestation could she offer after Sarah had allowed herself to be subjected to that degrading punishment? What could single her out as being special, so that what was good for Sarah would not be appropriate for her?

Everyone was waiting for her. She couldn’t think of anything to say, and her delay was making her appear cowardly. With a deep breath, Caroline stood up and strode, legs trembling, through the gap between where Cathy Burns and Tom Tullett sat, over to the desk.

“Where are you going, Caroline?” Mrs Merriwether enquired as she watched the girl flash past.

“Er, to take my trousers off, ma’rm.” Caroline answered, her fingers already struggling with the button at the top of the garment.

“I don’t think that will be necessary, Caroline.” Mrs Merriwether smiled at her. “Come back over here.”

Confused, Caroline retraced her steps and stood by the side of Mrs Merriwether’s chair, casting a brief glance down at the tweed-covered lap before looking into her headmistress’s eyes. Caroline waited what she thought was an age, but was in reality just a few seconds and, when Mrs Merriwether had not spoken but merely smiled up at her, Caroline wondered whether she should take the initiative.

Thus, when Caroline stooped at her knees and half leaned forward over the waiting lap, she paused to see whether this action would bring encouragement to continue bending across the headmistress’s knees or reprimand for not waiting to be told.

“No, no, you misunderstand, Caroline!” Mrs Merriwether was still smiling. “Oh no, we’re going to see the colour of your knickers too! I just thought we could get at you well enough if you were to slip your trousers down to your ankles. You’re not wearing tights, are you?”

Caroline shook her head, a look of disappointment on her face. She once more took hold of the button at the top of her trousers, paused, then looked down at Mrs Merriwether for confirmation this was finally the right movement.

“Yes please, Caroline.”

Slowly and carefully, Caroline undid the button, slid down the zip, and pushed the light grey trousers down off her hips, down, and down until they dropped of their own accord to her ankles. Her white blouse, though, covered all but the lowest inch of her brief white knickers.

Caroline felt her left arm being firmly gripped, then found herself being pulled slowly and deliberately across Mrs Merriwether’s lap. The eighteen year old’s hands avoided contact with the headmistress’s tweed skirt and instead reached down for the carpet beyond, causing her to fall onto the thick warm material. Caroline wriggled, and felt Mrs Merriwether tugging her, until she felt comfortable across the woman’s lap and, strangely, until she felt she had assumed a satisfactory position for her bottom to be spanked.

Having seen Sarah secured into position, it came as no surprise to Caroline when her right arm was taken and folded up her back. That her blouse was also being neatly folded up, and thus exposing her lower back to the cool air of the room, was equally nothing more than she expected. However, when Mrs Merriwether took hold of the top of her knickers, Caroline felt instant panic even though she was reasonably confident they would not be pulled down. Even so, when her underwear was pulled up and Caroline felt her bottom was being all but bared anyway, she blushed deeply.

Sarah, meanwhile, had been watching with a variety of emotions. At the beginning, she had felt deeply worried and then angry when Caroline had been told not to remove her trousers, but to come fully dressed back to the headmistress. Then, the look on Caroline’s face when she discovered she was not going to get away with not showing her knickers more than made up for it in Sarah’s eyes. Despite her bottom still tingling sorely from her own punishment, Sarah had enjoyed watching Caroline take her trousers down and submit to placing herself across Mrs Merriwether’s lap. As Caroline blushed with the adjustment of her knickers, so Sarah relished the other girl’s embarrassment.

While Sarah sat back in her chair and looked on, Caroline chose that moment to look round at her. If Caroline had expected to see sympathy or some sort of mutual empathy, Caroline was disappointed, for Sarah was clearly enjoying every moment of her humiliation. Surprised, Caroline kept looking at the other girl, trying to fathom her motivation. Suddenly, to a loud crack that echoed round the room, Caroline’s bottom received a mighty whack that stung her across both her plump round buttocks.

“Ah!” She cried, as she remembered Sarah being caught similarly by surprise.

After just two more weighty blows from the large plimsoll, Caroline felt her whole bottom was aflame with a smarting soreness that hurt and stung. All thoughts of Sarah were gone from her mind now, and she concentrated on keeping a grip on herself and taking this unmerciful beating.

The large white plimsoll thumped heavily down on Caroline’s nearly naked bottom time and time again. Her bottom was really very sore now, and her arm hurt where she had been struggling and Mrs Merriwether had restrained her. Tears flowed down the eighteen year old’s face, and nothing she could do would prevent them forming one after the other.

Finally, Caroline did find it within herself to look across at Sarah, and immediately wished she hadn’t. Sarah was so intent on watching Caroline’s bottom, she didn’t noticed herself being looked at. With an effort, Caroline looked further round to perhaps seek a glance of sympathy from Cathy Burns, but the young secretary was also too engrossed with Caroline’s bottom and the spanking it was getting. Caroline had little doubt what Tom Tullett would be watching!

And then the spanking stopped. Surprised her bottom was no longer being constantly struck, and finding her arm suddenly freed from Mrs Merrywether’s strong grip, Caroline took a few moments to adjust to this new situation. She felt herself being helped to her feet.

Standing unsteadily, on legs that seemed hardly able to support her, Caroline sheepishly looked down at her headmistress. When Mrs Merriwether waved her back to her seat, Caroline forgot her trousers were still around her ankles and nearly tripped herself up. Flushing uncomfortably, she reached down and quickly pulled the light grey trousers up and secured them around her hips and waist, noticing they appeared additionally tight around her bottom.

As she returned to her chair, Caroline too avoided direct eye contact with anyone. Sitting down without thinking, she jumped as her sore bottom met with the rather thinly padded seat of the chair. Caroline found it hard to meet the looks of any of the others, and she settled into her own thoughts as her feelings of embarrassment and humiliation came to the fore once again, even over the soreness of her bottom.

“Fine! Well, I think that concludes our session for this afternoon, doesn’t it?” Mrs Merriwether looked around for any dissensions, found none, and informed Cathy Burns and the two girls they could now go.

Back in the young secretary’s office, Cathy Burns looked doubtfully at the two sixth-formers, uncertain of their reactions.

“I’m glad that’s over!” Sarah blew her cheeks out.

Caroline remained silent, glowering.

“You two okay?” Cathy Burns enquired gently.

“We’ll live!” Sarah answered.

“How about you, Caroline?” Cathy asked the dark-haired girl. “Are you okay?”

“Why did you do it, Sarah?” Caroline ignored Cathy’s enquiry.

“Do what?”

“Take the spanking without so much as a word of protest.”

“Because I knew you’d find it particularly humiliating, that’s why! You’re always a little goody two-shoes. Butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth, would it? It was about time someone took you down a peg or two!” There was no doubting the venom Sarah felt for Caroline.

“What?” Caroline couldn’t believe Sarah’s spitefulness.

“Hold on, do you mean…?” Cathy, too, couldn’t believe what she’d just heard.

“Yes!” Sarah snapped. “I took the spanking so Caroline would have to take one too. Believe me, it was worth it! What a wonderful sight it was to see dear Caroline across Mrs Merriwether’s knee with her trousers down getting her plump little bottom well and truly spanked!”

“You bitch!” Caroline exploded in anger, and grabbed Sarah by the neck. As the two eighteen year olds became embroiled in a bout of frantic wrestling, Cathy Burns tried to separate them. Soon, all three were brawling about on the floor.

“In my study! Now! All three of you!”

As Mrs Merriwether’s brusque voice reverberated in their ears, the three girls stopped instantly and got sheepishly to their feet. They all went nervously back into Mrs Merriwether’s study and stood in a line in front of her desk.

As the headmistress followed them and went directly to a small corner cupboard, Caroline and Sarah were in no doubt what was in store for them. Neither of them even contemplated an objection, leaving it to Cathy Burns to stutter: “Mrs Merriwether…..?”

The End