A girl dreams

By Pat Greenham

Another caning with a difference for Julie Richards (A sequel to ‘Smoking Problem’)

Sitting outside Mark Hudson’s room at Runsfield College, Julie was feeling both excited and nervous. There was inevitability about what was going to happen next and knew she had brought this on herself.

Moments later she was standing in front of him as he asked her why she had done it. Why, oh why, had she been caught smoking again? Julie had no answer and simply watched as the teacher she had so often fantasized about stood up and went to his cupboard to select a cane.

It looked longer than the last time she had been caned as he flexed it to show how whippy it was. Mark looked Julie in the eye and simply said: “Take your clothes off.”

Julie was surprised and replied: “All of them?”

Mark replied that unofficial punishments are always given naked to add to the humiliation. Off came her blazer before she unbuttoned her shirt and put it on the chair. Her bra followed and this was the first time she had showed Mark her tits. It was exciting.

She kicked off her shoes, undid the zip and pushed the pencil skirt down to the floor before stepping out of it and putting the slim garment with her other clothes. Now standing in front of him in just a pair of very skimpy knickers she was one tiny step away from being completely naked.

Facing him, she slowly pushed her pants down before taking them right off. She loved giving him such a display as she felt Mark look her up and down taking in her legs, her auburn triangle of pubic hair, her shapely hips and slim waist and her firm breasts.

He told her to bend over the desk and as she stretched right across she parted her legs that were now straight out behind her. She was left in position for a while as she imagined him looking at her bare bottom and the secret charms between them.

She felt the touch of the cane before getting the first agonizing stroke across the middle of her bottom. He told her he wasn’t going to tell how many she was going to get, as he would feel his way through this caning.

The second felt almost on top of the first as she stayed in position. The strokes started coming in a relentless way and she had soon received six, the maximum she had previously experienced. She had not moved as she lay over the desk, knowing he was focusing on her bottom, and thought again about her legs being wide open and hoped he liked the view.

This time Julie was wanting the next stroke and was getting extremely turned on by the combination of the wonderful thought of Mark focusing on her bare bottom and the terrific pain delivered by the cane.

Mark carried on caning her, slightly more slowly, and she was loving it and when she had the twelfth it felt as if her bottom was on fire. But he was not finished and Mark carried on giving her another six strokes that truly lit up her bottom like never before as Julie stayed in position across the desk in a place of agony and ecstasy.

Then suddenly she heard the sound of him taking off his belt and wondered if he was going to carry on thrashing her in a different way. Then she heard the zip on his trousers opening and an altogether different feeling as he started to come into her, and in a start she suddenly woke up.

It was three in the morning, two weeks since she had left school, and she had just had the most wonderful dream. She touched her bottom to find it undamaged, but between her legs she was wet and it didn’t take her long to bring herself to a shattering orgasm as she thought about it and wished it had been real.

The End 

© Pat Greenham 2013