The moral is; don’t speed in Louisiana.

By Jim Welch

There is a small town in the northern part of Louisiana that is called Doyline. It is a town of about 2000 people at most. The chief of police, Mr Roy Coffee, had the mayor expand the city limits to encompass Interstate 20 which runs from west to east all the way through the state of Louisiana. He had to expand about 2 miles to encompass the interstate but has increased city revenue by 200 percent in the last 3 years. This is done solely from the speeding tickets awarded the unaware motorist going from Shreveport to Monroe or on to Jackson, Mississippi and further east.

Chief Coffee dispatches officers 24 hours a day at the interstate ramps both eastbound and westbound to nab the unsuspecting victims. He does have an interesting strategy of settling up with the culprit. That is the reason for this little tale of old fashioned country justice or just an overly zealous, mean spirited individual, whichever you choose to call him.

If the speeder is a man alone in the vehicle he is given a minimum fine of 250 dollars or 3 days in jail. The chief takes all credit cards but no checks. He has a modern facility set up and can receive fine money at all hours. He will also take cash if the culprit wishes to pay that way and will also accept traveler‘s checks. If the guilty party cannot pay the fine then he automatically gets the 3 days. That time is spent in the work garden planted and maintained by the inmates.

But on the other hand if the speeder is a woman or if the man has his wife or girl friend or just a woman friend with him then other options are offered. If it is a woman alone she has to accept a paddling or do 5 days in jail. The paddling is always done with the skirt, or dress, lifted or the jeans or pants taken down and given over the panties. The minimum number of swats is 10 and can go as high as 20 depending on the severity of the speed or the attitude of the culprit.

If the male culprit has a female passenger he can have her take the swats and forego his fine. If she is not willing to do so then he must pay the fine or they both do the time in jail. The chief does realize he is harsh but he has really helped the coffers of the city build and has increased his force by 5 more officers who would not otherwise have a job. So he considers this to be a win/win situation. He gets to paddle all kinds of bottoms as one would be surprised how many women will submit to the paddling in place of the time or the fine for their male counterpart.

I have had the opportunity to witness these happenings on two different occasions. The first encounter was when my wife and I were traveling to Vicksburg Mississippi to visit the civil war battle ground and do some more site seeing. As we left Shreveport and was just getting up to cruising speed of 70mph on Interstate 20 and forgetting all about the reduced speed limit going past Doyline I was stopped by one of the nice officers. We were taken to the courthouse/jail compound and ushered right in to see the Chief.

Having never experienced his form of justice we were totally surprised when he pronounced his sentence; 275 dollar fine, or 10 swats, or 3 days in jail. My wife being the outspoken woman she is immediately said that was ridiculous and we should have access to an attorney. Before I could explain to her that we were in a small hick town and it was their way and no other option available the chief immediately changed it to 500 dollars fine, or 20 swats, or 5 days in jail. My wife being the trooper she is and recognizing that 500 dollars would delay our trip and that jail time was not an option stepped up to accept the swats. “How bad can it be?” She inquired of me, and stated that she had been paddled in school many years ago and it was not that bad. I was taken aback by her willingness to accept such punishment as I had not even given her love pats during all our years of marriage. She told the chief of her decision and we were ushered into a large room with a bench, a couple chairs and a table. She was instructed to remove her jeans and then the shock hit both of us as we did not know she would be required to disrobe. She hesitated but with me present to insure nothing more than a paddling took place she complied. Thankfully she does not wear thongs or bikini panties. She is all woman, and chose the more conservative full bottom covering kind. She was immediately placed over the desk and her legs and arms were secured to maintain her position. The chief came in with a really devilish looking paddle of about 24 inches at the business end. It was at least 6 inches wide with 12 holes cut in it. It was also close to one half inch thick. He did not wait as he stepped over and gave her a vicious swat for the first one. She yelped and wiggled her bottom but was secured by the restraints. The second one was just a hard and she yelped louder and wiggled more. He gave her the next three in rapid succession and she did nothing but start to cry and beg for mercy. She still had 15 more to take so I knew she was going to be in really bad shape by the time this was over. He waited after 5 for about a minute to let her calm down some and then gave her 5 really hard, fast swats. She was really screaming now and her whole bottom was on fire and I could see the red even though she was wearing panties. The next 5 he gave about 15 seconds apart and not as hard. She was starting to calm down some now and he unleashed the last barrage of 5 and it was done. She was still crying but told me later that after the first 10 the last 10 were not felt as much as she was starting to get numb. I assisted her in getting her jeans back on and pulled up and then we were allowed to leave.

I asked if she wanted to go back home and she insisted that she took this paddling for us and we were to proceed on to our destination and have fun for the weekend. This is when I discovered along with my lovely bride of over twenty years that she had become quite aroused during her paddling and we bought a novelty paddle at a gift shop and now use it quite frequently in our bedroom.

The next occasion I had to meet chief Coffee was about 10 years later. I had taken my then grown up daughter with me to a conference in Jackson Mississippi. On our way back home I was breezing through the fair town of Doyline and got stopped again. This time it was 2:30 in the morning so I figured we would get let go. Wrong. We were taken to the same complex as before but this time it was more modern, having been remodeled. There is still a chief Coffee but this time it is the son of the original one. He was called in and after waiting about an hour for him to arrive he came to see us. He gave me the same options I had a few years earlier 250 dollar fine, 10 swats to my daughter, or 3 days in jail for both of us. As I was reaching for my wallet to pull out my credit card I was stopped by my daughter and she wanted to know about the swats. The chief explained to her that she would be required to take them over her panties and that she would be restrained at the arms and legs over a desk. She looked at me and smiled and then told him to proceed with the paddling. I started to object and she asked for a few minutes, the chief granted her that. When we were alone in the room she told me that her mother had told her about our venture earlier and how it made her feel to be paddled. My daughter stated that since I nor her husband had ever attempted to paddle her, and after remembering what her mother said she really wanted to experience it to see if it had the same effect on her. Since she is an adult, and married then she has the option to make her own decisions even though she is still my little girl I must accept that.

We called the chief back in and we were escorted to the same room as before. She removed her jeans and to my surprise, my grown up adult married daughter was wearing a flimsy thong that barely covered her pubic region. She was placed over the desk and secured. The chief had an almost identical paddle as his father except that this was made of lexane (a hard polycarbonate plastic). He immediately gave her the first swat, really hard and up high on her bottom. She barely yelped, he gave her the second one in the same place and she yelped a little more but did not wiggle. The next three were in rapid succession and she was starting to wiggle a little and yelp a bit more. Her bottom was completely red and there was some slight bruising starting to occur. I knew this must be hurting but she was a trooper and did not cry out. Number 6 caught her by surprise as it landed at the base of her bottom where her thighs and bottom meet. She yelped a little more on that one and I could see a couple tears forming. The next one was across the middle of her bottom where the bruising was starting and she really cried out on that one. He finished with 3 real stingers starting at the top or her bottom and going down. She wiggled a lot but stopped in fear of receiving more. She lost count I guess or did not want to encounter his wrath by making him angry.

She was released and she asked me to help her get dressed as her bottom was on fire and she could not bend down to retrieve her jeans. As I reached down to get them I did notice that the front of her thong was damp.

After we got back into the car and started home I asked her how she was doing and if she got aroused by the paddling or was she thinking of something else. She said the paddling did hurt a lot but that yes she was totally aroused and could hardly wait to get home and wake her husband up.

I have found out that like mother, like daughter as my son in law had to acquire a paddle and he applies it quite often to the bottom of what he calls this little minx, my lovely daughter. The same is true for her mother as I still apply the board to her bottom quite often as she is my little minx.

In conclusion let me thank, chief Coffee for arousing my wife for me and my daughter for her husband. We had no idea these women loved being paddled.

The End