Dealing with three pupils caught out of bounds leads to an unusual request

By Richard Marks

Southview was a mixed comprehensive school with a good academic record situated in an upmarket part of Midchester. The school adjoined a common which was used for school sports, and a number of footpaths crossed it which provided short cuts to the town centre.

In June 1983, a travelling fun fair took up temporary residence on the common and quickly became a major attraction for the pupils. The staff quickly became concerned at the number of pupils spending their lunch break at the fair and gambling on the fruit machines and penny cascades.

At the next school assembly, the head, William Taylor, announced that the common would be strictly out of bounds for the complete duration of the fair and all pupils would need to use the alternative entrances to the school. Anyone found disobeying this order would be severely punished. As Mr Taylor was a strict disciplinarian, it was clear that this meant a caning in his study.

The following day, Geoff Pearce was asked to observe the fair from the cricket pavilion and to report any pupils breaking the out of bounds ruling. Geoff was a popular teacher; he was firm but fair and would often give boys an alternative choice of a slippering with his old size 10 gym shoe to a detention.

Geoff could see a group of pupils in the gaming machine tent from his vantage point on the cricket pavilion balcony and decided, rather than round them up and risk some of them hiding to avoid detection, he would wait until they passed the wooden pavilion on their way back for afternoon lessons. They appeared to be boys in the fifth form or lower sixth. A girl was also in the group holding hands with, no doubt, her boyfriend.

He decided to have a seat and wait for the group to return. He put his clipboard and pen on the balcony rail ready to take their names for the head. He pondered about how they would have a very nervous afternoon waiting for a knock on the door in their classroom and a piece of paper being passed to the teacher who would announce the summons. The whole class would know what was about to happen, and then there would be the slow walk to the head’s study, knees turning to jelly.

He was jolted back to reality when a tall girl in the upper sixth form was approaching the pavilion heading towards the school gate. He immediately recognised her as Emma Curtis. She had shoulder length light brown hair and was wearing the school uniform dark grey blazer, white blouse and the light grey trousers that sixth form girls had the option to wear. Emma was about to complete her A levels in history, geography and English literature. She was expected to get excellent grades and hoped for a career in the teaching profession. Emma had an exemplary disciplinary record and she was always polite and courteous to staff.

Emma was the last person he thought would disobey the out of bounds instruction. He was horrified at the thought of her holding her hand out to be caned. He quickly came up with a possible alternative.

“Hello Emma. I am surprised to see you here after Mr Taylor’s instructions at assembly about the common being out of bounds.”

Emma looked aghast! The seriousness of her predicament quickly fell upon her.

“I am sorry, Mr Pearce,” she stammered. “I have been to the dentist and this is the quickest way back as I didn’t want to miss the start of my first lesson this afternoon. I just forgot. Sorry.”

Geoff knew that he really didn’t want to report her to the head and, without thinking, gave her the clipboard and pen and said: “Right, instead of putting you on report you can help me take details of the group that have just started to make their way back to school.”

Emma didn’t look too pleased at this task which might make her look like an informant, but agreed in view of the alternative.

As the group started to pass the pavilion, Geoff stood up and startled them.

“Where have you all been then? Didn’t you hear the announcement the Head made at assembly about the common being ‘out of bounds’ for the duration of the fair?”

They all look horrified. Eventually one of the boys spoke and said in a stammering voice that they lived on the other side of the common and had just been home for lunch. He had forgotten about the common footpaths being out of bounds but the alternative would have been a long detour to the front entrance to the school and they might have been late back.

“Right, I want you all to give your names and tutor group number to Emma Curtis who will write it down and help me prepare my report for the Head, starting with you!” He pointed to the girl who looked extremely pale.

“Debra Childs, Lower Sixth.”


“Paul Hobbs, Lower Sixth.”

“Adam Briggs, Lower Sixth, sir.”

“Have you taken down all those names, Emma?”

“Yes, sir,” replied Emma.

Geoff looked at the group, who were all looking worried and trying to avoid eye contact with him.

“This afternoon, I will prepare a full report for Mr Taylor who will no doubt wish to see you all in his office in the near future. Have any of you been caned before?”

Debra Childs slowly raised her hand. “I got two for cheating on a cross country run last year, sir, and it really stung my hand.”

Paul Hobbs then interjected. “You gave me the slipper a few years ago for messing about in class. Could you slipper us now instead of reporting us?”

Geoff was surprised at this suggestion coming from a sixth former, but the idea was a little appealing to him as it would save him time in completing the report and attending the disciplinary session in the head’s office.

“How do the rest of you feel about Paul’s request?” He asked. “Of course, Debra, you will need to report to Miss White in the gym for your slippering.”

Miss White, the PE teacher, usually gave the slipper to girls, and she had a reputation for giving hard whacks.

The boys shrugged their shoulders, looked at their shoes and muttered between themselves. Eventually Paul announced that they would all agree to have the slipper now if it would be the end of the matter.

“Emma, I want you to record the number of strokes given to each boy on your report sheet.” Geoff told her as he searched in his brief case and beckoned the group to follow him inside the pavilion.

He drew out a well-worn gym shoe and Emma thought that this was the closest she had ever been to a slippering. The slipper was usually given in private at Southview during the next break after the offence and Emma had never come remotely close to a whacking.

Geoff gripped the slipper and beckoned to Paul. “Bend over!”

Paul took a stride forward, turned around and bent down, and put his hands on his knees with his feet about 18 inches apart. Emma became a little excited at the spectacle that was about to happen and moved slightly to get a better view of Paul’s bottom as Geoff swung the slipper and brought it down on his right bottom cheek with a sharp SMACK which echoed around the small pavilion and made Emma jump.

This was followed a few seconds later by a similar SMACK on the left cheek and more of a PLOP sound as the third stroke of the slipper landed in the middle of Paul’s bottom. Paul made little sound during the punishment but Emma was transfixed at how he swayed forward with the force of each stroke and almost forgot to record the number of strokes on the report sheet.

Adam went next and Emma noticed he adopted a crouching stance and thrust his bottom out for the slipper. The sound of his three whacks soon echoed around the pavilion and he let out grunting sounds after each stroke, and he gave his bottom a quick rub as he got up.

There was a discussion going on between Debra, Paul and Adam, and Emma could hear Adam say to Debra: “Why don’t you ask him?”

Debra then approached Geoff and in a rather nervous way said: “Excuse me, Sir, I would like you to slipper me now rather than send me to Miss White. I want to get it over with like the others and I’ve had the slipper several times before.”

Geoff was taken by surprise. He had never given the slipper to a girl before, but as Debra was in the sixth form she was wearing trousers rather than the short skirts most of the younger girls wore and he thought there would be no embarrassment if she bent over. Emma could also act as an independent witness.

After a pause, he told her that if she was really sure then he would deal with the matter now, but looked at Emma and asked if she would agree to be a witness. Emma blushed and nodded.

Debra stepped forward, placed her feet 18 inches apart and started to bend over. Her long blond hair fell forward over her face. Geoff couldn’t help but notice how her light grey trousers stretch tightly over her bottom as she bent lower and put her hands on her knees. She then thrust her bottom out in anticipation of receiving her first whack.

Geoff paused. He had never smacked a girl before and now there was this eighteen year old’s bottom at his mercy.

He swallowed hard and brought his slipper down on her right bottom cheek with a loud SMACK! Debra jolted forward with the impact and let out a quiet grunt, but it was her boyfriend, Adam, that let out a loud: “Corr!”

The next stroke was aimed at the left side of her bottom and landed on her tightly stretched trousers with another loud SMACK. Again, Adam let out a loud: “Corr!” but Debra only grunted quietly.

The last stroke landed in the middle of her bottom with more of a POP. Debra swayed forward. Adam gave out another animated: “Corr” at the spectacle of his girlfriend being punished, and then hugged her as soon as she got up and rubbed her bottom.

“Right, you are all now to go straight back to school and if you are caught taking a short cut through the fair again you will be caned by the Head.” Geoff announced and the group slowly made their way out of the pavilion. His eyes were transfixed at the sight of Debra’s bottom encased in her light grey trousers and she gave it a rub as she walked out of the door.

Geoff turned to Emma and thanked her for taking down the details of the group and their punishments. Emma handed him the notes on the clipboard and he sensed that she wanted to ask him something.

“Is there anything you wish to know, Emma?” He enquired.

“Well, sir,” she said nervously. “You know I am going to start to train as a teacher at College in September. Um, do you think I will have to, um, smack pupils?”

“It is possible,” Geoff replied. “But most schools are trying to reduce use of corporal punishment these days.”

Emma still looked embarrassed as if she wanted to ask something else so he went on. “The most important thing is that you must not smack someone in anger, no matter how angry you may feel about something, and you must be seen to be fair. It would be wrong to smack one boy and give another boy lines for the same offence, for example.”

Emma still looked extremely embarrassed.

“Do you think we will get instructions on how and when children should be disciplined? You see, until today I have never really witnessed a formal school punishment. It is normally done outside lessons and I know that I have heard details from some of my classmates, but I had never seen anyone actually get the slipper before. I was surprised at how loud the sound of the smacks were.”

Geoff wondered where this was going and replied: “I am sure you will have tutorials on classroom discipline as part of your course and you will be able to get some experience during your teaching practice placements.”

Emma still looked nervous but finally had the confidence to say what she really wanted to.

“You see, Sir, I’ve never ever been smacked. My parents didn’t believe in it and I’ve never had the slipper or been caned at school, so I have never experienced a smacked bottom. Then, seeing those three getting the slipper kind of got me wondering what it would be like, and then, well, you said that punishments had to be fair and, um, really it is not fair that you have let me off, is it Sir?” She was talking really fast without drawing breath at this point.

Geoff interjected. “Emma, slow down. Are you really asking me to give you the slipper?”

“I suppose I am, Sir. I don’t think it is fair that you are letting me off and not the others, and I sort of really want to find out what it is like to be punished as I have very nearly finished school and won’t get another chance,” she gabbled.

“Very well then, if you are sure, Emma, fetch me the slipper from that bench.”

Emma crossed over to the side of the pavilion, picked up the gym shoe from the bench and examined it as she walked back to Geoff and slowly gave it to him.

Geoff’s heart was pounding at the sight of this eighteen year old girl in front of him asking him to slipper her. He had never smacked a girl before, and now two in one day. He felt he ought to give Emma another chance to change her mind.

“You can change your mind if you like, Emma, as this will really sting.”

“No, Sir,” Emma replied very quietly. “I want you to do it.”

“Right, Emma Curtis, you have been caught ‘out of bounds’ and you are therefore going to receive three strokes of the slipper. Turn around and bend over,” instructed Paul with an air of authority in his voice.

Emma turned and, for the first time in her life, bent over. Her trousers gradually tightened as she bent lower and she put her hands on her knees and widened her stance to try to avoid toppling over as she he observed the other students do just previously. Geoff admired the sight before him for a few seconds and then tapped the slipper on Emma’s bottom. He felt Emma flinch slightly and she started to breathe deeply.

He could feel his heart pounding as he prepared to give Emma her first ever smack. He raised the slipper and brought it down on her right cheek. There was a loud SMACK. She swayed forward with the impact and let out an: “Oooh!”

Geoff could hear Emma was still breathing loudly and thought that he ought to get the ordeal for her over as quickly as possible. He gave her the second stroke on her left cheek. She gave an: “Ouch,” stumbled slightly but quickly resumed her stance. The third stroke was given across the centre of her bottom and resulted in a ‘WHOPP’ sound.

“Alright Emma, you may get up now,” Geoff confirmed and Emma straightened up and rubbed her bottom. “What did you think of the experience?” He enquired.

“Well sir, it was only fair that I should have been punished. I made the same mistake as the other three people and you gave them the slipper so I should have had the same. It may seem strange, Sir, but I have heard stories from some of my friends about what happened when they have been smacked and I always, in a funny sort of way, wanted to get smacked myself to find out what it was like, but I never had the nerve to do something to earn myself the slipper. So, when I made this mistake and saw you slipper Debra for the same thing I knew I wanted to get the slipper myself.”

“So you have no regrets that you have had your bottom smacked right at the end of your school career, Emma? You would have been the last girl I would have expected to have to slipper.”

“No, Sir. Now I have been smacked myself I will know what it is like if I have to smack someone when I am a teacher. My bottom is really throbbing, but it has been a strangely satisfying experience for me. I think if I’d had the slipper in the lower school I wouldn’t have had that image of never being in trouble, and would have had more friends generally, but I won’t tell anyone I’ve had the slipper now, sir, as they won’t believe me.”

The End

© Richard Marks 2017