Some people say that spanking is a cruel and violent act, but this collection of five short stories aims to show otherwise, and that ethical spanking does exist. They are set in China, UK, USA and Transylvania. Miriam has a unique style of writing that takes advantage of her highly vivid imagination.



Silvery Light of the Waning Moon

An ancient Chinese punishment. This is a story of incredible heroism, set in the Far East hundreds of years ago in what would today be considered a barbaric system of justice. But the story is not without elements of respect and mercy that clearly point to better things in the story of mankind. The characters of the various people involved are described with great sensitivity. Contains elements of S & M.

The Gypsy and the Playboy Toff

An old fashioned spanking story. This story takes place in the 19th century. The protagonist is an upper-class English young man, Lawrence. According to tradition, the family originated from a love affair between a Norman knight and a druid princess. Lawrence, though, doesn’t prove worthy of his glorious ancestors. He has a lively nightlife, gambles and loses a lot of money, and his father was unable to stop him, having left for South Africa some years ago where he was involved in the Boer War.

Lawrence’s neighbours are a distinguished English family where a mother lives with her two daughters. The older girl is considered a future wife of the playboy toff, while the younger girl, Veronica, has semi-Gypsy origins.

A Hindu Goddess Lives in a Garage

In everyday life there are huge surprises. Mr Goodman sometimes spoke with his colleague, Chloe, about the smaller and bigger things in life. On one occasion, Mr Goodman gathered his courage and asked Chloe to look for someone who would slap his face. To his great surprise, Chloe was not angry about the unusual request and even offered her immediate help. She said she would ask her sister, Sybil.

“Sybil is a cool girl,” Chloe said. “She will certainly do this.”

But Chloe didn’t mention that her sister had strange habits.

A Retirement Gift

What can a surprise gift be used for? At the end of a person’s working life it is not uncommon for a good and popular employee to receive a retirement gift, often an engraved clock or something similarly useful. In this story, the gift brought a lot more unexpected pleasures than a simple reminder of happy working days.

A Mysterious Case in Transylvania

Sooner or later, the truth will surely win. This fascinating story takes place near a Transylvanian city in the mid-19th century in a turbulent post-revolutionary period. The protagonists in this story are a young girl with patriotic leanings and an honourable but authoritative priest who nearly succumbs to temptation. More than a simple spanking story, there is a supernatural twist at the end.

A bonus thought: There is a mythological spanking statue in Fengdu, China, among many bizarre statues, and it is worth stopping to see this ancient city.

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