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What’s the purpose of this site? Kenny Walters and a few friends have been writing spanking stories for many years, both for fun and for profit. We’ve always thought there were a great many spanking enthusiasts who would appreciate a free site where they could read realistic spanking stories for free and maybe be tempted into writing their own material or simply get in touch for a chat and exchange of views.
Are you intending to charge for access when you’ve built up an audience? No. This site will always be a free site. We do have plans for other sites e.g. a free spanking ads site, a video download site (which will have to be charged for because of the costs involved) and a site for professional spanking models to advertise their services.
You emphasise the real life style of your stories. Why is that? We’re all spanking enthusiasts at heart and we talk to each other. Everyone we meet always says they are disappointed when they buy a spanking magazine or video because the storylines are invariably unrealistic and often include scenes of a sexual nature which they don’t wish to see. We aim to put that right and give our audience what they really want.
You encourage people to contact you. Do you really mean that? Absolutely. We can all recall the times when we felt we were unique in having this interest and had to keep it hidden away when actually there are thousands of us. It just seems a shame we can’t communicate with each other and exchange ideas, experiences and just simple friendship.